Oct 2, 2014|

President Obama today told everyone not to worry about Eboleee. Howie pondered the question can you trust what the man says about not worrying about Ebola if he cannot even get the name right.

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We're gonna talk about a bowling for most of the day here and it's issue as you know while this is that this thing is just getting worse and worse and worse. And it's. The worst thing about it is I don't I don't think there's going to be a major outbreak I mean I don't think there's gonna I don't think there's going to be massive vibe that here. But. Why -- why are we even exposing herself to this risk. This is insane. The more we find out about this I'm sure you've been religiously medium watching it on TV. The the countries that are closest to a bowl and these three nations Liberia and I think Sierra Leone and one other. -- that are most exposed with the the country's nearest to them have cut have I have stopped commercial airline points. So why the hell are we still allowing. Flights into the country. Does does it make any sense do you do you know this is really weird. Do you know who the first congressman was who who wore who demanded that the flights be stopped and I don't believe that it's. Representative Alan Grayson. That Matt. That -- lawyer from Orlando. The one there was a charged with you know while using his wife for punching bag he's a real moon impact. He was elected in 2008 defeated in 2010 got back in in 2012 he's probably -- this year again. Representative. Alan Grayson wrote secretary of state John Kerry in July. -- -- Demanding a travel BM on the three West African countries and any other country that reports a case of Ebola. Until ninety days have passed without a new case of the disease. All a -- they should put that she had the what's the -- poll question and don't and how we cart dot com and one of the rose. Spore should the US spin off flights into and out of Ebola stricken countries such -- Iberia yes. 92%. In the CDC is full of crap -- yes we should ban flights. -- And the other in the other half think that that -- and there the other half for navy corps man. Who what who -- are not concerned about a ball. If grace and advice had been heated whoever's paying to care for US of all the patient zero. Immersed missionaries don't really count whoever's paying for I believe that would be you wouldn't me. Identified by the AP is Thomas Eric Duncan wouldn't have been forced to do so. More important anyone who might have been infected by him god forbid. Wouldn't have. The bowl of incidence is simply part of me or outer -- of cosmopolitan and hostility to the ID -- national borders as security tool. Why has the government permitted the number X the number of Saudi immigrants in the US to double in just three years. Why is this administration cutting back on prosecutions of new border infiltrators. Why are we going to greatly expand resettlement for Syrian refugees why are -- offices barred from denying visa -- which -- -- based on their belief statements -- association -- ones they haven't killed anyone yet why we still issuing visas to people in countries won't take their own criminals back. This is from Mark -- From the yeah. He's a -- immigration -- this is why comprehensive immigration reform hasn't passed it won't -- no one trusting enforcement promises of people who don't believe in the Serb -- of America's borders. I you know sometimes I think they want to what these people in the country to what weakened country -- what how can you describe -- Usually they'll let people that they let terrorists into the country. They let people more if they let it. People who may be infected into the country. It and they and it -- -- on this amusing it's a museum. It's it was terrible time should pass -- win. Immigrant choose to be tested for contagious diseases and if you work. Carrying saint tuberculosis you would be quarantined until. The malady was resolved. -- you went home. How how -- an -- back from nativist how racist we. How much better country -- -- now just give. True -- with fatal diseases are just mangle. If they just quit his job in Liberia. He didn't have agreed -- He didn't have most bank and work visa he was coming over here to Biamila legally -- with his illegal what appears to be is illegal aliens. The 101000 or plus liberians in Dallas. Light beer you'd like Barry it was set up slaves were -- go there was deep racism in America now they're all coming back. To the United States. Feel legally most of 90% of 18774694322. Actually I cannot believe that that he's that you know that he's allowing this to happen but that. He even even a moon bats like like Alan Grayson realized that this was insanity. 22 Watson might do something about this. This play. On September 16 President Obama visited the headquarters of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. He said the chances of an Ebola outbreak in the United States are extremely -- -- He said that the US is working with officials and Africa quote to increase screening at airports so that someone with a virus doesn't get on a plane to the United States. Did anyone believe that deity if he did even a moment that only about. He didn't care. He doesn't give a big -- I think and how I'm not even sure he -- he didn't somebody. This jolts up PC guys. He's celebrating diversity just because somebody has -- why should he be prevented from coming into the country. Just like they don't they don't stop people for eighty with -- from coming into the country even though they know what's gonna cost millions of dollars to treat these illegal aliens when but I have dates -- -- Would you allow someone to come into the country