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Governor-elect Charllie Baker Checks In With Howie

Nov 7, 2014|

Massachusetts Governor-elect Charlie Baker called in to Howie to discuss future plans and issues that arose during the hard fought campaign.

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First of all I am happy to one introduced to the to the show today I used when a regular on the show for. The number of months now and that of course is. Years got the number of years. Number of years the number of years there were fueled this that there were few times when you didn't make too many appearances during the course of one or two years when you were does he make money trying to support yourself. Point down to New Jersey bought the out. Or go to forgets that joke and Charlie is nobody even cared about managers. In this election. And not them nor devise a matter of fact but anyway joining us now is the governor elect of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Charlie Baker and a Charley congratulations. On your victory it was it was fantastic. I thought it was going to be a lot sooner than and when I saw those early returns I was surprised that as long as that. Well suddenly here we go because oh larger. Well the reason you know it's solidly built well but he beat sobered in 1990 it's 5047. Then. Popular cheap we got our order and nobody here earlier this (%expletive) I think it's a trip or comes with the territory. And I'm just honored. And I've been chosen by the people a match you're either governor I think. The message we put out there about the need to reform in just a bit too Leonard. The balance checks and balances that Beacon Hill and that are built focus on the pocketbooks our jobs and spending and taxes. I think voters are obviously more voters responded to that and so there. That's into the attorney general I'm I'm feeling pretty good about it. Well let's get let's get right to what I saw you or about Boston Herald radio this morning and you were talking about them the first issue that I want to raise my notes that it's a major issue for a lot of the a lot of listeners to how we commercial across the state. And that is this crazy at Deval Patrick scheme. From a few weeks ago about how they're going to introduce. That would introduce a noose to hear system of driver's licenses. One of which would be compliant driver's license in the other which would be non compliant driver's licenses. And I they had no idea what they were talking about you know you either way it's like being a little bit pregnant I mean we'd have a driver's license that's about what are you don't have a driver's license but that's what. And what the hell does it matter if a driver's licenses and now. So you saw today so you're you're gonna say there is not there is not a dislike would be a non compliant system here Bacharach. And and by the way I'm pretty sure you got to pass a law that app. And despite the fact that there is overwhelming. Outnumbered Democrats in the legislature although there six more Republican out of their work will be in January to nowhere or. Two good. It is a bit there's there's not a lot of appetite there either. So are a member trouble. Well obviously the talking in the tradition about this but I'm having trouble figuring out. Other you plan to go there in the first mean there's there's there's a statutory authority to issue a driver's license. It's somebody that. It and assume so. I think that number one here. Is that people need to remember that I'm pretty sure this required statutory change to regular happen secondly I don't support it. And third. A couple of find out what the terms of the waiver. This become a lot of negotiate with federal government with respect to the driver's license issue. Art because as we've talked about before you know if Massachusetts doesn't just. It's like the other comply with this federal law which by the way if we're gonna have bipartisan bill it's Washington. Aren't a lot of things away that a bipartisan support Washington this happened to be one level. I also aren't a lot of things that the that the democratic majority in the legislature is afraid to bring to before because the Kia they can't the beach certainly giving the vaulted. And this is certainly one so like a legal and illegal alien like I illegal alien in state tuition. Which it that you are the Hitler book tour and eggs on an executive order meat and I took. That or non citizen voting. It up. The era during the erupt very true the debate I guess I want to you know where you are in this imperialists and the board they have the pay attention this. The federal government after nine elevenths installed a program called real ID which is a federal program. To determine Deborah restate basically enact federal government determined that a citizenship status of people applied for drivers by. The throat the fear in numbers people who are involved in the tragedy February 11. Current driver's licenses that are used them all the purposes of identification that people interpret what the vote went beyond Arctic. And that bothered. You know concerned people in Washington of all political. Ideology and it got a lot saying the artist certain today. Every state needs to comply with this deal IP program connect to the federal. Eligibility verification system and make sure that everybody driver's license. Has been validated and documented appropriately the federal level and are some states like that you. There have been slow play them that whatever reason and if we don't get our act together and move forward on. Back to achieve its citizens who out of Massachusetts drivers like that. Are gonna need a passport if you're an airplane or going to a federal building which is ridiculous. I I think it's some states are already in that that that position. Well I can tell you as well as he would contribute wherever I wanna make sure that we don't have that. Situation here in the travel up and think about it they're putting people who don't have a passport until believed in me but it should now be dealt. We should be overlooked for vitamin driver's license to make possible. Go about their daily life be active business. Hamburg this you know that as a citizen of the US. Righted it you know