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Richard Tisei

Nov 4, 2014|

Massachusetts congressional candidate Richard Tisei discussed with Howie why it was time for change on the North Shore of the Commonwealth and how he was the breath of fresh air needed in Congress.

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Joining us now on the line as rich to say he's the Republican candidate in the sixth congressional district. And he's the owner of a failing real estate company I learned that last night's richer after UF trumps up more open. Probably we almost remarks favourable we will listen to that. As for the effect against equipment realistic you know we other last year. Four years here. So war we're doing really well. I do have an office in Beirut I didn't know about the odd that he claimed the also have an essential repeated mention the office in Beirut heat he said he got an office in DC which he doesn't. He said he office in Marblehead which is closed he said he had an office in London which she doesn't have he said he had a contract with Johns Hopkins which she doesn't have. But apparently he also what's claim which I didn't know he also claims he has an office in Beirut for his business does. It's crazy and you know the only thing I can compare that there was something years ago what I think is sure William. And Ted Kennedy called I think yeah. I don't know. Yet he was you don't you know how it is when you're when you're in the car and then the wheels are moving and you have a drink and like we'd have one trick or three drinks here. You know Ted Ted had like six strengths and so it was like eighteen to X amount. I like that on the radio art electronic pop tactic it. Listener likes so I I gotta say darling you know what I have my first urged our opinion if it real estate office. I have the National Federation of Independent Business news source. And we're hearing about my business achieved recovered their electorate so out altered and ask them you know. It would Richard to say it doesn't have any business experience because I have all that. This in Beirut. All things that section below or. Months but ripped our personal robo Roberts or if. At the Evans says he held but he says at the end you'll have to ask the company I don't worked. Harder. You know it's it's it's starting in incorporated the companies Delaware's. Close to Massachusetts to a kind of thing. What does that mean wait a sec I thought Joseph Biden was his best friend and that Joseph Biden say feature patriotic duty to pay as many taxes energy cab. Well apparently an attitude you know and yeah after one of the beautiful people yes. Four out into checks out okay the extra income. While they wanted to check out what to check out here so open dates the gun clubs in the sixth district of sent out a a letter here from my chip Ford from citizens for limited taxation work barber Anderson. And apparently. It's up more open has some mighty he doesn't much like the Second Amendment is that right. Our artists say it's you know Bloomberg News source to search you're almost everything they need to know. There are in this case. He said I am honored or or earned the endorsement of mayor Michael Bloomberg he is a leader on gun safe. Great since then leader Eric and I support the circuit requirement that the difference between us and you know I don't know what are so upset in the first let's resolve it it was say that he's supported Obama Aries so they were all sort of sick and pop I would vote against it. You know he didn't he's the only candidate. And cut and Allstate I think doesn't support a waiver from Massachusetts I support they're given a separate as we did do our jobs here and then on the immigration issue. You know the quote last week and had a story where there's Serbs we're quoted him saying supported amnesty. We had a debate two days later than six. Cart college career yeah I listen to the tape in Beverly he said he supported 82 which it breaks. No question basically is what it amounts to for illegal aliens. Very so why in I don't know I don't know who's go. That's it you're injured and on all sides abolishing so I think it's important fear not everybody was listening right now on the if you haven't voted. In this district it's going to be a very tight very so please virtually inaudible before Clark used it's gonna who make a big difference. Here murder Rangers but this is the quote I was web site and again remember this this this is he he also has a website where says he has all these offices and contracts that don't exist. But this is his campaign website I want fight for stronger restrictions on gun ownership and license and closing the gun show loophole which as we know Richard doesn't it really exist. Bans on high capacity magazines increasing the gun purchase waiting period and restrictions on semi automatic rifle. People do you think yeah you know but. How many get criminals who use guns to commit robberies or rip off drug dealers or shoot innocent civilians on the street how many of them do you think their would be worried about a in which pretty. They've gotten purchase waiting period Richard do you think Beverly has an effect on. Our crime. Aren't illegal our owners are really a problem here so exactly. This and Richard I hope your hope you win tonight and I deadlocked things at a good luck with the failing business that are. Oh they're glad she. Okay that's rich to say cannot vote for him in the sixth district he he is not for taking away your rights only gotten them out.