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Are Veterans appreciated? 11/11/14

Nov 11, 2014|

What do you make of the letter from a listener about our Radiothon?

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How the veterans day to all of our great service member and veterans. And the corner country poll question of the day. How has there been any roading of respect. Have you witnessed any rolling up whisper our respect for veterans and the military. If you believe the answer is yes taxed eight to 68680. If you believe the answer is no. Next to be to 68680. Is brought to you by the greater Lynn senior services providing a wide range of social services for you when your family. Visit www. GO SS dot net for more information. Brittany what are the poll results so far. 78% yes 30% now. So basically success. Running seven to three basically two thirds believe yes there is. An erosion of respect. The about a third or just slightly less than a third say no there hasn't. Yeah now Britney I'm just curious if you had to vote not that I wanna put you on the spot. But how would you vote. Well I've OP now we'll show you haven't seen an erosion of respect for the air for our veterans and our military. I mean not today not yesterday all the while I know yesterday was phenomenal but we're in a surrounded by veterans Justin. OK but anyway our but let that go Britain okay. Well you know what I gotta tell you this may change your mind because we've got an email that was sent to us. About our fund raiser yesterday our radio Thon to benefit Fisher house our first annual radio Thon to benefit Fisher house. And it came from an individual by the name of Larry mama I wanna read to you via email here's what he wrote quote. What's up with this fund raiser. Has might talk radio all of a sudden turned in a public radio. Not that it's not a good cause. But to interrupt my daily routine. To listen to Jeff corner all day beg for money is just pitiful. Again great cause but this is not public radio. I'd rather listen to how we Porsche is books for four hours then this for one hour let alone all freaking day. Please do the right thing and stop begging for money. I shut shoe off today because I just couldn't take it good cause again but all day eat. Thanks for reading my rant crooks he and I hope you get back to the programming. I can't wait to listen to Larry. So cooks in fact road back to Larry and here's what cooks erode back to Larry. Larry. Thanks for the email. I am not sorry that we ruined your daily routine with our fund raiser. I am however sorry for the double amputee. With the disfigured face who wish to year old daughter is now afraid of them. And what is quote interrupted. His daily routine. And I ED in Iraq. I also feel terrible for the marine who is Chinese daily routine quote interrupted. By a sniper in Afghanistan. Also for his family who came to Boston for the life saving treatment that he received. Their daily routine was quote interrupted unquote. While they stayed at the Fisher house praying each day in waiting on word from the doctor if their husband. Son and father would ever be able to walk again. In case she wanted to know he can. He will be in a wheelchair for ever unable to move from the waist down. Wow. Talk about having York daily routine quote interrupted and quote. Imagine all of these heroic men and women did was go to war when their nation called. Talk about having your daily routine quote in two erupted on quote. I also feel terrible for the people who work at the Fisher house having their daily routine being quote interrupted and quote. As they try to figure out how to raise the funds necessary. To make sure they can provide the services and benefits for the wounded troops and their families. So I will not apologize for raising money to help the troops. It is still bad that you had your daily routine quote interrupted unquote. I know you must have really suffered not being able to listen now we Karr for four hours. But if the money we raised hopes they wounded troops here his daughter for the first time after life saving surgery it was worth it. Happy veterans day. Coach I gotta say I was a really masterful response. I was a really good response. Look I might be honest with you. These letters from Larry. His what veterans complain to me in private they wouldn't say it on the air yesterday because they were so touched by the outpouring of support. But they get this all the time. All the time I got to tell you a lot of the Texan I was receiving yesterday frankly I'll be candid with you. Especially when I was filling in for how we from three to seven. You wouldn't believe how nasty therefore. You know Jeff this is crap. Jeff what are you doing all freaking four hours are you freaking kidding me. You know on both drive anything better to do. You know again with this you know you're begging for money you sound like a beggar hey look you know what call me a beggar call me whatever you wanna call me. They need our help. And I made it public appeal and yes I did it repeatedly. I don't often do fundraisers. I don't use my show or any other show to raise money but this was veterans' day or the day before veterans day. When the Marines are celebrating their 239. Birthday. And Fisher house came to us. And said you know Geoff he got to see the hardship many veterans and their families have. To original place for them to stay. And many of them are in hospitals for three months five months six months eight months nine months struggling learning how to walk again. Add in dealing with paralysis. Dealing with our ED explosions. That have ever a given the severe brain trauma. The fact that their family and daughters are there. And sons and parents are there helped them recuperate. I