whose body -- just gonna be a burden on everybody. To August and ominous Third World hell hole not the six. We are not responsible. For the huddled masses yearning to live off of us for the rest that'd be -- lives. The wretched refuge of your teeming shores is -- as a base of the statue of liberty. In the unlikely. Event. That someone with a bullet does reach -- the unlikely event. Remember the if you like your insurance you can keep your picture arts. Crisis is GA is the -- terrorists. Nadal who say in his workplace violence Ben Ghazi was caused by a YouTube video. And now we have in the unlikely event that someone with you bully as he said today does reach our shorts the unlikely event this. -- -- No screening at any airport stopped and says Byron York at any flight crew was the possibility that someone with a -- reached American shores turned out to be not unlikely at all. 18774694322. Yeah so what's a what a relief it's only a -- we thought it was a ball. The guy's a -- He is an unqualified. -- off. And he is and he -- it's determined apparently. To do everything he can and to weaken and damage this country Gary your next -- cargo that. You know Ali you know its invasion and a few weeks ago I went right to talk it up in Maine. And they are meet you have any fighter would you bring in opted -- worried about peace Beatles and actually checked our vehicle altogether. Yeah we got this you know we -- and that's why you would not yet we have this moron. It just let anybody into the country and you know how these new Obama wanted to destroy America but now it seems like he wants to tell us. You know are we have I've talked to our call that many times and sometimes you get reps that would -- but. Are you a point where you know we have to take got a script that we can't use soccer league club -- yeah. I. Harry -- don't -- I don't truly think this could be his Hurricane Katrina I mean it. There's -- there's no getting around this one this is right on his plate in this is just. This is just. Such dereliction of duty. I'd give you a bit different and the United States need to go to the White House it's called upon how I mean they've got. I believe probably cut me off when I think it's that they need to burn on the outcome. State that he cutesy and figure we could weaken you know. The way things are going bigger -- of their going to be so many Democrats wiped -- I mean Democrats are gonna take the gonna take the -- the heat for this. There's you can't there's no way yeah. There's no way even Nancy Pelosi compiling this on on Republicans this is solely on Obama's plate he this is what he believes that he believes -- open borders. And this is what you get. When you have open borders. This is the fault. Of the celebration. Of diversity right here. How weak spot. Ritual that Obama was -- get -- on effect insurance and don't talk so strongly light that we actually born here in America. That idea the only way -- -- for the for the people to wake up is for the people that have had on their shoulders is to somehow. -- -- -- you know I understand I agree I agree there is there is a vast pool of morons in this country and and 90% of them voted for Obama because he's -- more on you know. Either one of them. But when when your faced with the possibility of a -- Cost by eight. The -- complete -- now and on fees since of your fellow moron I mean don't you think you're gonna take that out on the moron party. Here. Well I I give our week. You know we'll see when it comes to election time but I don't even wanna waste collection I mean are you wish. You. Have a revolution. The election this is a month away it's it's it's a month a month tomorrow was that a month tomorrow. Why do you why do you read the whole life to come on all these other. Didn't stop -- to stop not. I. Wish I can't he can't say he is the executive of the morons prevailed in the last election. But it's that's so so there is so president part president play for -- moron in molding is is income can't. That's all we can we just got to wait it out. We don't have a parliamentary democracy. If we yeah you know equanimity if you can report -- right now would be appropriate thing to do on the hit he would be on his ass. Because you have all the Republicans are voting in the Republicans in congress and there are Democrats. In some of the Democrats no one in the what's gonna happen to -- in November of in Tampa. If they don't I get right with Jesus pretty medium quick. And I mean that figuratively not literally 18774694322. On how -- car. Seven anyone says Jimmie did BO sent troops to East Africa. It's West Africa yeah but he did he did send troops yes 3000 troops that's I don't I don't know why. You know it. They you know there -- they were there making all these excuses here form obviously. Why hasn't this is headline in the Washington Post why hasn't the US closed its airports to travelers from a -- ravaged countries. You know like Africa is going. Restricting air travel will make west Africa's humanitarian crisis worse. Does anyone really here on the west Africa's humanitarian crisis as opposed to the possible -- humanitarian crisis in the United States of America. In Baldwin has made access to basic resources like food clean water and basic medical care for -- ailment. Difficult if not possible to obtain travel restrictions according to World Health Organization will only make them more so sure. What people would get up play and four of the United States. -- make everything very East Africa in the West Africa -- audit. Even Alan Grayson the moon -- moon back demanded that we stop these flights. But of course we couldn't because we have to celebrate diversity. -- your next with how we cargo ahead