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Midterm Election Countdown!

Nov 3, 2014|

It is the night before the midterm elections and Howie was doing a round up of candidates and ballot questions.

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Time to talk about the election it's the the polls open tomorrow here in Massachusetts at 7 AM will be open until eight. AM. The Secretary of State Bill Galvin has predicting a turnout of somewhere between 2.2 and 2.3 million that's where it's been going all day in the mid term elections slightly. And it was three million by the way in the in 2012. And 2008 almost three million some but. Last last election last mid term election 2010 it was 2.3 19 that was pretty high so. Somewhere somewhere between 2.2 and 2.3 million which is a turn out abruptly 50%. But there are a lot of people on the pole on the on the on the rolls who was. Four dead who have moved and probably a lot of them won't be voting except in except in places like Chelsea plan. In that case in the bid though there you know again people will be voting who fought in the revolutionary war picture. And we'll be voting you know that we voting Democrat to it's it's amazing the that the that turn out to Democrats get from the cemeteries. A 18774694322. That is the toll free number and how we partial it's very tight I think in the governor's race here in not Massachusetts. We have date nearly all of us on the did the Bellwether polling what that means is they take the couple a couple of cities and towns. Where were we're we're the returns of mirrored the state returns. And they did that in the New Hampshire and in Massachusetts. Yeah and in Massachusetts. Charlie Baker was only up by one point way under 50%. At the end Gloucester and it was 4544. And he was ahead in Waltham 4642. And this guy. Evan fault shock. Calmer falch is. Clocking in around 5% which is very good like that. Like that considering the the the Elliot Cutler. Massachusetts. He's. And you know they purely locus keeps saying what we don't fall trick voters don't like either candidate and he's taken some votes from baker by Q believe anybody listens to camera culture for more than like. A minute. And a thinks he's he he's the sites to switch from Charlie Baker to come to the comrade. And so I think you know that's that's probably the 88 good thing for Charlie bakers as the race appears to be tightening up here. Bob I thought it was a good thing that that that the campaign was semi suspend that here in Massachusetts and heard in the eastern Massachusetts last couple of days because. The passing of Tom Menino. But them I don't know that the books tighter than it was you know what's two win the globe was saying it was mine points in them than it was the nation at seven points are Paul short almost four points. So it's it's height as for a as for Scott brown and have them on orbit later in the show. It's it did it looks looks tough looks tough it's albeit going to be area. You know I know that the Maggie house and the governor is now running neck and neck with while I haven't speaking. Haven't side. And that's that's not a good Spezza Mike good for her considering that while did not have a lot of money to very. According to those two Bellwether communities. And helping New Hampshire. Shaheen was ahead by three points 4441. And in Manchester, New Hampshire which is the obviously largest city in New Hampshire. She was ahead 47 to forty over wrote Scott Brown. That's a that's a that's that's tough but again it's you know who knows who knows how it's gonna turn out. Can I go over the four questions again is that yes no yes no white that's why I'm saying yes no yes no Obama can be the most important one that tube. Two wild. Make sure you bowled right on is a question one that's the that's were healing the automatic gas tax increase. And you've you have to vote yes to repeal Cairo a roll call about it yesterday. Yes on one minute to repeal the automatic gas tax increased urine been running these ads. You know one on TV. I ordered a hot. Hot but money available for roads bridges now. It. If they want to if they if they wanna increase the taxes all we have to do was wont to do with this is all about is. Taxation without representation they want to. Increase the taxes without having a ball wanna have automatic increase in the gas tax that's just so reprehensible. They make it's now all everything's going to be for things like roads and bridges. It's ridiculous. The American Automobile Association. Has donated. Few thousand dollars to this campaign the American Automobile Association which spoke to represent motorists has donated money to. To force an automatic gas tax increase down ropes there. They're members their clients. This is the same. American Automobile Association that in in 1990 the last time these gas tax increases they claim they were giving 120 million for roads and bridges. And AA AA Tripoli bits of research and about the only seven million a 120 form. Was actually going. Roads bridges and restless. And you can bet it's going to be the same issues most idea. Soldier million times is no such thing as you're working you're gonna run into. Yeah you're gonna your rent when you were born on the sidewalk before you was actually seeks money it's you're more or pacs that silence for that matter sunset it any more to. Two big allies. That hack program. So yes on one in the number of no one to that student to increase the bottle bill again. They're they're portraying it as a way to fight glittery top fighting litter it's giving more money to acts at all. Every deposit it's not return that nickel. Goes. The tax. And oh by the way they get to increase speed to get to double the path they get to go from five cents to ten cents in five years from the