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Stock Talk - Sara Hov, Motley Fool

Sep 30, 2014|

Stock Talk - Sara Hov, Motley Fool by Barry and Kim

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We are joined by Sara hall from the Motley Fool Sarah how laureates and. We're glad to. Let's talk about Westport innovations WP RT this is a ten dollar stock that you seem to have a pirating. Yet though the company has and in this transition over the past couple years what they'd do it they bill. Natural gas engines are different applications and one of the main areas to watch has been there they're heavy duty and medium duty trucking -- -- I'm natural gas obviously is much cheaper right now an oil and so if they can get -- take off that could be a big companies while. Over the past year the stock has. Almost perhaps because. People are worried the market worried that they're not doing enough business -- getting people the transition natural gas engines though. I'm it's been beaten down but I think they're a lot of strength here and a lot of things the markets of electing. What -- What makes you think for them to be successful natural gas has to become the fuel source of the future for automobiles is that correct. For tracking right and it they have four and -- have them -- application in -- -- that -- What do you think that Nat gas becomes the the primary feed -- fuel source over diesel and gasoline for trucks. Well that's the thing west where tipper last part to win especially for its shareholders -- Natural gas doesn't even have become the primary you know it just tested. That market penetration manic apparently hasn't been about 3% to 5%. And -- we look at then environmental savings and the cost saving. A lot of companies. With the heavy duty trucking -- are quite interested in. Getting vehicle with these engines -- them that Westport has been. You know big big and the past couple years proving out the technology and now there and that transition phase of actually. Ramping it up getting felt up and we really want to even become profitable in in the market has -- patient but that. Well in looking at -- it's a very small company -- it could be easily acquired by a General Motors her. Forward or you know somebody in that sector is that a possibility with this stock. I -- always a possibility I don't. See any time any specific. Deal happening right away but -- I do you know the year right audience because parity that companies be. She has a lot of experience working with -- and then it'll be interesting to see that the effect he has. As the companies start to work more than aliens the the fires while. -- In -- yesterday we were talking about DreamWorks Animation as a stock skyrocketed. On news that Softbank might acquired DreamWorks today however. The stocks down 3% he still feel bullish on DreamWorks. Right though gamer that in particular as we've seen though. Basically I'm the market really just eat that the company or you know let that update on that you've made company's stock based on whether it. Current feature films that are doing well. So that they can't that they -- marked -- such -- my company and it doesn't -- have a lot. Leverage Q -- the franchise's that it had in the past but then those successfully. Distract in Madagascar movies. So if it were you. Be acquired or even have a partnership with a much larger company like stop think and again I think -- one. Houston -- Ali -- -- Tokyo. What that 32%. Stake there. And if that were to happen they would be able to gather you. Sketching Marx's franchise characters but insisted as well out across multiple platforms and that could be a big went. However that -- not button down guilt and ulterior and the company's recent movies have not done as well as so. So what do what is your price target on DreamWorks it's 27 dollars today it's been as high as 36 in the last year. Right so I think what yeah yesterday there aren't -- -- investors are looking to get and or start a position they probably wanna wait for the dust to -- a little bit comment but I -- I don't have a specific price target and Molly who we let. Hold out for long term. Deal so that this is that the volatile actually eat have a strong academic record and it. An arrangement with Sarah thank you very much for your time in your selections. I think -- at -- -- of from the Motley Fool Westport in of.