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Should Scott Brown have stayed in Mass?

Nov 6, 2014|

Kuhner says he would be Senator Brown today.

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Yeah. I heard the voice of the resistance. Okay my friends 6172666868. When I get to the calls very very shortly so if you're hanging on I'll get you very soon I promise. The corner country poll question of the day. Was the election a repudiation. Of Obama and his policies. If you believe the answer is yes tax day six or 8680. If like that dear leader himself or CNN or the liberal media you believe the answer is no text B 68680. It's brought to you by the greater Lynn senior services providing a wide range of social services for you when your family. Visit www. GL a SS dot net for more information Brittany. What are the poll results thus far. 98%. Yes in 2% not. So basically 98%. Say the sky is bull. And 2% say the sky is. Green. Yes market and I thank you read thanks for that Britney no problem. OK my friends. Before getting to hallways column just a quick recap how we was involved in a car accident yesterday. Apparently was a two car car car to car crash. Earlier in the day was on the pike near the Allison Brighton tolls so according to his wife and policed the Alston for gimme the Alston Brighton tolls. He suffered apparently made minor injuries nothing major from what we're hearing. No internal injuries he was released Hamas little yesterday he's apparently at home he's recovering you should be fine. We don't know if we'll get back on the air today or tomorrow. So that we don't know we've heard conflicting information on that but. Luckily how Wii is doing well it wasn't serious how we my friend please stay carry yourself I hope you get well and get back on the air soon. 6172666868. Okay. How we as a very interest in column today. And I gotta tell you it was exactly my sentiments Tuesday night at the election. When I was talking about this with my wife after the party begin a kind of our own post election recap. And it's pretty much exactly what how we sentiments are in today's column which is this. Scott Brown. Actually I believe ran in the wrong state. I said ironically. Had he not running New Hampshire. But had run for reelection potentially in Massachusetts he would've won. Why would he of one. You had they courage defeating Coakley. You had V yes on the repealing of the automatic gas tax. Yes on question one which by the way droll bowl a lot of people to the polls I believe it was the decisive factor. That put Charlie Baker over the top and how Ed brown being on the ticket as a senate senate candidate against Mathieu luck Ed Markey. I think it would it would brown over the top as well. And so all according to how we hear is just to reach you his lead and the second paragraph I think he sums it up very well. Scott Brown should have stayed home. If he hadn't sold his house in rent some. Brown most likely would have been reelected yes reelected. I US senator from Massachusetts. Because does anyone seriously doubt that he would've crushed Ed Markey in last year's special election to replace John F Kerry. Jacques Francois. I honestly when he decided not to run in last year's special election remember the Republicans then threw up gave Gomez. Who is pro amnesty. Who was pro global warming and who was a just a bad candidate a liberal Republican and just overall backed candidate. They sent and even that I mean what marquis won by what 910 points. I mean even that marquis didn't win you know absolutely decisively. How Ed brown run last year. I I agree with how we I think. Think he would have beaten Ed Markey. Meaning that this year he'd be running for reelection. And what they're Republican wave brown would have been reelected this time to a full six year term. Instead he made a fatal miscalculation. In his mind and you saw that at the town hall. He was convinced that Massachusetts is here redeem oblique incorrigible the liberal. And that he just couldn't win even though he won the first time against Coakley. After his defeat from Elizabeth Warren chief spreading bolt he was convinced that this is Kennedy country. This is a liberal stronghold. This is the bluest of Blue States and they Republicans simply cannot win. Against the democratic machine and so what did he do he moved north. Thinking New Hampshire is more fertile ground for Republicans. And in theory he was right. But he had a serious get a couple I believe a couple of serious problems. Number one. And there's you know getting her and don't get me wrong he was an infinitely better than Jeanne Shaheen there's no comparison between the oh how I've been living in New Hampshire I would of pulled the lever. For Scott Brown without a doubt. Not because I love Scott Brown. But because Jeanne Shaheen is it that bad and that destructive. But he you know you can't just be a senator from Massachusetts. And then be in the state legislature for however long he was over a decade. And be so. Attached. And symbolize so much of Massachusetts. When he ran against Elizabeth Warren when he defeated Martha Coakley when he's doing the rounds on the TV talk shows and then suddenly. Not to snap of a finger suddenly move up north and say how hot I'm really mr. New Hampshire. And so I believe the carpet bagging the issue clearly heard him. And I'll tell you something else that clearly heard him. And on this yes and no one to blame but himself announced speaking truth to power and many people may not like it but it is the truth. His staunch advocacy on strict gun control. Heard him and killed him. With a