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John Kerry humiliated at senate hearing. 9/18/14

Sep 18, 2014|

Bob Corker exposes Kerry’s incoherent war plan.

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It felt good. Jeff -- Boston bulldozer good morning plus. Okay my friends. I gotta tell you I don't know if you saw the exchange yesterday and between. The ranking Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and from Tennessee senator -- -- support her. And -- steam. Highly esteemed incredibly esteemed. Secretary of state. Jacques Francois Kerry. AKA. Appealed -- But for those of you don't watch shall only 200 and watch Bugs Bunny. Pet be was literally the skunk who spoke in a kind of a French accent. Who thought he was like God's gift to women with body had this sexiness this animal magnetism. That he was the smartest. Most charismatic person in the Rome but yeah actually literally reach peace smelled. And so everybody kept trying to run away from him but he kept thinking he was the smartest and sexiest guy in the room. And that's value -- usually read about me. Democrats Baptist -- Joffe Francois AKA. -- that's why column that well -- Was up on Capitol Hill yesterday in fact. He was in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and if that rings a bell for some of you because guess what. John -- YA KA -- he used to be even cheer. All of that very committee when he was a senator when he was little senator of of the people's republic of oxygen -- will now he's going up there. As the secretary of state. And he's testifying. On the administration's. So called strategy. And planned to deal with license. And the fact that the president now -- said were -- war worth I suspect he said were not at war but whatever it is. We're now going to conduct a massive military bombing campaign. Combined with a -- they try to explain yesterday and this people's jaws were dropping. After do you riding this Syrian. Moderate so called moderate rebels the free Syrian opposition to free Syrian opposition. At the free Syria army. As being quote these -- Obama's words just a month ago. As a group of quote dentists. Pharmacists. Doctors and farms. Now suddenly according to the administration according to another new propaganda. They're warriors. They're ferocious warriors who are taking on nicest. Taking on Bashar Asad they're taking on all comers they're winning in northern Syria -- they're winning in central Syria. They're challenging them around the -- -- The -- -- was going on yesterday honestly do you think he's really American Marines. Do you think is where the green berets. The way this guy is talking about the free Syrian opposition. So he then explains. To people that they're planning as I show where do you I am not god as my witness I'll bet you could make this stuff up. That they wanted to grab 5000. Of these so called doctors pharmacists. Dentists and farmers. -- now by the way Greenberg race. And bring them to Saudi Arabia. And bench for -- where you have American advisors in Saudi Arabia. Train these doctors dentists and pharmacists. To be even a more effective fighting force. To basically be -- hairs Stig Angus -- or pillow behind. And then send them back in this area. With all of this new advanced training and equipment because now they -- -- these free Syrian rebels. To the teeth and then when we ship them back and they're gonna be supposedly the boots on the ground that wipes out crisis. Furthermore. This administration. Yesterday openly thumb its nose at congress and the American people. Whereby -- Jacques Francois. To hold the members on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Did they do not need any congressional authorization. Or approval. To waged a bombing campaign in Syria or to expand the bombing campaign any rock. Why. Because they claimed that the 2002. Almost thirteen years later. Today. And furthermore. The G 9/11 author rice nation for Afghanistan were said were -- war with al-Qaeda. They take that as a blank check to say well we're at war with al-Qaeda we think crisis is an offshoot of al-Qaeda. That's part of al-Qaeda so we got a blank check from the 9/11 authorization. So we've got the Afghanistan authorization of the Iraq authorization. We don't need a fresh congressional authorization -- everything so literally. As Obama's been saying now for weeks I -- be repeated yesterday up on Capitol Hill blank you. We don't need congress' approval we can do what ever we want to. If we want a bomb Syria we bomb Syria if we want to arm the rebels we armed rebels. If you wanna expand the bombing campaign in your rock we expend the bombing campaign in Iraq well I'm sorry. That I miss something. You're the one that pulled out all of the troops in December of 2011. Do you shed the war was over. So how can you then rely on an author -- -- in 2000 and know when you say you effectively ended the war point number one. Point number two and might get back to this later. Because even the Democrats mentioned us. This is the same administration. That for the last year. Because they didn't wanna get tangled up with crisis because now they were trying to claim it was the JV team. But the title for -- receding but they post ops sold locally no threat to anybody this was a figment of people's imagination. They sent administration official after administration official I swear to you including. At the including John