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Mandate? What mandate? 11/7/14

Nov 7, 2014|

Should the Republicans compromise with the Democrats?

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So five on the break W. AM six AV OK my friend. A lot to all lost just talk about. In the second hour we're actually gonna happen navy seal in studio always got an incredible book. Tom Shea called unbreakable. You're not just are absolutely riveting book. About what life is like as a navy seal. The people that he trained and obviously now the growing controversy. Over rob O'Neal. This seal who claims he was the person. Who killed and shot Osama bin Laden and his now ex essentially gonna do an interview on fox. And this is trading Hughes who each storm of controversy and backlash. From fellow seals. We've also got. A stunning secret letter. That Obama has written to the supreme leader of be wrong and we've got some major stories to talk about the before I get to ghosts. This is turning honestly. Into the Twilight Zone. This is going from. Strange. Too childish. To defiant. Can now literally eat in the Twilight Zone bizarre. Where you now have the Washington press core I kid you not. All openly laughing. I mean mocking at laughing. Their refusal of the dear leader. And his inner circle. To acknowledge the results of Tuesday's historic mid term elections. It's absolutely incredible. And so they're now basically. Feed dear leader. Barack Hussein Obama the administration. And some of their portals and lackeys in the media are basically now taking. Two interpretations. Of the mid term elections. One is to say nothing happened. Like literally not nothing happened. It wasn't a bad night for that their leader but nothing really happened. Did Democrats really didn't even wolves. And that's somehow because it's all about compromise. And it's all about working with the dear leader. And the dear leader I swear to you is still so popular and people still love him so much my god this was just all about nothing. For the second one which is somehow the Republicans have no mandate. And in fact they were sent to Washington DC. To work quicker dear leader compromise would pay a dear leader and essentially help the dear leader pass his progressive agenda if it's incredible. So my friends check this out this is almost unheard. You wanna see how totally disconnected from reality they've become. I'm talking med so beeper in the sands of sliding it funny anymore. Check out Josh Earnest. The Joseph civil bolts of the Obama regime. In front of the white house press corps. Where he refuses to even admit I shall where do you was god as my witness. Ted did Democrats. Even lost on Tuesday. Or even. That losing is bad. In fact now I swear to you a novel light his shoes it's a good thing it's a good thing because now it's gonna force the Republicans a compromise. And look. At how the press corps. Can't stop themselves laughing. In front of Josh Earnest fixed. Brittany. Oral dope. Track. Which you say hey she's in high speed loss for him for us yes. Well again. That in terms of though like sort of punditry and analysis awesome. Obviously it's a question here because she got us and asked him why he's in his. Hey Alison when there are people who you get paid a lot or my in an ideal who are responsible for. Offering up analysis and spinning elections and I'm not gonna do that what I'm focused on here and what everybody is focused on this figure out what we can do to. I can work with Republicans and move into the country forward and those are the lessons. From the election and and that's ordered that was so good and bad that. Well and that's that is the mentality of Washington DC I think that's the kind of mentality that voters are very happy about it. I say they. Well no there's nothing. I'm saying I'm not gonna pass judgment on them I'll I'll. Did Republicans. He's excited it is that is. I'm certainly disappointed in the outcome of elections the president used to. I think I said that earlier night in response to your earlier question that's. I think's incredible. And this is incredible. So you you may have missed some of it by so that the one a starter off. Was April Ryan she's our reporter for urban radio networks. And her like she's like what you presidential act right I mean you're not happy right this is bad right you you guys are Democrats united lost right. Well look I tell you guys wanna spend it and I might add to spending business and I don't get paid to do what malisse isn't like this is not analysis. These are numbers. I mean you lost the senate. You lost even more seats amounts. You lost key governors' races he lost state legislatures all across the country it was a shellacking from coast to coast to coast. Well. It looked there were a lot of work with Republicans we have a mandate for compromise we have a mandate to work together so Jonathan Karl says hold on. So you said it was good for Republicans. But is not for Democrats. Well that's the mentality in Washington but in wide parts that we don't think like acknowledge that's why would voters care about. And and so Julie pace this