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The Morning After The New Hampshire Senate Debate

Oct 31, 2014|

The last debate occured last night in the New Hampshire senate race between senators Scott Brown and Jean Shaheen. Brown did well on a not quite even playing field as one of the moderators tried to make it seem that Scott was unfamiliar with the geography and counties of the Granite State. Howie asked was this a deliberate attempt to prejudice Brown.

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You think that that he knows how they screwed with that Scott Brown over geography up to New Hampshire during the debate last night yes I was wondering I was thinking about asking is to it was a deliberate. What do they do exactly and we got the cut. If treated let's hear. I'm an economy in a big picture conversation but only drill down main street here in New Hampshire. You both live on the seacoast. Let's go to western part of the state and let's talk about Sullivan county. Senator brown what is she going right in the economy is sold in county and what's going wrong and please be specific. Well you are absolutely right geography plays a role along the southern border we have more jobs you have more opportunity. Infrastructure and other opportunities up north are difficult. Of one of the biggest opportunities as Torres and one of the biggest opportunities are ski areas and and and trails for snowmobiles. I support those efforts and a senator Jeanne references terrorist bill. The biggest wet blanket right now. On the economy in that area is obamacare it's also those notices that people are getting. Fifty to a 100% increases on their electric grids where it's not going down. In addition to that you have a situation where I'm getting from point a to point B and an inspiring. Businesses to. I stay there is problematic is when you look at highest corporate tax rates in industrialized world. Obama so we're talking Sullivan county you're talking to north country. So what do you she's really well consult account and hug my anyplace past conquered actually and the challenges of of our state. So I'm referring to the challenges including high corporate tax rate obamacare coming in after the election. We also have the challenges of high electric costs if you go to any business in any kind of interstate goes in a very real challenges. This caucus underground facilities. It's going well there is. It is the part it part of it is north. And that's what the likes on a that's what copper not north west I mean it's it's sort of the same thing isn't it in the New Hampshire when you're talking about a fairly small state well and also bachelor moderate ought apologized today to send leagues right excuse me it's just like you know when they did that we shall be the moderator or he said I am sorry your right. What does it did last night. It's like a repeat of what happened with Mitt Romney when he mentioned Terrance and then they discovered NYNEX stated yes dad. Was was right all along was that Steffi the. I'm no big guy who is where it's correcting everything Leo and now. In bell James and I mean he's at W and you are report. We're Schieffer. He's an annual arms. And I don't know where it from a regional. I'm I'm coming institute that he wasn't that tough on Jeanne Shaheen right. This. What this meant I was in not just at the stadium not only was he not tough but this what he said to use. I'm he turned machines and of course you've been neck cut counties governor and senator for twelve year old was when he said the anger that. I don't think about now. It should so typical just just so typical you know. Here's the thing to and I'd like I mentioned this from my column tomorrow I just wanted to just topic war. One last chance to please wake up and and vote for Scott Brown. The way this is going to be played in in the Euro already starting to read this in the in the press New Hampshire is gonna probably be the first state that they call. On Tuesday night. In hand. Guess one. Bit of college for. Shaheen. Whether she loses or not it doesn't matter if they don't care about the facts I mean what. But W York political skirts James Finley was on the panel tonight. Lot of people are taking note and exchange the UN with the Republican candidate Scott Brown. That's right we were talking about the look. An unsolved and counting I said that. So we count you as Wes have conquered not north and conquered the truth is it's both so on this point Scott Brown was right. I was wrong and I apologize to Scott brown and both campaigns. One change in Kenya and a YUU. Apologize to Jean Sheehy for trying to CM bag her opponent with whip false information. Now. Okay. Worms think they're gonna get me that this business if he's gonna get a job but he at a network I mean what his job and these days. You know. Look at look at this book the book Cheryl leftists. About the about network TV but I'll crawl up properly and that wasn't the app would make crap up about sixty minutes and Texas Air National Guard but long before Texas Air National Guard and 2004 in 1996. Bob Smith. The analog these people love that his arm I loved Bob Smith he's my guy. Bob Smith who is running against Dick swett. For indeed that was his name 61. And Bob Smith everybody agrees Bob Schmidt has beaten beaten decks wet. But the Dan rather comes on the we have our first senate race call this is 1996 we have our first senate race call. Dick swett. The Democrat congressman. Has ousted incumbent Republican senator Bob Smith. Everybody knows it's true everybody knows it's not true but Dan rather goes out there and says it anyway because he wants to energize. The Democrat base in the western states the power but further west. In the central on the mountain and Pacific time zones. Never apologized just made it up just like he made up the Texas Air National Guard story now. Remember Bob Smith said the only one who ever apologize for Sam Donaldson yes. The now you you have a situation where according to Sharyl Attkisson books the excerpts are over the Internet if you wanna read. Now what's even worse so you know damn well we're gonna cost for the McAuliffe for she team whether brown wins or not. And and so that that's what they were trying to do last night. 