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Giles, VB and the Wayback Machine

Sep 24, 2014|

Former regular to the Howie Carr Show Giles Threadgold joined Howie in studio along with FOX25's VB - also a former denizen of the Howie Carr Show - to take a shot at the way back machine....

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Wait a leader riding mural by embassy in sweetie where was that. Senator how we help the American auto -- or politics we -- This. -- into approximately. But he said it twice in the in the 2008 campaign good luck good luck finding the first one that does it doesn't exist here that tropical. That the meant that chuckle. Nice going there. Does that wearing a belt does that ring a bell and a great to be -- right and today. And jury trials it's great to be anywhere -- -- -- how much did you set me up for the Ottawa how am I. Be sure like 8999. ED IV plus five. Your note Latin and in time I'm up five months old. You don't well yeah I'm playing show playing golf but I'm playing as good news DB ever play DB is also here. Humanity behind. I get a break from my kids are just trying to get in a quick round -- call him John Nelson colonial almighty god. -- god do you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We went there it's quite LA LA -- There's thousands wanna -- isn't your first thought as to talk about masturbation from -- -- exactly I was just remember they would agree to our. So that's how -- drag drag down off the -- and then -- and then I had I go home. Very -- XE DBs gonna get a chance to see in this hour when he doesn't get a chance to some punch in the a bit on the morning news a number of first time we met Giles went twenty some years ago and now we -- that John wink but the battle could still kick him in the areas that don't. When I'm playing I'm still kicking. Look at the lights are already like about the -- -- the number 18774694322. If you wanna listen on the website give that a try I want cart dot com -- cart dot com. If you -- if you want to do was contribute to get -- line calling 6177793469. And biggest battle that about the what -- is with us and Giles radicals is with us Giles and again I appreciate your coming up today from the cape. Everything's good everything's okay with you are very thing that's my own thing and it's getting -- OK now you know you said some things about BB before I hope -- what used to happen -- isles would get here early. Which it was part that you would start pocket trash the -- reliable -- -- all the office. And and that he would forget he would forget all the good stuff up and and I inevitably get the red light went on. And then but if it's a humorous one and I wanted to be. I'm off Mike OK sorry sorry I'm off -- -- and like I did. So I would I would feel like I should. Do like the used to do with John Barrymore you know pretrial privatize you know bring up the cue cards Soria and I don't think archives. You don't need Q -- irony -- I -- -- -- member of the Beers I'm so glad that you got married and now he's yet to kids I mean he's done it twice. And the I got to say this to Levy for five years I doubt you'll against. But how fun -- -- Opteron of course the hide you know not BC 91. I didn't lose sixty -- I'm gaining hopefully. In the great -- -- McGregor to pick. Yeah the looks like a sweetheart. God he's 0100 in. The word of the day you sweetheart. Sweetheart later on what I wouldn't give up for Halloween should. That's what I want to richer countries. -- to hook up and I just I just I I took my call for tomorrow my last one extra try what do you do that -- UC Germans don't offer show. -- Where did you -- total active Giles yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is. And of course or. Obama can say it and that's OK but any -- Giles Giles was supposed to be the we were set up the it was going to be a morning show and Giles was supposed to -- sports guy. Rather than -- -- around and and Giles and so we broke Giles and and so we starts so -- -- you know and now what that would that they saw a sports sports report here's here's Giles -- And the first thing these services. She Seattle let Kansas City at Seattle. That was a late game we don't -- school and I don't know when escort you read the scores the newspaper you're. By the way day is thirteen playing in Boston he catches it. But I don't mean the Braves don't that's why -- like what you're talking about how. I what mr. Giles not to have to cover the opening of the season and we're -- to we're going to feel I would. Name in the -- and Monday Night Football -- back at -- halftime and as long before him up acumen was. They would literally colemans scores from the deeply for -- people were watching them and but name is clearly wasn't Watson it is have -- like yeah and that she -- on the