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Scott Brown's Final Voter Appeal

Nov 4, 2014|

Sen. Scott Brown made a final appeal to the voters of New Hampshire to elect him and change as opposed to the status quo and corruption of his opponent Sen. Jean Shaheen.

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Joining us now bottom line is senator Scott Brown he's he's he's a running for two in the new New Hampshire. And I want to have him back on today with this news. Isn't it strange shot that the that they waited until the date before the election to want to release these bombshell a smoking gun documents about your apology shape. Well it better than that they have. These days you're glad finally the you know it's come to light because there's no. Hello sort of I think we talked about this yesterday lowest learn a lot taller stop are deranged grant oh my gosh into the world and yet. Senator machine had our sponsors with where we requested those futures much release them but this cleared out all the there's certainly there's a there's been an issue. She was she was apparently the point person for this gang of six who wanted to turn the I arrest loops on the gut Tea Party you know before the First Amendment be damn. You know the Salo and ski. You know. Theory is the ends justify the means so they wanted to destroy the Tea Party they didn't care about anybody's first amendment rights. And she was what she was the one that this guy William Wilkins from the IRS he's called the the president's man at the IRS he's personally corresponding with her she was she was directly involved in the conspiracy to target the the the the Tea Party groups. The IRS is aware of the current public interest in this issue. Wilkens again Obama's man at the I arrest. Emailed a your opponent Jeanne Shaheen. And he was and that's and he and speed of that memo. To senator Shaheen on an official Department of the Treasury letterhead in April 2012. Well Larry when you mentioned yesterday quality the conservatives or their liberty party or the Tea Party folks. And New Hampshire what are they thinking of poke me in emerging about her well I think there's certain at all. You know somebody who's trying to take in trample on the first amendment rights freedom of butch questions she's already signed on to legislation. I had to change that to change the village not only when it comes to religious freedom but would your bill of rights and then she says you know signed that under the UN outsourcing our. Check amendment rights so there's a just a very different philosophy and I'm hopeful and I I I believe it's happening because our turn them all models are are really just on the site are on track. And noble or in very cautiously optimistic that we need to make sure that they get out there shall we can check in now on to that type of attitude and action. And to the president in his action would just ran. Yes will post criticized anyway let's post SS over a link on how we car show about console people go to this it's from the daily column will be read to again some. Some wore this again this is directly by Obama's man at the Internal Revenue Service a guy who's even it even above slowest learner who was basically that moment. This guy is the capt ball who's ordering a hit on the gut Tea Party and letting go letting Jeanne Shaheen now. Quote we will consider proposed changes in this area meaning targeting the Tea Party. As we work with tax exempt and government entities that's lost learners. Bach choral. And the treasury department's office of tax policy to identify. Tax issues that should be addressed in this designing new guidance. Most new guidance Scott we call it guidance. There aren't who he picks up. Click here. This is amazing. How you don't Asus a text to be wipers mentioned this god said it doesn't matter if you wanna after the Tea Party or were you know MSNBC he got a it should not at peace going after people for their political beliefs and G should he apparently has no problem with that it's. Well so it would assist department did as well. It's just a lack of respect to the constitution into our rights and freedoms and how they'll be answered here so what's the reason why I'm running is simply surely could be that. Check and balance. Through this administration. Think like the sentiment carried the minority leader we can make sure this stuff never happens again so I'm encouraged him. I'm asking everyone in New Hampshire throughout boat so we can really take practice Saturday and you know just change direction. Right that ship. Yeah and you know again the idea of the other members of this group of six people including shocked America out Chuck Schumer your dear friend Chuck Schumer. Michael Bennett. Ergonomic think Eric is on the other real real are alive and well tolerant leaders and in the United States senate. Right all these guys who celebrate diversity except for when it comes anybody else have a different opinion amendment which case they wanted to lead the dump on a big diamond dot. You know I mean again I've read they have a chilling effect on the on the rights of people. Who wanted to exercise their first amendment rights the rights of Roth supposedly guaranteed under the bill of rights to the US constitution. And they just they tore the big Crable bottom end. In Jeanne Shaheen was the point person for this couple. Hall of people who were of these senators were engaged in this conspiracy to deprive people of their civil rights. Where where is the civil rights division of the Justice Department here Scott. Oh you know they are there in the back pocket as the president and mr. Gary and they can make sure that. We don't take over the senate and making sure that those so those political arms like the IRS chief Justice Department are being used you said and I think you're you're text or call or they'll. First hit it on the head with it doesn't matter of retirement and used it doesn't matter if it's an all pro are seemingly liberal group shares wall. It's a strong come on rarely. Assistance are strong religious change daily can change direction and ordered that he'd been thinking. Changed. How much how much is should he'd spent so that you can continue her crusade against a First Amendment for another six years. Who look