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Governor Paul LePage Ready For 2nd Term

Nov 7, 2014|

Maine Governor Paul LePage called Howie to celebrate his re-election to the corner office and what was in store for Maine.

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1877469432218774694322. That's a toll free number of how we are sure like to join us here. This afternoon every weekday afternoon. Warning us now on the line is. Newly reelected to. Maine governor Paul page congratulations governor what page on Euro a resounding victory on Tuesday. Thank you probably it's really draped great to be back on the show and it was great to get this. This campaign over this probably the most negative thing ever seen. We don't gonna ask you about that the you know. I I was looking at the numbers of how much it cost to win votes among the three candidates for rock for governor I'm sure you know these numbers rather than me. Elliot Cutler. Spent 61. Dollars Provo up 61 dollars per vote. Might mean issue will be Democrat congressman from me smaller market he spent 38 dollars per vote. And governor Paul page just so much for the method incumbent money you were reelected with. When the dollars per vote. She used to have for as much as the guy who finished second and you spent and you spent a third as much as the guy who got 8% of the vote. You know they're very deeply. The Democrats but not tolerant kind of monetary doubled to do expenditures. That he would that we did just that forces much and you know they would you can't just run on a security you've got to have a plan and they ran on negativity and not enough to this. You know vote against all the page presence. This is what we wanted to do and how we armor. Yeah I still I still remember that that a bumper stick around last year you know I'd rather have a a government paid with his foot in his mouth that some other politician with his hand in my wallet. Out of my doctors at. Sure you saw it's an enormous sum that up if you're oh yeah. And how it turns out you know they were saying always you know this guy he's a footnote to history this was an aberration this could never happen again a million years did them and an accidental governor yet did that they had that the Democrats nominated this moved from Cape Elizabeth that's the only reason one. Etc. that are all look at these numbers it and you know even. Even your enemies in the yeah Portland press herald of the Bangor daily news have to admit that you have gotten on to lose the more votes. Then. They're heroes. John battled the cheek when he was running for governor you know Angus King when he was running for governor. You you what you got more votes than most guys didn't. Ridiculous you know so many. Others. Have hit it. Well this nation state marijuana and done. And it's the no it was. Many people came mow they're a bitch and moan louder and stronger and now. Yes there were very very pleased and can't wait to get ahold governor elect baker console. Director gradually shipments while to graduation and so great to. Just see someone else in the northeast that she went to college with the very repeat if you want. Yeah it and Ambac and do you think the fact that the the the other bear baiting was on the it was that you know top of the ticket that that help the debt helping out. No question about there's no question particularly on the right side of the argument on that and that's certainly. Didn't hurt us. I think even. The increasingly be a pretty fortunate that treatment sort of cult to because we'll. Ebola be able Mitt admissible. So all of a roast accounting. Yes yes she's yes she did she didn't help you beat it then how what what you think went. Here you don't hear you war you know you're still neck and neck in the polls like what ten days ago. And all of a sudden they announce Obama is coming end to campaign import what. And then on the other than the stated fort Kent you have this woman up there with a bowl and an enemy in a way it's like. You couldn't have scripted a better. A better political scenario that's every single running against. Yeah so what was so afraid at mobile world of particular helicopter uptick corrupt leader to meet Obama. Worked out. The electric. Right it could have been scripted any better it just everything a lot to starboard and open and everything happened just to right time. And then we had Barbara Bush tours and have trust which was quote Leach. On you know we don't know enough about just totally unexpected and I tell you she's just. She's. Believe Maine I totally agree she just captivated the the audience in. And so you just took her. I can do a paternity and also spent against me to just say you are here for his blunt a little bit lately street if you. So perhaps she is such a marvelously airport. And it also up juncture especially in the southern part of this thing because that's where that's where they're from can among. And that's that's where what space that you know you were destroyed new York and Cumberland counties word the further north missed. It and and love the fact I'm sure you've been read the stories too that the you know that there's the some people you know go up to won't mean in the summer timer. The go to Bar Harbor and as of Martha Stewart or somebody like that are you know Stephen King wrote all want to. And they are shocked. Should have to. That someone like hold up each. Could be elected in the in the state of many I mean they put it again I don't think neighborhood outside of evil few districts in the yeah you know she she districts in Portland and in Kennebunkport and you might put most places now because that's you know I used to live at those places but. There's so much more to mean that this at and say they have no clue. Yeah that's exactly right and Israel security I have no clue of what means all the ball control maintenance and upkeep to name. And I think terribly worked very hard the last four years in this a lot of good things have happened. And many people you know recognize it not rewarding the super slipped in terms. Yeah and and in York now you have controlled the senate again so you yeah you well you don't have to worry Europe to worry about little boy blue there what's his name alpha on the north that you're east if he won't be he won't be a thorn in your site anymore because now Lisa. Now he's just a back venture right. And should not now we eat we controlled firm at least have a lot more cynical view gender factor just. Met just recently about an hour ago with the press in new president and he just a wonderful guy and he just would curry. He says he's a great human being as well as the good senator and he can work hard for a the state of Maine so it's gonna gold real well I mean we've we've got a great team I'm looking forward. So what