Broncos they do and like he's on the Aaron. -- like yeah. Why I -- yeah I think there's only in the fruitful one here is it turns out. -- realities. We'll put that poor guy -- but Giles but Giles was -- so funny that you know we wanted to keep them grounded so we started and we went -- and comes up every every for every other Friday year. As was every other for the right yeah and then in the that was in the YouTube did that until until one day when you what you were trying to put the boat back -- Up. -- -- -- -- Neighbors lumber I recall that was another stroke back in the water you forgot who was disengaged the boat yeah. And the Boland and allow -- and that's father let. And I couldn't get the window and down they almost drowned in the guardian cabinet. The salt water is good for all of is terrific exited -- because you're seven and about together and knew more about. It was wonderful dollars and 1963 not a lot of money 700 bucks yeah I was loaded one hates it did yes she really admitted. Thank you -- on the -- 1877465432. To the -- -- York came up with -- was what you was when when you what's -- Giles you have to where you have to Wear the ear phones and then Wednesday giving him. Real your phone you gave him -- radio. So we -- hearing everything was hearing everything that's on second place here. It was this natural seven seconds later bad and the like that commercial reality -- your timing off and daggers through tollbooth and Teddy Roosevelt wanted to. -- -- -- Well isn't fair and I was being picked John. I didn't write down at. All I still hear from people so you what you through games when you're -- -- you were you know they were they have the game and so well attended that game that you want the best thing they did I give -- -- -- ahead of -- who owned the house was recruited Alabama. There aren't as rent a victim -- when in the locker room in it and see him in touch him worked -- and he said. Hasn't -- -- gun control of his game. And I said a red flag and the dismissal. And and then the Q the police take -- -- the -- he's and you beat them. In the and then you present in the news said yeah that's what -- in the salons of -- No I was two years after him he wore the 187746. I should operate government that. But he still standing. -- No question what did you have -- -- -- Giles some pointers and you know he's right now it's in the no priest he doesn't know they have played poorly and that's an -- angle crash it was not a drinker. After the first theory. He couldn't afterwards who lives. Yet I'll let him know you would think it -- there's birdies I -- -- -- to those like doctor Wes -- is their guy and tell me about them about Craig there's even psychiatrists to these figures -- oh for crying don't glow and snake -- they lose. It was also in the same class with it king. The king right. I'm religious tolerance he now we'll be down for breakfast -- Williams hit the notes -- trash because while he was this Matt guy and he can governor. Yeah it is America you did very well Bob Kramer isn't ready to Ireland. No he did it is very poorly for himself that he does she. -- Well quote. 18774694322. A lot of people want to occupancy -- of them familiar names appear on the board betrays your next weapon Patrice from Arlington Petraeus betray Asia's. -- -- -- -- God can I do wish I was with you. I don't ever want to ask you how you met holly and you told me how you're his probation office. I don't this is your feel -- -- -- you to keep in touch with them. Ayala did I was lender who -- more than a -- should be saving time in Chinatown. Yeah style yeah. Many years ago -- you have a Friday afternoon news at any listeners who want to come in and get -- -- And meet me in dial commands and my husband and I came -- we got the place to be attacked the -- young and nineteen year old silent VD let us this. And that's really the only through their and we had the best ally with you guys and we -- Remember that most homily is genuine Copley Square as a child it is so good to hear you and BD. So much let's -- love now congratulate. Did that -- limited too great to touch you and -- remember your very -- -- on your radio moment with me Giles just right on it and I are happy for God's -- And had a -- and the -- thank you typed -- I'll leave there with a welcome any time -- That doughnut shop and Arlington was still open -- would be welcome back -- of those. Don't cherish Truman and having such a procedure or something like that only served Austria are using cookies now -- really go there. Mrs. -- would come back -- -- but mrs. -- -- and in -- itself -- -- -- is no more -- government there up on nine Manchester Vermont to have them this is Murphy OK that's they they are the best they were with us 18774694322. Disc you're next with how we card -- -- gold. And Bibi go