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Mark Steyn and Democrat's Turettes Syndrome

Oct 28, 2014|

Best selling author and columnist Mark Steyn discussed the approaching election with Howie including the Brown/Shaheen race in New Hampshire and the apparent onset of democrat tourettes where they can't stop mentioning the Koch brothers.

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And joining us now was one of my favorite columnists and certainly my all time favorite Rush Limbaugh Phil and and I would be Marc Stein he's got a new book out call will be on documented Marx mine it's a collection of his his columns. And mark thanks for being with us here on the Alec our show. And thank my great pleasure that I hope to see where it yet for we have about that if also fighting basically the old outweighs. Little area. I mean you know when it's like Leo likes about Saturday you know like whoa what Candy Crowley what's it like being in isolation she sighed national team. AHG spot at the installation OK cup hot. Tour over emotionally draining it can't anybody. Com bonds shot. I don't I don't I. You know about the about oh I'd against you gotta that he thinks it is or it. A what does it tell you though that she kicked Chris Christie's ass. Doesn't tell it doesn't say a lot of good luck Chris Christie does it. No it doesn't that I asked. I'm actually glad it could take it I mean I being. I shouldn't be suggesting this but if she doesn't talk about this eighty. At some club that Jeb Bush is that it's. The public about it they. And not have Chris Christie is the broader reach across the dial up to a group of about these so jet boat spent the to speak at and that's the blessed. Have you ever day I know you've been filed blog that you take heed that by the way your book is great of him again I love your columns I I did a column today just that you're you know the way it is mark you know a special with the Internet. Yeah it's like it's like in the old days with the old record American and yet a deadline every hour in Europe was writing for the addition is that the site. I just say hey I'll just like on a quick column here and just put on the Internet and it's don't act act. I can't believe they cut out the I said I said I should do caucus is bringing over. A to the Moscow a couple of bottles of like kiddies special stash of backward Balboa to you know to to cheer up the boy. Ed and they cut. You know I just I was. Which one of the event. Tablet. Why they don't and it's a reason to respect that Kanye for reasons of cultural. Eggs going exactly I mean I understand I worked for a tabloid I only have a I only have a finite number of words in the in the print edition but I figured this time that just let it run but no no it's the same thing. Well that's what I'm sure you have the problem but it seems like when your books come up you know the problem is taken care of and you say whatever you want. You go on that you have these this this the discourse of you know paragraphs here and there and you know I'd like I'd like that kind of writing it's it's great stuff this is. I love her I love to book on the obit too by the way that those were. I've never been a great obit guy myself but the you'd you'd done a fantastic job with those of these are great columns stow. At the bit strange but I I read program the Chicago sun times and has that they act Canadian news. That tabloid. And it's come congrats paper and I. And they used to carry eight British alt and milk Canadian columns. And it was during the Clinton Era and I found that if you couldn't throw if you and I feel what bill was they it was it was part of it sort of just I sometimes but it was in the days. Up in London malaria what was that I'd run my columns of the Daily Telegraph in London in the Clinton Era. The Chicago sun times that it it would take apple Beatles sex jokes and the copilot would fit in perfectly. Well I mean this from the agog as sides. So I promise. I that's so I think it's important book. I've effectively put audited all the jokes were the Easter cup sides Geisel cut out that's the way well. That's good you know most people a lot of columnist it doesn't stand up but the you know most of your stuff stands up pretty well what's he just because of the humor and that and I you know it again I. I'm a pretty severe critic of via my fellow columnist by like like your stuff a lot of new you do what you've done a great job. And does so so that this is these are all year but these are all your columns one way way back to right. How far back and who's gonna. But I mean. I mean this summit seldom go to bed of activity Alley behind you actually have a lot of five million it would kind enough to say that I was your favorite Russian gas it's yes and number of people who think that I dislike of Korea analyst at 36. I'm down. It questions play units in a pro celebrity because. Thought about it. So I got that out from the mountains of Korea Allah is. And then I go way you back up the Dubai it's have a bad Katie with the told me no retreat from politics what it's. Until lunch plate is an expert so that but he go to all of that and I was so little I'd been betrayed robbed by the stuff. In that Canada and Britain and just. Missed seven have been published in the. It your fighting off a lot you still fighting off a lawsuit. Yeah I'm