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More Ebola! 10/3/14

Oct 3, 2014|

Jeff updates everyone on the Ebola outbreak in Dallas as well as a photographer who contracted Ebola.

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605. You're on the great WR KOK. AM six dating. Good morning Boston. 6172666868. OK my friend. I guess there's so bullish story is just. Where it's getting worse. It's getting more bizarre. It's getting more out of control now by the -- And so here is now the absolute latest. NBC news cameraman. They freelance journalists than American. Working in Liberia for NBC news our show got multiple music cameramen 33 years of age. Is now the EU force American. To have contracted. The deadly Ebola Virus. It's now official. They now say he was doing report Darche along with the correspondent and the chief medical at a editor for NBC. And in a while in Liberia. He contracted Ebola. They are now flying him back privately to the United States for treatment where he's going to be put in an isolation ward. As well as the network's chief medical editor who was there with them and correspondent doctor Nancy snyderman. They're also going to be placed in quarantine for 21 days. So far the editor and the correspondent are not displaying any signs of the disease. But the cameraman himself. Has now been diagnosed with a bowl. In Texas. That number was originally eighteen people they feared were at the risk of exposure to Ebola. That number has gone up to eighty now that number is as high as 100. And counting. They are desperately now rushing scrambling. To reach out to as many people at the hospital presbyterian health. Lucky presbyterian health hospital in Dallas. To see how many people were potentially exposed. When Thomas Duncan the liberian national. Which now appears lied on his four laps to get into the United States. When he came here he clearly lied. He lied about his medical history he lied about his health. He clearly a fabricated -- I mean clearly there -- -- lied on his documents. He committed fraud on his documents the liberian government now wants to prosecute him if you should survive. Visible outbreak. But when he landed in the United States we're now finding out he was not just sent home two days. A book when he had the symptoms he had the flu he was sent to much just two days before he returned to the hospital it was. Three days before he returned to the hospital. So apparently. According to his family. The woman that's taking care of his son and the other members of his firmly that he used was visiting allegedly. She has now gone out and said. When she picked them up at the airport he was already exhibiting. Flu like symptoms. Three days before they hospitalized him he was violently. Vomiting. He was feverish. She was soaked. He was perspiring like crazy she said the sheets were -- to release shall we swept. That he was in agony he was anxious are suffering tremendous muscle pain back pain all body pain. And via -- vomiting so far as so wildly and so violently. That they clearly thought this must either be a very severe flu or something may be even more serious may be Ebola. And so now she says the first time she drove him to the hospital. She told not one but you'll medical personnel are at Texas presbyterian health. That Thomas Duncan and thought was from Liberia. That he had been around people who had contracted him -- Ebola in fact died from Ebola. And yet nobody did anything. They did nothing. They claimed it was some kind of a viral infection. They gave him antibiotics. Why they gave him antibiotics is beyond me. Because my understanding and I'm getting a lot of calls and a lot of talks on this from nurses and doctors. Antibiotics does nothing for a fool or for viral infection but they gave him antibiotics. And they told him to go home. And so she took him back home. And then for three days. She along with her children nephews. And Duncan's own son. Were exposed -- him in the apartment that they lived and constantly vomiting and getting worse by the day sweating profusely. She's a very high fever -- usually was burning up. They finally said this man is gonna die. And so they took him outside on their way outside to take him to the car to drive to the hospital they couldn't make it because she was outside the apartment. Vomiting so violently. Profusely. Everywhere. That they honestly thought he was gonna die on the spot they had to call the ambulance. And -- the medics who have now picked them up they're all -- quarantined. Because people -- they have been exposed to Ebola and they may have gotten the disease. Then nephew. Of this man said he was so obvious by the first or second day. That he was as suffer having. A such a severe virus and a fool that he was gonna -- Then he couldn't believe that the hospital officials were taking its -- likely. That's CDC was taken its -- likely that they had made call after call after call. So he made another call. Basically telling them I believe my uncle has Ebola