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Bruce Poloquin On His Congressional Race In MAine's 2nd District

Oct 30, 2014|

Republican congressional candidate in Maine's 2nd District Bruce Poloquin joined Howie to discuss the final days leading up to the election and took questions on the economy, amnesty and Ebola.

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She's in fort Kent. That's way way way up there in north and it's part of this means second congressional district. And might meet issue who was down in Portland with the president of the Portland expo this evening. Tying up traffic on the Maine turnpike. Am I up up and down congress street the main drag in downtown Portland what fairly well. Mike knee issue was giving up his congressional seat and so there's there's a good chance for Republicans to take the seat from this moon bat Democrat issue. Groups who pronounces it it bullied or bull. A bowl oh mobile home. So the the the Republican candidate as a sport when. And he is adjoining it former state treasurer of Maine. And he's joining us on the line and also was on the line is is one of his top supporters Bob Maine's. From. From Matthews Brothers the old was window company America from bell Belfast Maine. And so Bruce first of all. Thanks for being on the show. Well of course Howard yell what do you didn't mention is actually overshot they get not Simpson go up not the county this weekend which is take care this. Quarantine situation important. What are your expecting a blizzard browns but she's not going to be able to get up for three weeks out of our house. We are good sometimes you know it's also Dayton Dayton days at a time how we get a lot of walking he's so that may take care of the problem or is great you know you don't. I'm not All Saints Day they'll drive and joining us is what are your biggest supporters Bruce Bob Maines who want to say hi. In bruise it don't count any thought I was still Alice Scott now everybody at the end attracted you guys making each great product whoever is listening got to go to that is television buys me when this past weekend a great product. Well I appreciate that loosens cuts and as regards you know. You ego or support that meant he goes certainly we had a great meeting would reduce hourly. Early on in the campaign. And it was very clear to us that this was the guy that we needed to work restore second district now. What do you mean you don't need someone for Kentucky's. I'm mark after its. What are the owner Richard Howard she's so cute perky and security Pataki a major okay Astro after probably security. Like all these all these female politician moon bats she got Elizabeth Warren is from Pennsylvania. She's from Oklahoma Texas and Pennsylvania. And now she's here. And she's supporting. She's supporting Jeanne Shaheen whose from Missouri and Pennsylvania and now you have an Emily Cain the state senator is running in the second district in Maine. She's from what's that Kentucky and New Jersey both. Yeah but you know what I think that a lot of folks might not realize is that. You know a few days or hunting season starts 71 yeah I mean he didn't. You know and leaking I think do you really on the outrage at that it played very well. A prince second district how. Melissa I wanna ask you why about the about this guy yeah Blaine Richardson he's the third part he's the third candidate in the race she's. He's raised I think 250 box. And he he's just sort of sort of whack. Backe and he demands that Obama resign which you know ought to be okay it would may but you know Biden's gonna take its place policies market resign. And so. One that you explain to people in in thirty seconds what the problem is with making this protest vote for rob for Blaine Richardson. Because they may wake up call me on not on November sit next Wednesday would be most liberal. And representative in congress to be a rubber stamp for Barack Obama. Wait a nice not shell company has no staff he raised no money could be just the way to get his message all the polls show that he has very very little support so he's not gonna win. And the east chewed up will ultimately came. And you know we've seen this happen in other parts of the country is escalating B. You know quote taken away from me. Mean he's teamed up with her what does that mean. Well they're press conference few months ago and I you know getting an apple I mean it's basically the same thing and it will there a sideshow. But the point yes. They let him one of the debates even always only raise 250 bucks. That's up to this station's Alley and then made that decision although the following. On Tuesday that the couple days ago and we keep backed out of our since the day because it was just between ourselves in the age and was not invited now when she backed out the last minute it was scheduled two months ago you backed out. Also she's got to use and chemist like they are blocking back. That's correct yeah actually sheik prepare particularly to make sure we put enough votes away from me. That happens we get another mansion closely W represented our second district. Plus plus you don't get the you don't set a heaven like you know it's an hourlong debate you don't have thirty minutes to go after her and she's thirty minutes east yeah it's all your time is cut down because you have this guy Blaine Richardson who's got 250 boxes campaign kitty for the whole campaign. About the largest congressional district that. Outs east of the Mississippi. And he's being treated like he's a legitimate candidate. That's right and strongly and you know but like it's American he had every right to run colleague it's just that he could very well talk Stacy is the best opportunity we got put in twenty years. To get Republican seats. You hate us this seat two the most extreme liberal politician in me that you've seen it. In two decades in that it would really be ashamed so. The appeal list are you listens to make sure until it is a glut in the polls have been expensive neighbors and go from Bruce Pollack went. Not four and became warplane which suits and that would make sure that we know are great. I get criticized in this business experience and know what to do in DC. Former state treasurer who needs lower taxes less debt more jobs instead of the other way around. And and we can you would do you view everything that you don't want cheap floated. 