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Is college worth it? 11/12/14

Nov 12, 2014|

Jeff says for some people, no.

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Eight WRKO. Jeff Horner Boston bulldogs are cleaning up dumb liberal bowl six point seven from 506860. OK in my brand. Holes where she. That is generated a lot of heat. A lot of good faith that fax line is is burning up I mean is burning up. She is now going to be in front of a judge today in Seminole County in Florida. It's ARAMARK come. She lost custody of her child her son after twelve days. Allegedly because ever begin beliefs the child was losing weight and percent body weight you've lost within twelve days. She was so breast feeding the child child needed more or both supplement where supplemental nutrition. She gave him a big in formula that was not working. And so the doctor stepped in Child Protective Services step then she lost custody of her baby she can only see your son once or twice a week. That was in June today she's gonna fight to regain custody every child the baby now thank the lord is healthy doing well. But the question before the house is this. Should this and begin mom so our Marcum who signed was losing weight under her care. Should she lose custody. Of her child. If you believe the answer is yes she was a neglect full mother. Tax the letter an a eight to 68680. If you believe not all. She's the mother of that child and what she did was not abuse money in close. Text to be 68680. It's brought to you by the greater land senior services providing a wide range of social services. For you and your family visit www. GO SS dot net for more information. Brittany what are the poll results so far. 61%. Yes. In pretty nuts I honestly am surprised class are soft I thought of even closer than that. I thought I thought to be like 5050. From what I'm sitting on the tax insist. It's back in force it's like one text brawl one print one Textron one text brawl one that's gone there's just I mean it's like some of heavyweight prize fight. One minute then you throw one punch and Iran throws another party thrown one punter on throws another punch so I think those numbers are gonna tighten up even more I think. So is right now basically 64. Okay my friends. We can continue to talk about this however. There's another topic that I think is very very important we're talking obviously now about. The rights of children and the rights of parents. And do their rights of parents supersede those of the rights of the government and the state. And I believe as you know that the family came before the state. Because the family came before the state or before the government. The Wright said the family the bonds between the parents and the children are apps so Luke Lee primal. And the state short and fat and can only intervene. Wonders. Obvious and egregious abuse that's always been my position I believe I will always be my position. However. The issue of college decked. And the issue in particular the tremendous social pressure. Of having your child born college. Basically call which for the most part has become the new high school what do wine mean by that. The way you had to get a high school degree let's say 2030 years ago now this is crying need you have to have a college degree you have to approach. It's almost like a high school divorced when he thirty years are going wanna get yourself in the front door. Of any business or any job or any corporation or whatever it is you've got to have a college degree. And so what is now happening it's really an epidemic. Is there is so much pressure on children to go to call each and on parents that helped put their kids throw called which. That's families are now swimming in debt. The children to the students who go to college are swimming in debt. I call at college attendance is exploding. The costs of college are going through the roof. And there is now tremendous pressure for people to go to coach. And I've got to tell you I honestly believe colleges overrated. And mayor Michael. Has now come out with some at the hot tip by the way to CNN they first broke the story. He came out with some advice for high school seniors she gave a speech recently said look I'll be honest with you forget college. Become a plumber instead. And as Bloomberg said at a recent Wall Street trade group meeting at their annual meeting. He said look I'm gonna be candid with you if your kid wants to go to college or become a plumber he's using plumber as an example. You've got to think long and heart you've really got to think long and hard. For example if you wanna go to a hall of or any of the schools in the Ivy League Yale Columbia Princeton whatever. I MIT which is mine in the Ivy League but it's a phenomenally good school. You're looking at fifty to 60000. Dollars a year easy. Easy. Skype cost you 202 torn 50000 dollars just going getting university degree. Now other schools are obviously not as expensive many others are 25 or 30000 dollars a year. But you're still looking at a hundred a hundred point 130 brand that's not peanuts. And if you have multiple kids for example honest. I mean I'm out I'm being honest if you like I'm in the confessional I had no idea. How expensive kids work. Until I've had my two