can somebody please come here and get him. My friends this is turning into an -- debacle. Now we have at least a hundred people and counting who have been exposed to Ebola. We have a second person in Texas. Who now they believe is potentially contracted the Ebola disease Ebola Virus. Do you now have a big scare in Hawaii. That reports are now showing more likely by the day. Another person is potentially contract but never confirmed it yet. But it's becoming more likely that a person in Hawaii now has contracted the Ebola Virus there's a huge -- a scare in Hawaii. Now we have this NBC news cameramen. Who's come down with the disease they're flying him back for treatment and quarantining the entire NBC news group. And has all of this is going wrong. The united nations. Special representative. SharePoint command on Ebola. Gave their Ebola response chief and Danny Bradbury. Is now saying there is they like not likely but there is a potential. Nightmare. Scenario. That we now face. He now says the disease could potentially goal. Airborne. That this virus. As it kills more people in West Africa and were now what 3300. And counting. He's growing his words not mine exponentially. In fact now there are five people contracting the virus every I'll work. Every hour you're getting five people contracting the virus and that number's gonna go up to 678. Nine than an -- he says it's growing exponentially. And he says the problem is as it gets into one human host after another it's eternity used for human almost. The virus then begins to mutate. And as the virus mutates. It could eventually change. And become even more resistant. Can become even harder to control and he says it could eventually become airborne. And once the disease goes airborne. Which means you know you sneeze or whatever and then you can contracted he says then this thing will quote spiral completely out of control. And so -- yesterday he spoke to the media. Urging. That the international community. Deal with this situation as quickly as decisively as possible in fact he spoke to the British newspaper the Daily Telegraph. That aid workers now in Liberia Sierra Leone and Guinea. Were essentially fighting a race against time. Amid fears that this virus Ebola will begin to mutate quote. The longer it moves around in human hosts -- -- it melting pot that is West Africa the more chances increase that it could mutate. Quote. It is a nightmare scenario it is unlikely but it cannot be ruled out. According to him. He used aren't. And how -- the international community how late did she DC. How late the UN how late aid agencies around the world. Where to combat what he says is the worst disaster he is personally ever witnessed. He said in a quote career working in these kinds of situations in Africa in particular. Wars natural disasters. I have never seen anything as dangerous or serious or high risk as this one. He says were now what 3300. People dead in West Africa he said very quickly we're gonna hit 4000. And then after that point within three to four weeks. It's gonna be completely out of control. And Obama. And it dearly here. And -- CDC. And the federal government. Still don't want to shut down air travel from West Africa. They still refuse to strip people of their visas to come into those country from those three -- law hotspots hot zones danger zones. Still. You've got to US point two men who -- on the ground. Saying you don't understand this thing it is almost like a movie -- orders one guy saying I don't think everybody got sick this thing is gonna be out of control. We're gonna have an epidemic. It's gonna grow exponentially. You're gonna have people buying everywhere. It's gonna grow and grow and grow and grow and once this thing goes airborne but. You're on a flight you're on a plane whatever you can contracted somebody sneezes you can contracted. And we still haven't shut down commercial air traffic. We're still much stripping people of their visas. -- -- still not telling American citizens. If you go to that's part of the world. You are now endangering the public health and safety should you contracting Ebola and come back you gold -- archer wrong risk. But if you get a Ebola you're not coming back into the United States. I'm sorry you're right to travel doesn't trump the public's safety and security. It just doesn't. And so my question to you is this. Do you believe that now. We are on the precipice. Of an Ebola epidemic. And what do you think we should do about it and do you believe that again. The government is lying to us. And that government is letting us down 6172666868. Mark chair up next thanks for holding welcome. Exactly where to turn grousing about the whole thing -- but I don't think the low information -- actually realize. I didn't -- -- there's one restaurant that allow people to come in contact with a quote. Yeah leave -- to pick up what they can't be bothered with that I agree with you that yes we need to do something. On this -- need to stop that but we have to send