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Dyin on a Jet Plane

Oct 17, 2014|

A passenger on an inbound New York jet vomited and died. The CDC says not to worry it wasn't Ebola. Howie wanted to know if the listeners were reassured.

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Not usual we're gonna get back to a ball here for awhile here we can't that we can't not not stay with the ball up there's a lot of other stuff in the news to today. In one of the one of the things away we talked somewhat about this the other day and that's the the V. Democrats are trying to say that the Republicans are are our fault for bowl because they. Quote unquote cut the budget. For a CDC and that's not true and as a matter of fact the the actual the actual -- last. Budget fiscal year 2015. Be Republicans in the house add it. Added more. Two to the budget. Then then to the CDC budget than the president and want it. But a lot of this money has has just been squandered we told you about the tread these transvestite beauty pageant San Francisco yesterday and there's a lot more to. Here this is from a Washington free beacon. This is -- -- just gonna Regis some -- these these these are so these are some of the programs that they've spent that they about spend money on CDC. Two point nine million to figure out why lesbians are obese. 466000. To find out white fat girls have a tough time getting dates. 2075000. Was spending purging old people to join choirs. Millions have gone to text message interventions including -- study. Where researchers sent texts to drunks at the bar trying to get them to stop drinking. I -- I mom making this up. That project got an additional 675000. Dollars this year. The NIH national institutes for health. There's also texting older African Americans with HIV 373000. Dollars. HIV and drug users in rural area 693000. Dollars HIV smokers 763000. Dollars pregnant smokers. 380000. Dollars teen moms -- -- -- 43000. Dollars and map -- 360000. Dollars. There they're texting -- that expo yesterday yesterday I read a story saying. That they were giving money to some pro drug groups one of which one of which -- to legalize meth amphetamines. That's sounds like really good -- as -- -- What ever what does that have to do with diseases by the way legal legalizing methamphetamine what is that what is be positive side while at the same time. They're they're sending tax to map that -- trying to get them to quit are also giving money to anti to pro drug groups -- -- legalized. Another 375000. Has been used at the point on fruit and vegetable puppet shows for preschoolers. The agency has spent a 105000. Dollars following. Sixteen schizophrenic. Lesbian gay and vice bisexual bisexual transsexual comedians. Around Toronto for a study on their community experiences. But total for a project on why gay men get syphilis in Peru which is now 693000. Most of these things I think we could come up with answers to for much I I. I'm gonna say Weis -- come up with -- cancer it's gonna. I'm gonna charge the CDC absolutely nothing why -- gay men get simplest and because promiscuous. The spending another 228000. Met the gay men get supports and -- project. Millions went to develop origami condoms. Whenever the -- Gladys. Origami. Condoms in male female and team versions. What's the difference. -- going into this prime seats here. Because I've just wanna show what there's what the CDC the seat the Democrats are saying that the Republicans. Have slashed the DC the CDC budgets like rabid dogs in a butcher shop and that's the exact quote. So I'm telling you what they spent the money. The inventor of origami condoms Danny were -- -- army can't condoms or anything like French tacklers by the way. They sound like -- -- -- they have some kind of 3-D design on them. That was once Obama campaign trail with the the first candidate from the UNC student body to run for state -- In the he didn't in the North Carolina. And we went to that we were just visiting we're on the campaign trophy went to visit one of the incumbents in the guy ran a general store and -- we wanted to introduced ourselves heels. Was Saturday you -- you -- bad taste and some issue you'll have count. Khamese -- crash site at least here French test course this was -- statement. State rep legislate I try to not let it destroy my faith in the North Carolina general assembly. Collateral French stickler or anything like that origami condoms. Danny Resnick who received 2.5. Million dollars from the NIH has been accused of massive fraud for using grant money for full body plastic surgery in Costa Rica. And parties at the Playboy Mansion. How transgender women use FaceBook they spend a 195. So this is spending the money. 18774694322. I can't wait for the results of the study showing mixed breed dogs like gay porn. Okay here's some more a bullet news. That apparently this is from investors business daily apparently one of the problems with. With. This spread of Ebola in the east three African countries is that it's is its heavily. And these are these are heavily Muslim countries 73% of Sierra Leon 85% of -- 13% of Liberia are Muslims. And Washington and its media sync fans won't tell you this lest they look intolerant this is the investor's business daily by the Islamic. They're real rituals are key reason why health officials can't contain the spread of the daily disease that deadly disease in West Africa. When Muslims die the only members don't turn to a funeral home crematorium to cure the body in his alarmed that this scandal much differently. Relatives personally washed corpses of loved ones from head to -- Often several family members participate in this posthumous ritual bathing ritual. Before scrubbing the skin with soap and water family members pressed down on the abdomen to excrete. Blue storm -- the sounds like -- real idea about them when you when you have someone whip. -- Before the body is buried Muslims attending the funeral typically pass on the ball for use in evolution or washing up the face hands and feet compounding the risk of infection. If all of victims can be more can pages dead or alive their bodies are covered and rashes blood and other fluids containing the virus. Fuels and washing dead bodies and West African countries have fled toward greater extent to the spread of the disease -- world health organization's spokesman. Recently weren't. Last month Red Cross workers in Guinea were attacked by family members while trying the battery bullet dead safely. In Sierra Lee own moral or fear and we took the bullet ridden body secured body bags from the Red Cross opened them up. And exposed all members of -- lead to a ball like they all contracted the disease. Even Saudi Arabia the senator of his -- is now barring pilgrims from Liberia Sierra Leone. And Guinea from traveling the Mac for fear bringing the virus in the McCain. So what's stopping us from borrowing travelers from these countries because we're more concerned with political correctness sperm and Bob bending over backwards to what. Give more rights to Muslims than to anybody else that must Saudi Arabia is. How how amazing is that it. You'll have more rights as a Muslim you have anti Muslim. Ebola. Carrier you have more rights to come to the United States of America than you do to come to the what basically the capital of of them the Muslim world Saudi Arabia which is worthy to holy cities are located Mecca and Medina. 18774694322. Days of your next with Howie -- go ahead day of. Is there a day of it's not bill your next with how we cargo ahead bill. -- -- I mean I just sort of build some of those projects -- its -- -- -- it like a bunch of sociology major is psychology America's got loose in the in the -- -- Could -- the kind of crap they teach. In sociologist psychologists at all. Bill I think I think you could probably find stupid projects like this in just about every agency of the federal government. I'm sure you can't -- -- heroes these people care. They have got -- -- what to -- including an arsenal didn't change our name Tom. Played. He's not he what they were being count our bill he's he's a lawyer he's a mouthpiece. He's the former chief of staff for Joseph Biden. And it Hindu -- was. Yes I got -- than three times that are wrong I would not like I'm on a bus -- actually -- it gets. And these people what they do is what they don't know and as it does not like people up. To get these Wednesday at a power I don't know what will. I I don't know we're we're call adjustment bill saying that the you utility guy wanted to -- caller wanna talk about -- with the spreads at work and they said we don't wanna hear about it it's too depressing we can't even. We can't stand to even think about it. I mean that's a great right I mean you know great to bury your head of the CM like an ostrich that's really gonna help out the -- you know. I I heard the call in I was astounded me that was scary because. It's you know we the people don't get here. We had -- every town and village of -- the out of the oracle up. Right I don't. And did you see did you last yesterday. A guy coming over for -- Monrovia. Started throwing up in his airplane seat and then got right. And then dot. And he Ed Dudley they looked at them they they brought it usually they came on and Hazmat suits when they land that it JFK. And they came on and Hazmat suits the CDC that looked at him all the passengers are sitting there they're just in street clothes. And that the electrostatic. He doesn't have a ball just take them off the plane. And then another person from West Africa was on a -- of the Pentagon on a bus and she threw up on the bots. Not think to see here folks move along nothing to see your post we've got a new ball was argues the one who gave all the 500 million to -- to Solyndra. We don't have that worked out so this guy's a very talented public servant thanks for the call bill. 18774694322. -- how -- One 87746943221877469. Worth three. Two to. This is a guy that. Died. Four he was point out that Nigeria. He was vomiting and deceit and died sometime before the plane -- at JFK sometime around 6 AM yesterday the crew contacted the CDC. Whose officials boarded the plane is about a 145 passengers remained on board federal law enforcement says so but they said hey no problem. No one released the news and tell what Peter King -- Republican congressman from Long Island. Who's at terminal one of the yeah. One of the internal security committees house committees. Found out about it he dropped the dime to the media. Nothing to see here folks move along. Mac you're next with cowboy cargo ahead -- How is this is insane. Absolutely insane it's almost like they're trying to bring it here. So that they can get bad treason is going on and then we're really doing impose martial law and you know then more after the races I mean where does it go from there. But it but at some point that's going to be the only way to stop it mile ditto what some of these school districts are doing you get to school district in Ohio. They've had some of parents were exposed to this no it came up there from Texas after she shouldn't be a bit on a plane it's like really. And the bridal shop now was closed down the right she went through and I -- now one of the one of the nurses from Texas say health presbyterian. Was on cruise ship with almost 5000 people on the cruise ship in the cruise ship now was like. -- -- -- flying dutchman is key and -- -- we'll let that no one will let it does pop anywhere. When -- women and I don't blame. I do the same and. Principal I -- know -- -- people who believes the authorities and police found that you rely on the boat. In and not so that they couldn't stop -- stop her from -- and Jordan and by the way we don't want anybody else might have been on the ship either. And yeah I mean. So now we're gonna pull her or her they gonna pull her and her husband off the ship. But that but the other but. Big party if we're gonna of one fact anybody there were already infected right. Well now you got it now the helicopter that's gonna take them away. This -- hospital or some quarantines everybody at the in the on that hospital is now gonna have to be in that. Helicopter is now gonna have to be war in the right. Ali is there any diplomatic and it may may not be a problem but you're happy you're gonna have to put people on the helicopter I don't know how well you can fly a helicopter when you're wearing Hazmat suits. So basically got a drop as Medicare onto the ship. The truth the husband in the -- got to put it on they put him and helicopter and then they bring him back I mean there's there's a -- around dollars. But you