187. Did the did that idiot journalist correct Obama's 57 states I rather die I don't that was along time but I I doubt he'd had a duty to be correct and speaking Austrian. Mr. President it's pronounced corpsman not corpse man. Mr. President it's. It's not an obese guy he. You know. He just it is this is the way they operate it it's just sold disgraceful. And you know if you if you just sit back in and you you let it happen. Did you let your web Braun lose and you VOA you know I mean they're gonna go crazy if she he wins in this first race especially in the gonna they gonna just try to do what to depress the Republicans. In in the other states will states like. You don't Alaska. The polls are open for another five hour after the close in the New Hampshire right now force. So they'll just keep pushing shaking for like you know that's did like that's the trend. Trying to one knockoffs Sullivan and reelect this big B coach who was only elected the first time because the Department of Justice. Suppressed evidence that exculpatory evidence that would have led to the acquittal of the incumbent Republican senator. That this this was during a Republican administration could. Democrat prosecutors. Committed crimes. Even though whenever prosecuted they they committed crimes by suppressing exculpatory evidence to convict a Republican elected Democrat. 18774694322. Why are these where these moderate moderator is complete liberals because that's the only case because they don't all because the Democrats won't agree to anything else I mean im you wore us. I mean it's pretty clear meal with the Yo-Yo what a creep like that on the or on the on the panel I mean the guy's obviously a partisan and again he's. Does he think I mean does he wanna be the next week. Don't want notion Skype apparently is I'm the only guy under the age of ninety who knows Scott Kelly is because why I have to watch him here in the in the studio when he comes on at 630 I got the TV's on. That's the only reason I know we as. 18774694322. H but don't you realize the facts about bush in the National Guard were fake but accurate yeah that's what the New York Times. Yeah memo was fake but accurate. They used of that above my best to along with Bayh of did my duty by how many pets and I also wanna talk about I know I don't just that I just thinking about it 18774694322. Dave your next with how we cargo ahead Dave. I RAI a couple of quick points number one in Dallas has been a political director for and you are about 45 years. And the guys did in and be sure it's laughable that the watches are questioning. A candidate took a moderate it's like high school debate team. And and and the other thing about change you needed everybody forget which he was governor. She and here at 25%. In crates and our property taxes to pay. Four state aid education. That's why I sent is still in fact. So she racetracks is that I wished I would that are that well. You know it that's the thing a day there's no such thing as a temporary tax you know that right right whatever you do whatever they tell you that the taxes earmarked. You know their lion. That means it's that when they say it's going somewhere like like to see it here in Massachusetts the money. The money for question one will be earmarked for roads and bridges know what now. And the the other lie is. About the packs being quote unquote sunset. There's much then the sun never sets on a tax increase. Ali actually the fact that you're unsure response there out Claremont yeah and Claire might actually use some of the money that they got out of that actually increased. It Edgar rode to school not a high school. With a that's not accurate subtype or. Yeah thanks for the call they've won 8774694322. The last time of the was Barbour at us it was say in this one from citizens for limited taxation. The last time they raise the gas tax in Massachusetts they said the real hundred million a year out of it and it was all gonna go to the roads and bridges it. It ended up that I think seven million seven million dollars of hundred million want to actually with the roads and the bridges. So that's you know that it be about the same this way you know all. Pax world you know the money or go to pay off the MBTA pension you know all the balls yours yet that that the retired when there were 45 for fifty years old 55000. Pensions. In the go to another state agency and start work on their next patch that's that's the way it works that's that's what that money's going for. Cycle one for any role or blue edges. And by the way again I hate. If you're out tonight. If you're up tonight on I don't know 93. 