people back up irrespective if -- a lot of I think -- -- Iraq and I've -- any way more than what it's selling as quickly got the alphabet media is protecting. Mark I have to ask you this why there is growing pressure now there is. Political pressure congressional pressure for Obama to shut down all air travel from those three African nations. Why is not dominant. Career. Maybe it maybe he's trying to to reconcile the November election -- beyond the November election intellect it won't be around if -- get out of here. Need to shut everything down now about a six months ago that about now. Thank you for that call mark. Kevin Europe next thanks for holding go ahead Kevin. Thank you very -- -- says people are right that as saying I wanna say a word to you listened as. Come true drum -- defense. Israel and all the Jews in America. On this hi all what they've -- to war that they have at all meant that they have the stakes aspects. And will put them and have might get a pleasant holiday. Cut back capital building. In Washington -- And we need them back into well actually that broke out in this Baptist all the US postal don't think what steps they -- up. Our congressional people should be going to look -- -- moment today disappeared about Iraq as. This outbreak is this the appropriate supply. Really truly I moved from week -- the agent took up into the -- is this being a total surprise. -- six lacked even when you have that in the CDC. Second -- this. And they played man. You're the person I admire what -- -- completely in this group and treatment every time if it's not all of this plane then. Another pretty mean it cannot trust pump station Lucent job I'm so glad you were going. -- -- as saying hey this disease and I was comes is -- born. I mean everything in our -- indicating. I mean it's it's it's game set match. It's a different I mean honestly if this thing can go airborne. Watch the movie epidemic. It's kind of like a dog -- drama and when I saw -- you know wasn't crazy about the movie because it's. -- I'll present outbreak or epidemic the -- Okay they don't talk don't quote me on that it came on a couple years ago it Steven Soderbergh is the director. And it's about one of fire Laurence Fishburne stars in it -- if it's well yeah it's well acted it's a well done movie. But it really shows -- when you have a viral epidemic a viral outbreak. How quickly -- Brett. If you don't pick and necessary precautions. Well it's a bit of a heavy movie when I go to the movies like the kind of relax and forget my problems but let -- go but see you see the movie. Because this is this is this is what happened some McCormack goddesses like the movies. And look I don't wanna make this is a very dangerous and extremely. Painful excruciating deadly disease. So please among making light of this. I can't tell you I mean I'm going to be honest with you. I'm looking at these dead bodies. I'm looking people getting Ebola. I'm looking and other skin is on fire -- there all bleeding from their eyes they're years there and always. And it's. It's I mean it's it is it's like a zombie movie. It's is like a zombie movie. You know it's almost like I. Every -- we rule. He bull. He bull law and then before you know you get the disease. And therefore you know someone else and then you become a Kenny boy zombie bowl. Ebola I think -- a kind of a model. And you have this enemy in the White House -- really does villain in the white -- who doesn't want -- secure the border. Doesn't wanna start implementing screening procedures doesn't wanna shut down commercial airline traffic. Doesn't want this is incredible. -- -- -- I just it's come on the tube. 61726668. 61 is here on the break WORK though winds are loaded. Rick Europe next thanks for holding go ahead rest. It -- dramatic and very sticky just alluded to the reason that they don't want to. Shut sites down from countries who eventually the conversation you're -- very quickly and moved to -- the borders down. We're talking about. Again the president -- -- you -- -- -- the sewage -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the -- People are coming here that's -- I believe the exact or -- host extremely or very low. And here is strong -- so here's my question dear Jack I mean we heard about all things to the twelve President Obama Serb government and -- they have the wrong it that a lot and there's there's there's a difference. Can you tell me one time the last six years from president has his picture. And hole looked exactly what's gonna happen that happened yeah you bet wrong on everything and unfortunately when you start talking about. Terrorist coming from the southern border or not -- that implement an AK 47 until 10 o'clock may become quite thousand. And once again. This is exactly why people like you and me and I actually no confidence in the government we hear being polite to candlelight 200 hourly. -- completely right. First of all I have to say to us. Obama is a I believe I'm convinced that now is there any evidence I