get it going another five years or you can go from ten cents to fifteen cents. So just keep going up up up up some automatic increase in taxes just like question one so vote no on question two. One question though to have you want me in a lot of the boulders may have a problem may have a difference on pit of opinion on is casinos. I mean I just I got nothing against to the casino in Springfield people ask me about that over and over weekend. When I was up there by the way we have a great time table and mine in West Springfield it will restore their. Sold below 400 books was great. Did that wonderful and level it was great seeing everybody and thanks for what donuts from. For mrs. Murphy in the donut depth. Senator senator world great. But anyway we were civil war what about spring for it we need a casino you get it I mean I just want the casino Everett you know and am I gonna get them. I've I I don't think it's going to be a success because I I I can imagine it wants line in Everett or Springfield the Google casino I. Called it resort destination that's ridiculous. But I really don't like Everett because of the yanks there the gangster element and the fact that it's just all is it's organized crime go up as shown by the indictments. I don't want I don't wanna work experts are really no. But that's well I feel and a lot of people want Wanda you know on the keep talk about the 101000 jobs. That'd be 101000 hookers and effort is that I penthouse and hookers but one. All the end. Thinking about voting yes on two in order to get the welfare crowd and illegals to pace something. That'd. Ye. Don't worry about that you never gonna get illegals and and the gimme girls to play and I think that's just like work it's better to just you just try to keep their. Keep their hands out of your pocket. You know to the two wise yeah you know just just. Try to stop them at at every point you know. You know it's like Marsha Coakley talking about the graduated income taxes we give it one or 2% of the people let's watch a mobile. 12%. Gimme a break okay question. Question three. Is. This question Torre. Yes no. Yes all the trade your question three is the casinos and the question for his paid leave. And you know we you don't want the state getting involved in patiently for and it's it's just requiring paid leave for apps as you know of any place that has over eleven employees. So guess what that's Damane. It's an you know we've already got a reason to keep everybody under 29 now porch right because that's obamacare. You already got a reason to keep everybody under fifty employees that's obamacare. So now you know put a state thing where they you have to. Provide if you have more than eleven employees you have to provide paid leave you don't work it out among yourself it's a state law so guess what. Supposedly via studies have shown across 60000 jobs I'm under no illusions that it's not lose my mobile no question for. Yes no yes no that's on vote. 1877. 6943228. Shia says six what's habits as a casino when Everett means more gangsters. More books for you right. I got that. A triple A gets money from hack program yet they don't they now AAA hires or registrations and a driver's licenses renewals for their members. So suddenly the hacker ram is not a problem for the for for Tripoli it's a good thing. It's a triple I want you to pay automatically higher taxes in gas every year. All and incidentally if there is ever deflation like there's been in Japan for a number of years. The gas tax never goes down Thursday collection to only based on an increase in the Consumer Price Index sepia. Never goes down only goes up one. 1877. Were six lines were three to two. 1877469432. To support system via the cheese cents a while that would be carbon dependency. The cheese man says while he'll be out and about who once January 25 team also he's more of 400 pounds. Or bloody isn't wasting his time in the GMB shears in Kenya you know. Glad he's been you know it's still challenge now but it was a dampens but I think he's some world season is the easiest in New Jersey rattle Pia some. Somewhere he's not. Five away please tell New Hampshire voters their vote for Scott brown and literally saved the country hey listen I you know I've. I've I've by I wrote a column on Saturday about it and it and you know. Mickey cal short column today in the daily call. About the Scott Brown Ricky counts is the is the guy who's he sort of a liberal or conservative. He's the guy who said the once he went up to New Hampshire. And that to cover the presidential primaries and he thought that was the most hateful talk show host is the most hateful. Bitter. Cynical talk show host he would ever hurt that he said he came back four years later and he said I agree with everything he says. So I didn't change make a Mickey I'm glad you're seeing the light I'm glad the scale some followed for me arise but Mickey cultural called the they checked about on the daily caller. And he said that he was basing it on immigration saying that you know that. That somebody that some Democrat who's not in a red state needs to get knocked off this year because each she was bad on her year she was bad on immigration. It needs to you know not like cut on our top cop mark awfully Mark Pryor. In Arkansas but but somebody who's in a purple blue state like New Hampshire. And he said this would be good last. Via the read them you know I would say you know why why are we having Ortiz illiterate disease ridden criminally inclined legally aliens in the best in the the United States to create Havoc in May. By the way the they announce some rest today in Santa Anna California the the people who killed. Three. Three girls stricker treating him on the 3313 girls. Including two wins including twins. On Friday night guess what they took off a wonder if there legally enter. 