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I Don't Need No Stinkin Quarantine!

Oct 27, 2014|

A nurse in New Jersey who just returned from an Ebola stricken African nation was put immediately into quarantine even though she was asymptomatic for Ebola - out of an abundance of caution - and boy was she pissed off. Howie asked did Gov. Christy do the right thing.

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This is this truly this is really irritating that if that again the political correctness trumps trumps the public health community soul Obama stops on Cuomo and that Christie in New Jersey. And is it and stops them from my ordering quarantines. Of people. Were coming back from a ball now this is the same time registered the newscast there plumber Europe the newscast. Three American soldiers have been quarantined and Italy these are the American soldiers that have been the biggest in the engineer rob brigades. The have been in West Africa I don't know I think it's terrible mistake sent troops in harm's way for Roth for this for an epidemic. Just because the president wants to be politically correct these putting other people's lives needles week in danger. So then you also have in the Bronx. A five year old boy who just got back from yet he has also come down apparently with a bowl and now he's in Bellevue. Manhattan. Soul. Sold theory is a big problem here and yet. Yet they there's a quick there's a quote in the paper in the papers today from Obama Obama administration officials saying that. But that Cuomo and Christie's. Concerns to governors of new York and New Jersey their concerns are quote. Not grounded in science not enough think about that from non grounded in science. This from the administration. Who's director of the CDC said. That. If you don't have a boy it's OK. To get on a bosh because you can't it's credible on boss. But if you don't have a ball and don't get on a boss because yucatan's credible on the bus or you have the ball. And then now we have now we have in other. Member. Of the we have another member of the administration I'm just working doctor Nicole lower. And now that this is an another. Another country heard from on the subject of buses. Impossible I'm not excuse it likely is it possible that some make you contracting goal is sitting on a bus next to somebody. Who has it. Can you imagine a way that can happen is it possible. One would have to have been in contact with a body fluids of that person does that include perspiration. Doesn't clippers okay. There were accusing this administration is accusing other people. Not being ground and science I mean I would rather go with a witch doctor. Bin doctor Baghdad Bob Frieden and his his. Clown posse. That he is out there or bullets spreading and Obama's concern that sought someone is is going to feel terrible and feel stigma. This woman that this woman that remain who was who's being flown back directly from the work now that she's been released she was going to be quarantines for three weeks. She she's this is one of the worst experience of model iPhone being held prisoner here. Here you're talking to war it to CNN. On the telephone. How much of a prisoner argue we're pure if you're giving out in their views. And then. So they're willing to go all they're willing to go to West Africa and risked their lives these help workers. Two to one two to help out these the visa. Primitive peoples butts. They're not willing to spend three weeks and see it in in a quarantines. To. To make sure that. Are fellow citizens back here in the first world or what still is for a however many months still the first world. Our rug not exposed to this deadly disease. 18774694322187. Front page of the New York Post yesterday picture of the Brooklyn Borough president. He's bowling. At a goner. BO the bowling the hipster bowling Alley in Williamsburg where roe went to doctor was bowling right before he was diagnosed with the ball. I feel a lot better but if the Borough president Brooklyn astute enough to put his fingers in those bowling balls and then to Orton throwing gutter ball at a goner. That's fine that's fine with me. But. Don't tell don't. Don't expose me OK it's like these guys it's not like Cuomo and Christie. Made this decision you know Chris they were right there were always work camp. Overnight the start talking about this on Tuesday. In the they decided to do what on Friday. And overall you know and in the one was the only question was completely when I was complaining about it was what was Obama because it's not politically correct. All one of course MSNBC's. That he that he Deutsche. Which complaining. Well we'll get we'll get metal worker Chris it will get it within minutes Jim your next with how we car go ahead gem. Accelerate their particular culture Arnaud and nursed her saying that it ought to be quarantined and maturity. And not. If you are ya what happened to the two Hershiser contractor or accurate. How did they get it in my garden when they were treated for all the furor. Has ever explain to me how they possibly got all. I don't understand it you get this or any president you know. Possibly up. Yeah I know how. How does she say yes she said I've I've Macy and I'm asymptomatic so how can I haven't would guess what the doctor was asymptomatic too right up until the moment that he got it right. I'm sure the five year old boy in the Bronx was asymptomatic so for the three soldiers in Italy. So what can purchase the track just to get. There's obviously rhetorical question GM but I don't you know the we we don't know how it's spread everybody you know a sane society would be Peking opera cautioned. You know what I saw the heat when I saw that game start yesterday at 930 that NFL game between the falcons in Detroit. I thought to myself. I wonder if the Brett spot about like a quarantining those two teams because we're coming back because they were coming into Britain formidable infected in fast the infected country. You know. Meanwhile why and a desire is is conducting extra. Extra. Scrutiny of Americans coming over because we have. We have. A bullet in this country and we're allowing it to scrap. Because the president of the United States. Thinks it's okay. Thanks for the call jumped 187746943221877469. 4322. How we it's okay for our military to be quarantined but not ordinary people like the five year old coming back from a bowl infected country also how long until we hear that the nurse being sent back to Maine has a bullet because they released from quarantine to worldly. Well you know what. If I'm Chris Christie I'm gonna say well I want the keeper at. Cuomo might might. My whole port my my won't backcourt from Albany he wanted to keeper I keeper and but we were told we couldn't do. Because. It would it would damage the small office seeing with these people. So now some of the people say. Don't tell them don't would you would you come in to what the US don't tell them that you were in Liberia Guinea Sierra Leo oh that's great. And I like the fact that the woman from Maine has hired a high price civil rights. You know it's good thing that they didn't have high price of lawyers civil liberties lawyers back and civil rights workers back in the a hundred years ago. And have me in Dallas three weeks ago now I don't think for all the people that the all the people we're got through would've been allowed to commit the country with tuberculosis from Alice. The stock. Was that a good thing it was a bad thing to stop tuberculosis from spreading hundred years ago. It was a good thing but now it's a bad fixed operable thanks for John your next what I want cardinal ahead job. How we are. Just act or I guess what there's probably people these help or those. That ripped. Because they. Wanted to do way. I know it secures a much about the people of Africa why don't they care about their fellow citizens job. Well exactly I could use both walked out what you're labor backed pay. You know John I hate to seem selfish but what I virtual who's getting on a private plane to go straight back at but thank god she's not top of Logan anyway. Now. All right I don't you all are brought. Yeah I don't think you're right that's another question though who's played who's paying for this your private plane that she's going. But all the. I have my suspicions jobs but I and I one idea what I go by the mirror I'm gonna say that you pay for the thanks for the call jobs 1877469432. To about car. That's feel this and it goes Robert Reich wrote a piece about it and touched on this. Do combination of cowards now every time I run into somebody who's on an electoral law I'm afraid above all it's just. She should go home. OK when you go visit the doctor when you go visit though located in Bellevue. What do you go in the meat nurse checked clock when she gets off the private plane and put in Portland or were real Bangor where she's got off the rush your next with how we cargo ahead rust how much time go ahead. So Ali moon that no arrests. Girls they had a save the world and comes home and and possibly infection of gambling and doesn't think. Not exactly. Where what is wrong with this picture rust. If it's there. You know that things have certainly changed and exactly fifty years.