Kerry. Asking for congress to repeal the 2002. Iraq authorization. So all you want it to repeal it but now you wanna use it as justification. To wage a war in a different country with a radically different enemy. Finally. Someone on the committee. How big guts. To stand up to -- B and his repeated likes. The Syrian opposition. The free Syrian army's ranks are full of health care rebels. Now we're gonna be arming them to the teeth. We're those weapons gonna end up. What's the plan for victory. First you say no ground troops. Then we have general Martin Dempsey Chuck Hagel and now Robert Gates has come out. And said non -- -- all -- at least 5000 ground troops if you wanna really win this thing. And direct and effective air campaign now you're saying you're coming here but you don't. You're claiming you don't need authorization. What are you guys -- dictatorship. You can completely run roughshod over congress and the people's representatives. My friends finally there was some fireworks. Finally somebody began to push back and I got to tell you. -- Bancorp Kurt tuition credit. I mean he of disarray it -- He put his head he took his head and put it on a platter. Here is this exchange between. Bob -- her ranking Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. And -- PA KA Jacques Francois. Roll it Britain. I just wanna say as I've said do you personally we have three senators president vice president secretary today. That are exercising. Terrible judgment right now. And to say that you're gonna do this regardless of what we say. You're not and I asked for by hand by United States senate House of Representatives home home half of the American people. And a conflicted chiefs say is not a multi year some people say a decade taking us into another country. With a different enemy. Is exercising the worst judgment possible you say much has not accomplished that's a nice photograph on the from the Wall Street Journal with a respecting the judgment about asking congress to do it. I'm asking. Do it you're asking us to approve some thing that we know. The wave laid out makes no sense this doesn't even saying serious we know the Free Syrian Army cannot. Take on my -- you know that. Senator you know I would I must say the -- I really. Find it somewhat surprising for -- to suggest. That is the president United States talks the nation -- commits to take strikes an ordeal of -- now as we. Have come back from a week of very serious meetings with. Nations around the world -- server committed to this very serious they do you sit there and suggest that is not serious. -- -- I didn't. Unbelievable. It is unbelievable so he's not answering any any of workers -- the judge Dora does give us the authorization. -- You you're missing the point. Here claiming you don't need it would help do you think your. You're not above the law not about the constitution. And not above congress. Not a war monger. This is not a military dictatorship. You can't just take us into war because you feel like -- you have to get the approval of congress point number one point number 20. -- have no credible for an. And when people are asking you for details are they credible plan you basically say trust that's why should we trust you you've been wrong on everything up to this point. Everything. This is the same administration. That keeps claiming over and over again that they have the issue who coalition. Shall finally Bob -- and in particular. A Middle East coalition so finally Bob core -- calls amount. And he says you keep saying the saudis are on board and the Turks are on board and the egyptians are on board in the territories are on board and the kuwaitis are on board in the sheiks are on board. Can you name me one Arab sure any country. That will either fly planes or send boots on the ground to defeat -- it's just name me one. One just one. Check out that. Roll it Brittany. Do we yeah do we have a clip with the happy. On the on I'm Bob corkum going back and forth about the Arab. Arab states we don't have a book you'll get a four okay. And then but basically. -- did to sum -- up they're going back and forth you have the Arab. A quarter saying. Name me one just 11 Arab soon -- one. Won't mean as they're going to be one plane with Arabic Sunni insignia on it or an Arab Sunni state -- provide combat troops and I swear -- you popular. We're working on -- I'm asking you work on it you said UN how big do you haven't allowed you know this is complicated. Finally Kerry says. I'll tell you behind closed doors in classified meetings you're gonna find out all of the details in -- to gonna be so sick of it we're gonna all -- and classified leaks. So that court Kirk calls his bluff and he said you -- classified meaning how about tomorrow. Color right after this door -- find it there -- is also secretive. Let's have a classified meeting now. Kerry's answer. I can't do it now in other words he doesn't have the Arabs on board we know that. Because my friends here's the dirty little secret. It is the saudis that are pulling the strings of this entire operation and everybody knows it. The saudis are petrified of Sunni extremism. They're petrified of crisis. They're petrified because they oversee -- great Sunni power in the Middle East they are a brutal theocratic. Monarchy. Despised by many people within the Saudi kingdom. They fear al-Qaeda and they fear I see this as growing in popularity. She