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Global Warming Bust

Sep 23, 2014|

As the President trys to strong arm other nations into following his environmental program, major newspapers across the country including the Los Angeles Times are discussing the recently released report which finds that global warming is a natural trend not man made....

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You know why Obama had to well make a statement early this morning it's because he's gone he's gone to New York. For the big global warming conference. The big global warming conference now the the three pop. Producers of CO2 -- column polluters with the three top producers of CO2 in the world are. China India and the United States of America. Two of those three countries are not attending would you care to guess which ones are. Yes the two top ones. Right. Yes. That would leave present Obama looking a bit lonely says -- and Matt Ridley the Wall Street Journal. In effect this is all what's left of the global warming emergency the UN declared in its first report on the subject in 1990 the when no longer claims that there will be disastrous or -- climate change in the next two decades. Last September between the second and final draft of its fifth assessment report the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Quietly downgraded the warning it expected in the thirty years following 1995. To about one half of -- degree Celsius from. -- point 7%. -- -- said that they the that this scientists that global warming scientists have known that the jig was up so to speak first since at least 1988. The University of East Anglia in Britain and this is this is where they wrote the memos about hiding the decline. They wanted to hide the decline in the world temperature is it was gonna be real bad for. The global warming hysterical that industry or religion or racquet whatever you wanna call it. The scientific community would come down on me and no one certain terms of price said the world had cooled from 21998. Wrote Phil Jones of the University of East Anglia in Britain in 2005. He went on. OK but it has only but it has but it's only been seven years of data and that is instincts that statistically significant. See that can be 313. Core of the coldest winters in the role in a row one record. And they were six months to -- statistically. Significant because it's only whether. On the other hand if they get a big hurricane like Katrina. One big hurricanes. They'll say that's climate change climate disruption. In the -- got that we've got to go back to the Middle Ages. We've got to be industrialized country because we need some climate Josh that's. If the pause lasted fifteen years they conceded it would be so significant that it would invalidate the climate change models upon which policy was being built. -- report from the one National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration written in 2008 made this clear the simulations rule out. At the 95% level zero transfer intervals of fifteen years or more. So the policy is now lasted for 1619. Or 26 years depending on which which calculation use. Which calculation you 18774694322. Is a global warms -- coming to one and I think it is. This is from Leo McNeal. According to -- Asia act you can always tell which side has been rallying based on how much trashes -- left behind Tea Party groups are leaving are known for leaving their rally around spotless. Leftist groups are known for leaving behind heaps of trash. Well you know what you know what it was like in New York last week you saw the you saw the trash. The rally brought -- all sorts of socialist demanding the end of capitalism. That's what climate change is really all about it isn't about saving the planet the subject to little more than a means to winning and. There hasn't been any warming since 1997. Net glacial and sea ice has declined at all and there isn't any more extreme weather today. We're gonna have a hurricane in Florida since they passed the law mandating all homeowners to get insurance and I was eight years ago. Eight years with a hurricane. Keep in mind it's CO2 causes all these problems you would expect problems to increase considering that since 1997 man. Man made CO2 was increased 25%. All this begs the question why the left gets hysterical about climate change climate changes nothing more than a vehicle to get the world. The global socialism these people don't care about the planet if they did they wouldn't trash every rally ground they've ever attended. The partial liberties who flew to new York and private planes or an Al Gore's case was dropped off. Would -- picked up this year BS UB would be called out for destroying the planet these celebrities live and -- actions that have huge carbon footprints. If the left really cared about the planet they would call these hypocrites out they don't care but they don't. Georgia are next with how we cargo ahead George. -- So you know what -- -- United Nations. All or are you even consider -- part of our global. We don't carry even as he shuttles around on his worthless -- diplomacy mission to east also the two biggest problem facing the. Yup but still you know and in its true you can't talk somebody out of Britain much