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Hatchet attack on NYPD. 10/24/14

Oct 24, 2014|

What do you make of the attack on two police officers in New York City by a man with an hatchet? Do you think it's terrorism?

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Like WRK oh AM six JB and now on 93 point 74. Howard you're the one. Wanna record okay my friend. Do you think. Corner country poll question of the day that he'd talk your west now could tested positive for revolt on. Craig Spencer came back from Guinea have been treated Ebola patients. Admitted did not feel well already on choose day. Was feeling sluggish slight fever. Wednesday he went took a subway. Went to read bowling Alley with his girlfriend they had dinner they had drinks they bold. Took the subway again got into a taxi took an all Burke. And then on Thursday so littering the night before he tested positive for Ebola basically went bowling and took the subway. Do you think. That there should be legal consequences. For him. For not how being quarantined himself. For his reckless actions. If you believe the answer is yes there should be consequences. Tracts eight to 686 say. If you believe the answer is no Jeff he didn't know we got Ebola so you can't punish him for that. Next beat 68680. It's brought to you by the greater land senior services. Providing a wide range of social services for you when your family visit www. GL a SS dot net. For more information Brittany what are the poll results thus far. 95%. Yes 6% and now. How would you vote Britney do you think should be you think there should. I think he has. Like I was saying let the Max I just don't understand your health care work out why you why I mean the second nursed a one of politically we'll sorry second acts. And so you think she should also be held responsible. Lol yeah not. OK. So I britney's that an avid yes. OK my friends now. New York. Is not just now facing any bowl. Potential outbreak. It now appears although the liberal media is desperately trying to sweep this under the rock. Vector could have been in fact very likely was a terrorist attack that took place in Queens New York. Now to separate contacts because the context is everything. Last week. I series. Made a statement to the world they declared an urged. All of their sympathizers. And specifically they cited in Canada the United States and Australia. To conduct quote unquote very words lone wolf attacks on quote. So what is taking place. In Canada. If you had somebody who we now know was sympathetic to crisis. Who in fact the RC MP just admitted was planning now to get out loud to get a passport and by a flight and ticket. Two gold to Syria a fight with nicest. Gone down. A soldier in Ottawa before he himself was fatally shot. We also have somebody who was inspired by crisis. That took a car ran over and killed another soldier outside of Montreal that took place on Monday. So when Canada to ice this inspired so called lone wolf attacks. Well here in the United States in queen's. Here is what happened I checked this out this took place yesterday. 832. Year old individual. By the name of sailed Thompson. Who was discharged from the navy. But now according to FaceBook and other media reports. An apparent Muslim. Who lived in acquaintance. You can see surveillance video he has these sort of Islamist beard he appears to be dressed in Muslim garb. Wielding I kid you not hatchet. And a look at the big picture of this hatchet. It did not think practically about sex. I mean it's it's a massive heart is practically about locks. 2 PM yesterday in Queens in the commercial district. Two who police officers on patrol were walking. On the streets. They are running in to a terrorist. The first says would you mind taking a picture I while the men in blue excel at a rate setter on New York's finest. And it's always picture is being taken to troop patrol officers obviously. The bit this distracted they're posing for the picture. How is that true or posing for the picture which by the way it happens often in New York I've seen it countless times were tourists want to take pictures of the cops. These dale Thompson. With his mini battle locks. Dressed in Muslim garb not saying a word. Who runs right up to one officer. And slashes him in the arm with his hatchet. He then turns on the second officer and smashes and in the head with his many battle ax. The second officer immediately crashes down to the ground. He is now in a hospital in very serious but stable condition. Two other patrol officers were nearby. They saw their fellow colleagues. Men in blue under attack. One then pulled out a gun and told them to stand still if Reese. The man refused to freeze to freeze the standstill. Shots were fired. One accidentally. Missed. The Viet talker Zale Thompson. And actually hit 829. Year old female bystander in the buck. She is now in a hospital. She's a resident of Jamaica queens. She is now in hospital desperately fighting for her like she's in very serious condition stable but serious. The second shot nailed the attacker they eventually shoot him