mean. Literally we can't put one bowl aside for our troops that's now that's even too much. All but when you need them to go to war all. Dan you're the big war hawk. Dan send them all over the world to dog but when they come back with limbs missing. Paralyzed. Brain injuries fighting for their very lives like you'll. Always my time blank you. I wanna hear how we plug his books and 6172666868. What Hassan how I was on vacation yesterday. Foreign I was on vacation estimate Linda Europe Max thanks for holding go ahead Linda. Jeff thanks so much for taking my call I'm caddie I am so livid right now. I don't know whether I wanna scream or cry at that email. I cannot believe that he took his time to email but generic email. First to Bob I want to thank you and cut bait and Britney are KL for everything that you guys did yesterday. I can't let things you at 6:30 yesterday morning. And I'll tell you when it called again. And a lot of interview he did with that gentleman asked why he went trail and then again in the afternoon when you look at subbing for how we. And capitalist Bryant I would absolutely ballistic here at. I think it hit during the Brian interview I was a way to work I get all the make up god. By the time I want you to work put all of my feet because I was sitting in the cot crying and looked up. It felt so I look at all practical watched I think that would actually quite good work. How can I thought thanks Larry did this to you body. Seem on you if you do not call up yet they like everybody can collect country's debt and make a donation. Shame on you know everything you've enjoyed in this in your lifetime is due to try to military men and women. Shame on you Larry everything you have in your life is due to these people. Golf is happening Larry if you don't like our country if you do I can't military. Lip of the Third World country. Go to China go to bed go to the Middle East played out we don't want people like you here. I'll bike I've kept up I want my thing until I look at that it can't just under a lot. I don't calendars I apology every Yankee gold retriever let Arafat said and done their target register. Anybody who come there and with the military I have a calendar I paid for out of my own pocket. I thank them for that service to our country for a complimentary calendar on my behalf caught my diet is like a lot our military. Can't thank you so much I. Larry I know we'll have the I would drive tight right now I'm getting a gap. Thank you very much like call Lynda dot com Doug veteran nick that you mentioned. I mean. He was there the whole thing. We did his interview with him he's in a wheelchair. He can barely now move his arms to start to slowly get control of his body. He was there with us all day that god would not stop thanking us and finally he and I had a private conversation. And he asked me. He said Jeff do you think I should do motivational speaking. I should make you should definitely do motivational speaking but first and foremost you have three daughters. You have a girlfriend who loves you can see the love and arrives she wants you to focus on healing your body. Nick he's gonna walk again. You've got to focus on being able to walk again and beat the man that you once were if you can do it. Things like Jeff I think I can walk again he think I can do it kind city you can do it. You can do you can do anything you want to be I can see that within you. And smile. Oh I gotta tell you that guide what is contagious smile was infectious it was contagious big guy was paralyzed from the neck down. He's now able to move his arms a little bit he says he can use a walker he's grateful for everything his kids jump on him in bed he loves it because it hurts his arms and he feels pain. He can hug his daughter's what do we take for granted. To just hug our kids for him. Is a tremendous acts of torture and pain. And that was for us. And we can't have. One day. To say thank you. And make a little donation. Because Fisher house was there for him and other vets like him. He may never walk again. Larry I bet you you walk. You hug. You move your arms. You bulls swimming. And you stand there and you have the ball to send any little. I think you're interrupting my daily routine. This my friends is what they get from a lot of people that's what the vets were telling me they go Jeff you don't know it's really special. From you and your audience because people. They just don't care. 6172666868. John Europe next thanks for holding go ahead John. Good morning mr. cannot argue today I'm really are huge I'm very well thank you I've got caught here say that Larry you are well. For your right. To have free speech and tiger eight earned in a far and I moved from the depths of my. I had no animosity from the fact that you are in a legal. Opened here ignite not really something go out and in a statement saying mentality that think it's OK I lied to the American public and pushed the legislation. It. Yeah our. You are right there no hope you however I it will it. I was eligible toward the military again it very. In a fight my life but no rights could be ignorant. You wouldn't be. And I saw it and here. Thank you John publisher for your service that's what I found so touching yesterday. Even as they tell you stories of how they're neglected and insulted. By their fellow citizens. Who are doing all over again. When I say they're the best of the best. Wanna Trace. They are the best. Of the best. My hero up next thanks for holding and welcome. You have yesterday. Being there are paid time magazine had rarely hear in your production and certainly every you do church which. Phrase what you all preparation. But what struck me was a little girl learns I'm happy yes. Twelve year old little girl. I