lot of pro gun rights pro Second Amendment people in New Hampshire. And his longstanding hostility towards conservatives. One Rush Limbaugh rightly pointed out to. It was Scott Brown the moderate Scott Brown's awry no Scott Brown the establishment Republican. Who is urging Mississippi Republicans and Thad Cochran to go after that so called Tea Party guy. All he did with spit in the face of the Tea Party. He did to are to my audience gospel we had that down all he did it repeatedly on a national level. When he went on Fox News he deliberately positioned himself as quote a centrist. Who was against the quote extremist wing of the Republican Party meaning they're Tea Party. Well if you'll keep insulting conservatives. And you keep bashing conservatives. And you openly advocates for the marginalize nation of conservatives. In fact even have thought Cochran talk talk talk I thought conquering in Mississippi steal the vote. From the Tea Party candidate. And then. In the waning days and weeks of your campaign. When it's those very same conservatives that you need to save your bacon. Your repurchase so. I'm just being honest I'm not saying I wanted him to lose I would have voted forum. In fact I wanted him to come on my show I urged the audience to vote form I even said Scott come on my show I'll give you open platform this is Scott Brown. What's your appeal the conservatives he shot I had so much contempt. For conservatives and Tea Party leaders. He wouldn't even come on the show when he knew his elect moral political life hung in the balance. And I believe in the end got an obviously. Rampant illegal voting by illegal aliens. I believe that destroyed Scott Brown that was the reason why Scott Brown lost. And the irony of all ironies. Is that how do you stay home. How he stayed in Massachusetts. Had he stayed in around some. Where now he and I could have been pies I'm as the Italians say practically neighbors. Maybe an. I'm over my place for barbecue parties like I told them at the town hall but Scott if you come to my house but we have our barbecue party please keep the shirt on. Please don't take the shirt off I don't want my wife to lose my mind for you Scott police don't steal the mother of my children. I said you can come by I have a great time. But we invited thought it was very funny and he had this look honestly. It just as collectors like I hate you we had this look on its ex. Wife died he's been calling him the model but let that go. Now it's all over. More. I believe now he is going to be Ty is a political loser. He lost in Massachusetts. He lost in New Hampshire. She's got nowhere else to go and that's how we sums it up. Let me just read you the last two paragraphs 'cause I think he pretty much males. I can the last three paragraphs. How would you like to be Scott Brown now Ed Markey mr. frost he has a six year term that he won without breaking a sweat. While still bragging that his proudest vote was for obamacare. And Scott Brown is bleak out of luck. He could have been a contender instead of what he is which is well not a bomb exactly but definitely it has been. Did days of the one point seven million dollar book advances are over. She or the lucrative contracts from Fox News Channel. There's an old saying that it's better to be lucky than good which is true right after the moment that your luck runs outs. Fox News is now gone. The big book contracts are now gone. In terms of serious national profile. Gone. Scott Brown astonished. And India and he has no one to blame. But himself. 6172666868. Agree or disagree. Sure it Scott Brown how I've stayed in Massachusetts. Do you think he made in critical mistake in moving up north to New Hampshire to make a run for the senate. Would he have one. How do you stay here and challenged Ed Markey 6172666868. Winds are loaded Rodney Europe's first thanks for holding welcome. I. I whole timeline. They broke there was a great time limit Tuesday night enjoyed it very election and that's. It was very glad to see a lot of use interfaces are there. Touched. All sort of mentioned about this could always different. Location urged carriers. Offer that is true. Services to support you there. It is lovely to Torino for a break your initial flight got so. Gold breakaway group where would merit situation stated I didn't worry until tour thank you very much Fred here it. I thank you so much riding look I don't wanna get sidetracked but really for them. Pushing and finding the automatic gas tax increase was steamy actually unforgivable. And I am done with AAA. I'll get another company to do my roadside assistance but it's time these companies learn if you spit in our faces. Can you openly violate our values you're gonna pay a price 6172666868. That moment Marie just. 469 is a lot of text coming in. Jeff I believe it's even worse. Brown was a boat anchor on the ticket and helped us on and Cust or get reelected. And almost swamped I get into. 508 Jaffe is a rhino. Would be better than the woman Shaheen reelected but he is shaky at best. However there's some other attacks saying just hold on. 50 way Jeff I was in New Hampshire the last couple weekends and I spoke to a few people up there in southern New Hampshire. They said they had an issue with Scott Brown. Being from Massachusetts. Now I know I think the carpet Bagger issue I think you get hurt them I think there's no getting around the fact. 6172666868. Is the number. Brenda in Natick thanks for holding and welcome. Just hi Brandon alone I'm trying to get a video like Collin Collin college very. All I know we finally using a cell phone lines to thank you for being