Alan. Thank you Ali I think -- guy have -- was absolutely right but I wanted to just Dahlia. That this all has been around a long time as a presidential on -- song. All of bullet hole apparently approach. Really I know it's on -- love boo boo on Yale law fight song. Everybody's saying that to law. Obama shall we don't get the point lead in America -- polar bowl a ball pretty approach. Thanks for the call -- 18774694322. It's like we're living a loss script Woody Allen movie nothing makes sense and you just want it to be over. That's just the it's it's incredible it's it's incredible that the the the borders wide open. If he's planning he's planning. Ten to give amnesty after the elections that one -- thirty million more of the XP. Wreck your next with powered car go ahead -- Yeah how are just a quick outlet our administration and all the orders open what people willingly -- -- -- all right. And I have a when a terrorist vacations African continent here and spread that are out. Right we were talking about this yesterday wreck coming in this is how lord Jeffrey Amherst got rid of a lot of the Indians you know they infected blankets with smallpox in the gave him to the Indians right. We think of the thick of what you can do here -- I mean you have again any anybody wants to could come into the country. Those those three Afghan soldiers somebody pointed this out today. But you know that. -- camp Edwards in in on Cape -- -- -- went to one Niagara Falls in the and they tried to get into Canada if they just come across the other now we're gonna probably be deported. If they just come across the Rio Grande they then we all -- probably there there were a relative would be held standing in line at the welfare office in -- Paso today just getting -- getting married BT carts you know they just went took a wrong borders. It's. It is if it's it is it's absolutely ridiculous ways that we we can't. We can't survive as a nation doing this I mean sooner or later days sooner or later we're gonna get a terrorist attack we're gonna get some kind of epidemic that is gonna take off. Because we don't have any kind of opened with the only country in the world that has these these open borders and look what's happening. It's total layoffs. Total chaos. Plot your next with how we -- go ahead and not supposed to see anything pom Euronext with Howard cardinal hat. Probably. Has it occurred to you. That Obama not a war under the -- he knows exactly what do we use Trojan horse. How come he doesn't know. We think they're fifteen tot mom if he's not a moron how can be thinks it's 57 states alchemy thinks Orman is pronounced Portsmouth Huckabee thinks they speak Austrian in Austria. He's he's not he's not a big or not an oval act. He's definitely destroying the country it. You know I I think when you have this kind of power and yet you don't know when he -- in and you're just so ignorant of history and you're just so filled with hatred. It's just the I don't think that doesn't make him a moron. He couldn't be that successful and destroy big government and everywhere else every day I mean nobody not war could accomplish what he's accomplishing. So he could come and destroy the country like this and get away with it and then have people like you know figured that the more on an excuse that. Yeah excusing that I'm not excusing and he's definitely the worst president we've ever had I -- can there be any question about it. The would be a lot better. I wish you want to -- I don't think it's okay if you spotted embassy in the -- Deal. What art I don't think you I don't think it's -- hat if you spotted embassy in the. That's step beside the point you would be able accomplish what he's -- complicate think about it what he's accomplished. He destroyed the Republican Party he destroyed -- -- Tea Party he destroyed our national defense destroy. Eric I think he I think so I think -- of November 4 you can pretty much say he's destroyed the Democratic Party to go. When people when he got -- succeeded everything he's accomplished he's succeeded. I mean it's unbelievable that you still say the war you don't exactly what. I don't know and don't -- -- I don't think so I just -- I just don't -- -- I mean so some somebody. You don't sometimes you you accomplish something that you don't really mean to accomplish I mean I'm not saying he doesn't -- the country I do believe he -- the country but. I just I don't know I can't a guy who missed pronounces it -- an. Statements as he had a guy who has absolutely no understanding of history. The economy the constitution. Law. Mean he why does he know thanks for a halt on. One H I understand I understand. 18774694322. I understand what he's saying he's saying that you know that -- to have accomplished this level of about disaster. He's a master of disaster. You know but. -- it doesn't make it Smart. -- here next with how we cargo ahead -- I'd how I got -- -- long time. I'd I'd like to say that. We can't forget the there are people who unconscious in the opening at a college that congress should the United States. That don't want to make the laws. But but I mean I -- and what would you suggest they do they don't have the votes to compete to to convict him. And throw him out of office or what are they supposed to do when it since we don't have the votes. Well -- -- they can change a large as saying refugees get to. ABK progression -- that I want to make too much that a lot responsible. But but you know I mean we have immigration laws that they're basically the same immigration laws we always have the laws -- -- was worked until fifty years ago. He doesn't enforce our laws so -- -- pastime and passed new laws he's not going to enforce the laws. He said he heard there