still fighting with the with Michael Manning cut if anybody wants sitting. And on Amtrak. I hope but it. Libya and they do it would teach you what it did seek sort of whatever it is on November 25. Because of what ails. And that they bring a lot of the book I promised to do decided that the culture and so to that site that's probably get that. He was yet am expected to hit some balls that they were Washington out expect it. I took some pictures in in the federal court regularly and you can't take it in the courtroom but you know I wasn't planning to but you know was I of the card as a journalist all lap so I could bring a mighty my cellphone. So as you know we're waiting around for the UY eighty verdict we were just messed around we took some pictures me and some of the other people at the courthouse like we ended up. I get this. The angle from the clerk of court saying take pictures staff on. Or Paul you're right you're pulling your your credentials and you can't cover the us Arnie have trial and I mean it was these these people are out of control mark you know it is while ago. The leg. And they can be base Supreme Court has ruled that in fact based web based saint Pete when people say you've got no rights to photograph government buildings. Which they can't take took so and so I mean the National Park Service tried to prevent people. Taking pictures of brown rush ball. You mean they the shut down that that caused the Ebola outbreak now that's led the moon that's one of the new democratic themes of the week. Yes. That's surprised he had the equipment available they Tebow. It's if those guys that you know that the bad patch. But that the bank this hopefully have it like it's take photographs of federal buildings I don't know what it's I waited that. You know then there's that and they've done. As I've. Law against that nobody is so mobile saying that. You have the right to take a photograph. And have a federal building as much right as avid they've had nobody adultery is all it is. Is setting public space she does not sustain econ side of and the and the things they tend to abort a personal best of it it's down photographed base down photograph that is sold non citizens and English pay no attention Barrett sub Lebanon and in these America again my a free man Johnson by the way when that stop you taking photographs of Buckingham Palace so you know taking up complicating the economy that by that spare. I agree I agree on the other hand they need to get mighty I need to tweet from the trial in January mark you know they kind of got me over barrel. So I pulled it down. And we pulled down and they they just kept seeing the cashed picture and they kept writing these what did you. They get up I didn't take it down I'm sorry you don't know how computers work. But a bit evident. So your New York senate because somebody had go to some little cash. Bojan idols the picture. And so what you want and you just say well look I agree with you can't just you know. Fred in the senate. And the Internet like Abbie take. I want to go to the guy who put the faked documents that Sharyl Attkisson site email account and have them take them out of my account. I would get it done to right. Oh I don't. I don't know I think that's why this obviously that is obviously it but since the Tony good to be that some technical equipment. Yeah we always have to alienate them and evidence. Well listen mark I gotta get your take that we're part of remarks fine and I he's got a new book out the undocumented marks behind and if you want wanna get an autograph to be in the US court for people stick your Circuit Court in DC November 25. But I got to ask you about the New Hampshire senate race what what what your your you live in New Hampshire now of course and it be an above. You think of Scott Brown to pull it out and what what's your opinion of Scott Brown people want to ask you that so. I'm I'm not look out I got nothing against Yo-Yo great states that. Actually that's Altria Group anything's. Great state but I'd love so I don't Scott Brown when he won in Massachusetts. And I think it's a rather sad comment on the state of the new Hampshire Republican they. That Scott Brown Wilson was the most viable candidate you that you didn't you know what the primary is like Smith which and from his from Florida. I quit that there were really. It was that I was going to happen. And that was. From all of that Scott Brown of Massachusetts. And James Rubens from down only and really it's in that there. Pushing carbon tax always a great guy Garrett in New England state. Carbon tax. That's right that's that was the grade that was a great that is so you have like at Massachusetts got a little bit ago I they doubled published appetite media Canadian and it's got to the world that. It's the united Canada's a lot there absent that I get those exits but I'd I'd get this program on. And if so I don't think there's a section for him it is. And suddenly in my government open New Hampshire and that is that he's not people who have loans signs for everybody else ma'am in the gut Sierra cup. I host and that all the way down to you know register would be. And they go to meeting but the scope Brown's side and having said that I think you know they would will be about pitching to him on and on Tuesday. And and and I think it's I think that system