little Bambi notes. Food. The whole thing I'm always. Are just now we're thinking I gotta put away money for college. They cost phenomenal I think. And yet. And my kids in particular I don't know what it is about my little ashen in my little diva but it's been about six months now their appetites have exploded. Dirk they're they're reading me out of house and home. I mean I'm thinking maybe they should go beat him. I'll tell you this my national small problem what does they can now. Or we chicken or pork chop circuit and my little leave I'm side of me to go out you know I know I'm I'm getting a little bit off fishing here but. I look I look at her how can such a little girl like you with that little stomach how can you put so much Fordham there. Bad manners peanut butter crackers. You name it. Seriously. And this piece is at stake pass that Mal Mac and cheese oh my god they love Mac and cheese and Mac and geology of the Mac and cheese Mac and cheese daddy Mac and cheese Mac and cheese. So finally I sat him down over the weekend. I was with them all day on Saturday. I mean it started with cereal in the morning. They went peanut butter that I went bananas then I went to ham sandwich then went to Mac and cheese I'd agers would milk all day melt melt melt melt. I finally sat down were pulling on the bed together. Grace was right there should look. I call on the band Beatles. I said in junior passion and I go to Avery repair or whoever they're almost told you guys something right to your face written for your mother. I want my I want your mother to hear this you guys eat like pigs. Actress's incredible. Where does it fit in both of you watch them believe it I just went shopping only four hours ago. I gotta go back to big white and stock up again I just where does it fit in both review but let that go now I got a plan for college. I mean this is this is gonna cost you an arm and a leg coming to be working until I'm 75 but let that go I law Obama I'm not complaining I'm just saying. It's expensive. So. He's completely right. Mayor Bloomberg is a 110%. Right. A lot of people feel the need to go to college what do they get after a four year degree by the way for years you can never get back. A 10250000. Dollars in debt. Usually skills that aren't worth much on the job market. Doesn't Bloomberg rightly points out because of technology. It's very hard now to make a good middle class living say in the service sector or many other businesses. Or many other lines of work. And so many of them if they're lucky to get a job start off at 2.5 30000 dollars a year. They find it hard to eventually make forty or 50000 dollars a year. This debt stays with them for the rest of their lives very hard to pay down. And they basically have a degree that almost everyone else for us. Now. A lot of my friends who didn't go to college. But got E*Trade got a Kraft. They were commerce they were mechanics. They were carpenters. Dirt doing phenomenally. Well for themselves. I saw American Bloomberg in particular sites an example of a friend of it's he said look I'll be honest with you his college worshipped. And he says for a lot of people it's not they're not making good money der swimming in debt and he said look here's the father of one of his employees. Kate Blumberg serious talk with one it was employs a book with honestly my god never went to college got a high school degree yes he's literate but you never want to call which. Now because of the plumbing business and everybody needs a plumber. And I got to say bitch you wanna talk about charging an arm and a leg pool all. Man do they hold you down. But let Doug go everybody needs a plumber on your plumber you need a plumber got she needs a plumber Britney needs a plumber everybody needs a plumber. He goes well now Y 25 years in the business he's got six plumbers working formed. In fact now he's doing so well financially the scratch golfer. Pure as he goes he said he had she goes around playing golf courses I can only dream off. I'm so busy Chang to a best running Bloomberg this guy he's got a plumbing business. He's got six bombers the guys doing phenomenally well and spent tough as they golfing. And I'll be honest with few for many many people. Especially if you're not for the book. And you don't have to be for the book there's nothing wrong with working with your hands. It's an honest days work for an honest days pay. Not only value add real value to society into the economy. You're carpenter your mechanic I need a mechanic. And and honest mechanic is a very precious thing indeed. No we do need plumbers I can run down the whole list. I don't think you should go to college. For many people I honestly don't leave college is even worth it. Now yes if you wanna be a lawyer you wanna be a doctor you wanna be an engineer you wanna be an architect would. Whatever it is you wanna be a professor are you wanna be an historian. Yes chemistry of course you have to work coach. But for a lot of people who just get a four year degree. And I think I'll take my degree shop and around and see if I'll get a job. With that debt like I like like a yoke around your neck. I don't think it's worth it. And so my question to use this is college worth it. 6172666868. The corner man says for some people know get a trade. Agree disagree. 