18774694322. If you truly believe in personal choice of free market the interest of the four questions are yes no no I. At what I would agree with you on three of the quest I'm just telling. I don't want. To reward gangsters and you know you give that you give V you don't you don't have that licensing this if license in Everett you'll rewarding gangsters okay. You re indictments. Do come it's like I am making this up. 18774694322. Please tell people who knew him too that we already taught grammar lesson when he lost Warren he got the message they don't have to punish him again. Quit. When he when you're running guess Elizabeth Warren you know to be punished first time you. Mean again it's a little lesser of two weevils I can't believe that you I still can't believe that she gets away with runner around you know. Claiming about the issue was privileges and you know people are getting away with murder you know equally getting bad images that shouldn't yet and this could this woman be any more for and she she's worried she's more fraudulent than. That. She is more fraudulent the Jew or eaten. She's right up there with Harry Reid. 18774694322. All right let's take some calls here what we're talking about elections by the way I should have beat before and we've reached we take some call. As of we usually we start allowing candidates to come on the at us that in the final hour the show 67. But at today we have so many candidates were interest to come on the short right after the trump like gonna start taking candidates. Which is going to be all candidates for the last hour and forty minutes or solve the show. And you get a candidate gets one Mehmet. One minute approximately to make his point his or her point. And I you get your you get your chance to make your pitch to the voters so ever ever won his it's first come first serve no one know. He gets in the drove or anybody else is just for again if you get on the line and you get through you get on. All right 18774694322. Which indictment. Which indictment if they they integrated the if they get this guy Charles white Barbie who's a well bone plug ugly. After the name might block which sold so well on in West Springfield the on Saturday. And heat he he and his two while business partners were all in bite it. By a federal grand jury for rock concealing. The gangster like bodies. Interest in the casino. And he also was recorded on a line saying that he that he had they gotten in the him hooked into watching our there's lounge right across the line and Chelsea. Which is now closed because of the yeah. The publication of his comments. But he said he was gonna run hookers. And and show Iowa gonna matter loan sharking when everyone caught out of the bar. Because it was near the scene mean to deceive you is this rule it. He's actually going to be a plus for the community. Have gangsters come and and and running hookah bars and and loan sharking operations. You because you think it'll be more fewer restaurants and Everett after run after five years of a casino. How many how many more restaurants are there and ledger connect them there than there were before it seems that there aren't there aren't experts there're fewer restaurants. Our. 18774694322. Right and your next with how we cargo ahead Brian. Gary good afternoon I. You don't talk about voter fraud I I got out. In 1990. And the actors appear between 199899. And moved reach. Register to vote not reached out that old and out. Remember going into the second category and ate like OPEC to determine which I live. And are stretched into an award about debt. And gadgets you'll bloody one year guarantee that 98. Election I went back to Kucera which. At Lipton and out instead hey you know I'm just jive this type O'Donnell on the walkway collapse. And the other job I don't go to screech aren't not election. There's this up there's video out today of a guy who was not a registered voter North Carolina and decades Reagan's people came up to one point Pete times. When he times. And I asked him if he wanted to vote. So voter fraud going on. About an Arizona when the guy dumped all the ballots at the absentee ballots in the in the Republican. Precinct warden came up elements that you can't do that and he said bleep you gringo. And you know what you want want to export number three I'm still open air and you know I look at. At a relatively conservative outlets aren't due out soon and get well I moved up here at Brooke. Early democratic. You know stay in Atlanta appeared in an alleged art thou art beat. I don't need to be conservative and a place where you're just swam based at this you know. This session I think I teach high school Obama actually your land based students that you. But you know you expect your government and you know ultimately and perhaps a good turnout. Tomorrow gone on on our side and you know nationwide and a new entry North Carolina beat. You know good organized a tone early oh most it would happen. Yeah you know the thing is my service in my column about Scott Brown didn't get in the paper but it's on the it's on my website how we partial dot com you can read it. Mean in in 1996 or where I remember this as a part two by ops Bob Smith about this he was the senator that this was the last election he won in 1996. Who's running as a team that swept. Believe it or not. In birdie he won the election he too would one that he knew what form it's own precinct. Watchers. And so this'll be the polls close is the first place in the country clothes and Ambien rather goes on you know Dan rather of Texas Air National Guard fame which you later got fired for making up that story. Colin makes it says. Says Dix Webb has won the election botched. And of course what they were doing was