urging and expanding within Saudi Arabia itself. And so very don't wanna be seen publicly. Going against a powerful Muslim organization and the Islamic state. Waging war against fellow Muslims. So they don't want to give us any public support they won't even give us a shackles. They want and give us a -- they won't even give us I dean RR a ball. To help underwrite all of this. Neither the Turks neither the egyptians neither the Jordanians. Neither nobody. They want us to do the fighting. And they're dying and the bleeding for them. And here is a point but I have to distress to all of you. My ten years actually twelve years in Washington when I spent my twelve years in Washington covering why the White House. Congress for The Washington Times. Let me tell you what I found to be the absolute most shocking thing. Washington is a city. Bought and sold for Saudi Arabia. This saudis control almost everything. And all you have to do is look at bush 41. Look how we help to line his pockets with the saudis after he left power. Look at bill and Hillary Clinton. The saudis and their client states Qatar United Arab Emirates and Kuwait okay they basically run. Those Sunni. Golf sheet themselves gulf oil kingdoms. They're the ones paying Hillary Clinton half a million dollars a speech. They're the ones paying by about half a million dollars a speech. The clintons have amassed over a hundred million dollars. Primarily due to the saudis and their clients in NN in the gulf states. Look at bush 43. -- literally kiss the king of Saudi Arabia on the cheeks. Obama. He's going to be richer than he ever thought possible once he leaves office. John Brennan is gonna leave office wealthier than he ever thought possible. -- -- wife Carrie. Who deeply resents having to rely on his wife's money Teresa Heinz Kerry's money. He won't -- once she leaves the secretary of state sharp. He's going to be worth 5067. Million dollars on his own by the time the saudis are done with him. -- every major think tank. Every major person in the foreign policy establishment is swimming in Saudi money some big new version ski. Madeleine Albright Henry Kissinger James Baker. Or I could run down the whole line. So when he actually says well we've got people who support us in private behind the scenes. In a way he's telling the truth. But -- Saudi Arabia. And they definitely won't publicly back cuts so let me get this straight happy. Because you're in the pocket of the saudis. Because you're gonna make out like a -- -- your boss will as the clintons did as the bushes did. You wanna send more Americans to die when the saudis won't do the fighting. When the egyptians won't do the fighting wonder Turks won't do the fighting. Here is the exchange. Between happy and coworker. Roll it Britain. Tell me what's been accomplished through. What Arab Sunni nation is gonna have a ground force and Syria. What every Sunni country is going to be flying hand and bombing and not knowing missile -- two other. Arab and saying now satisfying. Tommy that. Senators you'll hear that at the appropriate time within the next days as John Allen and the team at work who is all of these countries for the permissions and basing for all the things that will take place. I've told you there. -- alone and let me now what happened let me tenacity that all happened while authorities said so we will have Arabs Sunni countries. Participating. In the -- Katherine and scenario no I didn't say that rather critical and -- you know right now the plans. Is to work through the our judgment is that we can be effective. Working in the way that we are what is. There -- Eric Parker then I mean where are all play a comeback imminent Parker says okay what classified meeting. That you don't want to also Polly wanna classified meaning right now let's right now on our I can do it now you liar you fried you -- -- You -- absolute fraud you so my friends. You don't wanna miss this coming up next. After Kerry gets absolutely destroyed and humiliated by Bob -- You're not gonna believe how -- dams desperately try to rescue. That. Saving. Shop crosswalk. When I come back after this short break. -- -- I'm Sylvia don't. That's never beat. I'm John from swell up like Capitol Hill yesterday. It was not a good day for -- let's just put it that way. Brian you're up next thanks for holding go ahead Bryant. Hey did you hit it -- -- everyday I wake up aren't I cannot be on the Internet. More important are the 88. When you already. Why should. We could do -- public -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It and he got beat it out -- been called the. Yes. You how that they are and what we aren't that you're gonna go back. There are actually not that occurred. -- they're not -- you struck that and I ate the night out and I don't know how old. -- there's -- street. All along I. Urea. Actually we're gonna get it right and no he didn't bleach and dirty and many here. We all know that Russia has no problem. That you can't quit. And it seems that Russia and I've gotten into it with certain being out there hold their attention. How did that that we are now going to be trading. -- Rebel the trial were caught and help. We're basically toward the end of the country to strike what we met we don't want to Europe. What are you a bit and the war would -- And Russia. Brian absolutely. Brilliant that's why the -- warned recently. We are heading towards world war three. By arming the modest so there are even moderates but it is called the moderates the free Syrian our army. We're gonna be effectively at war with a solid. Who's backed by Putin and Russia. This is Magnus. 