called her up. And then try to blush to destroy it might strike told polish conventional well it should you people give me all of a new generation. Elaborate on the table below that she's twelve is always spoke Lugar. And she stroked only. Well I. And I certainly. I wrote you. Below which healing. They know you're ruled country. That a little girl. You would all day ordinarily. And you giggled and locked. The UK mile. We love you we thank you and Larry. Twelve year old girl probably OS and the other cheek you want to make. Thank you very much Mike Hart I was moved to tears yet he's twelve years old. I she's small she's a may be 75 counts forgive me I mean the most affectionate way up a little much you should as in Iraq couldn't believe it. Not only was she answering the phone since 7:30 in the morning god is my witness she was answering the hotline phone. Like directing the calls to the other people like taking all the massive cults. She didn't take a break. 730 until I visited her cooks want to revisit her. Life 630. She was cited for like eleven dollars. I was so moved I was so I checked and she can shoot a big smile on her face you could she do all they should do all night. So ice are sick kept coming and so can get you something what would draw a compete so what we have minority was something what would you like. And so she looked at her mom and her mom looked at her she's a Bruins fan and you said I'd love some tickets for the Boston Bruins. You got it. Are sick what team fourteen she said the Montreal Canadians you or I awoke I set ID that's a hot ticket that's not a cheap ticket here. But listen happy. You're gonna get it somehow some way. I'm gonna get there are many are nice pair of tickets are RKO us gonna get a repair tech gets I said Abbie you're getting a nice parent and good tickets. To see the Bruins in the Canadians because you are the future. Junior up next thanks for holding welcome. I am. Independent who are married email I liken thank god is. Larry the kind of guy that kept up in the morning and go out to his hacked and that the crap. My question as a flash. That there really bad day for the rest of the day. And I compare it to Larry is good luck CEO Larry. Thank Gil. Yeah I gotta tell you guys are being very civil hook. Well I thought cooks he was really eloquent very polite. Here's what have been your what Jeff corners response. Like Gil. Here. Bill we are up next thanks for holding and. Hello good morning Jeff my belt I don't want to see Larry's point it would be a little hot dog or retract it is. He cynical. He doesn't believe editorial. And that kind and in fashion right now so almost caught. A break not a little old yesterday I was moved. Chemical. He just bank straight out of the political. Veteran got a political football we get knocked back to what this country and poke region Asia nick. Chemicals fashionable right now so. Such I think actually shot the story that's only true and I can make a. Bill honestly I don't I I don't said the cynicism what I dollar reach you again very quickly. He's goes what's up with this fund raiser has might talk radio all of a sudden turned into public radio. He knew he he's he's turned into his political show and what he heard he put a political eight sought. And you really trying to break out of that political case yesterday will basically the election night he just to name and so that is. And what her people political caught. Now that's right. But I mean mile for Wii everybody and you were doing and were teasing and all weekend but let that go he goes on to say look I know it's a good cause but you're interrupting my daily routine. Yeah I had spent to get you caught that should be in the clot. Boy that's not read. So. I'm just saying so I don't see the cynicism their bill I just see a guy who said hey look. You know are he's a guy being selfish it's exciting so precious a guy being conceded in fact. We just got an email I swear Larry just emailed us about that right now as a talking to me. Let me read coaches scared the my hands. Thank you for the reply and I totally understand. It was selfish of me to not understand the needs of these fine patriots. My apologies. Have a great veterans day and god bless all those who voluntarily served. To protect our freedoms so I think we turned Larry around a little bit there bill. I mean you know you sometimes you gotta call people out in you smacked him in the face a little bit of the what was I thinking. 61726. X 68 incident just they are up next thanks for holding well. Yeah. Hey just that. Yeah he follows con about. How would the no walk around there last night with all the Marines are Dell ought to know it's a lot of local arched. And Q where no word birchard they're very happy they were fired and and all that last night. All I know I know I mean I gotta tell you I mean at. The Marines are out and a good time there were celebrating their birthday they were drinking having cocktails frankly if you had too many but let that go it's their birthday. Either getting ready for dinner. They were so grateful if all of you can just see the gratitude. That they kept expressing over and over again corner country I'm telling you last night you were the rock stars. 