patient I really appreciate it. Yes. And I'm worked at the party the other night me in my hand and then down into very quiet little piece from the background let me have a great time. And that's the other Brenda and I call myself the other Brenda need. Thought you were our war on the final OK tuck it should sound asleep and that great and I had a greatest contact with great. Well that's really what if you know she's not a matter of how fast you really is I'm married now I was wondering I'm married laying out. We had an you didn't hear your breakthrough at the it's actually beautiful so. Sounds good and I've been calling an end around. I think if so gracious you let everybody get up on stage take a picture I don't think you left out anybody that wanted to be up there. And does sound unusual. So I thank you for that I had my picture taken with you know. I'm that you a couple of candidate doesn't mean Jan de you know immaculate different priority and I can't believe that ticket for the full uncut very nice to get through. But anyway I just want to let you know integrate China agree with everything you're saying about Scott brand. And then get the triple A tour and I don't want to tell you we got a late. And so we went so late won't really really late. I can never mind not let parked in the end the regular graduate of the 35 dollar it'll get in the air so we got in here on the way out. The attendant we were one of the few Congo where they act and he's an odd that we went to the point surprisingly little luckier and he sent. No because the owner of the Democrat if he wouldn't let chill. He says that's too bad that he lost a lot of money had a comfortable. Now I now where are we don't need an MR show these GeMS are UCL vindictive they are Brenda. Yeah unbelievable. And the president I just believe the response yesterday. Did go deep. And right and you to camp even. Have a little humility not any. He's living in La La land. And I thank you for that Brenda yeah it was great seeing you and god bless you. You know that's. And until a vineyard that's not a bad place. I. Take care Brenda 6172666868. Is the number sue we are up next thanks for holding and welcome. How wolf how are you I'm good how are you soon. Good I want an attempt he added that we knew that we couldn't get it because who would accept a cold. If you wanted to believe something so your job was more important we would get so close at 10 o'clock. And then I can run good and we never affect so many who knows if I'm here. Ed. In the Mac had Red Robin did you know and everything. And then we have to try. Love and hitting ten KF and Madden had been playing defense right now I'd be mad that we need to thank you very little in. And we manifest so many senior hidden. Regression when you say teenagers I mean how we saw what 1819 years of. Each truly me. Have moved you. I'm not attacking because that's. My opinion of any good gap commentator wrote. And moved to track and run you know did you ever opinion. And we need in Oprah thanking them and didn't think I needed and beat. I want to be decided that I would get baby didn't contribute reminding. You EU food should dependent on mom. Since so much you mood the mood thing you have my little old lady had no idea how old I am went and got. And you could be a Democrat. But we need to go out there listening. I mean I eighty and just your mind that that's not a Democrat in Milan countless suit that I don't let it round and then they'd send the money. Also. Some big annual the duplicate this senior didn't Baghdad did. 211 believe that they want to let me. What happened in England and all the map and walking. And a little about their blue and public opinion didn't. Sue god bless you. They are great work ice and so proud of you who work at the polls and keep listening god bless you sue thank you so much. Even though I'm in the wheelchair after time. So how do you keep working as long as you Tansu unless you get that there are no written thing you know we could be days. Thank you so much suit to do it could be headed they end and I didn't you didn't know sue please don't give cooks any ideas to work seven days a week to be cut after a long levers Simitis. So my who have read think they are doing that that. Derek you sue god bless you guys that I call 6172666868. Scott Brown. Should he have stayed in Massachusetts. Do you agree with how we was it a mistake to go to New Hampshire. Would he be senator brown. Had he stayed in mass six once said. 918. Here on the great WRK oh Claire Europe Max thanks for holding and welcome. All right good morning Chad could make the prostate felt sorry but really what's bothering me number one. I don't feel you should kick somebody when it down and number killed. I remember you recalling him is a model I think that turn on illegal voting I mean. I'll I'll happen in the political analyst Mike he had maybe could've won that. You know it's history and I truly did not vote I voted for our. Not him but occur with Nike. And down. And that's how I feel I I I truly feel a lot of sympathy for aunt. Try and he'd try it whether he's there when I know let's have a I'm an independent but I still like old as somebody that I believed then. He just wanted and then we'll have a lot better. Does the I'll fast life. Clara let me ask you this because this is now the 64000. Dollar question no misses the point of how was column. How he stayed and run in the special election last year against Ed Markey. I honestly thought he would won all men and what's not just three is not just now we even the Democrats were very were Rica's marquee sold week. Doug Brown could have beaten marquee. And then he'd be the incumbent and with this Republican wave he probably now would be a senator for six years of full term. Do you think he made a mistake shooting ever run against marquis last year. I don't know the dynamics of that situation I really don't I kissed obviously you know of course he would want in my mind I think he's the winner I think. He did you sit in the NNE he seemed like it clicked with me and I don't I haven't read anything really bad about it. I mean. OKC they're calling him a lying no. Everybody is so different with their opinions now we. We just have to really get along with everybody. Claire thank you so much for that call 66. 