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Scott Brown's Bus Tour

Nov 3, 2014|

Sen. Scott Brown called in from his New Hampshire statewide bus tour in the final night before the elction against incumbant and Obama syncophant Sen. Jean Shaheen.

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Okay joining us now on the line as a former senator Scott Brown he's he's running in in New Hampshire. Scott. It may make your pitch to the voters. Well our personal thank you are to you and your listeners we were on the bus tour order. Got a little earlier but we're we're and coached by racial service they have a choice you know somebody's going to the president I had percent of the time. If you are wanna change direction you're gonna change senators and we have a chance and they carried the minority leader. Take back the senate put all of those on the president's desk. It's Eric bishop. We have a lot of things that we can be doing any. I know that during none of them so I appreciate the opportunity. I mean people don't vote and do not. We trapped on the membership can share my goodness I should have should have done more. Yet the The Herald a Bellwether polls came out today in the you know these are towns that are cities that normally reflect the way the whole state votes. And you're behind by threw according to The Herald poll. Suffolk University as well you're behind by three and tapping in your behind you're down seven in the city of Manchester. Oh boy I'd better just packed right up in a situation here in and I discussed. Well I I get to the talked about a spot. Against the race is over and Alex it is. Wearing black. We're going to be huge in the energy or your future around the state. It's just off the charts people coming out and herbs. Momentum is just unbelievable we ever on polls Ali and we have about twenty actually what eight hours before we know. What's going on here so we're gonna keep driving tomorrow we're making phone calls and they about. Me personally about 250 phone calls personally today. So where worker at where we feel very balanced in. It's going to be fine. You know we were Alaska knew last week about how you handle a Stephanopoulos you know him being a democratic operative and you know he corrected. Obama when he called himself a Muslim and informed Obama that he was Christian not a Muslim. And you know in and then yet is Steffi kind of played it somewhere down the metal and you got sandbagged by somebody from channel mind how do you feel about that. Well he apologized he was wrong Asia regarding our great. I know whatever assignment had I been given a chance to answer the question I was going to Charlotte north east west front of the entire stake in is geographically and economically. They're different challenges in each sector including the which region so why I I don't shut out for quite honestly people look. People kind of know what's going on with a lot of debate Cheney got. Terrorists are number in the village and we talked about differences certainly mean that people have a very great very. Yet so why did he apologize to Jeanne Shaheen too by the way because he didn't keep he didn't do the hit properly on you was out what it was all about the. And you'd have to ask. Ask them those supply of mine is he your only apologizing and we've gone. I'd certainly know what we're a bushel on communism and defend them you know quite items and you know whatever and. Didn't Jeanne Shaheen try to import did she impose a property tax for education on the people New Hampshire. Are actually there's literally the Claremont decision actually actually dealt with school issues obviously there was a proposal also potentially. She denied it to. In another income tax so there's different types of proposals out there they have been in the past the bottom line is right now there is no income or sales tax right now. But she certainly has voted to raise taxes on our energy producers she's learned that they believe from the national energy tax in the United States senate. She was the deciding burn obamacare. She remote to secure the border she's against the Keystone Pipeline she wrote a letter of the Ira assets and conservative groups being investigated. Sent a letter signed the letter of the UN asking our second amendments be outs writes the outsourced this summer and things and play right now. Well we know we have that we are very treacherous. Ice. If you've seen this today but the Mickey cows in the daily caller asked people in New Hampshire to vote against Jeanne Shaheen that the vote for you we said the other day the Democrats needed to have a senator and a purple Lori blue leaning state. Knocked off because a person his or her stand on immigration because it was such a it's so damaging to the country via. The amnesty that they're proposing he says it's different you know what Pryor gets mocked often red state or B gets gets mocked up a red state. But it it would really send a message to the national Democrats defy if Jeanne Shaheen were looser seat. Over being so wrong on the the issue of illegal immigration. Well she supports the dream actually supports a president's executive. Actions of the year's most guns on. I think also Russia also has been not. Fortune obviously chick who are not secure the border and not. Accenture a lot of those those very important concerns that we have in that regard. If in fact if in fact. That she is reelected. And she will endorse those for a presidential policies. And she will not. Go after the funding source spoke out well. Which we will it's eleven million people taking jobs away from people of New Hampshire. And every person in this country in the only the only way we can do what