128 for 95 a batch generally to some world projects broke construction projects. Ask yourself do you really want to be tied up on Friday night or any other night on a road construction projects are the roads. How did the bad roads are in the post and read those ads but I don't see the roads has beaten that bad. 18774694322. How we dished to be pulled my CNN channel only gonna get the true election returns now. But to match. You know that happened about three weeks ago and you you're the first person actually JJ AG from natural you're the first person I've heard complaint. About losing their CN. Yeah actually you may be the first person who we've been motorists that they lost their seat. 1877469432. To leak your next with how we cargo Hadley. Yeah I I'm Kyle Cameron with a ball the last. Kind of conservative. Political person at WMU are they more or less got rid of him anytime he tried. Where that was that was a long time ago now once and it. Yeah well being made it big that they need to tip the that would run the moment. I believe what they Jiangxi you know in New Hampshire when they dealt. You'll jet went back. And yet tobacco settlement came through. All all the money that went through here sure. Only 3000. Is reaching educational. Because these are doing record and it was like thirty million. If they got thirty million it in three grand was earmarked for the arch. A pretty actual tobacco education brought. Now is teaching it at that time was it'll walk from school school girl and guy are they teach in tobacco education. That particular threat during their. It's. Did that bring and you don't get bickered let him know you don't you give up that people might you'll. I know I I know that's it's all BS I'm telling you any time you hear politicians say earmark or sunset you know their lie. You know they are why I'd. Well people the governor was probably go. That the checked us. Thanks for the call and they actually won 877469432218774694322. Please make an 80603. Says please make it extremely clear I'm not complaining about CNN being on. They some people say if they get if they can. Bay be assured if they can get some kind of like guarantee from dish. Network that they that they won't put CNN back on that they might give up the cable and go with fish but beyond that maybe that selling point. Bob you're next with how we card or have Bob. And Ali I don't. You ally that I have done a lot of against Scott Scott brown and here in New Hampshire. What and you know what they're really hurt but you haven't heard is part about it. Outfit. Christian and Europe right wing pro life. Pot and pop you Ronald what was Cabrera had. Well abortion. How could you vote for Jeanne Shaheen Bob. Well you know both interpret it Republican. Being a pro life yeah appropriate around out. Who you think is gonna be is better for so called bitter clinger says as Obama likes to call Christians. Cool I think it's more likely to help bitter clinger issued heat or brown. Cheney all it got a great job on the great governor pat why are we generated. Or might. Appear and. Yeah sure you got. You're unemployment rate is my Bob Bob Bob your unemployment rate cut that up. How is and how was the house Obama care worker for. Obama did work great for me. Well it's working great for you so then so that you're you're own back. That why. You're cool you're cool aid drinkers are you look at how many how many jobs the 34 million illegal aliens. She wants she wants 34 million illegal aliens to commit the country bought some how. Do you think New Hampshire needs. Re not I'm really oily and JaJuan. How. Bob how do you how do you like the fact that she wants to blood doorway with the first amendment rights for Tea Party always gone. Among. Less. Your next with now we car. You know rally in reference of that previous caller you know he's really stupid okay you know what you mentioned Christians. All the debt Christians. In Iraq okay. How about them that Barack Obama responsible for is always Jeanne Shaheen Gretzky nothing about an Obama rump swab okay. Really you know people like that call on the radio they really make a fool of themselves. When they try to use a way back to. Well I you know I I just assumed that guy he's brought mid you know maybe he's got like a hack job you know make a 100000 a year for not worker. Maybe he's in one of these fake green energy companies you know that doesn't do anything but just gets like a million box and does allowed to go out of business we just pocket the money I mean that's a oh yeah with the all most of the Democrats Ers are on welfare one form or another whether it's whether it's just regular illegal alien lay about welfare or whether it's corporate crony capitalism welfare. You know I mean there's not there's not really very many people left in the Democratic Party who actually get up and go to work in the morning. You know. Yeah absolutely and let's face since Scott Brown is an excellent debater. Which you know when he asked for not only taken those opposed to an opponent opposed gun bags in the media here. That's how parliament if it isn't just a lot. I was gonna be too right. Was going to be 211 but it that it actually 211 is boom bat farm but three this last night it was three on one. The unbelievable how he and how we want to make another comment about tea when I bought today's Harold. And looked at that pitcher would you and Tom Menino. I got a kick out of bed and elegant Nicaragua's. When he when he went up to heaven saint Peter's support. Jews want to figure you'll you'll forget Crowley is really part of deal. Thanks for the call us there actually two pictures of me with marbles. Menino excuse me but I'm legacies and the Michael used that worked at least. So he's buried. I'll try not to but there's a picture me with him in about 1993. Right after became mayor than there's a picture of me last month. With with them at the stock your your across the street. 