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Max Robins Monday September 30, 2014 - Dallas And Thursday Night Footbal

Sep 30, 2014|

Our resident TV guru Forbes.com media columnist Max Robins joined us to discuss the burning television questions of the day...this week included the show Dallas and Thursday Night Football.

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Usually on Monday at this time but that today this week on Tuesday we -- joined by Max -- veteran broadcaster and journalist he's covered the TV industry for many many years. Many -- now writes a column for Forbes now. Forbes dot com and he's here to answer all of your questions about TV thanks for being with us Macs now. Are -- it is always breaks reading worker. It sounds like -- from a different planet than this week and Max where -- with -- which the solar are you still in the solar system. Are you in the Milky Way galaxy this week her view were have you achieved lift off. I didn't tell you -- and who better. Would be. Our our job -- I'm sorry about this we're still ought to Butler phone and -- -- -- officers. I don't know I didn't have a -- -- government witness protection. I've known guys called me in the witness protection from they'd better phones that you do -- talent. Do your work you've got to work your way up to witness protection program. I don't know why -- Maxed -- tell us or tell us about. Whoopi Goldberg and Donald Rosie O'Donnell in the shouting match yesterday in front of the view week -- yet it was during a commercial break so we didn't see we can't get any. Audio equipment. Would they let these people were -- some Psycho you know they're both of a couple of moon bat liberals what the -- -- they go crazy about you now. You know I think it is yet to be personality this year AM. Neither one you -- -- play him with a citizen you know objects of -- 10. You know they know what's gonna set -- -- -- But I operate a big. I wonder how real wouldn't you know given that they are some -- because generally and it -- if if lady what would tropical publicity they get people would tune it. Yeah I mean you know -- via I think I can understand it too was Elisabeth Hasselbeck which you've been gone for a couple years now right she doesn't that she's not around I mean there's there there are a lot. There'll liberals so what do they what do they PO out about. How we didn't know you know it didn't you know people like your seat mile and suddenly our whole issue that your personal ones. Just don't like each other. Yeah. I guess so what are you what your column about this weekend not -- Forbes. Ali how we got -- they can break this week you know the communication we shouldn't be. Down your New Yorkers that appear next week I've kind of. -- other Pierre. Yes probably yes I like to appear it's a that's worthy of big jewel robbery took place in the 1970s. In heated and end the distinction you're the this -- in this year. Or so Broderick are kept low who'd have all the Scripps networks you -- -- There's a light come. HE TB. Food Network access or can't you tell. -- their country he and and -- this group once it's always more kind of Golden Globe syndicate towards. We promised people operate 2 PM as a and it's always more host yeah. It was pretty -- -- shouldn't few years after top -- that it inspired she put all of your networks are. Where he was hosted by Peter Chernin. Erin. And Rupert Murdoch spoke. Wouldn't a lot of pretty good -- grab and you know -- -- to our programs. Always go to college students Britain's. So. That's good so is the as the NFL life has the NFL controversy blown over. Now is it is it I mean I know you are -- the you know companies like Budweiser. Were complaining about it all that stuff but they. They've all pulled back their threats now to -- cut back on advertising right. Yep media and I -- the -- don't blow. We talked about next week so I got a big issues dropped. The truth you know that every. Sports reporter -- consultants out there are looking into extra. And -- and it's just which side. You don't want to -- illegal. Right 1877469432. To become like him a question for Max about the TV industry yet go ahead and and -- and you can edit text and text this as well at 68680. -- you're next with powered car and Max -- go ahead ross'. Good afternoon -- in Mac. Matt Ellis and what this season with the big. Leap and a lot of parties in Max -- respect for another season. Other rating is good enough for another news. Yet they are it will be back. Good. Thank thank you Russ will is is on stars fake. We are are you know more so than anything else -- Exactly so called reality television. I -- it squirted it in that. They're hurt they're purple -- People and they -- situations are so they're gonna. There's going to be dropped and they probably triggered bargain at the video you see it probably shot -- two hours. So a lot of effort to post production. Yes I understand how that works. Is hello ladies on HBO coming back. -- idea and it. Is long we're going to be. We're. Under. 26617. -- speculating that Rosie stole. Stole Whoopi Goldberg smack. But that's what the you -- play it was about. Yeah -- -- and they were. We're duking it out a bit cheaper so it isn't as big man. 2207 Max is just raise the point. If this is the center for communication how come it sounds like he's speaking over ten can't. He couldn't really doesn't like honored history you patients. Go -- ultimately -- -- -- or -- And they'll be -- Graham bell all. Of a. How was so how was scorpion being received. Pretty well you know we're so I'll try you know to play -- -- really. On -- various aspects. I mean suddenly anarchy -- are huge. The strained -- huge and they also do really well with the younger crowd but he keep the 34 year old. Understand though Mac should now that you bring that up is there there there's there are sucking wind when it comes to the broadcast channels regular fox. But yet -- actually it isn't a run by the same people. Well Susan it's a parent company -- you know OK -- -- are fortunate -- -- -- -- But if Albert administered what the economics are where they can put the focus here -- difference. And -- -- this really is really scrambled both parts of although it at work here we got better -- kidnapped and -- took -- Guy that's why they only paid Rupert it's in the Wall Street Journal today he only got 29 million last year. Get after. It. Org I think what -- what we -- -- you know double