it's a bit of according to spend and actually made me have imam let alone. The vegan vegan. He's taken a drag him over the finish line that's what. Have you seen the epicenter and your. In your neck of the woods abuse and any of those Obama should he signs. I'm inside. Does seem like a dirty track I mean the Democrats are shooting themselves in the head because it's not a it's modest it's my. Dirty trick they ask somebody actually thought those lines were gonna help out gene Shea team. Yeah yeah and that's the funny thing about and the funny thing about it is eventually change it change settings may Batman issue by some of the most imperative announces that I I have ever I mean I don't think but everything else about Scott Brown by the white. Is I had no idea Jeanne Shaheen would be quite as disastrous in the debate. As as she's proved that and every time that. I had managed to make. And managed to put the Democrat on the defensive the weighty Shaheen has been. That this election on Tuesday it would do would be and I'd. But overnight. Beauty. But the other night which just shouts out and she's making. I. I mean I'm I'm not that have been told it like a total is it like the academic Democrat tourette. They. But then. Since you got. I don't cyclicals I'd say by this. Climate change topics. By a guy. Who's in some dated pundit everything that. Most dominant style and attempted to their plan is to annihilate them back and I'm a bit how he our show. If that's what they like it can potentially bad news I went there anyway. It well played at the ship steady tonight our electoral sounded right. It. And then. What effect to the they call it used to be you know you were sampled the mire like the Holocaust and higher. Now oh now you've become a denial lust. It's it's it's more of a formal. It's study you're disappointed right I did my analyst. Yes. And I have and I say let that you can say that. Big Easy get by it. Why is that as some stupid. Things Sega America and talk blades they're already planning to introduce did not analysts. All of the major in the Iowa study is light I have a my miner is in queer studies. That's a let's. Let's face calls people wanna talk to at risk. Was like some calls for a marks bind here 1877. By the way he knew but I. Chris will believe it will click call but could you get the that sound cut from from. For me issue from last week talking about a bowl only has not talking about a ball acute you have that ready after we take a couple of calls are what should hear this mark geisha and heard it yet. This is you know they did the other democratic candidates for governor of Maine. He's not a brain guy is speaking as the Bangor state senator sentences and a bit of an understatement. Michael Michael your next with how we card Marc Stein the author of the undocumented marks fine. Well thanks for taking my call democratic threats that the brilliance that is I was wondering. Market you're able to recite a couple of stones and stronger. Populists rendition of the early too early trial like O. Well that they and that's what that's actually from my. I did that all Russian I think that's from the state of Maine as well. They basically. Introduced when they say it is the county crime light bulb which is replaced citizens great convention. And they sent by at least a there's nothing to worry about if you drop it it's very easily or you need is to to dispose of it. Is a pack of playing. I'm duct tape. To make Sanjaya posts. And about our own drop and it happened and now I this. This double for the anti 23. Step disposal prices. For clearing up a broken heart before I like. Whoever doesn't eat. Two nations. And they packed complaining it's needed. Every light fixture. Or you can just call a Hazmat. And so beautiful just call the Hazmat unit that's what I do wanna drop one of the curly Q Fries. Those reminds me of those low priced things. That Burger King thanks for the call Michael do you ever give it to their what did you hear this marked just the first. Life. Ebola patient has showed up in the Dallas hospital. Within a 103. Beaver at that hospital. Because he had no insurance they gave them aspirin and sent them on his way. He contacted. Yet contact with fifty other individuals. The virus doesn't yet. And choose. Who is inspected. How healthcare it's not yet in choose who we care for and the fact that this governor has vetoed not once but five times. Expansion of the book look Iraq. That's reckless. It's wasteful. And it leaves us vulnerable. And that's why I went to look at the whole Ebola it's agrees weather turned away. They had no insurance. So it's like it's like a lot mound mark you know you'd you have to decline you know to all low ball the ball why the ball home. But it's used at all why and the only you were. In a boat in life is when it Matthews ridge Ito lie. It's in the drinking water. But. I think that's it is Ebola that. Is he garlic area is actually the health insurance program I eat Mexican navy look and act. Dot what to do well if you don't Ebola my recommendation to do these many Ebola ravaged. Listeners in in the Massachusetts that area having is if you go out and shows us. Got a half a million dollars what else steps without having to make it Campbell called public possibly sailed. It. You get bachelor life I don't I I bought and I've seen health insurance