dead. Now many you're gonna be saying she. She Jeff what do goal (%expletive) but a goal to keep. Not everything is a Muslim terrorists that Jeff come on this is random. Again he's probably mentally ill notice by the way whenever Islamist committed docs it's always mental illness. Girl with it's never Islamic did it is just some published huddle all they just they just cracked it just got a boost the elevator didn't go to the top pick up the scrolling. They pick up I had shouldn't start cutting cables heads off. But if you look at Zale Thompson's website. He is an avowed Muslim. Not is not only is he and about Muslims. On his FaceBook pay each. There is Arabic writing. Beside the Arabic writing guess what there's a jihadist fighter. There's a jihadist fighter. With a black head gear and holding some kind of a gun. And with pistols and a long night all over. So clearly. He seems scared me. Promoting more in love with the jihadist lifestyle furthermore. According to the blaze and I wanna give them a big not to proceed on some very good investigative reporting on this story. Apparently it now appears. The fact Zain Thompson did it they me and issued a comment on YouTube. Now. Not only was he a Muslim. But this is a very key point. She was also somebody who graduated from the teachers college at Columbia University. And he was an avowed radical leftist. So he's both a radical leftist. And an avowed Muslim. And honest FaceBook PH. He then issues this statement quote. If you're looking for a quote perfect unquote Muslims who never make any mistakes in their Jihad. Then you'll be looking in vain. If the zionists and crusaders. Had never invaded and colonized the Islamic lands after World War I. There would be no need for Jihad. Which is better. To sit around and do not think. Or who G hard is by Lila. What he's obviously sank to its. The State of Israel is a legitimate. How does zionists and the crusaders not created the State of Israel there would be no need for G art. How'd the western powers not created states like Iraq and other states in the Middle East. Supporting Sunni and Shiite it's Sunni and she get together in the same country there would be no need for Jihad in other words he's. It's pretty obvious to me. He's calling for Jihad he's justifying Jihad. But then heat issue something else. And I want you to listen to this very carefully my friends because now. We're starting to peel away the rotten onion. Of the unholy alliance between the radical secular left de progressives. And radical Islam. Notice how this Islamist. How is a social critique. All of the United States of America. That is mold different. In many ways from chief spreading bull. From the dear leader. From Noam Chomsky. From Michael Moore take your pick now listen to this with some activists. In one of his YouTube video commentaries. Jailed Thompson. Starts ranting against so called whites and white oppression he actually literally sounds at times like Al Sharpton. Or. Obama's spiritual twenty year spiritual advisor reverend Jeremiah erect. He he almost sounds like not our disciple of Reverend Wright like a dear leader check this out so we rails against whites quote. It's OK for white people to draw pictures of all white Jesus. And then colonize Africa. And enslaved the negro in America wipe out the native American and invade the Middle East. They call black people racist for rejecting the oppression they suffered from whites. He continues. Listen when black people of colonize the entire continent of Europe enslaved his people and sold them and the bondage of foreign lands. And you can call them racist. She rails against American and western imperialism. He rails against Israel and zionism. He says America is a country founded upon racism and slavery and genocide and the oppression of native Americans. So hence she deserves to have Jihad. She deserves to be wiped off the face of the earth she deserves to be subject gated. Under the rule of Islam and in fact in another YouTube posting. He praises ice since and in particular. Key praises they need to create what he calls a global California. And Islamic elephant in world Muslim empire. What is the Islamic state. But now the epicenter of this so called. Islamic tell effect. And law enforcement says they think. This was a terrorist attack. They're not sure it's not there's they're not ruling it how are you kidding me. This thing has G Hogg written all over it. If it walks like a dark. Talks like a dark looks like a duck says it's a dark. It's a dark. What crisis has called for. Or so called lone wolf packs. We've now seen who in Canada and now another one here in New York. And yet our media. Is deliberately turning a blind eye. Listen now. Two. Former New York detective bowl dear he's on Hannity yesterday. Role at Britain. We have the two events in Canada. In three days now we have this attack I mean is there any more chilling than a guy with a hatchet like that coming at you and got into the police officers had. What are you what are your thoughts when we don't wake up. We have made here in the government may have