18774694322. And a bond wick is working great for Bob to a man you know. Don't agree it is how great it must be to just not half of work not have to pay any adults. You know I mean the what do you think she sheen's great but the question as you know Wednesday you know. Two men it's in New Hampshire probably look at you know when we live in the 34 million illegal aliens and a New Hampshire has got to be looking for at least three to 500000 of those illegal aliens you know. Off though because that key about everywhere around the state under bridges. But being all the old lethal pills and the white mountains though they'll reopen them the price conscious set fire to. The mildest you know works go out and start the army all the places all the ski lodges. But be wonderful wonderful celebrating diversity once the illegal alien. Onslaught begins. Joseph your next web powered car go ahead Joseph. I don't know. Want to bring up what wanted to point that you made all the debate what Scott Brown in ambient Republican Party. Why does the Republican Party capitulate. Every single debate. Always allowing the type of mediated veteran. Why don't take it to the end and at least. And what at least one of the Rico and debate that they go out app I want like itself. As a mediator in it they don't agree that Abbott separate that they. And a dummy getting in the Democrat and cite it as an athlete complete debate at Abbott the contract out the quite the court. They actually have one of those debates North Carolina Joseph last week. Kay Hagan refused to show up for debate with Tom tell us to speaker of the new due North Carolina house. And they just they said hey you know we're not going to be. Powered by this this this arrogant move back and he they just that and now worst an hour long interview with Tom tell scheme and our free time on TV in prime time. Thanks for the call 1877. Force 694322187746. Month. However I think today's poll question should be should this nurse in urine may be allowed to roam around free. That's from Ian and Gardiner Maine we have basically the question yesterday for you what that nurse or were or governor or pay each does issues with. And everybody was with the governor what page reports. 18774694322. I watched WMU war by necessity for local news of which there is little little James Kendall is an idiot without an original thought. BZ. Like if you make the rest of 18774694322. How we at the airport on apps how did Scott do when the debate your opinion. I didn't see the debate by I hit it seems to me he did OK I mean this for the first they knew about this the situation. With the route with the question it's a way that's the way it almost goes you know I mean they they say so you don't like like it's like the Texas Air National Guard. I. 02. Days that we've heard the the documents were reform. Meant but of course you know I goes around the world in the morning while the troop is putting its pants. Just like I should do is to push it. You know 1:30 in the morning like I guess I just pops literally won that race. 18774694322. On how we car. 1877469432. To realize that some marks the idea that when he was on it I think I've mentioned this tool and certainly they can think of that he's we go to ready orbits. He's he's a columnist that writes good obits at the old look columnist for the globe but George Fareed oil was up on global and early for. He was in orbit he loved it when when people he knew I mean he said this he says I love it when they die like reading good call epic go to hitting orbit columns you know. Only on rare occasions it's the one today on Menino with OK turned up pretty well guess for me but I don't usually like obit columns that I. You know isn't the old saying you know giving dad does a lot for your social scene immediately that it illegally said that and its its true. Like this like the suck up to people after the head. You know rather I'd rather I'd rather deal welcome one way or another wonder why you know. You know somebody dies all of a sudden they're warts are all go on and you only have decision the nice things about read I read but people. In new. Politicians especially. And I know you've mowing the hoops these people and call people other people now who know. CD is this does his degree resemblance to and we knew and whose fault or stopped. But that's off the you know the thing is all right well we'll talk more about messages we all year but you know Patrice from Arlington. So it's opened she sent me an email that I mean facts and chew mostly she says something it was like myself witches. Charlie Baker. I and I don't mean to be cynical about this I just I'm just pointing something out. This is kind of of we all have to die right but Charlie Baker. Is now on the lead. Maybe people we either slipped a tiny bit just a tiny you know some of the moon bad Democrats are coming home but this racist Rosen it's it's over. It's all. There's not going to be anything happened to the the seasonal lie in state Menino went if they were all on Sunday. In the gonna have a few roll down Hyde Park which a private shuttle camera and on Monday. Should the campaign to you is the voting. Marsh is behind. Me that's the thing the globe pollster Tony basically said it's over. Pollster pollster didn't quite say it was over the globe pollster to skew my aunts and that's stock. Fit me. One 877. We're 694341. May be Stein can write your bit to Europe so. I hope it's not a year ago. And I and those people that they weren't terror or say well what about what they're right here are obituary Kyle what do you think people say about EO. Pebble when I wrote that. I care I have to okay. Whatever you want when I'm dead. 1877469432218774694. Victory. 22. H what chance does here have to knock off marquis we got hair on her we got her on that night. Her her is behind according to The Herald poll 49 at 34 war. I mean it marquis is soul pathetically. Weak. That he can't get over 50% even though even though her has no money. So did I mean it looks like mark he's gonna win but her her or is it's it's 4934. And I love the fact that that that her sides say retire marquis that's a that's beat that's a beautiful thing. Mean if Ebbers someone deserves to be retired its it's it's Ed Markey. And we haven't been able to find that cut from NAFTA and by the way I'm open. If some if some Republican campaign is listening premier somebody McNamee is listening to me supposedly at 257 yesterday. Ed Markey beat senator mr. frosty referred to watch the mayor of Boston is being Steve lynch. An. Irish guy from Boston they all call Ike writes they're all alike. 