6172666868. My friends so much more all of your calls as well. Trust me when I tell you this don't touch that dial. 639 year on the great WR KEO Jeff -- Boston. Bulldozer. Cleaning up the liberal bull. 'cause you know my friend for a talk about this later in the show but today. The whole whole world -- eyes of the world or Scotland. There is going to be a very very closely watched and. Tightly and I mean a nice edge tightly contested. Referendum being held today squats are going to the polls. To decide whether Scotland should breakaway from the United Kingdom and form their own independent. Nation. Polls show it's too close to call it's about fifty to learn some of 51 for the the -- -- forces which are the the pro union forces 49% for the US forces. Which are the pro independence forces fifty to forty day -- 5149. But all within the margin of error. There are still some undecideds. And those are the swing voters that they believe will tip and ultimately decide Scotland's that's coming. So my question do you is this corner country. In your view if you were voting. If you were transported to Scotland. Even if you're an illegal it doesn't matter. He got. You can't beat them join them -- that illegals are allowed to vote the vote here they should be allowed to vote there so I was I think you're a citizen but forget that. Uranium legal they transport -- to Scotland. And how would you vote. Should Scotland. Be an independent nation how would you vote. If you believe the answer is yes 868680. If you believe the answer is no we do want them to stay within Great Britain the United Kingdom text B 68680. It's brought to you by the greater -- senior services providing a wide range of social services. For you when your family visit www. GL -- SS dot net for more information. Okay. So happy. As I -- in the last half hour really was taken to the woodshed. By Bob cork he was exposed he was she -- EA did he was embarrassed. That he was not happy. The incredibly. Instead of saying. They have no plan they have no strategy. They are so arrogant and out of control they're coming here and basically saying. We say jump in you say how high -- They're not even that they're basically telling us they can go ahead and bomb and and take us to war without any approval or authorization from congress. Barbara Boxer. Leaps. To shop across swat at these defense. And she says when you heard the exchange between Bob -- I mean it was forceful but there wasn't. It wasn't disrespectful. He wasn't calling him name looms what some brow beating -- wasn't yelling wasn't screaming -- -- Check this out Barbara Boxer. Believes that at these defense. Saying. Justice. It's unconscionable. How do you treat him just Howard says all my god it's that's unconscionable it's just like happily there's roll it written. Like an -- Karrie thank you for your tireless work. I think it is shocking and sad state of affairs. That we heard just now such angry comment. Movie you miss secretary. And through youth and our president. The that I it's just a tough but a savage group. Who decapitated two Americans. And have warned and I quote that is there's four more American blood is right out there. I think it's shocking. I'm actually shaking and trembling. -- Is not the time. To show anger. Bring the other people got a Yankee player got a -- by the rest he's just going onto his grandstanding about point. A -- to Denver you have a good shot this she's shaking and -- -- shaking and trembling how badly Bob Barker. A pick on that. I think it's shocking. I'm actually shaking in -- Pool. All. -- and we and here in their -- And Bob Parker and it. I remember a plan in Arizona guard are demanded and presidents cup moment you look at the board means I'm gonna do don't do in the next couple weeks and he's able do it -- all an -- but while I was lying in any called -- -- and -- -- humiliated and -- Danielle Meehan and. -- additions incredible. Look at the arrogance of these people. Pieces that -- These are our representatives. -- court -- was doing his -- Obama. Forgive me he was doing his -- didn't -- Executive branch accountable. Asked tough questions. -- especially on life and death issues we're talked about going to war for God's sakes. Have you noticed. When did this attitude happened honestly in this country. Were suddenly we treat the president -- she was a king. I supporters OK okay yes sir yes sir majesty yes your majesty and rubber stamp everything. This thing was settled in 1776. We don't work for you you worked for us. And all of the senate is doing. Her advice and consent. And holding the administration accountable. That's they're true. -- commentary -- almost like let's roll out the red carpet listened to -- these B yes. And even though we know what stinks. And we're all -- it's nauseating. Bob Parker is completely right this is not serious at all -- -- to wash -- lying to the American people you have more strategy you have more planned you don't know what you're doing. You're the ones that are responsible for this mess in the first place. And I you think you're pretending you have a solution when you don't have a solution. And when you call mode on it suddenly I'm shaking I'm I'm trembling it is