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Charlie Baker Needs Your Vote

Nov 4, 2014|

Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker joined Howie for a final discussion of his platform and his plan to save Massachusetts.

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Boarding us now on the line is Charlie Baker. Charlie good to have you webos. Happy to rework it aria on Election Day 2000 Ortiz I am I gotta tell you Charlie I voted for you today and so did my daughter. Thank you that two more. In the what white cap forgot was there when I was voting and he was there with his wife and his daughter and I believe you got three more culturally there. Well we are just rocket with a straight to here let wee bit. They actually have a ground game we've been marketed to today. We've narc and 400000 doors we've made four million phone calls. The you know acutely. We've got people on the ground all over the place she dropped 60000 pieces of literature books or 7 o'clock this morning aren't. Likely voters. I town clerk all of the commonwealth public it's albeit yes cheap dollar program that's working and I actually really do it or we are. Yeah I I figured pretty good shape it a try got a I got pastor last night I think I'm pretty sure we identified the guide the fisherman. And you know and ease not firm he's not for he's not he is on New Bedford bock but he lives installed in his sons are wrestlers mop up football players. I think you know we is still I mean how can anyone confirm that for us last time we put it on the front page and put this BM fisherman's story to rest once and for all. You know well. There's. I'm not sure how are you know that there are proficient candidate tablet. What kind of people and I think a lot people think those conversations are private. And I had a conversation and I thought the guy which from Tibet because it was in you that's certain clearly the clearly got that part wrong. But digit to distort you know. You worry I know the story is true why I mean you don't you don't we have now right. Sorry there you know we is now right. Well but I don't at some level. Yeah I'd much rather talk about the stuff that matters to voters which I'm telling is. It's all about to our economy in balance pocketbook issues taxes and spending. That's what we. That's how we went from fifteen to twenty points down even our had it was talking about this the pocket put stop there really matters to people at it as you know better than anybody and people in the state. Still live in nickel and that's for the past. The question one being the prime example this this today. Example of where attorney. 00 are. I know did Charl Charlie Brit you break up there will be at hopefully we may want to walk you their split in my yeah you're still here you're still here yet future better. That would that would commute like the best example I can think of a I'll. At the more voters got an all but got issued orders that went past me that's one of the few questions actually climbed. Climbed in the polls search advertising. Well. I know and edit the more they advertise more people see that AAA logo one of the angrier they get. And I think I think I think we're pretty good shape on that until. I think so too. I think so too. So what do you it's so what are you gonna do one what's the first thing you do there there's something about how you're gonna have your forties planning transition meetings but I don't think etched is that true you're planning to Croatian meetings. Though of course but. We have been regions Amir at the campaign actually called. Go the other candidates do it is get people's phone numbers so we don't we needed to Karl talk to. Evening progressed to that character and it operate procedure. Which we haven't talked to the ball or anything like that regard don't know now. So what would you tell people is they're there if they're driving home right now on the haven't voted and they just say you know what I'm tired I don't want even bother to vote. It's it's you know it's it's done it's a done deal what would you tell. Well that the simplest thing I could tell them is. In politics and elections you never know what's your happen on Election Day he's trying to races are about and showed up that the turnout going to be somewhere between Turkey at the U. 5% after electorates where they'll. Ed it's accurate that our race although obviously that's what I care about there are also a tremendous number of close house races and states senate races. They're good candidates out there running as well or not expect candidates in national elections congressional elections six you got Chapman against eating it got my expert Richard to stay rhetoric sub ball. Mean there'll and then by the way of emotion there's no difference between and among these people are ridiculous they virtually everybody's where. On the Republican side the slate is that it is fiscal conservative columnists such a dozen were raised taxes. Facing middle class you know use Adobe to worded and hammered by taxes and spending NCs for the past few years. An oval everybody in their run and has just come exactly the opposite of you know edit that it simply chair about. You're about