science against. And I think little science towards it but -- you know rush was talking about are -- about the wins. I'm on the Pacific coast. It really is for 200 meter reader or are different aren't temperature changes. On the web scope which would makes sense right. You know and so important from hypocrite that you can't control and admit that in a -- through admitted to -- Right and has nothing to do with man me and cannot control what went. Why in global warming up a lot of cloud cover which -- their that their their greenhouse gas effect and you can't. You can't control that the more to cover the lack of preparation and. I think I think Georgia's just Georgia it's not just a plot for global socialism at all -- religion. It's it's for people who don't believe -- people who believe -- nothing will fall for anything that's an old saying but it's so true for global warming isn't it. Like that's how do you TPC reported just so hell bent. There's nothing that they are going to believe geez it's up outnumbered them in that you certainly sent out debate them that the act on the side that they. Right when -- just have to I mean I don't you just I mean the hype is goes against them even though they control the school the -- goes against them because that you'll pardon the expression that tide goes against them. Because there is no global warming right. Like in the mortgage backed a hybrid what you were the better every time their -- -- whatever solution or reason you you know be more. You know I'm actually safe and yet the batteries are on -- -- yeah he hybrids or like that what the rally gave me something up all over the. Right. Fortunately or unfortunately most of the energy provided to the best -- to the battery that that fuels the Prius. Comes from coal soul. How much how much good does it really do to your carbon footprint -- to drive a Prius. We're in the in the cost for -- into it it's so it's typically the more pretty people back and -- driving those are the. And what you do and as a -- you mentioned earlier the battery what about the back -- the battery is made out of these terribly. Toxic chemicals. Right. Like in our Q what do you do with that what do you do what that. It's it's that this is all BS it's it's just it's just feel good stuff and you know the fact that China and India are even bothering to go and Germany. That's a good sign but truly a good sign. Pat your next with how we cargo ahead -- Yeah Ali this is called operation changes subject because -- wanna take people's minds off everything they destroyed at the last four years. The socialists is start with health care with our economy. I would what's going on in the middle these were their relation -- other countries I mean anybody at this tells me what I look at how many people -- they're relics. Tell me how many people want to out of basic curse words you know because. I mean with with what -- go to what effects or whether more than anything else is solar activity cycle. Fire fire fire. Written in the picture of those guys you don't look at the stills were taken them so you can just give a good you don't just CO you know like a camera just handing the crowd. Yeah actually got to look at some of these people and -- there's there's nothing behind the -- You know they're carrying these stupid. -- but posters. Extinction is forever and then they have a little picture of some some animal looks like a -- which is not in any danger of becoming extinct unfortunately. You know. Figured out that they it will Leonardo DiCaprio Abuja what have you what that one of these global climate change deal. Yeah that's private -- food out for the soccer turbulence down of results and then it was on the fourth biggest most expensive -- the United States is a war relic. Per archive record or break. Right and he's also five mansions he own and I were out this morning he owns five mentions. He owns many dimensions is John Kerry has his cohort in the in the fight against global warming. And that they and then you have Robert Kennedy saying that the people who don't believe in global warming should be put in prison. Chris. He's out of the do you completely out of his might -- -- I ever got quite a primary looked like he should be put -- Robert Rubin one of those jacked the sort from the back. Right exactly thanks for the call 18774694322187. -- force. The best was the reporter who called RFK junior that was great. Yeah I know she wasn't she was really good. Would you gonna give up your car at the -- How dumb -- what lost scorer and always a junkie dom is he's cutesy EQ two which comfort so the obvious to report is. I'm asking anyone else to give up their car have to give up my car you're the one that got to put his money where his mouth open as. I don't even think he got that he had been hat. -- Brad you're next with how we cargo ahead Brad. -- -- -- -- Forget that global warming let's let's take Padilla industrialization. Notion that you brought up. But let's India industrialized world to the point all the back 400 via. The only way for people to keep warm at night -- require. -- can you imagine how many trees. People over Europe perhaps are certain -- and make fire ring. They can you imagine. The pollution that would be created in the air each right