ahead -- I got a question is what are your radio oasis. I'm Greg you said that. Well first question bit BP is is TWO still capital cried remember that would be great. You please what are you trying to get a. -- -- -- Property and equipment. To eat you up and as as as you're dirty I advise you not to answer the question. I want to know it but I adjusted mailer remembering a marine service. I remember this submarine -- it is very well. I was at first -- out of the bowl. You port -- -- that's what he's talking about the complete book the water in the boat and under water Giles all I did that very well yes. I don't know in the kind. Peru and the -- see this would be appropriate time to mention the name Ted Kennedy and well no I don't want to mention Clinton he's dead now and I am on the extent that they didn't do that yet but we're -- or your whole life. But I'd be -- Illinois thought spring was dead he's well -- -- when you informed me vetoes an audit done so I was always Smart and I'm. Well the right out of. Or whether we -- we via the football games that don't do -- have the dance and Bob Craig used to grab you grabbed me by the shouldn't take. Probably on this stage and let me saying because I understood director of baptists. That's exactly the opposite Q well no substance and he can sing at La. Slowly I think he can you what you did you and your satellite radio if you watched us into the forties -- sometimes the Arianna very when you Hillary Lama. I do have. What do you do your drive and homeless and into the -- this war. Authorities think that greats of the guys did a -- -- who's been -- they can saying we will tell you this week with fifty. -- like WW depends on who's a good ol' boys and hole. They all that stuff like hop hop song well Perry Como you know whatever happened to the Japanese. Her you know that's -- -- -- took that notes -- that you party with -- up and up matches I miss it I do it is. All authorities are down threes and they were great the people introduce you to more weapons anymore you know I mean and I don't we originally gone back to prison. Well that's -- -- of. Unfortunately your name comes up quite often in my travels do you miss it. My favorite one of my favorite topics we ever did and at the time I had very little to contribute but now. -- I have known it's like every day Mike. You've got up big -- in your wallet a guy who's currently elect and his threats in mind you know no more -- -- well. And yes it's unbelievable what he said there -- you get older -- in admitted his true boy. Everybody's got to commentators point. Would want to turn one exactly exactly yeah. Should armed themselves -- armed themselves why. -- birdman somebody else they didn't learn from white. John your next with how we carve Bibi from -- 25 and Giles red gold for Marion manner. -- man man. I love and then there was to have that. I think in Bob Crane probably wishing right about now. Cockpit audio book called during the blatant. Double god why I at your question. And I'm not certain yet here are are probably router it's not I'll change. It's out there are part of the every -- you -- record -- record ordered it to collapse. Audio I don't think I got nothing. Is leaving -- what are we. Really are or. Yes well yeah it and I went anyway he's in north good to have you on the. I feel box that's why you are that way got like problem you know -- Number -- yeah. -- -- didn't come here to be made sport and not need. I didn't who's turning the other cheek maybe maybe there is something to you know -- to -- filling in for me to -- you could give it to trouble quickly in this in this. Column in the dead now -- real live. Got and this current environment. But thanks for the call John 18774694322. Julliard next with how we are Giles and Bibi go ahead Joseph. Hey guys. I reroute what's that has been talking about the this should strike in record or to order it. That that was the most memorable and the most memory thing about it. I'm they'd get child yeah. GQ get in parts. In -- greens will be. No I never did. I turned all around -- You just you're just by him Joseph 99 miles and now out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know is -- there to doctors to Bob crates all that's right to it was the other that they imprison the -- photos right and a prison vote but he that he got into different kind of movie. Remember and I Griffey. I. Coming back John is coming back Joseph I want to get -- they would madmen. -- go ahead Joseph what yes. -- -- So that you don't like shrug it does anyone know what is the the past -- from -- used in New York from what's in. Nine years is in the and now. He could be. I think it's too -- a movement that's the first likes you you had a moment where you -- respectively thought about what Giles offered up in the end. After