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WRKO's Teed Off with Jeff Kuhner - Never Mitt

Thu, 1 Dec 2016|

Jeff Kuhner is Teed Off about how Donald Trump potentially selecting Mitt Romney as Secretary of State.



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Welcome to another episode of feed off with a corner what might veer off about commitments. Mitt Romney did so last night bottled drop we've put them. For a second time could do that goes on blu but what about golf overrun diet then Aaron and a French restaurant that trump tower. Munching on fraud flags and fines or life. All of them happy chocolate day. He is seriously considering or yes it sure is wrongly that amendment stabbed him in the box repeatedly. During that time he called them applaud. Our on demand our fault we always says that he was on fit that president. Him. Could be the next secretary of state to call me old fashioned. But you never reward your legs he is your snake in the grass. You'll stuff Donald Trump every opportunity. He is the creature of the establishment. He supports everything that we have war he is a global us. He is at war monger. He is an establishment. Ryan all Republicans. Of the worst kind and that's how federal. He's a choke artists president elect prompts a throughout the entire campaign all Romney knows how to do is is is is strong is a patrol car. Go terror gore wants sole loser as secretary. Donald I'm asking you. I'm begging you never. Admit it's like a poison challenge all around me as you like a beautiful. Jobless. With wind and it looks so beautiful gold and everybody's telling you this. It's great mix is like the wine. And drink it very pleased with the poison. And when you drink it. You'll kill you drinking culture apparel Donald. Next. Don't do is send them back to where he belongs. Swamp now you know what Jeff corner it's paid off about.