it was being made by every way out. Do you Brad do you realize that there is more forced to land in the United States now than there was -- hundred years ago you know. Yeah I'm not for a do you know why it believe me. Because because beat you don't need feed for all the horses anymore yet all most of the feed the unicorn and the grain. The was wrong in the United States say at the turn of the twentieth century was four horses. And now you don't need all that feed because you have pars instead of horses and -- are nearly as many horses that have to be fat. So you have but the landscape of the United States of America despite what they're talking about urban sprawl and everything. Is more burden and more rewarded than it was a hundred years ago. And not a column before they can installment sentiment that's okay because it's a good message and that operation that change such a they'll probably the administration. Thanks for the call Brad want -- many -- operation change the subjects -- on you never know which one they're trying to change it to which when they're trying to change -- away from. 18774694322. That's 603 entered on the Kennedy compound and give it back to mother earth there's there's one how much what's carbon footprint of the Kennedy compound. Paul you're next with how we cargo ahead Paul. I -- I think that you might call you imagined it Big Dig up how much longer can the activists you know hopeful that this global warming deal. I'm not Vermont there and I have to -- -- it worries me about their ability to continue their nonsense. One it might junior senator Bernie Sanders who in his franking. -- this month they'll lead sentence was. Global warming is you don't come and settled science. Get that settled science problem and haven't done at university of the money went to the climate got this parading your. I'm currently is and I love that but it's like you know what's Paul -- was a big headline in the Wall Street Journal I know I know what they're gonna say it's Wall Street Journal by worked. It's not settled science there's no such thing is settled science. I've I've read these that you're talking about them but this birdie constituency to take what he's got here you know it got -- -- done -- sitting in classes with. You know professors who are touting this stuff. And then you know eat that the a couple of little videos from you know didn't. Like you people you described. Trapped in ridiculous and scary stupid posters campaign in pain you read this list. Is there. If there are young that there are a couple 100000 of them that -- -- was this strange. That's -- he brought up the conservative household but you know those forces I can't control anymore he. -- -- Paula your your mind gets -- and you know like I get PO sometimes when they they have walks over the over the marathon route near -- live. And I think to myself why why get hit with one of these marathon walks and tapped traffic is tied up every. You know six or eight weeks but it's nothing compared to what they have to go through a New York can you know with these these occupiers. In these people come -- damages -- -- at least that the walkers along the Merrill Boston Marathon route. Somebody cleans up after you know nobody came up after the history. He taxpayer had to clean that -- that. Often. Thank you all want a -- I can -- count my blessings I don't live in New York City I don't have to deal with occupy I don't have to deal with. The march for climate justice. -- you're next with -- cargo Hadley. Howie you know. The Democratic Party would have a thinking that the internal combustion engines. Is the most evil thing that ever happened like they want us also live like the operation again. Just sign up for Sharia law. I know you don't again I -- was help people take a look at North Korea and one of those satellite maps at night. You know. We're North Korea is totally dark it's like the Middle Ages south it's like -- it's like -- for South Korea is an island. You know there's there's there's China and then there's then there's North Korea there's no there's no light and then there's South Korea it looks like a pilot would you would you like to go who. Who their right mind who what the climate justice march would like to go with the North Korea all but they have a very small carbon footprint -- Are black yes exactly. Exactly. It was no fun in the Middle Ages people people by the people slept. They slept in two -- as soon as it got dark you went to sleep that's the way -- watch. And the and the place. Al Gore workbook with perfectly content come out right after her -- global warming. Leveled off an 88. And if you look. Would he said basically was that the error. As we know it a -- or is and that balance. What is it. So that's his theory that and then there's another book that came out which would build that should have been. Good one of those. You know very earth conscious people at that time. And -- -- set. Kind of scary that anything I'm human touches or have any attack on on the earth. It is is not nature -- acumen has made it up for our X on it. And that's not a natural anymore so humidity. Is not. So -- so we ought to we owe it to the to the to the -- of the world to commit suicide all of us that. Facial a colleague a now.