humiliating. Business is this is. You guys almost ran George Bush on a pound. When Donald Rumsfeld went up to Capitol Hill. To talk about the Iraq War there were Democrats saying he should go to that -- can be tried for war cramps. They almost storm limb from limb. When he was up there suddenly when it's a dear leader. Suddenly when it's at the suddenly one it's madame Hillary don't you ask some of -- on new militant and shaking and trembling in the third item is -- it's generally -- -- shifts. This is an embarrassment. Obviously it's an embarrassment. -- Europe next thanks for holding go ahead Laura. All right Jack thanks -- lookalike called. The point out they almost emailed all those are your name and everybody. Courageous step base and they can kiss my you know a lot and I also got a couple -- While bond money yeah yeah -- Russia are rather end it more like god at least dude is. One Maroney -- moron. -- Europe next go ahead mark. Yet -- they don't claim that they don't have such. It now when they get people still get on the ground any kind of weapons and interviewed combat the American puppet either through other eight. What opened outreach they don't know what ability to realize that bank. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I Wal-Mart that's exactly my point. And so what we've already seen it before the weapons that we were sending to this so called Syrian opposition. Many of them fell into the hands of -- this. Either direct them the -- factions the so called moderate factions were defeated by -- -- wouldn't -- -- weapons or they sold the weapons slices or they were members of vices hiding within the ranks of the free Syria army. So this is the biggest scandal of the entire campaign. We essentially armed and created crisis. They're -- they're like a Frankenstein monster. And Obama is Frankenstein. And ice this is his monster. And now so what's the solution I swear to you. Send more weapons. Just flood the place with weapons. And what is aren't -- what is really orwellian -- -- about bring you can you tracked down that clip. Where Obama was being interviewed by Thomas Friedman is what I believe it was August 8 OK don't quote -- -- I know was August late August and the doctors want okay or watched. This is basically a month ago or a month and a week ago a month and a week ago. He's saying well how come you're not I don't now why aren't you just sending weapons like crazy to the Free Syrian Army. He opened the -- rides them. He says but there -- an army of doctors dentists pharmacists. Farmers like they're nothing absolutely nothing. Not sure what happened in one month besides the fact that -- numbers were going up saying the American people want something done against ices. And they were blaming the dear leader. Besides the fact that Democrats are gonna get shellacked in November. And Obama's poll numbers tanked. Are on the -- this foreign policy issue besides that your poll ratings what else changed. I'm sorry that I that I missed some think. Did did Moses come there and suddenly created and an army of freedom fighters in front of our rights. Here is that cheerleader its August date right Brittany. August 8 of this year over a month ago. That was the free Syria army then Roland Brittany. With respect to Syria it's always been a fantasy. This idea that. We could provide some light arms or even more sophisticated arms. To what was essentially in opposition made up of former doctors farmers and pharmacists. And so forth and that they were going to be able to battle not only me well armed state. But also. Of -- on state backed by Russia. -- -- And I and so now what what happened one Bluetooth. He's not a seat. This keeps saying no ground troops sort of substitute ground troops percent while regards rob somebody all the free Syria army well just a month ago. Looking at the contempt in his voice look at almost laughing like truck. That employ a very. Now took. Now -- the mujahideen. Now they're Gardner they're -- -- content now the whole world shambles of the Free Syrian Army. Vinny your issue do you is this I think the propaganda is so blatant. Lying peaceful blatant. -- Europe next door had been. Good morning after. And this is what amazes me in the region. Saudi Arabia has kept it means that they bought in the early 1980s. And they can maintain the aircraft and upgraded the aircraft stayed at the British tornado. Which is an attack aircraft and they create the traps and bombs they have been buying Apache helicopters they're buying more F fifteens. They have recon aircraft refueling aircraft. In that region. Facilities that have the most credible airforce there is. Now what all the potential to meet and -- I mean enemy ice this. 30000 men. In military strength that amounts to about two divisions to western divisions. Put it in comparison. I can -- command over a 160 divisions. Of ARAMARK the German army had a million man army. And what is our crippling. The region. America of the world. Two military infantry division it makes no sense of I would tell facilities. -- you stand up you put up. You you wanted to buy you aircraft in the first place why are you buying more aircraft from America. If you're not going to use them. Then we should say OK -- spares and repair no -- no more by Europe finished. I mean that is what we should be saying Jeff. -- as usual. Amen brother. You know how big crisis is 31500. Fighters. 