7% of the time I do small businesses may agency do you Brady really an array. Actually think the best way to create government charges increased government debt. That's ridiculous. She's all she's endorsed by EMILY's List. The national association for a or reproductive. Writes in a row or whatever it is. Planned Parenthood. You know to anybody any anybody who's pro life up in the second district this is the woman not she's not she's not play in an up she's just taken their money but that's what that these are the people who were backing her these. These rapidly Proehl pro abortion groups. She's also repeatedly voted howling too against being and welfare. Either to folks who who you know we don't require viewers to look fortune voted against added. You know she thinks it's okay use EDT cardinals fifty states. I achieve really extreme machine Nazis and support amnesty for millions of folks here. Illegally it's up to public health issue itself. As well the job positions and she's really are out there we need to make sure we go to the polls. Does she have a yet. I brush Pollack what does she have a position on this the situation up in fort Kent. You know I don't know she mentioned directly last debate as they sat on Tuesdays or sheets or turn on the ball here and tight race speech that. Blatant push over the goal line Beltre Ali it is I agree with you recover completely you know my heart goes ultra chase vehicle actions of nurse went over to help folks over in that Sierra Leone which is not backing that you cannot districts she got a self quarantine mrs. Coleman since you know anybody Israelis kids you know listen to. A very deadly disease highly contagious chuck have restore. Inside until the over a mechanic and then you can't you know all the pizza she wants appreciation self quarantine. Bob power power people take in this at the factory I mean they can't be happy that this woman is running around it. You on north along way from Belfast but still it's in the same general area meet. Beast and what is. What are people talk about at the factory. Quite frankly Howard people are talking about the loss of jobs in I'm very close to us and box forward includes wasn't the last couple days. 500 jobs 500 cameras were out in Cobb they're at to drop of that there's something that's very concerning why we why we really liked Bruce. Eight he's got a career politician he's got a career of creating jobs and and and he knows what it's like. To have to to meet payroll every week we live in a state that has some of the highest energy costs in the country. And it's very hard to have any kind of business in Maine much less especially in manufacturing. And and and only king has voted. To raise the car protection laws imposing carbon tax which is on the guards are part heating costs up. Our electricity policy but there is just gonna make it possible do anything and it's with all due respect to Senator Clinton. Businesses to create child. People whose age and government. I today eight while she just short handed that you know she just started reading every other word on the teleprompter and that's what led to the confusion. Our that's what you say that I didn't know. There that we know we shoot we see what happens when. What use these things that are talked about high energy costs are. Or concept until it hits home until you lose your job because you can afford the energy unit to turn the wheels. Yeah I egg Bruce like. Bruce I got one more question here for you walk from to a seven king claimed she is responsible for Maine's biggest tax cut cruel faults. That's completely faults polishing negotiated against that tax cut. It was then cast by the legislature she went to the Portland press herald and she soon was prodded crowing about watering down the tax cuts that were passed even. She says she hated those. It's since I was they credit the solution didn't do you right away record that's why aren't. To a debate the other two yeah I wish I could have the opportunity to last word. Aboard a tea weaken we can make. She must think she's ahead Bruce should if she's the only people who avoid debates think their head. Well that goes pulled gonna decide who represent them in congress from a second district. Ask Bruce if this from 978 asked Bruce pull quote if you would let his kids knock on nurse a bowl is gore on Halloween. Look I. One sentence terrific statement from the U diapers as single day that it takes CME until. And well no number please don't. Two you know to this displaced person's door just it was yeah didn't attempt to know them. And how much you Bob would you let your kids I go to was admitted to trigger treated nurse nursed a ball aside house tomorrow night. Well for actually don't I was a