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Steve Robinson on Mike Michaud's Rap Blunder

Sep 19, 2014|

Steve Robinson from the Maine Wire joined Howie to discuss Mike Michaud's blunder of tweeting a link to an offensive rap about Senator Collins and then deleting it.

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The war on women continues. Believe it or not Democrats. Are leading the assault yet again it's like Ted Kennedy is still -- let's. This time it's. It's it's in Maine it's. Congressman Mike -- -- He is -- running for governor against. Paula page the incumbent Republican good friend of how we car show and all taxpayers. In the mean and elsewhere. Now while I'm. Mike issue has it has -- a link. To a to an obscene. Rap video. I'm on I'm not kidding I am not kidding here. Joining us now on the line is Steve Robinson he's the of the investigative reporter for the main wired dot com domain wired dot com. And he's broken a lot of stories on this race including the us is the story about the yeah. The via conference call that a number of liberal groups including the diocese of Portland Maine had that. To discuss how to watch how to deal with the NT knee issue. Ads being run by the Republican Governors Association about his attitude towards giving welfare to illegal aliens. So but now this is his story today via video pouting I -- issue. Cracks lewd joke about Maine senator Susan Collins Steve Steve thanks for being with us here on how we car show what -- and tell us what this is all about. Well a lot early this morning local blogger posted a video to Bangor daily news.com now of the video was supposed to be a -- promotional somewhat of an advertisement for the nascent campaign. Social media now ranked the new the new thing right. Free advertising yeah. Yes yes exactly. But that they're -- hot water now what has been featured lyrics from a local main rapper name exposed. Paul weeks a sexual reference to your senator Susan Collins and oral sex. -- What wait a second let me get this straight straight. And openly gay liberal -- congressman running for governor portal leak. To a video. Making lewd sexual remarks about -- female senator. Yes you've got that right in the recent campaign has denied that they knew what was in the video and -- that they had no role in collaborate with that. But they know the shortages extensive. You know they've got footage even from the Deval Patrick event. -- talked about a couple of months. Literally come about or -- or I wasn't -- go right yeah yeah yeah. Yeah so -- -- so another words they were -- -- these the video came from people inside the campaign. Possibly I think I think -- -- they had to be -- for embedded with the campaign to do this and I mean this video. It's hard you know well put together I don't know what a lot of time and energy just went down the troops could now they're gonna knock on the negative attention about. Let's let's talk let's listen to it and then -- tree of credit we that -- don't or don't worry about having your kids listen to it that. -- I'm into it. I'm into okay that's enough. For one thing what should -- the Paul Pierce hasn't played for the Celtics now for over a year. But you know. About a big rap music and came to me like there was a lot of weird spirit that they couldn't choose chosen to put on that video. And what kind of interesting that they were chose -- which used that specific clip but again everyone everyone involved with this issue. I'm the king the governor what's this I'm the king of Maine I'm the king of Maine I've got Susan Collins giving everyone brain now you know again. You know -- maybe I'm just not maybe I'm just not up with a you know I thought Paul Pierce played for another team other than the Celtics what does that mean. I've got Susan Collins giving everyone brain. Well according to urban dictionary.com. It is a reference to an oral sex acts but again. These show and everyone is so he wouldn't videos denying that they knew what that meant. So -- show weeded out a link. To a video in which a rapper said that he was had the senior senator of the -- of the state of Maine. Giving everyone ahead. Yes that accurate -- -- -- you're -- exactly what happened. Isn't that nice. And he said with a conference. The conference -- how we do what we're seeing here is that when you when you exposes something bad that it liberal Democrat has done it immediately your fault. He attacks on me for a quarter. -- brutal and others in David towards the Republican party for reporting this. Second witness I understand I understand where they're after you you know you may heavily I don't think you have a problem obviously but you know. Theoretically. They they they could make a complaint but they -- the candidate of the party. We did this out with a link asking people to gold for how can they blame anyone other than themselves for this obscenity. Or it's a distraction now it the distractions. Welfare for illegal immigrant. Oh my goodness so -- -- here in the -- dealing also the campaign that the campaign manager the communications director. She apparently enjoyed the video you say here and she she tweeted about it last night she she what she also have a link. Asking people to go to this Lizzy what Ryan -- right. Yeah and there's there's also a picture of me show posing with the rapper exposed. On his FaceBook page. Wow. And so what did not this isn't the first time that they that would now what happened before this is some intern in the -- -- campaign. What do Hedo. Yeah there was an intern with initial campaign basically tweeted out a collage a little