they were just trying to war Jim opt yet turnout didn't get there get the Democrats you don't get all those illegal aliens that'd been brought into the country where Boris 60000 from California want illegal aliens with criminal records. But did naturalize so they can vote for Clinton they wanted to make sure everybody knew that the there was a big big Democrats we going to even though wasn't even true. But you know that the journal first than you'll ever doesn't care about journalism and she's just getting out the getting out the the party line. 18774694322. Rocks OK we'll take a break 18774694322. Gangsters running casinos how we sure by it but you would need a time machine back to a fifty. Linked to a seven what did you lookup Charles light goal hope Charles light bought expelled just like it sounds like body. And and them to put the word in bite it next when and tell me tell me how am I need a time machine a day at a time machine to go back three weeks as wanna meet. And now car. Water 877469432218774694322. 413 says we are never going to get these people out of office because aside from voter fraud you also have way too many leeches on the poll there not about the loser gravy trains which means they're going to keep voting procedure clause period. It wasn't said the you know once the once the voters. Wants majority of the voters realize that they can vote themselves. Goodies from the news worked goodies but can vote themselves. Benefits from the treasury. That democracy will be known somebody's with the Pope ago or somebody like pets. And that it appears to be true. There appears to be true I mean you know if you look back at the the whole period but fifty years ago just just about fifty years ago when ya think the great society the war on poverty immigration reform act that was. I was that. The downfall. Of the United States of America it was wasn't it wasn't clear immediately but it's it's. Certainly clear now isn't it. 18774694322. At least three of them. Battleground states will be stolen via outrage voter fraud she Franken in Minnesota six years ago and when 1996. These people will not give up cheap to keep. Yeah I won't Franken. Franken just want at this he had he had better warriors that Norm Coleman I don't know I think Norm Coleman got some really bad place. And maybe we just because the you know they ward does you know Norm Coleman figured that one he did when action. What about available in Connecticut for years ago I mean all those late votes coming from Bridgeport does anyone really think in normal weight more votes than his Republican opponent for years ago. Does anyone think they're hiring more shenanigans going on in Bridgeport. By the way those of you war planning in Connecticut doubled from this copy he is in Boerse he's the third party he was wandering off or triple. It may be screwed up the election he is now and the worst thoughtful. Little blow way you all. But better late than never I guess. And the problem in North Carolina is is one of these. Libertarians. One of these straw laws this same hole hall hall I guess it is. He's he's getting he's getting 67%. Of the vote coming right out a tough losses. Now again I mean the you know what could be a Baker's gonna win the governorship of Massachusetts because of comrade Evan file track. And it could be that'll pages gonna win in Maine because of Bob Elliot Cutler. But it's very frustrating to with a win these races because of some some libertarian. Eagle Mimi. Who wore he you know was on some kind of big vanity trip. 18774694322. When the takers outnumber the makers were screwed via ballots. A few moments away it is. It was a Morse in the problem in Massachusetts's. Top 47% it's 55% I think that the problem nationally it's over 50% at this point. 1877469432. To rush your next what I want corridor that runs. You know Ali its New Hampshire real excuse me in. What's happened is that it's time to take live free or die off a license plates. Because that that kind of becomes a fraudulent statement when you vote for the government by the government's. You know. You don't need to win short words rushed live for free. Or die. Hey you know write the outlook for free yet that that's a good run. And how we just wanna say that's. I'm gonna be ready for tomorrow night I'm gonna have a bottle of champagne in my hypertension tolls. It feels like an open the champagne. The we get some distilled spirits to our rosters to acacia the drown your sorrow as I don't think this thing is a done deal you know. Again there's going to be massive voter fraud across the country here you know. Mean there's no question about that. I'll tell you what's most important to me is number one that the Republicans take back the senate. Number it's true that you know yes one on one jury PL. And no one and so so they don't extend the stupid. Bottle bill which shall read write him again and remember to appease you know if you don't have any like stake in get the that the gas tax or the you your particularly care about the gas touched. You know I don't moon bats right bicycles most of us were drive cars. But he you know that the problem is that it's an autumn both of those questions one and two would Massachusetts are automatic increases in the in in attacks. Mean that that is an electorate that is not a precedent you wanna sat. You know these these people have got to be stopped in their tracks here. Thanks for the call us one except by the way speaking of was speaking about Republicans. Did did did you CEO Mitt Romney yesterday. Mitt Romney goes on with Chris Wallace on Fox News Channel. And says east Republicans take back the senate we're gonna have a real immigration reform bill. We're gonna have some real border security. If you work towards border security and two year I you don't talk