thinking about it you gas up front I wish he was as of today was he -- -- something that the committee and others. Many. I -- I spent a lot of -- your impressions of jet. Pop but nothing Giles has said to this point you have taken seriously when he offered up one of your former employees being out candidate. The meeting about that -- you know you're probably right. I should look him up if not to alert for transit. Check him -- one day but what you would hasn't normally most the most my favorite. Christmas stories to -- -- to Christmas here. He he he when he was trying to it was like two days before Christmas and you know a -- -- Christmas cards lose. Which was from the bad. About it is never so easily walks into this you know drugstores and -- -- -- got a gift cards to respond here. Actually street picks up the cards that he buys and that he goes home and get -- -- out -- wakes up the next morning -- the cards and he says. That doesn't matter but people. He opens them up and -- us americorps funds. My goodness. Now is -- and it that was really hard to mind boggling right. The odds on him doing that or were unbelievable and yet he -- it isn't what -- Yeah we're Cubans are good guys. What G yeah -- which it was you like -- and -- -- -- -- I would imagine it's an issue. -- asked but they admit you don't ask that's -- -- says I know it's rare that amount as I can. Our attitude we'll take a break we'll take some more calls and about at 18774694322. On how we car. 18774694322. It's old home week at this hour on the how we -- show a I amuse you Giles what's what's so funny later this trend is town hall he -- Other guys are many in studio review. 4110 years at least nice is -- nothing changes we go to break and now we just gets up walks on and as you -- has his DB changed Giles -- in the I think what. That's why I think you can do whatever they might yeah. I know I did a year is an -- -- -- it. All right -- Giles is Giles we have a special guest for you unfamiliar classmate. Well from the heights. For Boston College or follow eagle. State treasurer and receiver general for life Robert -- crane -- the -- Bob Bob yeah that's how I went. He -- just. Taylor's left. We're not David -- is tabulated and -- and I just even the score with Giles Casilla didn't he didn't know you were still around either. Said the on the year what are yours might be -- and I -- doing dour about the diamond and. Our -- so until I get really via an idea deployed in titled national champion VCU like 181000. Gave -- tells us Google's new an inspiration. Well thank you very much Ted doing measured and say that wanted to say that when I was in school. All he had to wait till I was and I -- Korea has the very nice never knowing you've got a call penalties. Kraft cannot abuse of not -- been. No complaints I'm still here highways so clearly don't know well we'll have a world clearly guys complain. -- how they're doing well only to realize and I. Who else present this year relies so while I go to a game. -- that. Judge just goes still around -- really it's great good to hear it. Most they go radiated an idea -- my -- got. You know I'm ninety. And I -- I sound -- and you do edited our terror all we are you kidding how about did he give them fixed. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll take that. Again. At least you used it like the did Saturday night dances Bob you used ask him if you could have the microphone to sing a few what tunes like -- funny at all. That's right he's got that right values student goes here and everybody left the golf. No -- didn't do a good comeback this sort of thing. -- I used to like video yes you know jealous of the US diplomats -- he's healthy god bless she gave a very good all run outside of that. -- -- -- are lobbying for those -- -- he claims he never applied for a job in the lottery was first assess setup and DB and I just don't believe that everybody else in the commonwealth applied for a job for you. He would have to apply if you run Miller who are they -- just events they have sat down and distance out of the -- Well thanks very much to a good -- J. P. Howell thanks Bob thanks. That's Bob -- in the former treasurer and in would you feel like he's like you went to -- when you do your ended up at a BC reunion and that's about how to go about two minutes in greens are -- good seeing you guys that Driscoll. Like he's gotten went down my. -- need look no further. Driving average risk. And lasting -- -- was he was a state treasurer before. All -- yeah as they yes I do I had a as a matter of fact bettering I went to see him -- is special -- to the mast -- that Islam a lay up Albany, New York. Every hockey this is shot and I think I'm. Just me fifty cents now and then. -- we're here whip all times -- hole punched the world time's sake -- Giles