is the Associated Press she's won a came in and said but Josh. You lost seats. And then Ellen Ratner for Fox News so you're saying it's good for Democrats that you guys lost all these these Wal-Mart almost an hour. And a normal but look. We thought and ends up so writer that says what you mean you wanna pass judgment. I'm whether it's good or bad for Democrats. I mean this is unbelievable. I don't why you guy. And not so not only do you have the dear leader in utter denial I honestly think the man is mentally. I really do serious. I think you can see it on him. It's it's he's got the personality. He is a pathological. Narcissistic. Here's a megalomaniac. And there are many type Germany Cutler who admit you know I I've known politicians like this. Their famous throughout history. The most extreme examples are obviously Hitler or Stalin or you can run down the whole list. He has that same type of megalomaniac. Personality. Where he's the center of the universe. Nothing else matters but him. And he's you can see it on him now. That people have disappointed him. All America has disappointed him how dare they reject and he's the messiah. And mark my words his attitude is gonna be you know what if you won't love me I will burn this country down. If you don't love me I will burn the Democratic Party down how come the Democrats rejected me how come they wouldn't campaign with me how come to Damascus to go on the campaign trail why it was like treated as some kind of somehow being toxic or radioactive. Well you know what blank Q I'm went around amnesty down your throat blunt Q I'm not gonna recognize the Republican victory blank you we're gonna have nothing but conflict. And and division for the next two years. And all the while the Democrats alike almighty god. We're gonna get destroyed in 2016 of the sky continues on the spot. And the other thing I just find incredible. Is I mean on ad trying. First you had the mainstream media saying the Republicans were not gonna win. That it wasn't gonna be awake but the people love the dear leader. That these are all a bunch right wing extremist Tea Party years who are making up grievances against the dear leader and against Obama. And suddenly to their shock and horror like 1994. Shy as Sam. That country. Utterly rejects and repudiate some I mean it was floral. It was wall to wall it was devastating. The numbers don't lie. He got his head handed to warm everywhere. The governor's races in Massachusetts. In Maryland. In his own backyard at Illinois what are we talking about. He got destroyed even in his own backyard. Check out now map block hour. Now saying yes Chris Christie on a shark this was yesterday I believe right away. Well whatever was recently was a hit Chris Christie on a show recently this is exactly this is CNN. This is the Washington Post this is NPR. This is MS left BCDs. Are all the major networks they're all now reading off with the same democratic script. He you got elected to compromise. Suddenly now you got elected to help the dear leader enact his agenda. Listened to Matt Lauer with Chris Christie Roland Britain. Tell me specifically one area where you would like this new Republican majority to compromise we'll compromise. With President Obama listen I think you're with the Republican attorneys do first is to grow jobs in this country. And then kept prosperity and I think two things they need to do is tax reform and national energy policy. The president needs is the data get that done with Republicans in congress and it should be able to get done. I think Chris Christie frankly was when he too polite in his answer. They're real answer is this. The Republicans have been overwhelming mandate. And the mandate is not to compromise east. That mandate it's very clear. The Republicans have a mandate to stop Obama. They have a mandate to stop his assault on the middle class. They have a mandate to stop his assault on our borders. They have a mandate to stop his executive amnesty. They have a mandate to stop obamacare. And to eventually repeal it. Curtailed Obama. Block Obama. And I eventually bring him to his niece that's the mandate to defeat Obama. Additional weather mandate. Every major senate race the Republicans won was a referendum on Obama. Every single one. It's why the Democrats were running from him they're grown actions belie what took likes. Their own actions prove. They wanted nothing to do with them because the guy stocks and why was he toxic because the issue is a referendum on Obama but my friends it's even more simple than that. It's just logical common sense think about it. If the electorate really wanted. To send congress members of congress that would work we did dear leader. Compromise we did dear leader. Help him and knocked his failed socialist progressive agenda they would have reelected Democrats. I mean it's so. Obviously just plain as day. If they wanted people to global longing get along to help Obama get his agenda through they would have elected Democrats. They did and in fact they elected the very opposite. They elected people who said mall. No two ways war on the middle class. Not all