they but I know the minute I did Ebola but they knew what went from there possibly issue would be say well you get paid 757. I have about 1000 followers quality you'll find that the Ebola I Ebola Ebola and I think about a lack. Hello we don't last Tebow left. Did it declarative. Blue. I'm down I'm says. That's been their demands and I think I have no bones about it and it poultry. No problems with the duck the no deductibles no co pays just come on down. Just come on down and that's your next week I went to bat but potential. Roster next with how we card marks buying go ahead rushed. Black what I wanna know if the Republicans retake the senate. What this press time that I go and gotta write from that's what happened pull out and about of those what. But. That's they yeah that's a reference to the doubt in my last book which had. Uncle Sam with a total attack. Lying in the lie in the mold and I would love and I'm also asking whether rise from the mold. And and walk again and then people would be Iowa at that moment and putting says stars and stripes. Talks have on his head. Animal tool again and I would like that they'd been Republican victory and the senate would would do it. That you know this guy Obama basically figures and increasingly eat the liberals do basically fatal that this is a post constitutional law that. And they are entirely comfortable and it. So that the lord is whatever he happens studies saying it is to dawn what however he feels anyway testimony he wants to repeal. US immigration. If you want to repeal parts resign in the public lol he just goes ahead and about it and I need to be stopped and in Mac himself for the. We just had Jeff Sessions on and he was saying you know come about you know echoing what the rents ranked pre but said last night which is they could stop they could stop the amnesty by cutting off the money to print the green cards and all that but. I mean I'm not I'm not sure that would stop him I mean I'm I just think he might just you know say hey come on and we'll worry about the green cards later you know I mean the I I I agree he's he doesn't care about the law. You know back. He doesn't but that's that's the biggest thing having that power of the past. And I would love it I would just love it if they took the path of the passage because again these guys have to get paid. You know he's not. That they need on each of Ronald these operations. And you're writing in saying we didn't we don't need degree count immigration into that pay money for the past bureaucratic apparatus and at the Republican candidates battled its unconstitutional. Stuff. They should entitle the money. They did that that's what they do in in other countries Australia I don't let let me die foremost problem in a stereotype that straight. Yeah you don't. Out of office. Because the senate decline took sides. Two to keep funding is government in that's that's the way you do it out of the money. Billiard next with how we card Marc Stein the author of the undocumented marks fine now available everywhere I go ahead bill. I know are on our our all right up. I don't direct question mark you mentioned earlier about how we grow up and Georgian a whole lot. And I was wondering near. We don't turn things around in this past election visit to relate to that we apologize sincerely to agreed to take us back. It is another thing you think they. Dead dead did they do majesty dominion. Is it isn't like this you know coming across the program to a flat bottoms dips still definitely in the bicycle back at them by default application. They got the same problems do not want. Mark I mean. The idea of the BB minister who said that he said the board the accounts on the coast are being swamped by a by immigrants from the EU. And the next day they said although he never should have used the words swamped he should have said. Under pressure. You know yeah that's political power. This just like we have. Yeah. Now I and oh and I think that what's what's fascinating yelled yeah erase that trying from London to Paris. All of these guys to exceed jump on the and the Paris send over to the train to make cling on to the Canadians against the Channel Tunnel and then jump off on the British side and people he went when he went. In the past migrations of the world. It was their decision so mobile. Old developed under is although. I would still saying not on the scale of what's happening what's happening to date is that deliberate some version of American sovereignty by the people who are charged with protecting it. And I say that. The guy who you know has filled in all the paperwork. And and tunnel that kind of stuff when they with the with the about retirement security analyst at. Is amazing the army what like what happened in California last week via this illegal alien that was first reported in 1997 for rug defenses. He's back in the country he shoots two deputies to death he shoots another guy in the head during a carjacking. And it's like it it's just it's not even a big story except if you're in Sacramento you know what's funny and a big story in LA or San Francisco. They just get the it's I can't believe that it's hot it's not Warren significant how many. How many Americans are being killed by illegal aliens every day. That you. Be cute at that story get those same stories and Boston which is which is a