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Chump Line Thursday October 23, 2014 - Freeloader

Oct 23, 2014|

Our favorite chump line message was a caller pulling Howie's leg about being a jock sniffer since he was cutting out early to go to the Celtics Tip Off dinner.

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And now. And the. Indeed create and view here going to this topic has worked in it was a friend who had. Pack it in pre order. I didn't come here to be made sport. You know I was asked to go to the Celtics tip off dinner by my neighbor. And I thought it was the neighborly thing to do. To go to the Celtics better and we now have a free meal and at a nice hotel and you know. I an embassy at least one of my classmates from Deerfield through Wahoo forces when my daughter's teachers last year. Yeah I'm going to swap meet Tyler Tyler Zeller. We're gonna discuss our experiences in the African American studies department at UNC. You know I. I majored in who studies and he he was he was interest in please be watt who seek discipline. UNC but you know we we we can. And he's a foot taller than me but. What UNC didn't have classes like you know films after in 1940 you know I mean just the basic go watch a movie. This seemed like every university we have what you see studies we have recreation. We had jocks for rocks rocks for jocks we have all those courses and and you know the thing is. I don't mind you would see taken on the general because they you know they deserve it for this this is a scandal and I don't I don't mind if apple some people go to prison for it because of this but. I I don't want anybody saying that that no other colleges. Have the same kind of programs because they do OK all colleges have these programs. Probably if Obama can from 34 million green cards to illegal. Do you think that many illegal it is 57 post cards under 57 different things. That would be my guess. Ignored that the Canadians however it wasn't so I'm going to go to guy with the gun on him. Still a Canadian people yelling about gun violence don't like BM bet that that's like American moaned that. Maybe I ought to play and. Guys via former world is the sergeant at arms but the sergeant of arms in the Massachusetts of course is only armed with a big stick. Pop. But that this guy is a former royal royal Canadian mounted policeman. RC MP. And he he was under is under his feet at team green ropes it was here in the equalizer. And he pulled out is he pulled out his Roscoe. And is the and turn Hollywood detective who's to say Ross coast near east. And that was the end of the Muslim terrorists or shall I say the workplace violence. Initiator you know what they say about the way Canadian mounted police they always get their man. Definite Patrick Connolly. He's exported the president and I think it would actually I think I know have we went to a sixty days I really cool. Like you correctly it was what they have because that is it pretty well within this in the. You know what I never went to law school the ball but a belly kind of passed. I could of umbilical passed the bar exam on my second try. Footage just taken one of the one of the big crash programs. And that you've always been a request. Help protect the army captain that. Spoke to me that thing was how we have what it means that he certainly got it here please. OK now I've been out and that's that's what it was royal about those last I was about. I got shuttled into those classes because they want of these per they wanted to do was to keep me eligible they wanted to preserve my eligibility for the bridged. Yeah now I was all Atlantic Coast Conference sophomore junior and senior years up. That's the true. UN things collapse that apple in the end though only quote back in a year. Only eighteen years. And I usually say this but Jay has a point. Ice said Betsy and I told when I was I was I've been gone from UNC much longer than eighteen years it's that it was going on when I was there. It's been going on ever again it's been going on everywhere. Everywhere. Crowley I want you'd think it would have taken president argument. From the channel court on disability. It's issuing an auto companies spot. Yeah it you know usually the sergeant of arms in Massachusetts is a former state rep. And if your remember this but one of the one of the sergeant of arms in the past was the only Kevin FitzGerald. He was the guy who wore who was who was apparently absconded with 250000. Dollars from bag lady. He got her to rewrite and will put Jimenez that. Recipient of Bob for well the feed the main beneficiary of the well. And soon thereafter she was run over by a a cab envoy Alston street. And that that was the guy he was the key EIA cutesy Kevin fit so pulling out like gotten. I can see him diving under cheer about to get away. Yeah it's the ball and you see its report about the class is. It doesn't exactly as you probably passed. You know that's a very good point on site you know umps. Yes I wish I hadn't thought of that before you bits are but that's a that's an excellent point you know there's some people who couldn't even pass African American studies at UNC it is. It is after policy and imported a prestigious university. I don't know what. They cared. Tea Party. I always do things you didn't have to go to war went in Winchester it goes through. Directly on top and acceptance according Ottawa Iowa I think you called Iowa Ottawa. Good that this is better than that we do that. No one thought he led me into it. I wouldn't if I would've gotten it wrong off now means for other Al made me do it. It's Elizabeth who walk and lesbians have been treated differently as a benefit not occurred to go wobbly. It's that 'cause you can't eighty years. No because she's an India and you win it would wind is Elizabeth Warren the only. American Indian the only native American embassy in the United States senate going to take a stand on on the Washington Redskins she should be leading the effort. Too strict stance Steiger of his racist. Nickname yet she remained strangely it's it's hard to do these days you mean he's rendering in the Navajo chief went into the games it's kind of hard to go up she's kind of and she you know at least call. Oxley cooperated with their oppressors uncle palms and the makes. That they called Indians who who who feel like the guy that hangs out with Dan Snyder in the owner's box Redskins games they called they called them on tomahawks. So I guess I guess Elizabeth Warren is and yet now. I. I only pay about and guide people but. Every paper ballots for Klein's now having that pesky Cook County issue when it's for the opposite got evo four. That was a debt that machine is a calibration problem. Exactly it was it was not voter fraud remember that nothing to see here folks move along it was a simple problem of calibration. How do you say worse. Played violent and. Translation I think. To Jackson. Somebody accidents at the workplace violence goes back further than 1972. Munich Olympics. Round BC before Christ. That CBC. Before era. 4544. BC it's much. Romans sent. You know that Bruce Julius Caesar use the work that and other people where in the army together. With Julius Caesar and suddenly turned on him. With the partnerships. And they perpetrated Julius Caesar that was that was for it. Historically it's in the workplace violence. And as he died. Julius Caesar. Cast out towards that two group that. Workplace. Violence. That was your last jump line message thank you for calling out retired U. OK that's it for the champ like today the trump latest recorded abortion mail message service about how we car show you can call leave messages in the hour there and I've including weekends to jump when number. If you wish to leave such a message is 6177793469. Would mamet play your message at this time between that. Here going to this topic as well you know with a friend who. There in Iraq and then we order. You shelter. I resentment I resented that.