too obamacare. Multiple executive amnesty. Not a it was a massive debt and deficits not a was executive overreach not to wish failed policy on prices and on Ebola. My home. No no no moment mold. The only. If fact it's exact opposite. If I was scared Chris Christie us it was some honestly our mandate is very simple he's gonna work provides. They said no. So either you work with our agenda or we're gonna roll you. Now. Apparently John Boehner has now come out and said. That they are going to pass a bill that will repeal obamacare completely in the house. If Mitch McConnell is Smart if the senate Republicans are Smart I would repeal that baby and send it straight to the president's desk. He says he'll veto it no problem. Now you'll come bark and you pass it again. And this time you publicly named the Democrats. Who are up for election in 2016. In the senate. Let's say you want to vote for this again. You wanna vote for this unpopular much Ross city again. Because we're gonna send a stretch that were trouble were override his veto either you join us. Or we're gonna say you decided to vote for obamacare one more time they've got the Democrats by the consoles. On every issue whether it be amnesty whether it be Obama care whether it be the Keystone Pipeline whether it be tax reform you name the issue. I would just send in bill after bill after bill. And dared the democrats'. Column out and say you want to support these unpopular policies. You wanna walk the plank for this guy. You wanna follow. In mark Pryor's. You wanna follow Mark Pryor footsteps or Mary Landry is footsteps or mark baggage is footsteps. Or Mark Udall footsteps. You guys wanna commit political Hari Kari. Be my guest. My friends. What they're now trying to do is obviously manipulate and distort the truth. And my question to you is this. Dude are Republicans in your view. How the mandate. From the people. And stopped Obama dead in his tracks. 61720666868. Should they compromise. Or should they wage a frontal assault 6172666868. Six point one on the great WRKO. All of your calls next news. Open wheel chair up next thanks for holding. I I'm good how are you Bruce. Very good. And virtually national elections the way it turned out especially in Arkansas I mean. I was like this say about Hillary principals say aren't you know everything like that I mean those lecture or shall world. I have a question though. What are. It looks like there they're citing knock off or an endless filibuster. On next year. And I have to walk across. Bruce army caricature opera when you say they whose day signing up for the endless laughter. Is looks well coached the White House threats and and that essentially you in all large numbers of oil fresh. You know are looking to set up all of a situation to what analysts still boast a goal or not. To try to keep Bennett think big but. Well my question is why don't Republicans began to turn Iraq during the stick around the start trying to this sort percent below the press. Among all. Bureaucratic organizations such yeah IEA bright that Mary assume things and everybody used until now little bus fighters. All hole. Right there and didn't start until the government. And the pressure on the organization that I guess discussion that. We don't take a way to resolve this boyish. Bruce I gotta tell you look I've said this about for 20/20 five years. As a student of American history or somebody who taught American history. This is I'm where I'm saying such common sense but it used to be known it's now you have to say it because people forgotten it. If you give me the choice. Would you prefer just to control congress both branches. For the presidency. I take congress every time. That is the center essentially a power especially legislative power in our system of government. The Republicans are effectively holding all the parts. And not only dot. But now this is what the media don't understand they are now in a sense becoming irrelevant. Because they're dangerously. Out of touch with reality. This is not 2008. This is not even 2012. That country has now swung decisively. Against him we've won the argument. We have been vindicated. That country now sees them as they were radical out of control socialist. Who is completely inept and incompetent and Lewis failed and betrayed the middle class. Look it's obvious. Wall Street is booming under this guy. But 1% or those war politically connected is booming. Washington DC I still have a home in DC. And we didn't wanna sell out we rented it so I have to go back once or twice a year large lookup on the property make sure it's okay tenants are happy. I think people have no sense how different Washington is from the rest of the country is like imperial wrong. He is booming. Restaurants are packed. There's everybody's got a job because government has been growing and growing and growing. You're seeing people are driving Lexus is they're driving BMW's are driving cadillacs are driving Mercedes-Benz is I'm telling you you have to wait my chemical ought to get a seat at a restaurant. So that's where the mainstream media that's their base of operations so they think