6172666868930. On the great RKO. More worth your calls after the short newsprint and. I'm Angela Anderson and here's what's happening governor elect our Cahill. I accept the decision of the I've already up for my sincerest congratulations and good wishes to senator. From the very outset of this campaign I decided to run a race that we ought to be proud of that's always been my standard. I want to walk away with a no regrets and that's what I'm doing. And that's how it is this time I've kept my word I thought clean and I wouldn't trade that for anything. 939. You know on the great WRKO. Provocative column. By Howie Carr in today's Boston Herald saying that's got should've stayed home. Had he not left for New Hampshire to challenge Jeanne Shaheen. How he stayed here and challenged marquee Ed Markey in last year's special senate election. He would have beaten Markey and for reelection would have written the Republican wave. To a full term in the senate. And now according to how we how we car he believes that now Scott Brown is effectively washed up and down. 6172666868. I agree disagree. You can tax assets 68680. That the attacks are pouring in. This is from 617 Jeff Brown is a tool with no character an opportunist. Another 617 Jeff Scott is a good man but he wasn't tough enough to take on the dams who will do anything to win. Anything. This is from. 603 Jeff that caller was right. If you had given Scott how often support how we gauge it might have made a difference. 603 am to be honest with you. I don't know how much more support I could give him the last couple weeks of the campaign. I urged listeners to vote forum. I may powerful monologue after powerful monologue against Jeanne Shaheen. I offered him as much time as he wanted on the shoulder to make his case. To conservatives. Many of them who live in New Hampshire who we needed their support. I should open platform what you want and 152030. Minutes all even knock off commercial spots. He would come on. I believe his ego would not allow him to come on and frankly is hatred for conservatives. And I think eventually that's would get him in 6172666868. Dave you're up next thanks for holding and welcome. You have. First the ball big rebel ELU hop from Virginia. And online listener got turned on the youth through the doc savage you know. Your views so mirrored my own and I had to start listening thank you so much to his economic daily fan you get recharged up with your exuberant. Integrity and love for people on the constitution contact substance. Like thousands of others I love you it's non sexual way. A thank you so much Dave god bless you my friend Randi Europe next thanks for holding and welcome. Adapted that morning in America and for real finally do what but look what it talked. I've got the lead that Scott Browner. Lots and that's out of my chair when you were saying that. About the Second Amendment and the gun loaded up here in New Hampshire. I predicted. To happen golf that you go home. Before any debate before he could be an open does not that he did little little I have very small margin and that was going to be the Second Amendment gun owners of New Hampshire and that's exactly what happened. And this campaign called. I've been approved of the range that I belong to all sit there with a range but that the crowd at the beach there at the time in the campaign was talking to the president. And that the present at the club end to what happened was they said. He doesn't that would like to have become although we have some questions we wanted it in the campaign dead while there and be certain questions you can ask. Pregnant doing the right thing Fred you know what he can stay away from the club it we kid put him. If indeed we held him down on some anxious to cap and commit to something especially that the government which he was talking. Bracelet that he would talk to Ben bracelet and that they yeah reciprocity I think he voted against. Then we don't wanna hear her is exactly what happened. You lot's got to the site. Already I'm. So are you saying that they were because that's the reports that I was reading as well that they were so many people who support the Second Amendment and I'm a huge Second Amendment simply don't. That they said they were so disgusted by many of Brown's previous votes and previous. Public positions. That they would not vote form even if it meant allowing Shaheen to win. Jubilant and Randy. Absolutely correct and I can tell you on the range quite a bit I don't go to work don't they saw a lot of sent them there in the morning early afternoon. And I need a lot of people and that I didn't see one person that says that they could support Scott Brown they were going to play golf which is exactly what I did. I'd like to build I would not all I can not vote for Lionel we have to stop putting let not this is what how contact. Until you hit he put not the right note because the wind field than