about going back at pine machines. This is anyone other than Mitt Romney believed that Barack Obama is concerned about border security he brought Obama wants no borders security wants to get as many of these illegals in the country is possible to fundamentally transform a country. Now on how people of these dreamer scale. In this since the since the since they world legalized it now we're gonna legalized 3041. Million more from. 18774694322413. To tipping point is in the rearview mirror and I'm afraid you're right about that 413 day of your next with power went cargo ahead today. They're they've. Jared your Jared your next with how white car go ahead Jared. I area today but. So. We hear. About that need sharing Cutler a page appears made and angered Cain get back now from Cutler despite how well he always act out of everything. And support issues that I think it's too late and I I think what it is I don't win it I know it's going to be violence slide but I. Oh no. No no one expects him to win by a landslide in just a few wins by one vote that'll be five. Dirt what does that. What do thinker Angus King is just like this guy did you just like this guy birdies see Amber's you know these guys claim they're not that Democrats but the ball with the Democrats liberal Democrat my whole 9% of the pipe. And I got this guy Greg Norman not in Kansas saying thank. He's got a huge they god they eat an independent he's cracked. The main Democratic Party went to Cutler has eight when you run as a Democrat didn't know. And we all know that Cutler assisted Dem Democrat. And what I say and Paula age he's great he's not a politician you tell us your way at the end. What is she had stuff on the where Jerry had. What is going on here. COR by 1877. That's O. It's 21 out of four callers have been abused the password Ron Euronext with how we are going Iran. I always a big hand so I just a couple of funny princess sent. You know my friends and taken over space spoke with the political stops every day you know and it's really crazy because the I played in have been it is just their whole lives and they're all going off to deepen I mean I don't even like to read the posts and it won't reach some what. Deep the almighty god everything I let one guy to me and he had a reunion at Berkeley challenged him my culture lately okay I'm up these are stored in my daily star as a member of the NRA and then he starts you know Sharon's. Cameron I borrowed more Larry's here's. Think it's you know I mean. Not saying it's okay I really don't wanna get into it I kept guess all this guy his. A piece of. And so and he he's 5780 Katie still hasn't figured out that it's a good thing to have a Second Amendment. Oh my god you can I would didn't get a tick and shoot you blow up some steam because. He wants to kill all the Republicans and anyone who's rich Mike Larry. Anyone who's rich umi that's all it really does he realized it does. Yeah really so we gave he could afford to travel from Berkeley to Boston he's he is part of the moon bats are concerned on you should all the your rich. Your next one it's going into the album. Got so long story to respond to these spots are been achieved by the in. Well odds and and I no particular our enemy until it really wouldn't even think about this Josh. Put himself on the radar and it did get themselves fight started her out. So it. I'm that you buy it anyway is to announced today Joseph announced days and only your member Jackie Gleason and aren't moving as. Think kicked out Ed Norton. It was wonder though. Thanks thanks for call on 18774694322. Trapper day of your next with how we are going to trapper dive. Hey Al trap for their check it and well we did you need change swap out here in northeastern Pennsylvania run in the trap like a coyote. Yes yesterday it looks so looks bad for Corbett tomorrow on. It's going down he's the right dozer line else. Yeah when he's got a lot of problems with the Paterno and then with all these a Supreme Court justices in the porno and all that stuff. You know for no return now it's a bad mix. Especially for Republicans. Yeah we'll be slow down but not a body on the I don't know why Ali and I want to reach out. Apple what is he's got the eight and either don't have to vote up there keep up bear baiting in there. Yeah you know apparently they're running ads saying. Vote vote. Vote yes on one. Bear baiting is bad for bears and that someone just trip somewhere just if you know what texted me and said. Think all the blogs will be put out of a passed question one in Maine you know this question one is the BM bear baiting in Maine. Trafford today. We jewel like and acts Al bear baiting keep bear baiting legal T shirt. Odd sort we will look at all taken out there and Atlanta are not home of the brave. Okay hold on talk to see and he should give you shall I get her dress sense and your way you get those things that our exports were dot com by the way Burke sportswear dot com. He said he selling them and there are going to be a collector's item I've a feeling. Vote yes on question one in Massachusetts vote no on question one in May. I'm now. 187746943. 22. And Obama still go executive amnesty if the Republicans control the senate yes he can but to Republicans were up report to show off funding. But he would just he would just IQQ do we mean that's the most important thing to do is to. I think the country and you'll wreck the country can match I think he wants to do Mike your next with how we are glad Mike. Failure just wanna call it all about to go out there no matter how long ago was. Did you look at how did to us. Protect. There should be out. Yes they do. Yes they do wanna remember a while all the Democrats in the legislature want political forum for refugees to get preference in public housing over.