up. Gary your next with Howie -- and Max -- go ahead Gary. Take it out -- you know the last the last episode of about forty Portland here. -- on the helicopter with your -- out here exactly. Well how are we sort of were prepared to take their helicopter for a good -- -- not -- -- happy -- year. Are you got that they got me. -- is really. Or wait eagerly watched what he wore the exploits of keeper Sutherland -- mr. powers that. How the bookie places superhero I mean every other episode geez you know. Taking some. The city from some terrorists are very ignited dirty. It could greatly. It checked against the world. These people are saying man XP Porsche a longer has been canceled as a true. -- I'm gonna double check your iPod has gotten picked up what -- -- Okay someone wants to know if you're broadcasting from spot -- -- 1877469. -- three to two. The agency and he you know it's amazing the what Fox News that again they mean they just crush everybody soul soul. He handle it nobody can even you know make a dent in them. It's it it really has something they'd be -- these are probably the best ratings they've ever had -- according to Drudge. The -- if not we lost them all right we're trying to get will try to get Max back. 1877. Why does CBS have only half of the NFL Thursday night football schedule I don't know the answer I don't know the answer to a question I -- -- that last year. The I thought the NFL only had like can be. This Thursday night games for the second half of the season in the first half of the season there weren't any Thursday night game so when I'm thinking is that. This desired. Does the NFL pick up. It's majesty you know what's the story with the CBS getting half of Thursday night games the -- what is it about the second half of the season does the NFL just get a get -- the media monopoly on -- they keep get approval for themselves. It's definitely keep it from that at all prepared it was a great sepia you can only -- -- -- -- Yeah I three I that was 300 million it seemed like a great because they automatically win Thursday night for the for the whole -- sweeps period for the whole fall it's great isn't it. It seems like a bargain that may mean is ridiculous is the price sounds. What it is you have to look at your -- tell you you don't you're something like 40% of all armed armed hours. Our step on Thursday night it's probably -- most obvious because it would work. -- know everybody's getting it checked out by the results so you know the car dealerships to movies it'll be up. They spend like crazy Thursday -- -- You gotta be valued at the other two to receive via the government agents although -- are doing well initially as an opportunity program. She used. That Thursday night football promote a lot of her new show Tori show that you -- -- -- epic. Yeah is American son dad doing coming back on FX -- from that -- and -- Definitely is coming -- or -- in -- great show so you wanna be actors like I don't like -- not as big plays Biggio beat BI agents were secure. I was just newseum which it was and how we got to take you call he'd only a. Yeah I'll look like that that's a good name. -- -- of disputed. Marketplace that Mario to tell you are so. -- it is really -- So it -- -- -- -- -- you guys aren't you guys who is complete BI agent you know you took -- -- -- these -- And on the Internet drug war scrape -- -- and there are shooting it now and it's definitely coming out. We first quarter 2002. -- -- Tom your next with how we car and Max -- go ahead Tom. Yeah that one. That's what the economics behind her MSNBC be -- the cable bills would wanna get more eyeballs and have their ratings go up but they're obviously losing money they know because -- Liberal views liberal views on what -- That access acts that are generally lose some money. I know they have another ratings are terrible and especially in this last quarter but the you always say there's there's still make money. Don't make your money because they get paid by cable operators -- There MSNBC got problems spirit -- -- web site. And you know there were ever I think all -- news or. Use nightly news and so they are naked body in the air and the. Make it any kind of money like I mean if fox what do you tell me one time Fox News -- a making like a billion dollars a year. Something like that noted that kind of money that they are making money you don't make a lot of money for a weren't as BC -- Quoting general Eric crop to show. And part of how we mechanism -- -- -- it's like a lot of abuse some companies are gadgets are trying to watch a lot of Washington so. So yeah it -- well. I wouldn't watch that show with you -- -- you could go on the show up just as a Barnicle alone you know I don't care that much I don't hate the -- or Joseph Scarborough do this really. Low article. -- and rod you're next with how we car Max -- gore had run. A Alley next extra -- segment -- I I because I heard some of the audio of what happened on the you'll. And Rosie O'Donnell. But talking about criticism of president -- a controversial thing it says well I want to end debate so great it's. And -- he took exception to that she said. I think about -- to a real racists because I have -- -- people experience they don't play. You know rookie with making a joke out of it all making excuses. The rate at. And what he writes ballads that really -- to bring our. Wouldn't this is a good example of why I never watch another view I don't know what you Max. IE. They are what would you next it never I mean you know all shook out we -- what's great about technology. To about beer is. You can see the great -- you know what you pay whatever you might consider you know shouting match. Whether that you -- I -- you're in order to create my partner Jimmy Kimmel order cook for you because Jimmy Howard. Podium to commute you know it I don't get too soon to ninety minutes of heating unit of bear sketches on -- with people want to watch. Yes once said as SNL was terrible place edited you'll great. That the. I think get to know who release party. I mean I think you're -- it's it's about. It always the price you know Max -- probably always was spotty but you know we were just under the influence we were watching it forty years ago that's the difference but we don't we'll wrap up Macs and you know will see you what when you get back to good back into the Milky Way next time okay. I'll be worried oh. The war now okay great thanks Max and -- car.