think is now overwhelming. Is a pathological. Incorrigible. Liar. She lies about everything and he's been wrong about everything. But I look I only tell you what I think the government is hiding from us I think it's pretty obvious. I'm up against a break let me just say this. This could be potential biological warfare. I mean if you're jihadist they're not stupid they watch CNN they watch FOX News Watch the media. Look if they're willing to blow themselves up with dynamite in bombs you don't think one of them worked -- -- three it was -- -- contracting Ebola. I say let me entered the United States. And we -- this is this is biological warfare. You could decimate this country if you start getting sleeper Ebola agents terrorists coming into this country. That's why you so reckless. It's frankly criminal. Not to seal the border secure the borders so shut down all commercial air travel and start cracking down on this deep proactive. Now my friends -- genie is out of a bottle. Coming up next I want you trust me you don't wanna miss this. A microbiology. -- any trauma physician. Flies in from Guatemala to Atlanta. And then displays they protests saying that the CDC is lying. You don't want to miss that story. Here's just a little taste. Of what the doctor has to say Roland -- The CDC last -- every chance before you go on it's OK. That was the same day a patient is diagnosed. The CDC is generally very. The CDC. 639. Here on the -- WORK oh my friends if you got a little bit of time this weekend. And he is called contained. Contingent. -- actually stars Matt Damon don't don't use that against the movie. But how he's actually in it. It's -- direct and I believe by Steven Soderbergh Scott Laurence Fishburne Gwyneth Paltrow. It's got an all star cast. And I mean I saw three years ago in a -- And I mean it's almost like a dock you drama it shows you what happens. When he deadly epidemic. Begins to spread when a deadly virus. Caused an outbreak and then becomes an epidemic and then a pandemic. And I mean it it was scary then how well it's becoming reality. Okay. Gil -- Is a micro biologist. He's also an emergency trauma physician. He was flying in from what Ramallah. To Atlanta in particular to Atlanta international airport which is literally minutes away. From the CDC's headquarters. And to protest the lack of screening. And procedures to vet people potentially who may have contracted Ebola. The doctor checked in at the Atlanta airport I kid you not in full productive year. He had goggles he had gloves he had bullets overall they white jumpsuit. And on the jumpsuit Barbara were branded the words quote CDC. Is lying. And according to -- Mobley who is absolutely infuriated -- I mean just in raged. He says the CDC is deliberately sugar coating. The threat posed by -- two Americans. That in fact they're lying to us and he points out he says look. Here I am a micro biologist I have all of this equipment. They don't know what's in the equipment. I arrived from Guatemala. Into Atlanta into the United States all they ask me is alcohol or tobacco. You're bringing in alcohol or tobacco. They don't ask me where have I been whoever banning contact aware of what's what equipment are you carrying. Have you met anybody from these African countries from Liberia Sierra Leone -- that come in contact with anybody with potentially Ebola like symptoms. Nothing. And as she puts it this CDC. Is asleep at the wheel. And this is going to be bad and it was I wanna make sure to the American people are aware that this if it's not confronted immediately. Could get out of control here in the United States and in particular. He cites the fact that you have 101000. People flying out of West Africa. Liberia Sierra Leone and -- Every single day. Would that many people flying out of the old West African countries it's only a matter of timing cents. Before Ebola spreads to all corners of the world. And once Saddam borrowers to Third World. With our open borders. It's gonna come here the United States will be importing Ebola cases every single day. And it's about time the CDC. Leveled with us. Became honest with us. And said you know what we now face a potential epidemic. 617266. 6868. Is the number. Don't even take my word for it here is doctor Gil Mobley in his own words. Saying America. Will wake up don't trust your government because they're lying roll -- to Brittany. -- came through international customs last night. Although on the front page USA today it says we're screening at airports there's no thermal screening didn't ask where I've been and they didn't ask if I'd been sick. Nor any other arriving patients in the international concourse specified tobacco or alcohol that is -- the CDC is asleep at the will. With 101000 people leaving west after today we need to be thermal scanning a beat on our toes and tell doctors to be ready for not that it's a rare chances of it happening President Obama -- Do you think that that maybe we should just not be allowing flights in from Liberia