730 on the radar KL. Okay coming up next. So long dot com a major liberal website well below. Our military people there are not heroes in shocked they're nothing more than children. I'll have that story. So much more don't touch that. And thirtieth. Mark okay no okay. One of the things they clearly distinguishes the right from the left in this country one of the key ideological. The sharks. We are clear ideological fault lines. Between say progressives liberals and conservatives. As well as libertarians. He is the respect for the military. Check out this piece by David mask year old. On so long salon dot com is in the lead this kind of progressive web site. They think very well of themselves they're huge supporters of Obama huge supporters of Hillary. They are hard core left wing Democrats. Are also radical secular arrests. They hate America. They hate our military. They hate patriotism. They find it beneath them and frankly go. They make fun of patriotic Americans and especially the military. So according now to this piece that was published on Sunday just before veterans day David masked hero. Wrote this. You don't protect my freedom. Are childish insistence on calling soldiers heroes. Dead whose real democracy. And so basically this piece. Is about how we have this forced true true worship in the United States and compulsory patriotism. And that this is now gonna come to win. Because our troops according to David mascara Rhoda. They don't defend our freedoms. They have nothing to do with our freedoms. In fact according to him. They reflect the growing authoritarianism. And totalitarian. Nature of America. The V growing militarized nation of America. The creation of some kind of a right wing fraud I swear you were out on how can be right wing you have the dear leader in power but let that go. They were right wing fascist state so let me just read to use the opening paragraph. Put a man in uniform. Preferably a white man can give them my gun and Americans will worship them. It is a part particularly childish trait. They childlike culture. That insists on anointing all active military members and police officers as quote heroes unquote. They're rhetorical sloppiness and intellectual show columnist. On the fixing such irreverent label to everyone in the military or law enforcement. Beach raising frightening cultural streak. Of nationalism. Chauvinism. Authoritarianism. And totalitarianism. And he says in fact this kind of they recalls hero worship of our troops. He believes threatens our fraud trial democracy itself. I'm an autograph fraud trial but let that go. And many goes on to say a pox about police brutality. Michael Brown the murder of Michael Brown big might. Represents the tip of the body pile Lizzy what said. Of police just going around assaulting people shorting people including pregnant women. They're basically says for reasons justifiable only to the insane. That basically police officers are just running around shooting people left right and center is torturing people. And Danny goes on to talk about our service members. And he says that there is a sexual assault epidemic in the military. And he says still listened to be drowned in this syrup. Off patriotic sentimentality. To stop so loading and look at the servicemen of the American military with criticism and skepticism. And as he apparently he's the skeptical one he's the great credit he can see above everything and what does she see. He sees a military that he says rapes are women in the armed forces. He sees a military. In which apparently on videos. Are captured jokes. Whereby our service members make fun. Of bombs that they launched to kill civilians. A mocking what he says the victims of American violence. When he sees is a US military that committed genocide in Iraq. Genocide in Afghanistan. Torturing strangers. Simply for their sheer amusement. So as he puts it. If the murder of civilians. There rape of quote Brothers and sisters on base. And the relegation of death and torture of strangers as fodder for amusement qualifies as heroism. The world needs a better balance. So basically what salon dot com is saying is. Not only should we not be saluting our troops. Not only should we not be thanking our troops. Not only are they not hero it's. But in fact there. Bunch of sadistic madman. They're basically all a bunch are rapists murderers and war criminals. This this is what the left really thinks about the American military. And it's not just unique to salon. It's frankly the huffing and puffing impulse. It's a mess left BC. It's a Boston Globe. That's the mentality on half hood. And many of our universities and act. And campuses all across this country it's the mentality of the New York Times. America. Is evil empire. America as a great Satan. You see for them. Patriotism. Is evil. Sure them. Celebrating the military. That keeps our freedoms alive. Non normal home. The American military according to them. As a force for bad. Except the root of all the supposedly imperialism around the world. The Muslim world they're attacking us because of our military the world hates us because of our military. Notice when you watch Hollywood movies how many times have you seen a Hollywood movie. Where you have a returning veteran who says sadistic psychopath. They even have a with a brush cut to crazy guy he's always white by the way why and usually question. And he's just he's crazy. And he just wants to come back and kill people we can't control self. And any committed massacres whether it be in Vietnam Korea Iraq and Afghanistan and now he's back into civilian population he's got to start murdering when he this year. Bunch of crazy psychopaths. And many of them from the the backwoods of South Carolina Tennessee or Texas or Nebraska. It's this image she since Vietnam. That they have been trying to drum men and drama men and trauma in and Drummond to our minds. When in fact the very opposite is the reality. And I can objectively prove it. What happened to Vietnam after our boys left. It was a hole cost. Vietnam was buried. Under Communist mass murder and killing fields. What look at Iraq and Afghanistan. We liberated fifty million Muslims. From fascist rule under Saddam Hussein or the Taliban. What are you talking to me about. No military in the world