6172666868. Is college worth fit all of your calls next when you feel listen the world is passing you. Page 22 here on the great WRKO. College warfare fits once 7666868. Former New York marriage Bloomberg Mike Bloomberg now says to many people forget college get a trade. You can text us that 68680. All long attacks are coming in on this this is from 603 Jeff I'm an electrician. All of my school for four years was paid by Miami by my employer. I now make a 100000. Dollars a year one. No school debt total school and licensing 101000 dollars while muzzle off. Congratulations. 603. This is from 508. Who. Considering how much she golf Obama should have been a plumber. A a this is from 781 Jeff every plumber and electrician nine all lives in the biggest homes up anyone. I know and brick layers almighty god yes. Yes. I see these electricians. I see these bombers these bricklayer guys. Did they live and mentions. Pomp taken boy cannot get the wrong final works 25 years ago 6172666868. Here's an interesting one from 508 Jeff I'm a carpenter. I've been one for about 35 years and believe me. I do well for myself. And I but I wish or what do went to college I'm making good money. Don't get me wrong but my body aches. My back all my disks are bulging nerve pain everywhere lifting doors windows heavy material tools. I wish I would've went to college you know that's so my dad told me. My dad always said Jeff trust me you're not for manual labor. Here you are for the book Jeff believe me you're not there to be working eight to five or eight to six every day in the cold. Rain or shine doing hard physical laboring goes Jeff your body's gonna break down too tough for you Jeff. Six once and he was right 6172666868. Jam Europe next thanks for holding go ahead Jim. You have to buy I think. Michael Bloomberg is probably the best example vote. So somebody who benefited from college and given his career and know what he's been able to do. The other thing is this so I think it is an advice to kids not to go to college is I knew. Disingenuous. I think better advice would be to read a book like polls which is a classic call what color your parachute. And that will give you much better place and where you won't fit into the economy in this society. Also Jim you're basically saying that. It's not college just the problem is people have to plan for the right career for them. That's right. That what you're saying to. Bloomberg are saying and also. Bloomberg itself. Has been criticized war. Making new and I think to some extent. Michael Bloomberg has used to bully pulpit. In the wrong direction not only they can disregard it and in other regards in the I just think. People need to be careful in that you have a trial. And then you're planning on their future with them. Which does well what closure parachuted. Isn't the great thing to read and it's a classic it's better or for thirty years. Most people know about it they end up. And that's much better approach than listening to somebody like Michael Bloomberg. Jim thank you very much for that call well set 6172666868. John Europe next thanks for holding go ahead John. Good morning Jeb oh I feel hot I'm good how are you. Excellent excellent but my masters feature of all things in college. Because I was Kabul looming crisis. In its about the shortage of skilled treatment. Machine at eagle mechanic on the short version. And I actually call to try this tonight at all. Caught a little water air and call a plumber. And helmet both at sixty minutes they get the out it's what you want to get there faster. I. All my money on the plumber on voted 10%. My money's on the plumber. 6172666868. Chris syrup next thanks for holding go ahead Chris. Good morning Jeff always took pleasure. I. I think you've hit point and I think what you're gonna I would but it didn't want to meet him up. Another Israel lol yeah I didn't get that. That you have a better chance to get a lawyer Oliveira and and it's in your commentary. I have a couple of small bit invisible lately. Applaud it if my kid so. Open now but if I had a little log out of there is no question I'd probably want to protect the number thirty years. But it is Yahoo! can't gain you got to give him and you gotta get out because we had about 5055. Yeah luckily lark I'm glad it anymore Gillick called salt. I don't think forming its model indoor. Haven't got anybody for nominal. Chris I gotta tell you I mean look I may be just me we have a plumber he's obviously phenomenal. No matter when we call him he's there. I mean not he's like now I know I really trying to say there is such demand. The other is lawyers are a dime a dozen now plumbers are really in demand might plumber does it just me. Chris I call me they're in twenty minutes I call at 3 in the morning he's there in twenty minutes he's. Don't don't don't want to let it go to normal. Pretty good because those guys that aren't stupid green. Thank you for that call Chris 6172666868. Scotch you're up next thanks for holding and well and. I think I've jets probably know I'm good how are you Scott. Then. I don't settle at thirty years I think I I rent equipment that two all look all he had jolt on drag this subs. Beyond the plumber a dialogue guys see may soon I see a whole lot of