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WRKO's Teed Off with Jeff Kuhner - School Bullies

Thu, 8 Dec 2016|

Jeff Kuhner is Teed Off about his son Ashton being bullied in school.


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Welcome back to another episode of the made off with corner you know what I'm good job this week about my school bullying and my little laughter. Don't listen to that list. My hashed into kindergarten. Six years old are we shall we harmless bowl this guy logs Spiderman. Back. So we're glad you shared vision for the war there is getting a little event. Five year old kid. Or blowing the other kids I found out a couple days ago they had beaten kicked and spawned my little lashed. Good MS thirteen out of them as far as they're starting at 550. Catholic parochial school. I think 9000 dollars a year scoreboard precisely your garbage so I ask cashed out. Welcome home contract says that in. It's foolish bold move by punching back they send to the principle as the but what about the kids are getting on human being on who started the fight. Do they get so that a principal says that's all they get warnings should I continue to play 9000 dollars a year or try who home school. Because nobody this and my wife is now with the principal. And I wanna know one thing. How well they didn't even let us know at my child with him slump I have to find out from my own little munchkin like a little flexible. By Curtis. Good have a couple more weeks yeah. They're they're envisioning what their grandkids I'm digging my 9000 dollars without an ominous start. Home schooling my passion for now you know what I'm paid off about.