are no there are no immigration laws now being enforced but why -- the situation. -- Right back to congress go right back to congress. Yeah I. I judged on what congress can do when you when you have 53 Democrats senators were Kool Aid drinkers are there aren't any more Zell -- in congress earning more Scoop Jackson or even into Joseph Lieberman's. There were all Kool Aid drinking moon it's I mean they they talk a good game when their running for re election like Pryor of Arkansas. Harry Reid says jump they say hi how high. So what are you gonna do you need 67. Votes to get rid of the 67 you can't even count on the unload the -- all the 45 Republicans. And I don't think you can count on a single Democrat including mansion from West Virginia I don't think you get a single Democrat vote to convict the. Of a high crimes and misdemeanors Bob your next with how we cargo ahead Bob. I RE. -- I agree with you that the guys -- more. But someone with brains this is pushing the buttons and I think it's his top aides. Sure sorrows. And can cause ago I think he's right this is this guy has intentionally doing it. He's he's gonna break the system he's going to take control of -- got a remote that Eric is -- design that is progress that is. And these progressive as -- the only obstacle to the new world order is the constitution. And he's going to destroy it -- is where. It's that this is malfeasance. We need to get on the -- tonight and shot -- capital on system about. We need to inundate our representatives of the congress on a daily basis it's really get off their -- QQ imagine the planes are still arriving from these countries. And as this it's that. This is insanity is and it. And we -- this this would be like letting planes in 1942 come in from Tokyo wind. And in Berlin. Right and just letting the people vanish into the body in into the the hinterlands. We're standing here watching him do with doing nothing we have to unite our citizens we have steal tonight. Shut the capital flows there's been down on a daily basis so I cannot bare ass. And it always switch where they can also how preserve protect and defend the constitution the second thing is that they liked that they've got. This is outrageous. Thanks for the call Bob 187. But a 617 don't forget he's a Harvard Law School grab a constitutional law professor Bruce as attorney general's rather than attorneys general. And now. -- know -- he was our professor he was I was student a -- to see -- SATs public to see is SATs. I'd like to see is PSA peace. -- your next what powered car go ahead Don. They regarding the has to spread to. These are people Myers -- contagious. And one expert a lot of virologist but let me tell -- story. -- to worry I read the -- tree program back in the late trapeze. One of the virologist from the lab next door he broke his hand Denmark he should say I know you're working on this particular strain that piracy. Start like shall lie that -- you act as peculiar straight he only slightly. Sample of this sort can work on. Remember this before Internet just before you do you make overseas as well written letter typed written whatever. I wrote back in that age you're docking you know all our record and you. That aren't working aren't -- law. Well the Jack -- what are you EPA took that letter. -- -- -- the culture and -- in the latter. Torture saying is it's pretty easy to war effort to spread. Not all -- -- huge issue is Ali you know I'm the only company where West Africa I. Know I'm not planning to you. Now but you know -- I didn't Australia have their quarantine station and we had our Ellis Island they were all well read. Exactly exactly and they are -- reasons -- would jet they weren't they had nothing do do with racism they had to do with the national health and national security. And and to war to 22 to do away with any kind of screening process for anybody coming into the country. For political correctness reasons is insanity I I don't that the. You went on how to describe it. Thanks for the call on how we car. 1877. 694322. Polanski knew bust those Obama says six oak tree that the low info voters will not complain as long as they're getting players. -- Obama has grown EB PETC -- the 50% plus. You know but when you're in danger I I have. Seem a lot I've seen low information voters before -- the -- -- comes a time when when your personal safety is in danger and and the scales fall off the eyes even of somewhat and low info voters I've seen going back to the days of capital white -- -- half in the city of Boston but. You know maybe the maybe the voters are so war there are are so. Far gone that they can't that they can't wake up no matter what happens I hope that's not the case -- we are doomed whether it by. Or anything else Mike you're next with how we card or have Mike. Hey -- we are -- I didn't -- at -- does that one time you know this is true that there in the 1940s. FDR actually put Japanese Americans and even American born Japanese in basically internment. Absolutely he did we talked about we're talking about it yesterday yeah. He did you yes I don't know it was just -- just in the big cities on the California coast you know he went further and one there was not that. You know because everybody knew they weren't a threat they -- -- in places like little Tokyo and LA where people were concerned it was a horrible thing because most of the -- I think of the phrase was used by FDR's on board was that they were pathetically loyal to the Japanese. And so was a bad it was very bad thing that was done. OK I just wanted to know what bella Stewart. Yeah it is it is true it is true. Reparations were paid to them -- -- Ronald Reagan I believe. And those reparations were deserved an --