people. And the problem today. And now that the work is picked up the problem today is nobody can find good help. And look at it these are. I hear time after time people saying the same thing eat eat you know anybody. You know you're pretty good people look at the work. The sobs. And then plumbers let's just take the plumber for example there. There there's not enough of them I mean you could name your price if you would to jump into the trade as a plumber right now. Or let one of the big problems. And eight in with young kids series. When when they got out of high school and college state they all wanna start at the top. They don't wanna start the bottom so little work ethics problem in America today. A lot of a lot of them don't work Scott. You're dead are all you are sole right I you have no idea how right chore I gotta tell you a star won a come back in but britney's yelling in my ear she's very funny she says hey I paid my goose. I just wanted fives like I paid my dues but that's it's incredible 6172666868. Is college for you. I gotta tell you my friends if you can if you were good with your hands and you're willing to work hard get up early in the morning. Be a plumber be a mechanic can be a carpenter there's a lot of money to be made good money. 830 on the great WRK no more if your calls next. A man. 836 here on the break WRKO. OK so Britain. Because you know got ourselves ourself a nice four year degree. From a local call that you won't say where but it was that a private college Britney. A private school really want now I'm OK so. Am and it lets put it this way. In case so it's there was a private college wasn't a state school and it wasn't cheap. Russia's border that way it was not cheap it cost her a lot of money. She doesn't wanna say exactly how much but believe me she's loaded with student debt. And so what she's been telling me out immensely while we were off the area's college for her as a stamp. It's just what the cat scan back money the money is this camp. When you're on the air and Albert you know I'm sorry. Yet they get stuck that flight. It is scam at Vegas really expensive but for the life experience and the people that you meet. And what you learn. I wouldn't trade them for the world. I mean I'll be honest with you Britney and all a lot of people I went to college with colleges wasn't for them. And for them their experience was drinking beer and getting drunken frat party. See my school is a suitcase suitcase college everyone went home on the weekends now. So there was there wasn't that much harder it up and an Irish well. So but anyway so yeah and honestly for a lot of people colleges just basically for years depart. And then you're out here you're on a 250000. And then good luck with your degree now. Our callers talked previously talked about how hard it is to get good young people to work at some of these traits check out this story can. As you know I got a great guy on my streak his name is Gino he's from the old countries terminal. And he's in the construction business he's a contractor. They guy is an absolute war course I mean he works seven days a week. Practically 365. Days a year he's always working building homes building apartment buildings. God bless them he's done very well for himself and his family. Couple months ago were just chatting I see him on the street hey Gino how are you Joseph empower you we start chatting. Right away says Jeff honestly got to got to thanks for what's wrong should. I can't get good young people to work ten. He goes I'll give you one example. I knew a family couple blocks away loved the father loved the mother the parents are very hard working they said hey geno. My kid doesn't wanna study my kid doesn't wanna go to school. Can you give him a job he says hey listen I got jobs are you want construction job you wanna do some construction. So the kid shows up jewel tells me Jack you gotta see this kid. He spends two to three hours a day at the gem working out. He's huge 62063. Big shoulders biceps arms huge chest. He goes to choose a tank to could be a football player boxer or whatever. Source timeless art work and let's start mixing cement let's start you know doing construction let's stop all you hauling wood etc. etc. Jeff by 11 o'clock we started at 6 in the morning. By 11 o'clock he walks up to me and says I'm tired I wanna do this anymore. Let me just call this guy Jim. Geno says Jim. You've only been on the job for five hours. Legalize my for me it's to our work my back hurts I just it's not for me I don't wanna do is there is it's too hot is it like in August. Which walked the sun is coming now I am I'm sweating issue is I'm just too hot this I'm too tired. She was like OK. You sure you secure unemployed you need the money not on our this this is not for me. He then sits there GO pays them for his five hours. They called the mother the mother set worked a father's not work they can't come up. This kid after five hours of work it was maybe a fifteen minute walk through of a three blocks away four blocks away. Wouldn't get off his rear end and walk home. He sat on the sidewalk until 230. Drinking water for three and a half faults. Until his mother came by after work to scoop him up and take him home and she tells Gino I'm sorry. Look at my son what am I gonna do with him. This is a grown man. And a big coming up big man how Freeman and doesn't wanna work. And jewel tells me Jeff you have no idea. When I was young everybody wanted to work nobody was afraid to break his back nobody was afraid to get their hands dirty. Today up ball. Everybody wants big money fast money and easy money. 