long way. From the Mexican border I mean this position is something people usually just a problem in the southwest. That is spread you have some problem in Rhode Island now it's a problem in not. In Massachusetts. And the funny thing Nancy is that in interest so celebrating diversity. Amendment and so it's just supposed to put up with an insight. It's like. They base on the assignment guys you mentioned. Allowing up they. Blowing up the most amount. I'm buying up bank hole and thousands and thousands of people's lives and that will be can have a favorite pet people will be living with the pain of that explosion. For the rest that I is that somehow. Are we considering the way people getting the refugee system like this time needed would that would that would be you know that would say when not nice fluffy bunnies. And so we can possibly we couldn't possibly do that the plan that I parliament who was beheaded by a guy who went sort of free guns to adult mask. I don't know what to supposed to put up its Nintendo is an occupational risks. And get big headed. That's I don't know might and we just put up with a little over the will be heading out Saturday scale not crisis stale but they'll be just been a little bit Oakmont weatherman I mean it's. Want any man I ain't that bad tell a guy and the guy has to bite sense that it was chopped off about twenty. A little bit about it it would be going up. Let's go Obama sending the sending a note to the mosque. A note of separate what a note to the family of the woman whose hat which dropped off. Bad. And no. Rebounds. I'm I'm thinking that there that mention exactly the same thing via the head news. Have you leader of the Canadian Liberal Party Justin Trudeau. His reaction to that global comparable sir I. Who was matted in Ottawa last Wednesday was to send a message of solidarity. To intimidate a glimpse. News. I think that is that the papers and is being it's been a top forty. For a Canadian my Muslims. But I went shots. And the guys will run all over Montreal. Right the guys run homer. This guy is some. Yeah the guys percentage almost every issue which is actually just does not about to publicize it and that's up I'd filed a matter of Bermuda and also staying they have. That some got only until it that is been a tough week for Canadian Muslims sitting put it I something like whatever it was November of that idea in 1963 it's been a tough week the old. Important just. That is. Among its you know reading. That. And sometimes and I and I'm so it's the you know not appropriately in Ottawa. Just. It's not being a soldier. What he's given his life the green and country. Notice and you know what into. It right yet always moan batch you know who only care about pats I mean think about the day they should read the story mean he had told two dogs. The dogs don't put their nose through the fence you know fully committed to think of that their master their beloved master was coming back to meet. If you don't have any sympathy for the humans what about the box he left behind you know I mean I would think that would get the low info voters on on his side but. Apparently not you know I didn't know I didn't know that about Trudeau. Now and it's. Now and I say about that that's but that's that's appointments mean the principal happenings is that. Wet weather is sent Trudeau's talking nonsense in Ottawa David Cameron in in London Obama. In not in Washington. Enemy is a lot I mean well but that. I think it's a barbarians but then I would have a sense of Cuba and that's saying when Obama says. Sit up there you know a couple of be heading back this is nothing to do it is lap. And they look okay you can't that saying goes the other Pete all the big erratic scala. US of the finest madrassa. The iPhone but I would love job Stewart since I live like that he's. Right but Don Hewitt. Marc Stein it's it's great to have you with us and and loved your book love your writing him love you fill in for Russia and hoping come on against some time and a a wishing you the deal not only fill in for rush right you have a contract right. Yeah its site is rather than one of those things where I got this billion. I think the inter island. Let's you don't rush says he he counts against those surveyed. Now I guess I know. Well it always about you know people want me to. People want me to have you relatives from me and I've loved that you fill in for me but I know I know I know you got a better opportunity I'd I would die I don't stand in the way of anybody's opportunities. But I appreciate. Well as. Now I have to I appreciate I appreciate you know carry heavier this throughout the great says I never thought I'd audio so I was laughing so much is something he's that I dropped the five and if it's connected both sides so we've looked over the dealership. You've got the best line of the day though Burma Democrat to rats that's exactly what that was exactly. Bet you put the put that in your next column and I'll I'll properly steel up first before you get it and marked. But I appreciate you being with us and again the next next time your Boston stopped by the show I stopped by. That there were a bit. It was studio and. That's going to be great going to be fantastic OK good thanks thanks for being with us this marks behind his book in his new book is the undocumented Marc Stein about our.