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Former and Future Congressman Guinta On His Return To Washington

Nov 7, 2014|

Congressman-elect Frank Guinta discussed his return to the office of New Hampshire Congressional representative after losing the last term. Congressman Guinta will be heading back to Washington and discussed his pet issues with Howie.

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Joining us now on the line is. Is. One time congressman and now future congressman frank and the and he is just a completed his third campaign against. The moon bat congresswoman. From the first congressional district of New Hampshire Carol Shea-Porter. And this was the rubber match allegation that quality he defeated her in 2010 and she defeated him in 2012. Now he's defeated her in 2014. Congressman Ghent congratulations first overall. Yeah thank you very much it's a pleasure to be back. Especially under the circumstances are I don't have the affluent white way I have a feeling that there's going to be yet another rematch and then went sixteen. Well it you know that number one question I'd been asked. And you know it sure. Seeing how things have played out. Over the last several years it wouldn't surprise me in police. So at now that you don't do the races at New Hampshire were all very close especially Scott Brown to raise said that to a lesser degree the governor's race between Walt. While Abbott spine and Maggie asset. But that you were the only one was able to you were the only Republican who was able to somehow pull out when this tight race out what what was Leo what do you attribute to. Well first I think what haven't side and Scott Brown ran phenomenal. Races they would be great leaders. Server state. And I was so. I was disappointed that they didn't. That they didn't win. But that being said. You know I think hopefully. Oh global scene gauge involved in some way or another. What in New Hampshire is a unique place we. We won the state oust the state senate and executive council and my race. I think some people are who knew Jeanne Shaheen. Prolonged period of time decided to vote personality raptors and the issues you know maybe people know in herbal called back twenty years. And since some. Or go to Canada Jean cheek he wears a upped that voting for the Jeanne Shaheen who was a moderate but Mars there is a radical. Extreme leftists and there rubber stamp for. For Barack Obama and agree. Yes it is it's very parts that to explain you know what's in the spot in the mind of both but New Hampshire's small stated she thinks state. We tend to know the people that we elected know them personally. And I think maybe it's possible that it was just those personal relationships. Are at the end of the day but. If you don't I have a delegation of myself essentially outed in susteren. Change seen them your what I. Done is to push to work with them but focus on the things that mattered to incher Alley I think it's no different than across the country. Repeal and replace obamacare get the economy. Moving again having job opportunity balance our budget reduce the size and scope of government. These to me are our Republican issues they are they're just they're American issues a lot. And that's where else spend my time in trying to make sure that the interest of virtual on boards when it comes to look to those key issues. Yeah we we were election eve we were talking to was up multiply guy who actually that a winning the the seat that used to be held by John Tierney in the in the the six congressional district that mass and we're talking about the medical devices tax underwrote obamacare. And he was trying to make it seem like there was some kind of partisan issue you know to want to be in favor of we're healing the attacks on medical devices and said oh my citizen is is really conservative or liberal issue resist just stupid verses intelligent. Decision I mean you you impose a tax on startup businesses on on their gross revenues rather than their profits. Could they think about a body of the more efficient way to drive small businesses out of out of out of existence. Well it's not a partisan issue because. That that has the virtue of that taxed. Has passed by org recently not once but twice for customer percentage. Secondly and I'll talk about must choose its moments. You have a very significant. Medical device community. In and around Cambridge and in the 12020. Beltway. You need to have representatives from Massachusetts were willing to repeal that because. It does stifle. Innovation and are indeed let me give you know that your example. We started four years ago we had 82 medical waste companies in New Hampshire were to have about sixty right now. Is there one specific company called nova pure. What he told me is that there are startup. They're not profitable yet yet they're paying the 2.3 percent tax. That equated to 600000 dollars that they could not give. 20 yeah there are indeed war. With the product that they were creating it would giving away free for those individuals. Couldn't afford. We think about the so instead of took it and that's 600000 dollar tax and putting it back into the product where they are willing to give it to people for free. Who can afford it they've got to pay that the federal government so the federal government in the can pay for obamacare that are not they're on any level. No matter how you slice it which is why it's perhaps twice. In a bipartisan way to repeal. Yeah and it's not just you know. Reinvigorate the economies of Massachusetts and New Hampshire by repealing this tax I