6172666868. Is the number Hannah Europe next thanks for holding and welcome. And I'm. There are people like it why go to college at the perfection in Iraq and check it Dickie dutrow train. Might have been penetrate. China and I now. On the sings I mean I agree I'm just nodding my head panorama. And you get them to come back. Not a I'm sorry I'm listening to nodding my head like you know I know they think that somehow. If you're a plumber or you know our car and terror or mechanic that somehow if you have nothing between your readers that's not true. The fact it's the very opposite. You've got a great skill. You've got to ferocious work ethic but you're savvy you're basically a businessman. You're basically self employed. You've got to deal with people they're street Smart they have a lot of common sense now it's true they don't have a lot of formal education. But I'll be honest with few you can self educate yourself. My grandfather both my grand parents grandfathers had very little formal schooling I think what sixth grade or eighth grade. They ran on their own spare time my grandfather or my father's side literally read newspapers all the time with with a pen or pencil. He would read books Hewitt underlined sentences and and take notes. Turn a very welcoming illiterate man and a self educated man. So no I don't that's another big tree. Of of the but absolutely not true 6172666868. All repeat today what I said a few days ago. I would rather be governed. By the first 3000. People in the Boston phone book then I would buy the entire faculty of Harvard University. 61720666868. Is the number. This is from 603 Jeff. You won't believe what it's like out there I own a lawn fertilizer nation company. I pay eighteen to twenty dollars an hour and I can't get anyone without Paul store plot. This is from 781 Jeff. Kids today don't wanna do physical work. Did you see the article in the paper a couple of weeks ago about how the future of Home Depot is sketchy because kids today are not very handy I know. I know. 6172666868. Joseph Europe next thanks for holding and welcome. Jeff good morning thank you revenue on. Just my father Douglas sold below the Mason number clinics need to appeal country. I'm a little boy here I used Molly used to what. Audio and threatened Robyn. We can sit outside obstacle or write so well and at the top what was going outlook. And but yeah I got to go to college it'll after high school that's what I want to bill but I look outside of studio we paid quickly Colin. So you don't have film let it go that look at that it must that it is still to me it's great to look at the and don't go that's hysteria on I think people don't look at it in Dayton that this isn't usually what it is not a big big get it from the parents pub. People that way. Backing senator native I believe I don't believe that looked like that what killed them so that's additional well. Joseph great call and thank you for that call look. Let me brutally honest with you. Don't like I'm in the confessional. I've seem to changes with my own office. My parents were immigrants. I saw the way they race me. You had to work. And you like to be grateful for everything that you had. Because they fled poverty. And so they almost every day my father would always tell me to their table I hope you appreciate butchery. Especially my mother would make steak once a week in our house state was a big thing. My father was sitting once a week. Enjoy that's me appreciate that stake because daddy had to work very hard for that stake. I didn't have staked growing up I never had staked growing up. And so when I was young my parents had me. Cutting the lawn. Oh we have what we had a fireplace you bring in what I have to just store the wood and carry the ward I mean they had me working since I was 8910 years ten years of age. Now look and I am not talking about Britain because the one thing that stands out about Brittany is she's a work course she works hard but outside of Britain. I'm going to be honest with you I see a lot of young people that work here and enter comp not all but many of them. They'll wanna be directors and managers. And nobody wants to pay their dues. And the like are gonna comment at 5 in the morning and be a producer on a show all I'm. I should be their manager and how much what you don't think I didn't pay my dues. Tell us what that's why if you got to pay your do this. That's what it means to start off at the bottom rung of the ladder and work your way out normal normal not with young kids today are not. Not with many young kids day. They're entitled to everything. And it starts at home. There are spoiled many of them they're caught hold many of them. And they think they're entitled to everything they don't know what it is to be without too. If you want video games you got it centralized air conditioning you got it. They never go hungry. You wanna go out no problem we want a car at