to keep coming we need good. Good conservative people who will Obey the constitution jacked I can't look no movement on that. Talk if you wait you don't hear any buyout tip to uphold protect and defend the United States constitution. I expect 100%. Not eighty not ninety not if he's a 100% of the time. Randy if you don't mind me asking you please tell me if it's too personal. What did you do what did you vote for. They are at its first recruit machine and ground senate race I'd I'd like them both. We'll see you you just didn't vote for that race you didn't vote. From that race I didn't I believe everything else. And and in New Hampshire I went to the poll they brought with everything else. By the way came to those two names I skipped right over it in a lot of people in this stage especially the Donald is did that. Around you let me ask you one final question. Gee what was what do you think was more detrimental to Scott Brown was it the gun issue or was it that carpetbagger issue. I think it was the gun issue. I think in the cup at that it would be great right underneath that he's still open to debate and Jeanne Shaheen. It is as bad as she did it kind of made a full album because when they said. I've lived here at Olympia you don't if he just came up from Massachusetts. You know he may have had haven't rootkit but he hadn't been living here and being concerned about they beat issues and. I think that we had here in New Hampshire that are important to look to be electric. Randy great call thanks so much for calling I appreciate it 6172666868. Women go Jerry Europe next thanks for holding coed Jerry. Does the diet comrades. But I throw that sort of talk about the daily there and Scott Brown. The deal lead is that once they didn't think she is that I agree with yet they put in a different context than what he meant to. He hit that two thirds of all not at all this figure is cracked. He stated that two thirds of all registered voters didn't insure up to vote in the elections and that is that. If that is true that is bad but I'd feel that way too different reasons and deleted dusk. Because it could be a leader thinks that those votes would have been his. His party's. Oh I think I think you're more people showed up the voter would have been that repudiation would have been even more devastating Jerry. I believe so so but I believe that he is do you and his vision that is get those two thirds of people that didn't show a lot. According to his ideology would have voted for you all won't quit along the line to Democrats. And sub put ludicrous but. He's delusional Jerry. He's obviously delusional and thank you for that call 6172666868. Jamie Europe next thanks for holding go ahead Jim. It's my Jeff Gregory or how he got that's one right but before I mention that the deadly a lot of people should look up from background. She didn't know global tried to trek up some isolated no wait conclave. She's that immigrants have fled Haiti that foot Papa doc. He had seen it followed a far cry and hold up he says the best thing he gave pro American citizenship. Trees some reaction here in Portland and went total collagen happened. They're not monetary interest since you know you can't stand how Scott Brown. That's argue marijuana that you often looked at. My parents fled repression as well. And I see someone like me love achieving the American dream I can tell ya that speaks to me. Because I'm a child of an immigrant. And got to put the dams don't get. We immigrants who love America more than they could ever possibly imagine. Because that's why they're so successful they. Did people get so complacent and lazy you don't realize what they got and that's what's you must await but as far as Scott brown. And me. Don't woman and I understand that but this is an American Idol I don't care about his feelings units has to send a result of serious position. You know on this country's. I as far as playing as far as I'm concerned and we bishop told them yet you're going to be useful idiot you're going to be here's the little prop to keep us from our non. You know it has the way he used mentally gotten powerful wildly successful state senate Tea Party. Yes then stabbed in the back and then derided them. I think it was incredible injury I've never seen anything like. I gotta I'm getting a law. What many people in New Hampshire are now what they're text of these for the techsters are saying is. That's Scott Brown was such a drag on the ticket that they believe for example Annie Custer who some more about moans about. One because of the opposition to brown. 6172666868. So not only did he lose the seat. They believe they believe that he hurt Republicans almost across all races Dave Europe next thanks for holding and welcome. They've got other ball are you. Very good and I'm Jamal well. Ian Scott Brown did not win because it did not get paid. It got our vote. The other Oceanic on the popular real quick and you know I've London cheered the mountain we've gotten about how did you secure than the client. But if you look at why the rate than incher. We finally back Bennett how it all the governor Opel to New Hampshire and a lot better shape now that of all the or. I don't think people realize. He ought to dictate but he's stepping up there and learn a lot better shape but aren't gonna look at right. Okay that's a very interest and call the thank you so much that's a good call. 61726. X 6868. Scott Brown surety abstain in Massachusetts. Would he be senator today. Do you think he made a fatal mistake going up to New Hampshire how we says yes. What do you say Boston 6172666868. All of your.