mean this is that these are companies that are going to be coming up. Most likely with medical innovations that are gonna extend the lifespan of everybody in the on the planet. Exactly know what you're gonna do you're gonna drive that innovation to Europe instead of here in America. I just don't understand I mean I don't moves in she got elected the first election I mean I understand cheek I understand what your shape or like the first one to me that was you know was a backlash against the war in Iraq she was a full fledged moon bat right you know stop the war you know. The actors of coffins were coming home every night they were right you know that it was lead story on the newscasts you know the the casualty lists which are never mentioned anymore. As I understand that but I don't understand how he she could still be a factor mean she's a historical she's she's the historical footnote. To get. Well I think what happened when he twelve was it was a re election for Obama. You know there are many examples. We eat you know illegal votes that occurred in the state of New Hampshire only to unfortunately. Have them truly investigated and prosecuted by our State's attorney general which is why you've got to have updated blog about who was allowed to vote in your state. And but but this is you know that the pitch that I will make your listeners who live in New Hampshire. We need to register more people who are Republicans. They've got to participate because if you don't participate there as a consequence. Just saying ignorance is bliss so we've got to find more individuals and I know that they exist in an archer. We're cervical all in about the budget those individuals we've got to find them not come to armored doors get a registered. And and and get them to participate. So we don't have the secure lag that we added. In the economy we are six year. You know approach to the way the president culture reporter. Represented our RC country. Ya IA I surely hope that what the Republicans controlling the legislature again you can tighten the voting laws even further because it's it is it is a serious problem. Yeah I think can I think they will and I think our governor what I have no choice but to support it. Because you've got a piece of fairness and and you know that the true residency and entry should be able to vote. I put only residents of the state of interest in the should be able to vote and I really don't help. Our governor to oppose that. Particularly you know giving effect which is saying after the election which lost to work with the legislature has got to get things accomplished. And you think to fracas you know again you know as you know one you know Scott have a problem trying to get people let does especially the people who voted for opponents in the Republican primary to come. That to come over and vote for him. There was still some some resentment some some bitterness eat you know you're gonna take issue the you the most prominent Republicans in the state right now. A lesson comes back it takes over the part keeps the chairman again which I don't think he's planning to dope. Thoughts on them yesterday on what he won't just. And it immediate future. So but how. How do you how do you reach out to these people the that you were just mentioning this how do you reach out to went on YouTube you can it's got to stop you or. Just you know holding your breath on Election Day it's it's crazy. You know our. If you don't books are read it's essentially Scott Brown incidences vote for Hariri. Now thankfully. Eat you know that these there was this you know many ways that. Went across the country and you know Harry Reid is no longer running in the United States senate. Yes Mary as in I don't think he thinks. This year yes it did but I don't think people truly appreciate how much he was. The good gridlock guys down in Washington. You know the present don't start right as the Republicans. Forcing the gridlock let me try and accept the support all the street are built our house or representatives the site this side term. 90% passed bipartisan. And early 21 votes in the senate. To you told me who's the gridlock you know it is that the Republicans who are working with the Democrats in the house now. It was very re protecting the ball horrible Democrats. Who are now complaining that they didn't get a chance to vote. Right now. But it congressman did that even work because those people that he was trying to protect world defeat it. Oh yeah there's good and I was amazed that data read them the the figure. The of the of the with a sixty Democrats who voted for Obama care. I'd years ago five years right. For four years ago. What we've seen those sixty people are now out of politics yeah it's pretty easy. You know what what this lesson two years is when you get elected regardless your core inflation. You better do something on behalf of your constituents otherwise they rightfully we'll throw you out and make sure that. Because we should demand more and better. Out of our governing body you know you gotta pay your bills. The communities in Massachusetts and intricate Taylor they'll sell the budget in our state has to balance a budget. It's only in America where Washington DC in print more money borrow more money be got to count for Europe per year. And expects to get reelected. So I really hope that. You know this new crop of people. And this election will send a message to the president and his administration that luck for the people. And we have an obligation. To work on the aircraft and that's where my focus will. Mean it was so much about