oh my god what's wrong with the country. How could it be turning against their leader discussed can't be happening. So on amnesty the country is against Obama on obamacare the country's against Obama. On his most of his he's executive overreach that countries against Obama on ice it's army bull law on the VA America just or right down the list. They got him. So to me their attitude should be he exact opposite he you have failed to get out of the way or we will steamrolled. Now if TV adults. Not a problem. In front I want him to veto take obamacare. Do you repealed a baby you send you send him the bill he vetoes it do you dare the Democrats are saying now we're gonna going override his veto. You wanna vote for a or you wanna vote against it. Do you want to be on record going into 2016. Pitcher who voted for obamacare. Because your future. It's going to be out of Mark Prior and Mary Landrieu do you want to is that what you want you wanna lose you wanna walk the plank for this guy you wanna walk the plank for this guy for executive amnesty you wanna walk the plank for this guy for Ebola if you wanna walk the plank for this guy for rice's. They could crush him. So frankly at this point Tim mead the liberal media is utterly delusional. And that's the only thing now is we have to convince the Republicans. We brought you to the dance. And you gotta dance with the one who Brung you 630 on the great WRK no more of your calls next. 637 here on the great WRKO. Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer cleaning up the liberal ball. 6172666868. Okay my friends. Before we go back to the phone lines the corner country poll question of the day and talk or be talking about this at the 7 o'clock hour. Should the navy or the former navy seal rob O'Neal. Who has now come out and claims to be the shooter. Who actually killed Osama bin Laden. Should heed goal public with his story. If you believe he's scheduled to do an interview with Fox News he's now given an interview to Esquire. By he's now gonna do their rounds of the media. So do you believe he should go public with his story saying that he was the shooter who killed Osama bin Laden on that fateful night. In a bottle bod Pakistan. If you believe the answer is yes. Tax the letter eight to 68680. If you believe the answer is no. Text beaten 68680. It's brought to you by the greater land senior services providing a wide range of social services for you when your family. Visit www. GO SS dot net for more information. My friends. The Democrats. The White House and the liberal mainstream media the establishment elite media. Are saying the election. Was a mandate for Republicans. To compromise. And work with the dear leader. Why is it a mandate a compromise. Or was it a mandate to stop Obama. Rolled back amnesty rolled back Obama care rollback is destructive policies. 6172666868. Archer up next thanks for holding and welcome. Doing just how are you. I do an excellent they very much. Play it was not clear mandate and I ate take the beating has got to Colorado because the BS spin coming out of Washington. And I also think boot and the Republican seat sister Republicans to reelect Republicans. Are have a theory serious stomach PCs. They all they have every one of them as little options. And it took believe that there are some go to stand and fight. I think so what you supply I mean it is you're gonna see some change great actor this is the change that's needed. So I what you're essentially saying its list. Do you think they have a mandate but they don't have the stones to implement the mandate. Absolutely correct you are absolutely correct spite I would shoot dignity and EC didn't do portrait racial or. Or we're busy let's meet him she sipped at tool that the policy is no cuts. These people are exactly the same thing like Eric. Gotta love out of LG I feel my sister in law. I'll Ontario get ready or she's. So she's like the arm she's younger than grace and she's almost. Like our daughter to Grayson on she's younger. Her father passed away when she was young and we've kind of taken her under her wing. Whenever she has a boyfriend. I always say I wanna meet him. Why he doesn't want to meet me that's all I need to know. I always a coward he's got no guts he's not for you. 6172666868. David Europe next thanks for holding go ahead David. Scored a critical and a nod. Yeah. Yet got a great let the other night a good option tickle a Republican should do so much time to collect. Since the war exactly yes and called them most. Let let out of the blue right humiliate these guys get all the air proposals enact it. Up a big long term that truly history and I short term the Barack Obama Chia local or coach you win that history. For a week. Looting no exceptions for everybody. Including obviously up as does Washington DC. It's a great player and Mr. President let's put it into the act like now immediately force. Everybody. In one you're about to be so great Democrats. Shot a congressman saw. I'm a book yellow ball in Libya didn't walk appealing and look Bob at the shot and look what the old legislation. What is she overridden by a whopping