the whole boat book all right the thing all we can't afford to go to get a driver's license can't afford it looks a lot more. Hassle and it's more expensive to get a passport because. You have to have a picture taking have to pay for the picture. In the happened a post office get and get the documentation it is and it's up Austin probably two or three times as much as driver's license office. Well it's also it's also electronic arts community. By admiral aren't quite to their parents are passport parents say the itself works I mean it's you know an inter working people. It's cards but I away from their job doing something they should bear the due this should be. So in any event but I admired who is this and this does not. Look particularly in a baker the future we're gonna make sure that people put it at that situation. You start or how that you side there's this two months between now one inauguration day just about. Yeah and there's you know we call a lame duck feeding frenzy as you know you've been through these things where were all sorts of crazy special interest legislation. Is is pushed in the dark of night on the shortest days of the year. Etc. etc. and I mean how could you stop how can you stop the ball from setting up some status ups. System like this to give the happiest point licenses and yet be at vmi experience that too. This in state to wish him for a so called Wednesday to question for illegal aliens I mean again and another thing that was not passed by the legislature. Ed I just put in by executive V is is opposed by the vast majority of people in the calm and what he's gonna do with that. Well I guess I guess I was is. We're gonna play or literature position where they've given us. We had. Archie that being compared to sit out there and start going through the security agencies but to everything else. And and what will later it will legislature is is by lieutenant. And if we cut across he's so good. Is problematic already and if we raise it I imagine other people pretty attached to it we'll have public discussion about it or keep going. Got knocked out but from happening between now and January it. But that third but you know they're let's face it they're going to be. I guess I would say is is that it will do we tend to make sure that. In order a big worry about a lot is that governor yesterday announced. That you're gonna pursue triggered when you he's in ninety church at this stage and they. To deal with a home shortfall on the revenue side. And my equipment without from the mount expert but this is pretty conservative budget analysts conservative meeting conscious. So that he thought that everybody can will expire under variance so I mean there's just there's going to be a lot of things here or there wouldn't care. Seal sources say disable the honeymoon but. The honeymoon was very brief you had that meeting yesterday in that set now outside notes. It Cameron prongs. Don't I don't know what I'm saying is that we're going to be. Where where I'm hoping to have a very seamless and productive and constructive trip this year. Where. We are questions they get answered. You know they provide information since. And then we we marketed or in January Krieger is the status state sport. What what outstanding what's problematic color sense and they get to walk out the door believing is everything they could. To make the transition. Work effectively cleared and and frankly you know that there should be a goal of books art in order a video election's over great. Yeah I hate to be so cynical about this Richie you know Hawaii you know you know the way things are around here you see it happen before the where Iraq where the voters have approved a tax cuts and then the that the powers that be. At the state house whether it's the legislature and for the governor. Just say it would you know what we see that the voters have their say but. Screw the voters. Media it would what happens have you have you got any indication that and again I'm just being paranoid here Charlie but I think you're understood our paranoia and everybody else's. What about question one I mean they elect question but what. That was that was a fairly resounding defeat considering that the that the yes on one people were outspent like 2031. I think the idea being questioned one of the great example of but what remember we're we're babies the end of the legislators such a speaker currently meeting informal session right. So as long as they're Republican corruption that every day which I believe there. Keep an hour with the army camps he he couldn't vote troubling that the legislature. Actually north Oprah yeah Namibia. Go eighth that. Yeah there are a Payer public leadership a bit early next week I will I'm ArQule that's sort of sick but that this is different than that sort of traditional. In the old days when they were actually will be instruction at this point guard the right back. The most popular vote pretty appalling but I think here where. Where where in an informal session it will dating. One member Jack and I think that should be in that. Something like overturning the will of the voters but after I could be pretty guarded do in the right. That that apple initiative on the subcommittee that is good an example. You know we don't torture people talk about civic engagement citizen involvement and all the rest I mean think about before. A 125000. Signatures collected 100%. By volunteers. That without question on the ballot. Virtually no money spent on. On the it yeah actually should be repealed in relation adjuster side of the question. It's a lot of shoe leather and grassroots social media and all the rest and they probably get I don't know what that number what he termed out again it started with twenty or 31 it. Want him or one dollar and and they want Irish exports I mean. It took it took that question was. Born in this. It was a very confusing thing thwarted question to want top of everything else despite everything else that was going against against us. What you are to me that I thought. Well our target gonna talk about a lot of it up a lot of debate sit and they actually took the exchange. The attorney general are out about this that the luster debate. And moved out around a lot which Arafat was. Was pretty