your your bawdy house were present but there was an interest in called today in the Wall Street Journal but he was by Campbell stressed talking about. These Republicans the world like that I mean it's a pretty Smart guys you know you like we're home on cotton producer with pomp content markets are always. And then right after me put but I but I note he's Smart young guy. Like I think you you know connected very well with his constituency. By the way the PH in the senate came down almost twenty years average. Which I think is very important. The different perspectives. In the United States senate now. We're partners Smart Ers are certain quarry break I can start another when I came in the origin and these are all bright young leaders who are pragmatic thoughtful. I think like everyone else does. That they're not better than anybody else and balance the budget they're gonna listen to what people want in the country and are gonna get things accomplished on. I'm really excited how we about the opportunity to work with that. Would dissent because we will. Put common sense legislation on the desk of the president. We're gonna start this rate in January and the first hundred days are going to be very very exciting to watch. Never miss a chance to vote for and on to play this one's in but never missed a chance at a pancake breakfast on the weekends. I just see it happen and again I mean it's at some point it's. Yeah they'll look to ways the way I campaign I think I come home every weekend was you know my my wife and it's. My kids are young they're girl Lebanon ten. We're still gonna resides in Manchester in my upbringing and family and the EC all the mute back and force. And every single week I'll be here at home visiting with constituents in New Hampshire keeping my feet firmly planted. In in the granite here in the in the action to make sure that. I bring New Hampshire approach to DC not the other way around. We are a couple people wanna talk to your jog your next with how we car and congressman. Evil act. Frank got to go ahead Johns. Greg congratulations first all and thank you think you might call quality already. They're doing OK after car accident. Armed. Every opera every time they camera pointing at a Republican may have to take the opportunity. To educate. The American people in the are still assuming. There comments like solve the budget. Lower taxes is gonna resonate anybody. If you'd you'd need to connected to the young people won't have an opportunity in this country you need it needed to stop using it like playing with fire. And and and waving a red flag fumbled ball you have had a whole generation of kids onto the public schools system they have no clue about. Maybe so I think a lot of older people give him the benefit of the doubt. John I think you ought to look at the appalling the exit polling numbers I think the the bullet meals. Have gotten it yet cold boat. Also realities that at slapped in the face these last few years which is say congressman got that. If you listened to sounds like I don't I don't have a short amount of Cuba since NPR entry if you see but he all of us and how much and I have a severe sure as well. There it. Our cultural blanket of indoctrination. That it's just harming our young people. Are you know John Bartlett break I answer this question this break to get the fuel and you know the skills came off a law he's I mean you look at those numbers it especially those in the southern states you know where where the where there was just a total wipe out of Democrats. All of these young people. They you know the worst 3040% few warm voting Democrat this time around in the Warren in previous elections. Well if you think about your correct that it if you think about the number of young people who voted today. Vs yen in 2008. The number has dropped off dramatically so if you go to Norway and you're entering college you voted for. Then senator Barack Obama forty years later. Or today secure today secure later you're living at home. With a lot of school debt. Into that your parents' house to run your parents. Insurance which which economically is not the condition that we want for the parent or for the student. So JavaScript in the sense that. We need to start letting young people know. What does panel budget so for example we have our our our our budget is that a balanced. By about 600 billion. We had eighteen trillion in debt the real number is the unfunded liabilities. Which is over hundred trillion dollars. If you are under these are 25. And we don't fix this problem will extend to twelve years. By the argue 45. You'll have about 250000. Dollars up per individual. Of debt that was accrued. Before you could graduate college so Jon is correct in the sense that. We need to start waking people up and letting them know what these numbers really. But we also have to have it very solution based approach as Republicans conservatives. That that can affect the broader spectrum of individuals. I often talked about for example the minimum wage. If you're against the minimum wage you're against. You know. Exactly you know now that that's the argument that the Democrats may well. What I would argue is rather than raising the middle way the minimum wage. Why don't we encourage small businesses. To get a city tax benefit if they increased. Amount of money that date. Give to every single one of their employees. That way you're encouraging that company. To invest in themselves forcing. And then every one who is working. Can have an ability to pay higher wage. Approach but it's a more conservative approach. And