it. Is to make sure illegal after the funding source and I would call into work projects sessions in all the other people to do jets back. What what about obamacare now again let's talk let's talk it wanna to make a pitch directly 42000 people in New Hampshire party lost that are health insurance are going to was there the church Aaliyah waiver. Now now all it after the elections over the the new employer mandates kick in and another 70000 people are gonna be booted off their insurance plans because of Jeanne Shaheen is vote mean to tell people about it. Well it's real we heard that the visit businesses regularly on north country tractor. They want to hire more people on here once and hire more people but they're not going over fifty. Hear that over and over and over again and I had a gentleman Karachi with his actual. Bill 25000. Dollars for a Stanley it's 41000. Box 25000. Plus to 7000 dollar deductible. And that's in network deductible if it's I'm out of network it's 21000. Dollars. What are other network deductible. How is somebody like that going to actually. Yeah offtake in the fine and just just you're going to the emergency room claimant you're an illegal alien asking for free care. Well that's a problem on the fact that they're getting a feature like that is just outrageous they need to make sure that we fixed this whole mess right now that the president created because. You're people who are great to have put at the teachers aren't Obama a lot of you're folks over voting Democrat really want. Some are on the increase your energy Chrysler group the number of emitter so you're Cadillac plan under or not viable the army thirty to 40% more. I hope you're a couple of years the cities and towns. A little bit it was a Cadillac traction and every response what was so we interpret it well who's gonna go to individual citizen diversity in towns. It's a disaster for them that there are some of the unfortunate a lot of them coming around. I was sitting on genocide out of this happened to us well in this because of Obama cheering as well because of of senator shouldn't she in fact. In doorsteps failed effort and we have a Chester section. And she told she told those 70000 people in New Hampshire as well as everybody else in the country that. They could keep their doctor they could keep their health plan and that they were gonna get a 2500 dollar reduction. What did you did you tell that to the guy that's going to be the paste when he 5000 now up in the end of the north country and does gonna happen in the 7000 dollar deductible the jaw line and out. New ready cheeks while. He called her office and that got the right around so you know people are aware of it they're they're angry they want our. They wanna hold those. Accountable responsible and we're we're gonna we're gonna do that falsely in the gonna get under siege and let people know where they stand in the about officer opens up and polls open open it's not a morning and then we'll go by hopefully. And earned 9:10 o'clock. He had a you get to feel and Scott over the even if you win the gonna call for Jeanne Shaheen for awhile like to do with Bob Smith like to call for Dick swett. Back in 96. Remember out. He had rather just said hey we're gonna call for a thick swept. Yeah I really care what they do I know that we're we're gonna check applause when. Off will be on the right side of the you know we're gonna learn how to shut a trend that's gonna move move across the country. So now Obama is now now she's not even have an Obama her at The Who she votes with 99% of the time she's not even having him make the ad she's turning to Clinton to do the ads the in the in the last man. He's too busy handling all these are huge remember except the fact it is and he's in NORTHERN IRELAND genetic change spark. Forty miles away from New Hampshire. You know the clintons and certainly don't come around it was a you know I have felt decent crowd sort. We're Hillary last night that we had a actually a tactic airplane hanger would very very enthusiastic crowd of about. 404 of these people and momentum is great surrogate certain certainly helpful bit. And comfort it's such an individual voters as I've been making phone call evolved there going right after people and it's been great. What we've had Dodgers on the show along we've had senator sessions and and senator rob Mike Leigh for ma. From you talk that it you know supporting you just in case anybody still has any doubts about the you're right you're bonafide dessert conservative. Listen I'm I don't I don't I certainly greatly greatly appreciative of their support because. Others are for everybody and operating that's the difference so we have the ability to be individuals in our party and the the end of the day. We're gonna have some very very partial page. But once we focus on what's important which is due over the border killing whether energy policy analyst health care. In getting our debt and deficit under control making Harry Reid the minority leader. And the great golf illustration about me it's it's about making sure we expect the senate. And making sure that we we actually have an opportunity to change direction compete only check and balance right I'll. Augusta threatens to taking over the San. Hey Scott and best of luck to tomorrow and again we we we just we hope you can pullen out in I hope I hope I will have some good news. And our leaders that appear and you remember situations you I'm looking toward. Birmingham must and there are edgy as we move forward thank you very much like Cuba and they get around or don't don't wake up and say gosh are we missed an opportunity thank you very much. Thank you Scott. 18774694322. And now we are.