what we would you want to what to do what I know that you know people said well you know what. When we asked have you on the show you know for the during the last couple weeks or so what you know he wants to cut only low he doesn't wanna say what he's gonna be doing. Until after he's reelected and I know you've talked about it during the campaign and you said. You know these these these laws like public authorities these these boards you know sometimes it to the electoral one member a year they have eight or nine members. So it takes it takes more than one term to get get fully get control. With your point these of these groups. So I mean its own hole and you're tell people what kind of about what what kind of war authorities you're going to be able to control that you want Richard Gordon the second term. Why weren't the most important and you most important is a public utilities commission we get to get the sector person Freeman street mission. That comes then in the second. Term next year. And we can stand up the chairman might resign him and I retire so if she doesn't get. Complete control of security that they don't want appointment on. So this could be. If the energy. And that's a big factor remains we have we want the highest costs in the country's all of New England is very high costs and achieved. So that's clearly going to be one of the first things will be integral after. And right after that war continue on our reforming wall here and attacked reforms so. That you know stay on the same path we just gonna push harder now that we get a lot more support a lot more people. The people may have misspoke and and they do want to see the sergeants dull and so we're gonna keep one on one. Obama still Obama's still president obviously and he's still like and wanna change of welfare mean if anything he wants to make it easier you know welfare and wants to make it especially easier for illegal aliens to get welfare so you're still gonna. I got a good relationship with the busts come Padilla and we can just so that mauled a round of 16100 Pennsylvania and. While I was glad to you work as the US and amount of Boston because you would just assume keep the movement as well you know what a goalie Ray Durham or Washington. When the Houston you know he keep that she he just think you're very I mean spirited person I don't know him. You know did what what they try to do and it. If in fifty years rekindling that we some objectively not to become the key clients simply giving him a good education and good job. And that's all they ask for and many of the people on welfare. We put we've got the political welfare to work we ought to get 900 people in the last six months we just starting at 900 people into the system and it's worked to. And every day. People are getting job and I'm a little. Cannot. Aeronautical engineers but it didn't jobs and they do much better today and they war. Month ago and decided that will go out to be an acute system. That's gonna help them insular when he hit the minimum wage you don't want democracy should know more benefits it will achieve system do we ma and and so we walked into succeed. I never understood what the problem is with that the win with a probe of weaning them off. Welfare than make it sound like you're you know you'll like Europe but these are Scrooge throwing tiny Tim on the snow. Christmas. Just some general. So so you can just sentiment check commission go to the cocktail party not be bothered Alitalia. To do to deal Wall Street got a little piece you can work them in just a lot of future nickles. So what how was the how worthy of newspapers the is particularly the other papers that you so enjoy your talking about that the Portland press herald the Bangor daily news account back journal how were they how were they responding to this. This track ball. What was that we. Execs. Are. And the left muted had been pretty respectable. Yeah are are they are are the or are they the issuing olive branches to you would they want to what do they wanna wanna make peace. You know that old. I'm gonna fly to the look cute. So six say that I think they've gained a different perspective on who were really am and I kicked. The last four you very much blinded Chief Justice hatred. All this kind routine doing running a government she comes from the streets he shouldn't be Smart enough to keep domestic we have started in the surrounding. Got one guy bought two newspapers try to defeat the last four years and you recent law much. Yet but at least this is white was reelected she was about the only Democrat was reelected a debate and I'm to a major office in the state. I don't think it future. Chili finger Melissa the only thing. Yes gov double page so you take a time watching it taking a vacation here before you go back to work. Yes we're going to in a couple of weeks. There's not GA in the east you know flown to new governance and from there were articles then. Thanks Judy Muller I think I'm gonna reforms content Thanksgiving together. Well that's that's in a week of action. And you start taking names and kick a guy. Get your get your relatives off the couch. To get my relatives off the couch threw for that matter. Our right to overlook page to gradually. Is this of this is fantastic we are we were so excited is the all star break it your way enough. The last couple weeks it dies it's it's so good that that the that the voters rewarded with a second term yeah. We're very very ironic. Yeah thank you very much double page will be entitled. Yeah. Okay see and again your you guys I'll I'll I'll pay I'll pay for you when baker to get the girl oh La I'll pick up that. Thanks of your boss expects to overlook page that's governor Paul page freshly reelected the most popular governor. At least the last thirty years me state. In terms of votes. So so much for him being the accidental governor. Looks that looks well like me issue was the accidental congressman. Elliot Cutler exit what. Our 18774694322. And a by the way you can see me this weekend check out Libya or show dot com or show. Tomorrow. Will be. Two guys smoke shop it Salem New Hampshire and 111 signing copies of new book plug ugly ugly some money. Mission. Those two books for each book is ten bucks by the two for twenty bucks free copy rifleman well. And then later on Saturday afternoon albeit the handover bookstore and over 24. Same deal idea by the two books when he boxed copy right from the periphery on Sunday I'll be doing it might cry at the bucks each school. Will be doing what Bulger reign of terror a culture trials show. That also selling books seem field here two books for twenty bucks free copy it from hope to seize this weekend. For the scooby today where people come on the show as we. Celebrate the great that the Greek week in politics. And now.