not a mandate it's it's allowing small business has to decide how they want to rob as we would cost. More effectively. Talked about the war on women you know striking out this year and you know it just didn't have the residents think the minimum wage at the residence either I think people saw through that as well. Well it can be accepted that there were some stats to back Elliott look at how many states are on the ballot. Is the minimum wage because this was a big issue five months ago. And they kind of petered out because why well the president lowest. Covering up Sierra ski in the open Ghazi. Was fumbling. What was going on in with wooten with. This is Israel with crisis. So we kind of forgot about it but you watch the Democrats are gonna bring this back. Will probably either on the wing knuckle early next year. And they're gonna try to say the Republicans are for work you know the middle class because they don't. One of reason little wager that couldn't be. These are any farther from the truth. It's it's funny it's really been the target and untruthful it's just months and circle it's bright it's just total. Holding BS Charlie your help. Ali I I had a minimum wage job that had several and including working out sheets far. When I was younger I never said that my my parents say article the government increases. At my minimum wage job because this is a lot like I want. This is. They're that worked as. Their ability to to worm feet you know scale. Two to use it as a city city. A level of of experience so I can get a better job in. You know that's what we have to communicate far more effectively as a party that we want upper mobility everywhere. We put take a couple more calls your Charlie you're next with how we card congressman frank got them. Go ahead Charlie. Bank I would expect Michael like I'm so sick and listen you guys talk about this 2.3 percent medical device tracks. Like that but it's so yeah for the economy secure to for the economy is one on January 1 Mark Williams an article by a 101%. And my deductible was gonna triple. That's the real actual real facts that's gonna hit main street on January 1. And that's what boat that the what's gonna happen or about being hired to gut it out I'm not appear OK what else awake that you ought. A better way to support entry jobs not gonna get. That's what's gonna happen this caught her words first because of the Obama got this 2.3 percent medical device. What we're all part of the same thing Charlie you know it's. It's you know Scott Brown tried to make a big deal this and injured two frank you know. These are the medical device tax is just one example. They came up because sept almost talking about it that's why we talked about it. Look there's 21 taxes. In the obamacare. That sect the middle class those people making under 200 a dollars so when we say repeal it it's because. No matter how you slice it it's people legislate as little legislation. Is negatively impacting 90% of America. I I understand that I voted forty some odd times to repeal it when I was in the minority. And one of the first quote try to locate. In January is to repeal it again. Now I don't the president will support that repealed despite the fact that the country just voted. That you know Republican based on the present policies. But again the medical research just one of twenty different examples. Of why people care. And at Emory if it's right in front of us and Obama had structured these these increases huge goes into effect in the coming weeks. After the election. So it wasn't. Which it's harder to wise what gets the EU and some are quite. Guard for political purposes and wait until the Cadillac plan attack starts. Which again you know. You know and yeah it all the you know listen in New Hampshire all the municipalities. You know Manchester where I was married seventeen unions. If there individual player's worth more than 101200 dollars it's considered a Cadillac plan. Therefore. The federal government imposes a 40% tax probably from Manchester which is bursting port city. At the six million dollar tax bill. Six million just for one city in the future. That's tomorrow property taxpayers air absolutely that's exactly where I come. Ed Ed that this is not likely anything that you have any discretion over. This is 88 fixed expenses so. It's a fixed expense because the federal government has seen that you're plan is is true valuable player who were gonna tax. So this is why we continue to talk about the deal. Of the entire piece of legislation but you know believing you know wood to the caller who listeners. I understand the negative impacts of this legislation I voted against it. Forty some odd times and will continue to vote against it because we stand with America who opposes the bill. What do how many people who vote for GG Keener. 70070000. People. Lose their insurance sector as well also extended and we repent at leisure. I'll play what all know because when I'm in office what we call my office complaining about to start luster church. They'll be asked a minute in you know what in a nice way ex congressman whether or not they knew whether they voted for a GG. Well listen thank you for being what this and again we're very happy you were able to prevail. Yeah well you'll be in touch with buses as the years go by. Well we're mostly will stay in contact to get come Colin what do you want break. I will thank you very much how we appreciated. You know get well and double parked soon. Thank you thanks for that's frank get that will take some more calls on this we come back 18774694322. Now car.