sixteen no problem anything you want you got it. So they come out of college to go hey where's my 100000 dollars a year Walpole. Money it doesn't work like that. You start small. And you work your way up and you pay your reduce. That's the way I was brought up it's completely different with a lot of young people today and I honestly believe. He's one of the big problems facing this country 6172666868. We are losing our work ethic. Ross syrup next thanks for holding welcome. You know Jeff let's face that thanks to the Marxist professors black colleges and universities have become the centers of higher arguments. DL I was happy to seek colleges and universities on line and I feel that that there's gonna force the cost down. And they all should be forced to disclose they're graduating class was breakdown. Of the percent to go on to our jobs are the way the type a jobs. And the pay arranged and that way you can really judge whether the what whether going to that four year college was worth. And I like to make another comment is so. The effect K bit came to me you have to listen about the beacon starry. From the comedian Jackie Mason the only person who looks happy and health food store is the owner you know why because he's in the back for a meat has taught me back. I. Six or 72666. Bids six won't DJ hero nights thanks for holding go ahead. DJ. I didn't. Sell that dictated being you drop classes 77. I became an apprentice electrician elect an eighty Warren helped build field. In 99. Alumni privileges they gave me no prom night I could like completed a one complete year. I had to go to court yeah Miami alumni privileges Karzai stop that it missions into all the kids started being you call one year and drop out. Well Baptist salvage an occasional in you do create access to sixteen affiliate MIT northeastern at setter. I've been trespassed at five BU event. How quick are they did say we we don't need a hole Reza we were we get the point. Your hard working guy honestly god bless you 6172666868. Bob you're up next thanks for holding and welcome. It gets an expert I mean much. I kept a Molitor myself and I actually want to I went to public school in London and I think about it. Stop all of the problems on the school just surged frankly I don't know what happened in the sixties such. But while Israel I would do untrue in which sixty they had industrial art courses in the junior high structure so that its its option to explore. Period straight where a lot of shops and schools most days. And and that's why the side business trade. Yes and picked acknowledged there isn't you know back in the mid sixty I think it'll you know it does the big blocker or parents were earlier on the stereo I don't want to go to vocational school. You know so the space age you gotta go to college. And the nuggets for adult children L article one want to archery college skate state school a couple of private colleges she. And we just fairway all electoral but I have always known we were getting screwed he's colleges just I don't know where all the money goes you know the ball went a mosque and donated. They held them without pain access. You know I know they have to pay the professors and they have to keep the buildings but it is a scam. Saw Bob it's a complete racquet look at their endowments. You wanna where the money goes to pick up billion dollar multi billion dollar endowments. And as you were talking ball literally everybody in the book is showing yes yes yes. I remember would work. I loved would work. Our mechanics shop. I knew a lot of my body seeding go to call as early trained his mechanics and high school her to win grainy to. Eighty and 859095000. Dollars a year it's hard work I know it's hard work. But they're doing well for themselves they got a family that got kids they got home they vacation once or twice a year there's always when you work cars break down. Frankly they did better than 90% of the other people in high school went to college. My chair up next thanks for holding go ahead Mike. Yeah eight coda. Actually a global launch take a week. For helping to change or is yet to locate where they have little lot for the orchestrated the stock yeah. But I do get trapped. Yeah yeah yeah I. Definitely see that you'd look at chart are you a lot of outreach in mr. But our car. Intellectual. Oh we just. Right back country they may well want for the policy for the probably is that we know largely electricians what you can do what you can't do so. You know it's okay and see what will be a probably electrician but they were not why he's the one thing shot. The that the institution do I know we're seeing how our group Yale there ain't right I'm Robert got. In the car restore power duplicated in another thing about these treatment. I gonna act one think they now have a guy out the public. They can no big government in check you out unbelievable price just because they went out and get away with it try to most of the people wrote Gary. That our industry have a ministry. Are. I love my merit pay that your nobody makes nobody teases me more than my 6172666868. Except for Brittany and Cox. Luck I'll admit it solid minute. I do we steak too often is innocent now is that a crime. Britney says yes more of your calls next. Tasted so often it.