big bird that I called big bird. Now adding stopped all the kind of intelligence that we have we've all these mosques have a sprawling all kinds of this stuff against America. Couldn't they wanted to radicalized they wanna do this. When William Jordan line and realized it just isn't on Vatican of this video comments and you go get the based on years of experience as a top detective does that look like terrorism TO. But we got to follow what we folly his web page here what he was looking at what he was reading. You don't he's they say that he's mentally unstable a lot of these guys are mentally stable unstable stuff and what happens here is that they read this stuff to be all fired up they think they have a course. I don't know if he's a real Muslim with she's a fake Muslim but he certainly attacking police or loses there and he was on that website that is preaching this terrorism activity against police army offices and all that went only to wake up this is the beginning and I said this a couple of months ago always at the center right on this is. Is the beginning an apple a woman got ahead cutoff there it Oklahoma wasn't terrorism that was it was another as a little pumped at that major artery monocle a major resolve whatever they Madonna tells workplace last what do we don't wake up in America when Americans have died this is the beginning next thing's gonna happen is going to be weapons and subways. Attacks in malls is going to be body count their business say. What happened you know what happened they took the pink doesn't have any put it on the cops they want them to stop the Frist they couldn't stop Francisco I forgot (%expletive) that's against the law. The guts what can belt ms. Rhee went about relaxed. Me in Muslim garb and and he's on his FaceBook page basically saying GI GIG hard. And he he cracks open the skull of a police officer warns another one he's finally shot dead you have a be heading in Oklahoma you've got those soldiers dead in Canada my friends you don't think ices is now calling on sleeper cells and lone wolf islamists here to start waging attacks. The cops they're sitting ducks. You're there they are walking my two up at IU want a picture sure mobile angers us. Hello bang there goes your head and I mean this to me is incredible. 6172666868. My question to you is this. Do you belief. That ices has now engaged in lone wolf terrorist attacks. Here in the United States and do you think that attack in New York yesterday. What's terrorism. Or again was it one more mentally ill man. Who seems to have a love affair with Islamic Jihad walking around with a knife or a hatchet or about a lacks. I am going to chop people's heads off 6172666868. My friends look at the peace. All of your calls now. Why don't we don't wake up America when Americans are dying. Beginning next thing is gonna happen is going to be weapons and subways attacks and more is going to be body count their business they. We'll have to you know what happened they took the hitting doesn't have anywhere on the cops they want them to stop and frisk and they couldn't stop Francisco put action that's against the law. 727. So New York is now run by a progressive America. Sort of like Marty Walsh I don't think Marty is as dramatic Dino cafe. I'm not as crazy as build the blogs the only it's a big reason thinks that one degree of separation. But their mirror big bird build a blahs Euro has now tied the hands of the cops they can't do any more investigative. Investigations undercover investigations of mosques in New York the cops his hands have been tied they stop this policy of stop and frisk. So literally I'm I'm staring at a picture obviously I urge all of you don't take my word for. This thing's huge. I mean it's huge. And Fox25 their credit Fox25 in Boston is covering this story but I in my honestly you gotta see this I mean. It's up it's trying to patch it's a battle ax. I distinguish you coach you could use this and Hollywood movie nor the vikings or whenever. And they are tough you couldn't stop on the street. If we walk around wielding this I ya ya I. Debbie you're up next thanks for holding welcome. The money get up quite. They go out. And be black that I did it out right back. When you get it back it it would be. And I didn't Baghdad. Initial voltage African but it may get it. But actually it. I hit it that I didn't make edit it out it what did you. Think. The act kept it I'd say. Good shot there throughout the world without political. Added yeah. The every bit beat up on. That at bat. And Bill. Bennett. They shot. Well but nothing is. But. It's actually it's what inkjet. Latin excellent who beat up but it. Got back in the country. Well and getting out what happened Britain. Side Debbie we miss that Brittany. Britney accidentally that you often repeat your last point sorry that. And it I wanna know what it back and then that people. Back out now that it had gotten we've. Got stopped. Who simply. Amen amen very good call Debbie coming up next I'll read to you. Two of the post that he put up on his FaceBook page and that went on YouTube. Rick Leventhal