how much money you have in your pocket whether are you get Italian shirt sure the dollars been taxed. More than anything you should show up and vote. Yeah I agree that I say it's but it's it's not it's not a heavy turnout everywhere some parts of the state to light turnout other parts you know where the casino issue was is alive one. In these Boston. Charlestown. Ever Brett it's big it's they're heavy voting there heavy voting on the sixth congressional district on the North Shore. Where you're from. But other places not not that many people show up at the polls. Well it's still early in the I attended regularly. The hard part about gauging turnout is. Before you get to sort of the end of the days just don't know what people's. What people's patterns are going to be out some of the stuff what I can tell is that. We talked to a lot of voters a lot of voters and and and we feel very good about the turnout. There were going to be generating on our side I think it's going to be I think it's going to be good night had. Played so bad you know a couple weeks ago area a lot of folks and in the legislature would start or says it looked like a bunch of blow up a bunch in the. But to where you break it up again Charlie a bunch what do you hope to. All right we'll get a we'll get back in a second here 18774694322. People are saying now it's getting heavier the voting heavy vote in Woburn. Let's see here. Cambridge ward 31 pact moon bats found the polls get baker voters out yeah. I know exactly. Just talk about the Coakley raising taxes and giving Mexican citizens the same rights my father fought for were work to. Yes she came out in favor of allowing yeah it allowing aliens to vote in the in local elections. Charlie that's something now that that was it an issue when the debate you haven't made much of that though I don't that there humidity ads on that the fact that she wants to allow while legal citizen legal aliens. To vote in local elections. Well I aspect question during their second debate because I was so surprised by the way it should have over them one question. Jim Braude and Margery Eagan what she basically says she goes okay sure. Not citizens to vote in local elections are just you know. I I've met people over the course of the campaign are in Sydney you know. They they just became citizens. There are opportunities of voters like the most precious thing that. Has come about as a result of become actually listen to this country. And day. More than almost anybody else which is never understood the notion that. That their vote would be deluded. Or or canceled out by somebody who wasn't put in the time. It should and should also said it. Each week she also said that she thought it was a local issue I don't that's not the way I or call why it might seem to work all the Brookline and hammers. Had to go to legislature and they were a slap down when they went to the legislature with this proposal. But we are you can't you can't do this without getting state law passed such strong. Questions. She doesn't she's the attorney general or maybe she's not the attorney general she told me she wasn't the attorney general one point. I'd remember. Then by the situation deteriorates in until I learned is that you have to say he's either. I'm glad to do a little bit of work people now. What do you think that the date you know what routes that you know four days after she had said that does she she was either working on ways to you to have a graduated income tax in Massachusetts. And then she denied it and said it was completely inaccurate and what what went through your mind when she denied that. Are alive statewide TV. Well I think that system and by the way we we talked about this in the debate that same debate to the the week later are so much you know. Mean you know we talked about raising taxes you've talked about supporting a graduate income tax she's she's flatly denied that she said that. That the video on its pretty clear I just look I think. The simple truth is for those voters. Those folks were driving in the car on the way home there's probably no bigger difference between yeah Agee. Her positions on issue of mine and this question about. Whether the problem state government is not it is is there's which can act do we raise as opposed to. I don't live with that are means and then create more value of our detectors in Massachusetts it's like the most fundamental difference between us. Yeah out and she also she also forgot that she didn't does she didn't prosecute. A fight she didn't put. Chip and prosecute Dickie McDonough who was one of you sell the Macy's co conspirators and she didn't put vitality and other food co conspirators in jail she said. And that would give up twice she took that likes. To time if the debate. We appointed to a judgeship. There. You know I feel try to win the election. A really it looked a little homework and really meet us. I just throw a changeup they're Charlie goto on the way out. Blitzer we appreciated good luck hope to have you on the show a lot tomorrow for a very soon. You know if you win the election tonight okay at where we were allowed to do that. Okay great thanks Charlie hope to have you on tomorrow night then.