for a gold and and BB might former producer. Now what the channel 25 and and again Giles is now with a -- manner. I do I believe we put. Rain on and like five more minutes -- Giles -- have the same conversation I could never happen. Beat Clinton would still say -- good artist Giles objects are we here. -- thought that was his body language you have to show to talk to you later. Birdie your next with how we card Giles and -- go ahead Ernie. Ain't no power you don't you're referring. You ever heard the new for awhile you authority. Yeah -- cattle. This is -- and guess. Oven and the united go again. Good to -- embarrassing when that. In her role. And -- -- there -- really -- Until very fair or not. But it's what is it going to take great care -- -- paying guys coming up there's pepperoni. Hey thank you already burning -- -- the Korean War you know guy William and how to -- time. I have. Yeah that's our top rank right -- Well all right sorry about that. Lou. Can I usability -- like his dad get your arms out Giles -- make it harder for improvement in net over. The other night. Certainly I don't authority -- a stranger Bob your next what I would car. Giles red gold and Bibi go ahead Bob. Hello gentlemen great segment how they have a I don't know how long have a pain in my best decision. As to. That I've got to within the car was running the show them but I remember we went on and booze cruise went -- we have a budget is -- With tiger amid mistake of offering to -- -- -- out there and drink -- to act on electability Chandler. I don't do. You might know -- That month. Do you have a beautiful lady friend we would -- provide an hour like that we just wanna I wanna debate how whenever it took -- thank you pro. Like -- a living on the boot people we had a wonderful time an alternate side you were perfect gentleman Giles simulator -- it was night and I just it was just let my parents and elegant. Thank your regular people wanted to work Trisha this by the way a big trip I think actually -- is another Wellesley resident the Ashley boots and is it is pitching. Steady. Is -- it's now. We attrition your watch -- is Trish was the weeks that do the stumped -- -- jeopardy. Now president who difficult. Now. A river the day she said well so where were you when she so I have to go -- to the stamps for. -- remember when -- -- jacket threw shoes and in turn your members at City Hall tried to stealer Jack why he stole it but then we also apparently that's true she she makes like six dollars a day. -- -- -- And I couldn't help myself a teacher I was pure hype machine I want you back dapper put up. And yeah there is still alive. Undated fifteen years ago -- died. Seven years while us and it was a good guy definitely wasn't that it was you'll even older than you he was increased. -- -- Be like 984. In with -- -- him you -- either go to -- are. -- Are you remember did you forget to call Giles on stuff or you just got numbed to it and just I assume that others knew we didn't know where it was going and you just played along. 1877. What I talk about 74694322. Is that John Alter colonel hunt they sound the same. That will vote Hussein anyway he is -- or dynamic captain. York capital I didn't know that. It's you know do what here's what I don't look at butchers like oh yeah -- pictures he took it forward to resolve -- Ali I've got to have a gross. Yeah well. I you in that to younger through Tanzania and say I'm really you know I didn't know that again needed it to me. What -- -- it -- to hell and back -- you did to the bar room I did many times together so damaged yeah that was brown pants away. They made audio movie star amenities Giles you wow. That's one of those -- -- really intimidate -- -- -- down -- -- How do you. -- go on this show and it's a 100000 dollars or you have a home game. That's right. So what's at this brings you back to win wager which president that was that there were Joseph one of Joseph Biden's recent line -- but wait. Yeah I -- that you'll remember president wager -- Third you voted I voted twice. Charles you're next with how we card Giles -- go that Bibi go ahead Charles. This is great to hear you guys together I had a question -- Giles felt -- but talking about gap -- -- I've worked the gym rat you out. -- media I remember child came down they -- -- Vittorio. When he was trying to become a large. That they want to say though what that one child is getting some special dispensation. And now they it's getting so old. Given that that includes the clergy. Well yes deadly -- -- college is -- -- is preparing editing for me when -- girl. And they said that I'm welcome there anytime. And they got they get they're paying for my funeral. No no time soon. No IO ignited I'd like to -- another couple of hours anyway. I'm trying has decided you were -- should