Fox News is gonna read to you coming up next quarter we got a clip of the third post. Now you tell me. If this is not a call by ice it's. To wage a terrorist guerrilla war. Right here in the United States trust me on this don't touch that dial. Yeah. 730 seven there on the great WRKO. OK so. Hear you loud. And they Muslim. Zale Thompson discharge from the navy. Apparently the navy will not release the reason why he was discharged. Somebody. A volatile liberal or progressive self admitted progressive. Graduated from teaching school at Columbia University. And so you hear his rants about how to be a perfect Muslim you should call for Jihad. And how he's railing against. American aggression western imperialism. Israel zionism. And how it's time for Muslims to unite for Jihad. Danny goes on about how whites. Are the oppressors of blacks they colonized Africa to colonize the world there are blamed for slavery they're to blame for everything. Here is the one. That makes me it's mind boggling warehouse near an air everyone else asking. How can you not possibly think. Not only was this a lone wolf terrorist attack. But part of a larger scheme and offensive. By the Islamic state by crisis. To bring the holy war. Right here into the United States. Listen to Rick Leventhal. From Fox News. He's on I believe Sean Hannity show. Guess Sean Hannity and he says I just read this guy's third post on FaceBook. All of you listen to tell me what you think roll it Britain. Well John that we heard earlier congressman Peter King. That he learned that this suspect was a Muslim at radical leanings it was also anti white. I'm looking at post on his FaceBook page I want a redo our third post. That this suspect. Finished in this actual attack allegedly broke. It's as America's military is strong abroad but they had never faced an internal match revolt. There are weaker at all we are scattered and decentralized we can use this as an advantage they are centralize its strong which can be. Exploited as a weakness. Think I was swarm of peace and this is in parentheses negroes. They're surrounded and attacked an elephant. America. To death. Think it was swallowed these this surround and attack an elephant to death this is what this suspect allegedly wrote artist based before this act attack. So Jerry you have a radicalized black Muslim. Former man of the navy. Who now. Reals about ease while much of the he's walking down the streets of queens in the commercial district. With hub with a bloody battle ax. And the cops by the way under can't do anything about it. And he basically ambushes to police officers whiny shreds the arm the other one right to the back event. And this officer I was in very critical condition. Before and other cops were nearby common shoot the guy they accidentally miss them they should report woman point nine years of age. About a blocker block and a half full way she's now in critical condition. You heard it. Kidneys don't third Hoechst. They swarm of bees are on the elephant. Their centralized. And strong. This could be used to our advantage passed by the way exactly what the Viet Cong argued. When they were fighting us and in Vietnam in other words he's talking about a guerrilla war. What he's basically saying his wink wink. If you start having these long wolf Jihad attacks terrorist attacks. We can believe them one by one by one by one. And this comps. Are couple of days after ice is announces to the world it's singled out three countries. In in order. The United States. Canada and Australia. Saying to all of our supporters and sympathizers. To our fellow Mujahedeen. I attack their soldiers. I talk their public officials. I talk their police officers attacked their warned law enforcement attack all of the agents of their government. Bring the holy war to them. Because they have brought the war arts obviously any rock in Syria. One Canadian soldier was run over in Montreal. A second soldier was shot dead. I wouldn't right near the Canadian parliament. By Amanda we now know. One of his best friends has gone to fight for crisis in Syria. He was planning to get a passport and body ticket to go fight the crisis in Syria himself. And now out of the blue. And what's his weapon of choice. For Hachette. What is ice is a lot to do either take a hatchet or machete and behead people. Especially American journalists. This is not terrorists can. They're deliberately. Covering this up sweeping it under the rug to protect your dear leader. Because they don't want the American public to know my friends we already had one be heading in Oklahoma here's another attack in New York. The war with crisis house com home. Here is terrorist expert. Richard miniature. Saying the whole war in Syria and Iraq against the Islamic state is now falling apart facts do that your leader. Roland Brittany. I don't know what the president doesn't appear serious habit defeating crisis if he were he would deploy US special forces who know how to talk to planes and put bombs on targets. Instead without that. Deep expertise. You can't put bombs on targets close air support is