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Teed Off with Jeff Kuhner - Accidents on the Pike

Fri, 28 Oct 2016|

Jeff Kuhner is Tee'd off about accidents on the Mass Pike! Find out why on this week's episode.



  1. fire truck0:31
  2. Fender Bender0:51
  3. cop cars1:26, 2:05
  4. Miami1:10
  5. Google1:22

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Let's tee off with who. Heard people ask Jeff Jeff what are some of the things that gets you upset let me tell you what does it. Okay just a couple days ago I'm driving in four minding in my home minding my own business it's about what 10 o'clock among the pot. All of a sudden it's like a personal. Literally it's just it's just it's one car after another and nobody's moving and all I've seen. He's one cop car one ambulance cop to fire SUV a fire truck this. You know Marino grand. Now we are now so there I am. Crawling along crawling along I got to meet Michael for 11 o'clock I'm I think I'm gonna be laid. And it comes down 301030 becomes 11:11 o'clock 1130 I finally get to the new magic water YC. I think he. Fender Bender. I'll little bomb bomb the bomb first and the other guy a little bit of an accident where the front this sort of you know a little question but nothing major no smashed windshields not dead bodies not blow on the pavement and. I'm like we're aware of get my hour and a half about a mile in Miami minutes in my life. Gone into your day here's how we used to do it you hit me. I get out of the cars are off of your times and we sign a couple of papers insurance whatever. Google on the gulf now there's a fleet of 53 good cop cars ambulances. Fire trucks and I'm not my minutes. Who gives me in my mind we manage about hop I'm sick of it and one final thing they're tailgating in this phase is discuss. Everybody's out everybody's your rent on that fail while I thought we accidents faltering evolved. Somebody smashing somebody from the buffalo. Just keep our car or tool like this since its last art. You know why. If you go back. But you're tailgating or you're somebody reruns you know what happens when you're a break. And then you have and then I'm stuck in traffic to get it out fifty cop cars at fire trucks and ambulances. And mine I mean minute I don't get up about OK so. Please drive responsibly. When you get into an accident. Phone call you've fire were all just get off to this side of the world. And sign a freaking piece of OK I'm Jeff Warner and I officially. He ball.