majority leading Democrat seven. Thank you proposals to act and the that's when the crop much Mr. President. William act out there aren't acting and everywhere we usually bad. Joseph outlets that don't let you have the country and all these. That making millions and billions on track suit all of that might try app are the -- try up. Would you oppression great pleasure any weapons that we coop I don't. And so long and so I saw a lot and shut it all all she got this slow. And a lot of charm and actually has and you can all everyday event. You only. I'm not only an idiot liberal all of its forty. A bit while I mean that's I gotta tell you that's very I said it's very interest thank. It's very unique I haven't heard that before. But you're basically saying cinco with his own policies. Just let the country feels so much pain say OK you wanna not a dear leader Obama care for everybody for you all for our goal every it's all good for everybody. We're gonna perfect obamacare. Rocking your right they're not dare leaner model it's back to destroy the environment earlier no fracking method. While. I mean I yeah I yeah I mean did that's very eve during Steen who do you live team tennis thing. 6172666868. Steve Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Yeah what did you do. On amendment does during the previous caller are on the actual you know all our. On shorts and it looks like you know well will kill it which is not resolved policy. You know I'm a long term if we do there aren't. Then we can't blame for an actor not least thank speaker you're complete or basically gave a lack there. Political will shrink it to the entire Democratic Party and that's why in just small bits were so historic. And I think what the American people want is they want child acrylic and they want Republicans. All our legislature all. They want to stop this guy gave the huge tracts they want to turn the country I'll. The economy going get job already and they want all the our beach didn't speak orbit nor secure didn't fully investigated. I don't wanna know pictures truth be I don't know. Too bad I didn't tell every single stable branch under the. You know I'm gonna Reich and swept away by the media we want to know kids as we wanna go outlaw course learn restoring. And anyone connected there are. We want all the information brought out. We don't want any I covered up and more. Steve if the Republicans do what I I agree with your 110% what they should do what they have a mandate to do. They will destroy the Democratic Party. Guys if you act can really launch serious investigations. Now are doing with both houses. Rheinecker I'll tell you what's gonna happen Jeanne Shaheen I don't think is gonna serve out her term. She is implicated clearly now with slowest learner she engaged I believe and a criminal conspiracy. She's gonna be forced out of office. I think Ben Ghazi will destroy Hillary Clinton. I think clearly what Obama has done. On whether it be the NSA spying. Going after Cheryl Atkinson going after the media his involvement in Ben Ghazi the illegal gun smuggling and gun running that was taking place. I his illegal wars and I mean I don't see how he serves out his term. So early to expose the full nature of the corruption and abuse of power. The Democrats are gonna go down and go down art. Right well I think that's what the American people want. How much they want to Jim I'm not sure and they want to Democratic Party completely destroy the American people want to show that wanna know that help these people they don't. I hate because they shouldn't. The boat here and there you go. Well I hate it basically covered up it's been blocked I really. About 3035. People there or not our consulate there and Libby. I knew what happened at an electric board seat what are you ever been spinning so trust can't work out well. You know why haven't I am that these people been subpoenaed haven't been brought forward to you that your question senator. What not much American people want to know. What happened and quite give me this one could just like a little hand over upon or. That's what giving the republic and shot or latitude. Whole goal legislative power. You know all they choose to do not look into the state what I wanted to spite ought. You know we want to be protected. Well we don't eat you're listening to folks every single all coal report receive an. We don't need you covering a dog doesn't need it we don't need you shop and our own. Everything. Is built this country op. I'll. Ten and getting away with it and I honestly believe that they want a Republican east Jim really looked into that stage again and interest you're trying to make it true. Wanna try smarty what's open dot. Brilliant Steve obsolete brilliant I mean. Honestly if I had a gift card or something I guarantee you know what what we may start doing that soon anyway I think work and I wanna get out of myself but. We may start giving out gift cards to my favorite donut shop I just wish I had one now because that was a brilliant call. 6172666868. Is the number. 