meaningless and crisis will not be defeated. The Iraqis and the Syrians who are fighting against prices have been begging for this week they said we'll meet you in new York and then we'll hope we'll know in the days ahead if this may be the first meaty. Either Butler. Guys. They're meeting us in New York. Wake up. 61720666868. Neil Europe next go ahead meal. Thanks Jack Jack I saw you yesterday in an appointed like the major. Imagine it replenish Muslim extremists which Christian extremists. My god people in the coming movie up and I'm that you banging on the doors of churches right. Yes I don't understand why he did give Muslim extremist freak outs. Issues I think you're right on point chipped it sort. Board a plane crashing into the challenge anymore and that they out following what that the economy it has been in there. A track us and our weakest point in that is we are worst own enemy in the United States these rebel liberalism is so strong. We had such sympathy not mean you yell but a lot of people have such sympathy for these muscle extremists and I just don't understand why. We get the most free pass Jeff we're what is no doubt. Neil I can tell you this there are many reasons. But I'll give you what is to meet the biggest reason as far as the government is concerned. Our government both Democrats and Republicans. Both Obama and George W. Bush. And I have now been arguing this now for the last fourteen years I shot with my own eyes when I was in DC for over ten years with The Washington Times. Are bought and paid for by the saudis. Washington. Did Saudi. Occupied territory. China is a very close second and they may eclipse the saudis you saw it here in Boston which dot. Despicable subway contract that they doled out but let that go. And so it is the saudis. Who are finding and sponsoring terrorists all over the world. Who do you think has been the made the biggest backer of crisis for years the saudis. Along with Qatar. Along with the United Arab Emirates were basically all protectorate of the saudis and their allies of the saudis. There are the ones with the money. They're the ones with the big gulf oil and they spread it around like it's water. And they've bought the bush family they've bought the clintons Dave bought the obamas they bought the fault. Dave Barr chief spreading both Dave bought a mall. And the saudis are the ones that keeps saying. Don't I talked Islam Islam is a religion of peace these are just a few extremists. Wink wink wink. Our country has been sold down the river. George Washington. This week being in his grief. Because we no longer put America first. The Bible says it's. Shakespeare has written about this and other great playwrights and philosophers. Money is the root of all evil. Money is what Barack's. Greed the scene of greed did deadly shin. Greed is what will destroy this country I'm telling you. 6172666868. Frank you're up next thanks for holding welcome. Hey Jeff I don't know her you aren't stuck. Yeah I agree it was Cold War saying Baghdad like we were just trying in about the other money or something nicer if you just follow the money trail in south but. They're nothing yet as that found Obama is a Muslim and I know doings going. So we might be taken your ass Saudi money that by doing nothing is also helping. Guess I'll stop by doing nothing is also helping them you know achieved this catastrophic Giuliani's. Not stop and we all aspect could be another. There are these multiple piece saying hey you know we get up as both established over that would be great to sell. Turn it back from that state the border turn your back and net two would get mr. Obama you know. Feel fully very brilliantly then that way. The Belmont all of you think about that subject. You got a guy. You are watching to see the pictures don't take my word for Casey got a radicalized black Muslim. She's dressed in Muslim Garp he even has the GO Honeybee year. He's got FaceBook posting after FaceBook posts and in Arabic writing. Glorifying this jihadist fighter with black garb with the collision a cough and multiple wives. And he's going on about how great G audience and Alberts did forty of Muslims to wage Jihad against the quote zionists on the crusaders. He's talking about a crisis wink wink waging guerrilla war here in the United States that bees are attacking the elephant. Kid it's worth their weakest here at home. And the law enforcement put more cops in New York. Our sole shackled and blinded by political correctness. So crippled by political correctness they can't say it's terrorism. They can't say it's even Muslim or Islamist inspired. Forgetting to connecting a crisis. We can't rule it out. Yes thank. You thank. And I want you to think about just to show you how when same liberalism is okay it's almost funny really. You got a guy in Muslim guard sodomy pullout is a series but it just it's it's almost like a comedies it skipped. He's a Muslim garner he's got the job hottest beer he's walking down on the streets of queens. It's not a little six inch knife I swear to you you gotta see this thing this thing is massive. It's