defensive saying that he mistreated out I mean -- sexist. Volcker saying in January just temporarily suspended and again the bad guys there with the main Republican Party. For pointing out something outrageous that the Liberal Democrats. Is is this part of it existed now is. Would it be sexist or homophobic to say that. Congressman me shoe -- tweet tweeting this -- out his has beaten put himself from the front lines of the war on women. Well I mean at the pattern that we see over and over again I mean this this or this rhetoric its first ball outrageous and abusing the person who thought Debbie Wasserman Schultz now. It's has has been fired Washington DC particular are far. But you know I I think I think it would be it to -- that how. But it also I mean this come insider look. All Paul page had done something like -- -- to -- if there was a female. Democrat senator roots are from multiple terms and was was well respected in Washington and he had mentioned her performing. Performing two sodomy. What do you what do you think when -- what do you think what happened to Paul page or PPP. Was that weeding out this kind of stuff. Every national woman's organization in the country. In the world on -- at a -- I know I don't Roger all but he would be off Roger Goodell. The more you know Roger Goodell. In his name would be all the page. And I tell -- is -- the big motor today go inside Elliot Cutler could get a press conference with a bunch of Republicans endorsing him. And now been completely consumed by coverage of this that would call it brain gate. -- or we also the play this we never got around playing at last week now you know war -- who is is is not not renowned -- -- again you know in in a party where you have. Barack Obama. John Kerry Joseph Biden. And green any Warren. I mean there's there's -- there's not a lot of Mensa members in the in the national Democrat party right now but even by even by the dim bulb standards of the party currently. -- -- is is is not is not the sharpest knife in the -- according to a member of his own party. Now you got here this is what are your stories too isn't it. This story about yes senator the state senator in Bangor. Yes so an enterprising constituent of about senator Jeff -- wecht. -- and it killed him doing his door to door and at and part of the conversation -- excluded Democrat and it's theoretically supporting me. And where's all high so you know worries comments. Right yes yes. And he says that like me show it quote not a brain guy. What this brain thing with the main Democrats let's listen to this cut. Don't mean much in Charlotte. He's not the good you're you're you're pretty strong arm retrieved -- -- -- period that would probably put your new show Cutler. Because I think he. Won't mention by. And that is totally incoherent Steve Robinson from -- wired dot com I mean he says he's high average but he's not a boring guy. What does that does that mean. Yeah I don't really know what grab workers try to communicate ever look tale I've watched like I fall asleep and so many committee hearing. Yeah I'm surprised you'd even have enough energy to go. OK so why people wanna read more on this side and again I you know. I'm gonna I'm gonna blow them Steve and say that this is not the despite the fact that if Paula page this would make the nightly news. The fact that it's a gay Democrat liberal it's not point to make the nightly news network newscasts. Well I I might disagree with that because -- -- is that you -- plane ride home from Washington DC needle in a press conference. At -- -- -- just Portland in a way to make a story go away it's all the press conference about it. On a Friday night. Like he's he's using the right Roger Goodell just finish up this right this when you ought to have a press conference if if you've got some bad news to deal -- -- this is the absolute best time with a week to do it and we don't know that. Yeah so it is so wise he's got he's going to have what I missed a press conference. I think he's going to around 530 whatever whatever like it -- OK that's good will be keeping it will be keeping an eye on that but if they wanna read more -- web address. It's being wired dot com. Is it or the other young local club local papers there reporting on this the Bangor daily news in the press. In the kept a journal herald has been reporting on the Bangor daily news is not required. They're giving it a good leaving alone is -- and yes. Yeah well it's sort of -- of Canada might. Yeah we are on the Abu ought to be at the Kevin Mike the morning guys at that WG AM in Portland our affiliate. They are they're they're celebrating their tenth anniversary on the air we're gonna almost four more of it where's -- are going to be. That the landing back in Scarborough. Okay okay okay great ride to the minor crime. Yeah yeah great okay sorts W plenty of room and -- Steve Robinson here with me is is going to be the a master of ceremonies for the -- that's and that's only Columbus Day weekend I believe right. October yeah that's gonna look for to a we'll keep us informed. Does so well it's actually I assume you'll have a story up on the main wired dot com. After I mean shoe you know helping so I hope he's reading up on now what -- said you know Goodell said I am sorry. I'm gonna do better and I'm sure reach me -- was gonna say pretty much the same thing right. Well -- past practice is any indication he'll probably just a bit blame the Republican and you'll admit it. -- It's always somebody else's fault president that's right -- chorus okay Obama Girl yes exactly Steve Robinson thanks for big weapons.