do the eulogy like cranes brevity I -- -- that's in his weekly column -- And sing a song. I don't do your remember the other how Iraq. -- it came in and aren't helped a Mac. The treasury notes are gathering at the stockyards -- got a throwing them I'm their leader and that's yeah. The treasury note that was his -- and you were the most you'll remember his and -- idea he has great -- and that's another one of whom are now. Angelenos know what I'm math and you -- us. Jog your -- with how Lloyd Carr Giles struggled and Bibi go ahead John. It's not a good optional captain like remember trials we're back in the fifties and sixties. Umpire in baseball games golden twilight league imply a top guy a guy but here's a story. You thought you could confirmed that about the West Point and so when it went up there. And their epic game needles or fall off hockey in court should be ignoring most of -- are all watching up this. Accused him and know that -- -- general summary box -- kernel well -- -- point came up their for the weekend out of -- America. It sounds unbelievable. True story a true story. A -- you know that your story is that you -- an army navy unit Kennedy did the coin flip on. And it was a commemorative gold coin and he pocket and Giles tracked and went after him on the field they do mean echoing back. Suppose that's the Giles version of and is that a true story. Jack Kennedy Jack Kennedy this is the hesitancy -- -- is -- hey just amended tattoos that. You know and -- -- demanded go -- and I'm. So you were you you worry you were not in the twilight league I was up in -- -- and now you wouldn't -- wildly from the Twilight Zone. -- line. I'm -- and enjoying both. 18 OK -- to take a break and we'll take a couple more final call scare rod Giles is -- -- -- be 18774694322. On our car. Yeah. 18774694322. Giles and -- will be with us for a few more minutes -- -- -- talk about sweethearts and sweet season and Joseph Biden asking Japanese women whether they work for a living at satirist Terry Giles somebody wants Obama to we have the Mike. From reading PA has requested -- Well that's a tremendous sound yes what made Milwaukee thing. But I have lost dog to -- and it's just -- -- -- you know going it was we can all hear what was doing a good. One wants to know was so Conte Silvio Conte and your clients like that you -- -- didn't -- to them down these days. The debt from just this course maybe I'm looking at its main seceded Giles I mean go to BC that long ago I'm -- You hope. It looks at the full tilt with time two and at least we went Maine -- that our program in next time. Nothing is -- Though it Jeremy you're next with powered car Bibi and Giles struggled gore had jumped. -- Ali and -- is that you read Jim -- and of -- and -- and felt. And I did. Did go and how is everybody. Everyone has great jazz -- won a match and one thing now get up. Great hit -- -- god bless Joseph and I wanna say that remember that day -- -- we will golfing future better for us. And we showed up where -- any clarity. -- didn't say get a fifth. Well I that it. Ought. Just tells you what you're back -- the other night with those -- capsule jeepers. Is what. Well we ended up here today that's what they asked what was right then and politely did work until I. -- -- -- -- We are so we're obviously tournament terrorist to strip -- -- and an eleven and a spirit member of the -- -- plays the pink -- well not no one remembers that a -- they weren't. You know a lot of little rambunctious they would -- -- drink these guys were BA he -- -- Why do you think about this gentleman's club music critic with the theological aspects that mean what's. The pink -- get in the 72 virgins and like forty I you know I thought on that story was an accident at the 37 bought today right so for them they gonna be like almighty god -- rich -- want an exact reason like five minutes and what. Happened. Tomorrow. The that we need more like it octagon like that even -- while -- Quickly Bob let's go. Page served really really I don't look good jobs. Hey. Yeah. But thank you got bureau -- big -- and exploration area. I think it depends on the day in the car which woman it must be tough for me to stand next to their -- great -- a ball. They don't get the same question about me as it turns out that that's okay I'm still -- that did. So Giles yeah like to see a few words before you -- check out to them until the next time. Can take it into great pleasure to be a review into CVB again. And to see you I've enjoyed it tremendously into people that keep listening to how we present the best radio talk show. In this country the BB congratulations I don't think it's a serious stroke instead of a nine year old Jonas thing Els who waited check out that was really nice sounding off until. X I I assess. Time to call -- car.