like Conan the barbarian with a battle ax. At that that the that the that the doctor bell what can go to Israel with a battle ax. And the cops his hands are so high the president excuse me. Well what. Why are you walking on the middle of the district or commercial district in Queens dress like Muslim garb what did you body beard went about a lapse tonight. Excuse me can I question you. And any walks up and bank puts it right in the back of the skull of a police officer. How is this not front page news everywhere. John you're up next go ahead John. Ramadi just great you are proud to you so much. I've heard that disrupted you're able to stay there's probably want charted because these people were trying to protect you will serve and right now your mind all that really want to discredit you military assembly and as far as I'm concerned there's an American through blue Childress and I don't trust one Muslim as far as like a slow and didn't disclose who won the biggest one in the White House. And then there's this guy is totally. You know my dorm at dampening the better to protect its citizens of this country. President and so and then you know these politicians and there's registered through the normal politicians I mean they didn't know we are the ones that. It's our politicians saw it appears they're rarely. Destroyed our country and that people don't wake up. I mean take a look at the market basket people we could learn from that people stuck together they got big time and people in this country don't do that. I called the White House every single week on Monday and I give him peace in my mind because Endesa SA I have to do I don't grossed well we are dead serious. Because you're going to be part of this comment I it is but the but the big joke just whatever they also wouldn't. John thank you very much for that call to all of the patriots out there where are you. Where are you. Because my friends. If it's not us who. If not now when. 751. On the great WRKO. It's time to take part con. Oh you're up next thanks for holding while. Hi Jeff well and it is for governor Mike Mike Clark has to soaring at financial senile and don't know where it began but. You know it's so shocking you know you have. The United States government the highest levels in making excuses. No rain in the hands. You know a national language. And they they can't cause status page did it differ radically trying to say it's not. Terrorism. It's not a hate crime next thing Obama spokesman say well they didn't say Simon Says. You know. As we have. These relentlessly you know we will have wildly successful you know. Elections coming for the next two years the Scott Brown the man. We have to be ruthless and relentless. And not you know backtracked because I thought what I like that would see the demise of the Democrat party. I don't know anybody could be a contemporary Democrat but it's it's unbelievable look at them instead they get right this strategy. This musical type of like that but that's who that would into the now I'm bombing the one brother politician I've never cries. Sort of public safety and I can tell if you're not without talking about. How bombs so we did to a post on downtown. Across so much chaos. Assists and mayhem. They can't feel that they can't handle it and the city's been told better from corruption. The only in these departments and even functional anymore the Billy functional. Now we'll look you're completely right what we're starting to seem now I belief. Is the implosion. Of liberalism. And now the disintegration of the Democratic Party because in all honesty they're being run by lunatics. I know I'm serious they're being run by left wing lunatics. We are now living I believe. Through insane times. And the reason why is this because we have a Marxist president. We have a Marxist governor. We have to Marxist senators. And when you live inning Marxist world. White. Is black. Black is white. Up is down down is up and the sky is not blow. So 08 terrorist act does not terrorism this war is my notes. It's never Islam. Or a Muslim inspired attack it's always mental illness. And I could just go on and on and mom and I believe this is now the curse upon our land. They're real enemy I have to tell you beyond look it's Obama yes. It's mini me yes it's Marcia Coakley yes it's a spy chief spreading bowl Elizabeth Warren yes. But beyond them to real enemies political correctness. That's the cultural Marxist ideology. That is slowly strangling and killing this country it's like a cancer. And until we surgically remove it root and branch. It's gonna continue to infect us until it kills us. In a way it's our it's our ideological Ebola. If we don't quarantine and isolate it and roll it back and eradicate it it's gonna kill us. Now you wanna see an example of political correctness and cultural marxism. Run amok. I kid you not. Coming up next. Door shocking video. Of five little girl's. Who now want feminism. To meet the F bomb. This is now the war on women taken to its ultimate upsurge conclusion. Trust me when I tell you this. Don't touch this dial. History.