1877469. Worth three to two. 7740 for God's sake don't. Jinx it. I'm trauma I think I'm much I'm not trying to jinx and I'm just pointing out that. The campaign I think I don't you don't to feel that the campaign is frozen in an in place right now in Massachusetts and weight not elsewhere may be. Plus the other thing you got to deal with that tonight is Halloween. That's. People wish you happy Halloween. It's like it's a holiday. Happy Halloween. The the big girl at them but India. Believed the girl the front desk via the receptionist. She's wearing a yes she's wearing feathers in there. So all you want or parties is Elizabeth Warren. Which looks beaches. You've the second person who said today. A. We're the first. And you sit white woman wearing Indian Brothers well well it's like to thank god. Any locally. Read Dolly Madison Betsy that's no element of the Elizabeth Warren Brad you're next with how we cargo ahead Brad. It's frozen and overpowered except for the votes like. And that's where I you know I am so concerned about the voter fraud and it's not about the Republicans stake in the senate. They had acute now Perot era operatives in place. And it is I set up a New Hampshire you have a gut. In Y you know letters to the IRS. Telling them to harass. Private citizens who are. Voter fraud it's small. Fred. I mean you don't again I I don't know how many times I I just. I feel like I'm just wobbled my arms. But all you people who hates god round. Just think about that she is she she said governor but it's the senator. She was the senator. She signed on to this latter. Written by Carl Levin and signed by six other Democrats senators. Urging the IRS commissioner. Cool what the time was working under Tim Geithner attack sheet by the way and insist this is the great irony here mile packed she was running the iris. And she she signed on to a demand that the IRS commissioner go after. Tea Party groups. Because of there are anti government activities. What would happen to speak intro to now you know. What ever happened to dissent is highest form of patriotism. Once the moon bats get and bigger they get they operate like a Mussolini. Frankie are next with how we cargo ahead frank. I out of regarding Scott Brown importantly the tackle early. Scott wrote this as I think world mattered in the principles of the warrant it. Tragedy of that hole. It if you look at an actual excellent. Web site on an eight keep votes. On abortion he voted pro life on seven of them Larry and what he runs for president will do is gonna flip flopped so. People ought to get out there I hope you'll consider that people just don't pop vocal against not voting for brown visible fourteen she. Yeah exactly exactly I mean you don't have but you don't have to like round you just. Yeah you know this this is a woman if if you work for a living. If if you're in the in the middle class if if you're an American. And you speak English and you pay your own way Jeanne Shaheen is your enemy. I mean it's as simple as that she wants to hurt. And she works for a president who literally despite she may just you know look down our nose that you you know that your bitter clinger. She works were president who this spy eases GO. What sort of just sort of pretty good parliament breast so just on voting Republican even if it hurts. A urged people to dole looked into seclusion on the so. Course Delaware where is the worst column where is it. Grass tops I don't even know what that is grass pops dot com. I figured stressed such US sales support the site notes so. Outlook is to regret remotely know. They're both awful awful I think I can find frank ya that Don Feder used to work for The Herald that he's a very very conservative guy. It appears to an end you know he's lived in a New Hampshire. As wells Massachusetts and expel people vote for Scott Brown a number required to hear that Kazaa. You know he's he's not a but he's certainly not Scott Brown type Republican whip but he understands I mean it's it's bird basic that. This is this that this is just eat you you don't you don't walk away from a fight and win went once. Wouldn't somebody who wants to hurt you always winning a fight. When you wanna stop him before he gets two yeah. Her in this case I'm now car. Somebody once you know the the numbers are right on question one here in Massachusetts which is too he'll be automatic gas. Tax increase you have to vote yes to appeal automatic gas tax increase Seoul according to. What they pale the lowest Earl pollster said yesterday. The people of Massachusetts. Are are opposed to automatic gas tax increases 63 in nineteen their post even though. It that we we've been outspent almost two million dollars to 100000 dollars their polls three and a half to one. But the way the question is worded people are getting it wrong and it's it's going. Down the attempt to repeal it is going down fifty to 36 but that's just in The Herald Paul. According to a globe in this case I hope a global right. The globe poll today on question one repeal of the automatic gas tax increase says that the people are holding fort 45 to 42. So we're gonna have. Jeff. Deal along with us to talk about it for thirty minutes tonight I'm gonna read another column. On Sunday. Spread but column around push it out there everybody you can just to explain it. You know just it we got to make it clear. To repeal the automatic gas tax increase yes on one yes on one and now car.