know that -- there was no sign not fox the other day and they would she she was darkened. Although we have like three inches of my neck I was open and we're not -- I -- we're not covering hands were only put on gloves one time. Were put on booties you know only one time. You know they have a way of dealing with this. A lot of the health professionals did over NAFTA and they they talked about and they said it was working pretty well for awhile until they stopped doing it. And and now you can't buy Hazmat suit in this country I mean monologues involved an insurance you end. It away what they're what they're doing right now it is is that just decline in -- any kind of new insurance until the public figure this quote me. Once. I released. The data that they put in charge of this he's Apollo political guy he's. He's back so don't know Hitler and -- probably one reason may be too. How -- we benefit from this so the end and they're not our interest to them. Music and this is a guy who gave the money to -- injury he was involved in the stimulus program. And it's -- this and all the stimulus program once was about -- giving money to what Democrat constituencies. That they or unions or Barack. Public sector unions or -- big donor rub. Contributors like -- like -- K Bacon's wife house when I mean. That you wanted to stop there's. Put a guy like -- -- charged a guy who's really Smart about obese does a -- -- you know talent but only if we want. Stopped if that's what you need to do you need to find a medical guy who really understand this and -- can develop a protocol. That yeah -- been -- Carson of course I was there is a future Republican candidate for president that he that would he's the last it would go away thanks for the call 1877469. 432218774694322. They won't call martial law but that's what will be an item. What's next ground the airlines know that I think -- the the -- 617 police. Then how we got to get more -- that if we were on the airlines we can't bring more both patients in the United States. More Muslim mobile patients in the United States now but I know these countries are heavily Muslim -- makes. Makes even more cents or bring in the man doesn't. Mean you're killing two birds with one stone you can get a unity can infect you -- in fact better wingers candy can bring in Muslims at this team and replaced with Muslims. 1877469. -- Hillary to to. Bob your next with -- -- cardinal -- Bob. He the last time I look library was on the Atlantic Ocean. I'd get thirty years in the navy in my old senior chief was. Called me up and reminded me. The baby get to hospital ships that political. Thousand -- unit the vaccine be. We -- land we can build hospitals I don't know not a to cast and I think against that assistance service the army. You know we get. The more to a hospital ships with all leagues Hillary ships. And have this thing done if in fact. You know we wanted to do. Don't think Bobby wants to get them into the country. Well you leave it -- you can take the hospital ships. Treat it won't be here. But what I'm saying is Obama wants to bring them -- that that's that's sounds like a really good idea to -- and to any sane person. But Obama wants them in the country does any. Well in the big news oh we get it in the we gonna treat them in light gray area. Build hospitals -- have the temporary -- mash units whatever okay and bring them over here I didn't hear that may be you know about it by. What I'm saying is I I think I I I think that he would rather have them sneaking on the flights and then getting into the country. Well OK I don't know why the army so they have that. I I don't always want to know what I don't either does anybody that does anybody has any -- made a Cogent. Presentation of why the army is over there. I haven't heard it probably would have been listening I mean I listen to you every day -- listen to it up on the morning. I still haven't heard the the logical reasoning behind it it just so weird. Now it does it doesn't seem to make any sense to me and I -- colonel hunt last week when I was up in Maine. -- -- why you -- we have when we have soldiers going over -- he was war -- was some days I I thought that the army didn't wanna be just. A social work organization. You know what does this have to do with the don't we need I would say a quarter they have the army on the Mexican border with the show stopping illegal aliens from getting into the country. Thanks for the call Bob 1877469432218774694322. -- You don't you know that your whole Obama has said and and many of his documents that he was wanted to. Mean there's no question about that weather was or not who knows I think he probably was born in Hawaii. But for purposes of affirmative action and all the other. Other goodies. But come to while foreigners and -- particularly black foreigners he. He decided that he was Tennessee was born in Kenya. Now Kenya. His his home and if you will. Has now shut the borders. Soul who is she trying to impress here. They if they can't come to Kenya. His -- hit worry was wary he has said repeatedly he was warned. But in the end -- shell has said he was -- They can come to the United States of America I I don't understand. And now we car. Okay we keep going with this idea got time here about a region complete list of nations that have been and your significant travel restrictions this news Max. -- -- -- -- -- -- Ivory Coast Senegal Wanda Chad south Sudan in the -- -- Angola Botswana. South Africa Congo so -- Equatorial Guinea Kenya these -- all African countries. Madagascar. Malawi Malawi. Margaret Marie PS. Mozambique Swaziland. Tanzania Zambia Zimbabwe. Camel -- gamble on and Morocco. Those are those are all African countries and they're all black African countries except for Rocco right. So old why wired we have why don't we have a war who. Why do we have to worry about political correctness when the bloc countries of Africa. Have. Made. Eight decision. A rational decision I was gonna say and -- PC decision by the political correctness should have nothing to do what this is just what's good for your country and your people. Yeah and we've we've decided to make a decision that some bad. For our citizens bad for ourselves. And as a happy Kevin said this column today it may give -- kill him a lot of us. Shouldn't kill any of us I don't want them.