specifically dead in its access point now. With a -- just doesn't justify it. The business yes. It's quite a debate to have a few restrict flights can get the data and to stop the spread we've got to stop the spread to contain this. Could get paid workers in mesa last debate yet you have. Closing the borders has been politically incorrect we need to just before acquire for -- -- of different infrastructure -- on man. Prepare for the worst because it is coming just connect the dots. And I. I disagree with them only on one point. Yes you can ban all commercial air flights coming in this as well Jeff -- get DA to these poor people. No problem -- fly the planes then. -- land them on the runway yeah dump all the equipment right there all of mountains of equipment. And say OK guys here you are you've got all the medicine all BA all the fault all the water all the beds everything you need. You guys got to contain is BP. I don't know what else to tell you. It is madness. For us to be bringing in now these people into the United States. 6172666868. But look that's just me. A great Texas is from 617 says Jeff we've been having Ebola like symptoms here in Massachusetts for years. These apocalyptic zombies they walk around there called liberals thousands of them there walk around on the streets. All Obama. Obama. He beat me he beat the we read clean. Now instead of Ebola we -- called this all -- Bobby Europe next banks were holding welcome. -- -- -- -- Well all good morning good morning I don't tarnished -- -- -- should not far but it or not hospital over here and not. It in the field of 44 years -- -- someone undergoing race's finish second red flag. And I have with this show all the way that for most voters say that was -- -- power in the military has cheers and I was did not sit. Did that can lead in the war Aaron -- -- why I think calls could you know many many years ago with a trainer in the Louisiana. But getting to think about quite. We don't have -- we have a little bit which is the best in the world but even accept such sudden. We are open. Dealing with this approach and ready to hear about it opens in flight -- look for. I was technique is not only -- in the free world you travel all over the country. So hot with -- are the big question in here is they are ringing nevermind bopping is an actual fights. Everybody in the world and I'd also like you're seeing Larry what's called national incident management system -- the federal program that -- is that this. It will act phone ringing at three quarter. And for the country better than reading -- -- we're actually going to bring up voluntary or knowingly. Or question about them. -- really not as much as they saw a they -- -- controlled as they never absolute they don't -- the probability is close to zero focused. But -- huge -- out of the box when you look in the big picture. We really can't do that like this people look at a lot like this or -- was joking all the talk about all of this it's that. Something whatever that I haven't since the law on the -- -- why -- they took this at cheap it is thought it won't you won't -- And then -- the boy shown with the virus but this is what is it six hour we're gonna send them about how about piracy. -- -- -- Bobby that's -- I asked a question I wanted to ask you because obviously what I believe what -- you work in a hostile what are you a nursery nurses Nader. -- -- I'm -- -- touched them also the first Jewish body better person on convert these. I got to ask you horse. They keep telling us the CDC and that that that Baghdad progressive drawn that Tom Friedman chief Tom Friedman. Who keeps going on about leaned forward lean forward to presidents leaned forward. Using a progressive slogan MSNBC slogan Irish press conference but let that -- He keeps telling us over and over again. That if a patient who develops Ebola in the future has no symptoms whatever two to four days six days before. There's no risk albeit barely being contagious. What my question is this. When ice when I see somebody with the flu I can tell they have the flu in general not always but I can tell when Britney had a flu when -- -- does the floor go -- Are you you should go home asleep you don't look too good. But how did they know when somebody is getting the symptoms of Ebola. But he's not manifesting those symptoms over -- explicitly he's not excessively feverish she's not sweating profusely. But how do they know by then he's not contagious. Lets you can't even go we've had lunch will emerge as well as well which could -- -- a forty years. The same thing is that I wouldn't that global depression -- You -- should accept that nothing was done was called all of the time -- singing this little but did not even upper orbit but in the world. Sort of what this guy you pour that in the country wouldn't. The same way we -- -- it and didn't. All of you need it with the breakdown of the system they approached the white -- is fluid situation product it's somewhere. That purchase order they go low level