little bit ahead of the curve on this I started I started posting things on my FaceBook LT whiners come back from. You were taught to respect what they've done. Shelves so quarantine don't put yourself above your problem in this city is crazy. So I guess no I don't think they'll be added fortunately actually. There's an Bruce if people wanna get involved with your campaign now what what's the website. Sure it's www. How acquitted for congress to dot com POL I TYN. Congress start com. So hunting season starts starts this Saturday are you gonna be out. You'll be out of the the the rod and gun clubs and the and distort the good the MO shops tell people about this woman. This woman from Kentucky by way of new Jersey's. The anti gun record. Well will be yellow that a lot of these how does practice start at 4 AM Ali meeting. Forces just loved the outdoors and understand how important it is. I don't they're rather error gun rights in the second and right now and traditions and yeah I'll say look I've been endorsed by the end they have been endorsed by. Susan Collins have been endorsed Paula agent in my community deviates. From Harry and she wants to expand you know gun laws so just not the way to go. And she has a lot of experience in the music department that you main Oreo write back or how that sir that's or rub that's a record right. Well let's yes let's put it this way you don't get a paycheck from the taxpayers you know the legislature. Or even music department at university she has zero experience creating jobs she met that person. But she doesn't fit the problem go to our country into a Harry. Serious perhaps for our country needs is some people experienced people what good judgment and I have a much better judgment that it sixteen and I did not monitor east. Bruce just remember though you know you would hurt tied because you didn't you know created jobs with your business and neither do you Bob wood or is it. Just remember that all those guys I saw walking around and you're right your floor you know your factory for making those when those those are real jobs. Come on. There the opera is correct it didn't didn't Amylin want to on term most of the county into a national park. Yeah that's another thing to Xperia Bob Baptist she is it's support to consider turning what she swore. All of our new look wards to the federal government. For a national park he got to beat can be double faults or actually happens who will be on its cash and take that away from them. And then of course if you take what you can make half of a rustic county 88 national park. The the other the people who live in the other half of rustic county gets what's gonna happen to their tax bills. If you take care if you take Catholic that's what's happened up there and attack and it's actually happen and everywhere they they they keep grab all the conservation land in and taking off the tax rolls. Day and and to the people who were left behind. Are suddenly paying more or are suddenly paying higher taxes. It's called out on the net because a lot of people actually go into the into the woods to get their dinner. And that's going to be taken away from and they won't be able on the national arch it you know. It's more money out of their pocket. Wryly it's going to be like SH worry area for bears bears are going to be able to come out of national park and just. You don't go away like it did take down your rep picnic basket your bird feeder and then run back in and you can't shoot them. We will have a national donut consumption to go. Always don't forget that don't Charlie don't sit at the donuts. That's right he you have the vote no on question one no on question one. Okay and what British oh that's right you're I asked you this before she's she's she's she's no one question one to right. This issue where she put a finger yeah Ali Q months ago couple months ago and says it's who it's going to but you know that you yes years but she has a deal may actually outrage for guys just don't sit here and second district I have three generations here we are very deep roots I get it's. I know how to fix this economy create jobs she just just no experience now regarded that she's nice enough person but she doesn't fit and I hope that folks don't both blamed the Google me so we don't send. Kurt peace be a rubber stamp for Barack Obama. Ya just cause you think you just because Bruce Blain just because Blaine Richardson used to him on TV and he says some crazy you say yeah that's up led lights crazy like that's they don't vote for the guy. He's it's throwing away your ball don't throw away your ball that's what they're counting on. They went they went like 34567. Seats in the House of Representatives every year but put up these are crackpot. Independents are libertarians who drain off votes in the these Ramon bats get in the conservative districts with the under 50% of the vote. It's a yet to scam but should should be put to when it put an end ebony and put away. You know torn out of the senate in places like Kansas and and South Dakota. Hey rob Pollock won and Bob from would be up from the second congressional district and Bob mains for mom Matthews Brothers are windows company. That's one T masters with one T window company the oldest Wendell company America thanks for being with us here on the Howie Carr show. Thank you always look get out there and vote everybody please please please vote. Yes no one question one in Maine yes on question one in Massachusetts yes on question one in Massachusetts no one question one in Maine about what car.