just to just check this earlier this morning I I felt that was the case that they spent about six million and counting. Against me just outside groups and she's a raise about fifteen million. I'm sure she's spent every penny we had and I read about seven and a half million from outside groups and yet we raise about seven million so. It's a dramatic dramatic. Additional spending over or are big and dramatic pacs spending neutron stars gave a truly have to million dollars. Arms fire the he's the guy who was at pebble he made billions by investing in fossil fuels. And now we wants now that he's made his billions she wants to impose carbon tax on the people of New Hampshire and and everywhere else in the US so at so it'll cost you Armon liked the future home this winner. You know that's why she's privilege for international action has ordered acts are in deep divisions. And that's really our businesses and individuals. In our state who have gotten notices that the 200% increase next month. And you know it's getting cooler which started to turn on New York. Our oil and while Croatia are being a bit frustrating now obliterate them because they're able and best. Domestic production but if you keep. Putting more more more regulation GT eight and traction. And making it more difficult to become energy independent and look at it and art department's basic. They say that's one of the first things that the Republicans when the majority of right in the senate they're gonna they're gonna pushed through the Keystone Pipeline that's going to be one of the first things they do I mean that's obvious. That's I mean that's. That's something that should have been done six years ago. You know it's a no brainer that's been approved even joked in all humility you'll get a kick even John Kerry's. You know you know that appeared it's the air flights are. I'm Jeremy John Kerry who's like according to the New York Times Obama aides as saying that he's like an untethered space man you know who just like floating aimed aimlessly through gravity filled environment. Tethered to the White House. What do. But I'm sure he appreciates. You know probably the fact that they're behind him. I just gonna read this sub. From the Manchester union leader yesterday if the Obama administration has given you more confidence in the federal government's ability to make wise decisions on your behalf. They Jeanne Shaheen is your vote for US senate if not it has to be Scott Brown. So it could at all have been happier the way things are both pushing the water basically be that check and balance to the president is still policy views in its own and it is and and here's an executive orders I think circumvent the constitution and our. Our bill of right shin yardage and first in practice and and liberalize as we see fit and welcoming. Doubt they keep saying Scott you know on the international luge shows you prohibits even that much room too busy campaign to make a phone call shaken hands but the keepsake what. People that the voters want Washington to work the parties to work together. I think people want Washington to get off there and take them booed off their knack you know I mean that this Jeanne Shaheen this this is just the latest example earlier of her act you know when they involved in this conspiracy with the Obama White House to deprive. Deprive conservatives of their first amendment rights by a bite politically inspired audits. Well the problem is that the president and what he's been doing it's so anti business as you know. Senator Jeanne that is bureau ratings would be notified the national federation of independent business and issued 100%. Against small businesses and and suffering from the chamber. So Paula that fighting for small and medium sized businesses in this state and throughout the country it's not and by the way every vote this particular the United States senate. Affects people not only in the Hampshire but the Massachusetts. Grandstanding cheek she says you grandstanding when you. And I'm standing up. A person from security in our country that are standing for our standing for something by. Actually drawing a higher standard not going to increased taxes not put him more regulation. Fighting to make sure that we can have a military that's strong and our borders secure and fighting to make sure the president doesn't use an executive order these planning on doing. Parts are going after the funding sources stop this illegal immigration from taking jobs in this New Hampshire people and away from people in this country. You don't you don't mix and it's you know what in the in the White House tapes he was speculating about turning the IRS loose on his opponent but he never did itself. She went one step ahead of she's one step ahead of the Nixon here. All of her watery our governor impeached and it usually IRS. Yeah he was it was try he was talking about a but the I'll just turn him down. The I'll just didn't turn this woman doubt that Jeanne Jeanne down they were ordered said that what a good idea what will I will we're gonna while we're gonna go after it issued some new rules for guidance to go after the Tea Party. Somalia I don't know what to say. She's helping her to really up to the people and many in the coming committees are set up to investigate the issue of up to explain no reason behind it. Are you worried about voter fraud today Scott you know I mean they did Democrats that are industry wide. We've been we've heard no indication about how we are people who are able to vote or voting Elian. Really a good plan in place and they cut vote you know day. We've got no indication usually good try try out all all month sound and under is encouraging anyone who is worse than driving home. I still have sold seven and inflation and eight so a lot of places. You know vote change direction here we go. In our country okay Scott good luck tonight okay. Yeah I wanted to put airport prologue haven't signed in Maryland regards to your friend and a few others but he put on about 11100 miles. Four days 38 stops. Very small Michael Ackerman here but we love earth. All the other all the races are run neck and neck apparently up there. Well I think it's going to be a good writer Ali I hope so it's not thanks Scott good luck and impressed everybody else.