good configured basically that was it and start sentences. The attorney general are both laid out by its part says that the league. The two point to do my bit so I always thought it was a pretty compelling argument on our side that voters understood it to be whether. And and I think it's terrific that that it that are what are Arafat you know I think I think. The decision the vote on question one made to make the debate about yes and no. And nothing else vote yes on question what they mean the whole focus to deal with your issue about reading the question is trying to figure out. What it meant no arrests. They're basically days they just pounded home his message yes on question one no automatic inflation in automated I think they're they're really nice jobless. Of simplifying the story and they imitate the. But again I'm just got just. Telling you that the issues that put brought back a lot of club B I think my listeners. And it and other one is the ball pat Turkish you know has just put 500. His coat holders into civil service positions. To try to look prevent them from being being removed when you come in the I actually think there in the union are yeah that's what I mean we you know it's like it's like the lottery you know lately the old one if you were if you're if you're. Almost wanna get the lottery because 99% of those people are arguing. Actually can't kick it or you know. Thrown out when when Grossman loses. Loses K that was. But Q is there any way you can you can and something about that that you could overturn these decisions to watch. You know peak we pardon the expression bake these acts in to the bureaucracy. Forever. Yet I don't know yet because that's what the issues are traditionalists we haven't our thoughts about it I was sort of we don't know what agencies. I mean I would like. Well we should start there I mean I'd be very it's important meted out for example a very. And VCR or. Or DPH or some of the other agencies that are current. Steve issued over the past couple years and we know he could take in order to take such. But as of right now wearing an area of that so we've been up unfortunately that's about them well but we'll get some yogurt prevented it rarely use sound great I mean. Are you do. I don't fine I I'm doing fine I he actually via the stockyards across the street brought in a bunch of food they sell a bunch of food to me I put my house stood broadcast. So I'm I'm very much you invigorated by the steak tips the in the crab cakes and leave the ice cream of the apple pie that they sent major Ali and you know I hope you'll be coming I hope you become an Auburn where we are. You know wanna on a fairly regular basis it's what's kind of near where you used to live and I think I think you'll you'll enjoy billion. I'd like I I'd be happy mutual destruction are there any it. It would mean we wanna be meeting at a different place other than the stockyards that's okay well we'll figure it out I'll tell you about it so tomorrow we will figure. Whatever you are really happy together and Adam pops you know you've noticed are already going after your lieutenant governor cured polio I mean I never I never thought of you know there looking carefully don't say there's a Tea Party act. You know but apparently her moan about over the moon bats Doocy yes. Yeah apparently you know it's anybody demonstrated over the course of the campaign that they deserve the job. That's at any act any of your listeners. The looks into the debates between Serb leader would be arrogant that took place or watch the debate its are certainly tabled it. Well into the debate about an arrow radio or the other debate those two. Mean Terrence. They're fabulous job in my opinion of making the case. For articulate and our campaign in those debates do it Eric I mean obviously I'm a bite to begin with but I just configure the she ran an incredibly aggressive race. And by the way a lot of endorsements we got. Some of them some of the local police union who got to know local public safety unions got a lot of local citizens got Democrats independents or Republicans. All came about because it's fair to expand a good part of her professional career working in the public sector developing relationships. With a lot of good people of low across. Crossed party lines and I think you know I think it's I think it's a shame that people will be gone and ever tried to rape our current sort of Spurrier orientation about. About heard it and then people will learn. The journey here that it is going to be a terrific partner of the terrific ally or by the way. The person who are here on the run for the legislature in the first flight. We both flew to. There was another Republican. I'm from central mask her great guy. Well he knows he's different in my in my box for about eight years. And the notion that somehow they cared you know it is outside what I would call out kind of the common sense mainstream America chooses to particulate. And another thing to Charlie as you well know that one reason out Worcester County they weren't count your ballots they were away in them was because of here in Toledo. You that the turnout was security what we did really well in the city of Worcester which is not exactly yeah. Republicans struggled to put it mildly but what security overall. Without really got. Wanna say they got a break but where we have Paul while the page on next year rock fellow Republican governor from the state of Maine wanna say anything at all. Well troubled looking forward to have a chance to get together let them talk about. The regional issues we face is. To read in the big. I don't know I don't believe that it wants I don't know while I'm looking forward to it. It ranges we could arrange a sit down somewhere. I actually you know how hot spot at our studio yes. I woke. We'll turn trio we will we will try and let's let's make that letter to the new video we should talk about. Okay Charlie again congratulations and thanks for being on with us and we are into our hundred dollar thank you I appreciate that the Charlie thank you. And I feel better knowing that does not knowing that there's going to be some adult supervision in the quarter office again after almost like thanks a lot Charlie for being with us. 18774694322. Now.