professional -- could very well. Feel some of that and the so I -- way. Introduced that is that somebody else is a farmer a thing to do this. You don't know that I mean the fact is that we should not be voluntarily bring missile missed low and the buts about it. That's a very good call thank you for that call Bobby. I think they are vastly understating it and I think that tie him. Echoing the sentiment of many physicians and even the local physicians -- as I mentioned a meeting we had a few weeks ago. That these are coming. Of these clusters are coming and we need to be ready for them when we were woefully unprepared. If you ask your local hospital system how many and spared negative pressure rooms they have to. Whisk the virus album because -- -- then hemorrhaging and coughing. They'll tell you we rarely have spared negative pressure rooms available. Hi ya ya yeah yeah -- -- young guy mark you're up next thanks for holding go ahead mark. Now pat let you get on the show I really don't watch our eyes and imagine what it. I never saw that I seemed previews for it but what's the movie about the what the it's it's like he's the only one on the planet is not the one that's. It went down his wife -- the human race out there and he's the only one that survived. And check. -- out there. Yeah I I can't -- and then. -- chip in at this -- mutineers and ought to let that affect you know vote that fire that threatened to go you know ninety plus percent of the people play. And I you know recently you know recently watched that movie for the first time freak you out and that might go district six and don't go about Amazon if you look at I don't that you would prop. And there up on 888 I thought it was not an either out of our. Until -- -- -- Who really saw that all the bio hazard -- that's mat -- they're gone. -- being happy that I ended up so that Matt street Audi car and I started building that you went and searched around and got a couple. Should. And -- guarantee you it straight like a kind. I'm getting motor -- -- well I mean that that meant that any other than that it makes the back next end up didn't. Didn't go to I don't have to make -- -- -- and I know -- that you know if there's not a whole lot of people here in the states. I think our hospital and will you deal with that in and to -- a problem. But -- and blonde turned until I pictured in the sand and if you have 101000 note that that case and find out -- it is. We're not a and observers this you re entry got a problem and we're at -- -- -- Bingo actually called actually call look that's my point -- why you got to nip this thing in the -- Got you got to seal that board you go to secure that border you gonna start putting in screening procedures you're gonna start shutting down commercial air travel. You do got to start defending the public -- start putting the public's health and safety first. Instead -- -- where do you it's going to be littering the show he's already bragging about an executive amnesty for everybody. Don't liberians have come near the of people from Sierra Lee own. People from South America Latin America everybody's getting an amnesty. And instead of shutting down the border I swear he's open he's opening it up even more. 6172666868. Britney. If you elect Kerry -- Bob. You're up next on the break don't -- your K no go ahead ball. -- -- -- -- -- to you -- effort to have guard -- -- -- schedule but it -- just gone through the pacers exposures were we found out. That despite Obama's claims. He was getting daily briefings he knew all of -- all I wish I -- he did nothing is because she didn't want to. Yesterday if you had a cold call. From there with a doctorate. In infectious disease and you sit do you that this is utilize and it is in fact an airborne. And so we've had all these experts all of this time function more telling him look all the risks of beef bowl. If you wanted to stop such we could certainly have the information. You would've stopped that. The reason it's coming into this country is because he's allowing it to commit. -- thank you very much Bob look I can just say this I can't get into intentions and motives 'cause I don't know what his motives are. But I -- a second value and this is factually indisputable. He was warned about the dangers of Ebola who repeatedly. He ignored the dangers of Ebola repeatedly. He assured the public that it was infant is slowly small almost impossible. -- ball would ever come to America he was wrong. And why are we. The only first world country. That didn't take the necessary security precautions. Canada did Australia -- New Zealand did Europe did Great Britain did we were the only ones. And now we're the only first world country. Outside of Africa. That has now Ebola which in its own soil. At a minimum. It is criminally negligent. At worst. It was up so will -- deliberate. Take your pick 6172666868. Is the number. Bill Jim Jamie Eric Scott hang on I promise I'll get to all of your calls were gonna continue this discussion after his bearish.