has gone to such pains to limit civilian casualties does such a point that yesterday at the event. To a man. Everyone complained to me about the rules of engagement. Jeff we catch shoot at night we can't do raids that might we kind going to certain areas which I'm going to certain civilian areas they know exactly what our rules of engagement dark. We're fighting this war with two hands tied behind our back Jeff. Can you talk about this job can you let the American people know about as Jeff. So. They stand there. And they gorge at the trough of the United States. And they take advantage of all of the freedoms. That our constitution gives them. Of all our liberties. Given to them by the constitution. And they stand there and they make pop charts. Take little cheap nasty shots at our troops my question to them is this. What are for boys hadn't gone to fight Hitler in World War II. Do your status to this clown did is that is. Low life here at that salon dot com. We think he'd be able to be writing what he's running right now. If we hadn't stood up to the Soviets into the Communists. Whether it be. In the Cold War. Whether be in Europe with her be in Korea with European Vietnam with her be in central South America whether it be in North Africa had we not waged a 45 year global Cold War what do you think what happened genius. The Soviets were rolled into Western Europe they would rolled into central and South America they were rolled in Africa. My god to be at our gates. We're almost threatened a nuclear annihilation. By these Communist mad men. If our boys are not bear killing radical islamists. What do you think it's gonna happen there's gonna go home. 9/11 did not teach us anything. The Fort Hood massacre did not teach us anything. For the Boston bombing did not teach us anything. Here look at countries that don't have a strong military. That don't have this so called patriotism. And nationalism or big military Spain got hammered. By the islamists. France is getting hammered by the islamists. Canon. Got hammered by the islamists. As stood I'm gonna hammered by the islamists nor where I could I could I could go want to Brawley. Indonesia. The Philippines I could go country after country after country out of the country. But when things go bad it. Where an ice this is on the march be heading children who does the world call. America. Who goes and does the fighting and the dying our soldiers. Our military. And you can't even how the basic decency to say thank you. You arrogant lol life conceded. Piece of you know why act. If you couldn't even lick their reports. I notice the racism and there. All white man with the gun and suddenly we salute them get lost. 6172666868. Is the number. The American military is the most multi racial integrated institution. In the world. Because they all serve under one flag America. 6172666868. What do you make of so long dot com saying it is childish. For Americans to west say thank you to our troops and be grateful to our troops. Jake you're up next thanks for holding welcome. Good morning Jeff are you I'm good how are you Jake that's been awhile I have two guys that wanna say something here. I. So they once outbid their route six year old twin the sound great here every time I had them in the car there with a loud. So what you'd start with a guy like that EE you know this trying to change the thinking it is futile so what I do instead. I look at these two in the backseat right now I'm Obama by the way in my strident. I think the future what we do which changed the future so the first thing I'm doing today and I urge everybody else to do this still. Of them finding the nearest parade. And in my boys don't need to be urged to do this state do it automatically whenever they see someone a veteran. Police opposite. In India you know they know that that is men and women soldiers and police officers say just go. Go right up to them and they thank. And in it that's all we can do we change the future. Did too far gone in their thinking I mean. What what should we do want to add this sort of go oh well suited to you to look up to besides soldiers and police officers and firemen. What should what they want to look up singers and an adequate. And it says that is that there they're saying. And they also like social workers while you have that so. It's it's it's gonna start what the children the same is they're trying to grow. The other trying to Alter the thinking in school and whatever else it is but it's the talents. Two you know urged him to think correctly. Very well subject god bless you my friend 61726. X 6868. Morris your calls next on. And those who serve too and thanking them for their sacrifices. And veterans day and every game. On AMC CDW. The radar JL Kerry you're up next kinds of Holden and while. I asked why don't. I'm really good I looked at some. You know torture and Deluca. Yes. Doubt promote RD I'm extremely how we recruit a whole lot of don't kind of make it worthwhile. And Fisher house own interest. Feel good about coming true. Great opportunity I. Am I I think they get something that aren't you meet you know still could choke. No matter salon then my good friend of mine just are a growing auto antibiotic. If you know. Senator replied are you saying you know cheerleading wouldn't ever read them into being all I liked them. It's blue now. I'm certain amount shown that all road going that are out there. Who really need them. And remember why we are parent is dropped elected you know collect royalties you know it propped up until they get spelled out. I don't carry your right the only thing is it's a window into the mind of the morn backed I'd say it's a very scary thing and 8 o'clock here on the great WRK you know coming up next bought all boy man.