6172666860. Getting a lot of texts coming and this is from 603 Jeff this is why America is awesome. The ability for massive but peaceful change knowing now. Push you see how the sale brilliant the founding fathers are. Checks and balances separation of powers elections every two years. I mean I said this what the night after the election the day after the election. If most other countries when you have a leader as destructive as Obama he takes it pound. But in America we have the ability because we have the greatest document and system of government in the world the constitution. That people can correct. That people can rise up and stop and a sharper if they want to. And I believe that's what happened on choosing. Our vote in our mandate was clear. Stop the authoritarian. Takeover of America. George Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Thank you liken this to a Gallup Gallup letting time and history due out for the new. Republican governors should do include Maryland Massachusetts idol I think I or in Illinois not to mention the largest. A mile off. Republicans in congress depletion I can put Murray. Militias like this workshop but they look at how the media which discussed the actual work. And turn and say well now which signal obviously trying to put concessions. The Republican that's ignorant. Bet that's beyond ignorant that that's all smiling washing that they they want to you know move should leave the messaging that. Obviously this is that this is some of the Republican Pete to work. It solidly Republican candidate. That commercial and one in AB CNBC whatever you call me at first deputy election thank you. They need to do they need to really shut them down don't think you met while not think George Stephanopoulos. We'll think he's seen them. Both of them occurred. It's real low income report illegal things that matter like bankruptcy like Lowe's work its only real thing stops and purest Eric all the like Google Earth would they why legitimized. The illegitimate. There are little portable war since we lost sweet country uses you'll earn a little coming up a little stressed that. Now you nailed it Georgia actually mailed a book let me ask all of you this okay. You you when I have an election. Whoever you wore billiards admission short just as it were anyone if you look at. You when I have an election you'll win and I loose. What would you think if I walked up Jews had OK well now you see the voters have spoken you wanna compromise and doesn't want to. What it can what are what are you talking only about are you freaking kidding me. You lost I want you gotta compromise with mean. 61726. Say it's open at 6172666868. Britney let's take it around. 657 here on the break WR JA LO Kevin you're up next thanks for holding and welcome to. Gavel to. I just wanna pick up on what is steep and lower its debt to a great perspectives. Great analogies. Are. Being. We want to know her teacher candidates program back and absolutely what I meant there's still the support to the constitution. Do what they want to take them but they dipping dots and that was one thing that we benefit from the top of all. Let's look at Lockheed even though we kill just to take it away and I didn't eat local represented that put that in him I don't need to do good to get make. Our job I'd just come back down. After they have wonderful what from sea to shining city. Once again a repudiation. Well. I didn't Wallace got this Richard Green and said that trooper Scott Healy yeah I would this bait sacks and whatnot but look. Address right track and really don't open but the last few days I've been Wednesday I was skiing at what I saw what Joseph let. Try and they got hit me in his public statements instead how all of you know elite are. Or should I say Obama has always been a nice guy he's a well received. There. That's what happened just caught the eye when he went into. Very erupted didn't keep fighting them doesn't quite ten when it was historic election did that kind. And then they would take him bike rides together Jews in the congressional. Jim. What I'm glad exciting want to lose that stupid dog Barney Frank so little or 400 regulations. Did is we don't. Right and again what you saw at the end GOP got it just like Billy Cuba or Russia as. Changing the constitution. So that you can stay in a lot. About how great publicity socialist. Oh okay that's ten. Or Kevin look you make some very good points look. To Boehner and to McConnell. We didn't send your hair to make a deal to compromise. To have lunch to have dinner or to hang out with the dear leader. We sent choose there Tora role. Now either your part of the solution. Or your part of the problem take your pick. 6172666868. Coming up next my friends. Should. The navy seal who claims to have shot and killed Osama bin Laden. Go public with this story it's creating a massive backlash. Among many people in the military and the seal community. And we also have next. An actual navy seal with a riveting memoir. And he's somebody who actually trained many of the Navy SEALs you don't want to miss it don't touch of that dot. Thank you can't beat them Kuerten beaten the net contact George listening to Williams six CD WR.