31500. Fighters. And they are talking about I swear to you an open ended their words. Multi year campaigns -- sank three -- four years meant a mom may be a decade. -- -- -- -- -- We defeated Hitler's Germany and imperial Japan in Fort Pierce. So they're setting -- up. We're gonna send our boys -- like Vietnam. Trickle trickle trickle trickle drip drip drip that's exactly what Osama bin Laden wanted it's exactly what ice is once. And they're gonna -- us and pick us off one at a time. And all of this signed sealed and delivered. By the dear leader. And appeal appeal. 6172666868. Morph your calls. Next moves that they deemed to have AA -- does that -- Yeah. AM six day. Yeah now 193 point seven. Howard he -- corner report. Jeff -- the voice of the resistance okay my friends we're gonna get into this topic probably in the next hour. But I wanna get corner car. Trees that take on this your vote on this as you know today. Huge day in Scotland. The entire world. Is now going to be focused on the referendum taking place today squats are going to the polls. To vote on whether Scotland should secede. And breakaway from great Britain and the United Kingdom and form their own independent country. It is something that many Scottish Nationalists have been dreaming about for decades. Some for centuries. And at stake is whether in great Britain and the United Kingdom will even exist. And so my question to you is this. If I could transport you went to Scott. And you were able to vote. How would you vote. Should Scotland to be an independent nation. If you believe the answer is yes text page 686 say. If you believe the answer is no. Text beat 68680. It's brought to you by the greater -- senior services providing a wide range. Of social services for you when your family visit www. GL -- SS dot net for more information. Brittany. What are the poll results so far. It's very close. 52%. Success yes aunt. 48%. Is now just incredible. How close that is exactly how people are saying the votes gonna go in Scotland itself. Some polls have a 5149. Some. We all eyes the no 51 yes 49. Somehow it's 5050. Some have -- fifty to 48 all within the margin of error is like going to be a nice edge are razors edge. It's gonna come down to a handful of votes I mean it's it's incredible so corner country is as divided as the people of Scotland. I Brittany -- do you have an opinion on this I mean if if you were to -- how would you vote. Did you receive the movie Braveheart Britney. Will what -- did you like Braveheart yes. I mean you know Braveheart and in their -- Mel Gibson's character was a Scottish nationalist Scottish freedom fighter. Help Scotland eventually wins and we played William Wallace. No longer than not -- not want them to -- some people saw the movie got inspired. And -- actually gave Scottish nationalism a kind of rebirth in the 1990s that movie along. So what I'm saying is you know would you vote first if you were living in Glasgow or Edinburgh and your Brittany. You know I'm right there with your red hair in your freckles it could actually pass for Scottish but let that go Brittany. How would you vote -- you would vote no. And I mean why why would you vote no. I -- too much of an economic risk. Just -- a lot of breaking up our Great Britain the United Kingdom. And generosity Brittany would vote now okay. My friends. So. Yesterday. To continue what we're talking about in the last hour. Bet he is up on Capitol Hill that John Kerry secretary of state. Laying out his non strategy strategy than non war war fighting against non Muslim Muslims remember Obama said the Islamic state is neither Islamic. And artistic soul or it's a non war. -- strategy against non Muslims so he's laying out his strategy. But not strategy. And he's to act is getting pounded by Bob court Kurt you have and it's -- Barbara Boxer -- eighteen I'm trembling a trampoline he's being treated like this is actually being challenged but we don't do that here. Not against that -- not against their leader. Up com's. -- chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee -- Democrat. Robert Menendez remember he said Democrat. He's the chair of the committee. And even he. Looked so happy in the face. And says I don't understand something. It was you and the Obama administration officials who for a year and a half are in the coming to this committee. Saying we need to repeal the Iraq War authorization of 2002. We wanna get rid of it now. You're asking us to use that -- nation that you've been asking to repeal now for the last year and a half. As you said the war was over we want. We left behind your words at the dear -- words. -- sovereign stable self reliant Iraq the words. You're now. You've been asking to repeal it. But now you're saying you don't want -- repeal it in fact you want it and you're using it as a justification. To go back into Iraq and -- to go back into Iraq but not a bomb and wage war against the mother country. And on top of this are telling us you don't need the approval of congress because you guys can do whatever you want. Based on the Afghanistan war authorization and the Iraq War authorization. Even Menendez is telling him. And roll -- -- wall home. -- home. You can't know that. You have to come back the congress a new year another offer isolation at the take it easy bat be. Even by moon -- progressive standards. I understand this is a dictatorship but come -- -- make it too obvious that the check out Menendez. Openly calling out Kerry and sang. This this just doesn't make sense. Roll -- written. How is it that the administration believes that and I supported it's it it's. Efforts but. How was it -- administration believes that a 9/11. A UN maps. -- Iraq. A UN have provided authorization. To move forward whether to congress decides to or not. You know it it was not long ago that members of the administration appeared before the committee and when I -- and I was headed towards repealing. The Iraq AUN mess. And there was. Administration witnesses who believed that it should be -- on behalf of the administration -- how is it. That. The administration now -- six. Relied upon that the legal authority. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The day you MF means authorize nation for military force to see understand OK so he's basically saying I don't get it. You guys want to repeal the authorization for military force both for 9/11. To invade Afghanistan and especially the one for Iraq. You didn't want you said it was unnecessary the war on terror was over. The Iraq War was over. Now you combat and you say that's your justification not only to go back into Iraq but to bomb Syria. Mike I'm confused. Check out happy this is one for the ages check up that role it. -- disturbance. How is it it is because it. Good lawyers. Within the White House within the State Department who have examined this extremely closely home. Have come to the conclusion across the board. That the 2001 -- you MF which says all necessary and appropriate force against those nations organizations or persons. Responsible for 9/11 those who harbored such organizations or persons. To prevent future acts of international terrorism against the United States such persons organizations plan includes al-Qaeda it's always been interpreted as including al-Qaeda and and now al-Qaeda and throughout iso and al-Qaeda here. And associated forces hand that is the language can al-Qaeda and associated -- Now. Al-Qaeda. Beisel. Again as al-Qaeda. In 2005. In Iraq 2004. I -- was al-Qaeda in Iraq home and it only became this thing called -- A year ago pan am netted only became that out of convenience. Pain separates themselves and an internal fight. But not because they're thinking changed my -- not because they're targets Jane Hall not because their actions you're always there at the same people doing the same people good that we were prepared to and work attacking all of those years now. And -- Publicity stunt to separate yourself and call yourself something else does not get you out from under the force in the United States I. I started you know our ability as a former prosecutor and agents and attorneys to try to make it tastes. I will tell you. That little of the of the chairs perspectives. You're gonna need it and you pay you mess. -- -- -- -- -- -- So basically -- dirt to mourn bats they're two Democrats. He's basically saying look your -- thing is say look it up. Their former prosecutor former lawyer area you're you're not hiding behind lawyers -- parsing words. Years you're basically giving us creative BS smile while guys that's Richard doing. I appreciated -- doing the best that you can. You get paid four -- 5600 dollars to do this and our I understand that. But I know you need another authorization it's as clear as day now a couple of quick points very quickly. -- -- wasn't created last year. I -- was created in 2006. They've been around for -- years. In fact they were the ones spearheading. The many of the Sunni attacks that led to the surge of troops by bush. So this idea that somehow ice is just just opt out of the sky just I am I you're golf I don't -- I don't mold they were to JV team and suddenly now they're Colby Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers is just incredible. It's come if it's it's a fiction it's another law. But here is the deeper point. If you want to go to war. Not just any rock being new war a third war in -- rock and especially if you're gonna bomb Syria as they said they will. And we're gonna be sending weapons to the Syrian free army as they are already getting authorization from the house to do so. And if they're going to be training these supposedly moderate Islamist rebels. You won't -- this is a new war. Do you need approval and authorization. From congress. If you do not get that authorization and approval it is and you legal even moral criminal unconstitutional. War. The constitution could not be more clearer. And the fact. That this fraud. Dead dead dead dead at this con man. Goes up there and allow race to the entire foreign relations committee to congress to the American people. Trying to nuance and spin and parts. What we all know these are thirteen fourteen year old resolutions. Are you kidding me what's so what these resolutions now last an ad infinitum for infinity. I guess is what it's -- what they're basically saying they have a blanket check. They have a blank check from congress to bomb anybody anywhere around the world to take us into any war they want because hey. That's the dear leader. Eight bets that pay the masters of the universe. Well I got news for you. This is not Putin's Russia. This is not a dictatorship I know you wanted to be a dictatorship but were not there yet. My friends. What you are now seemed. Is the open contempt and disregard. That this administration has and I'm choosing my words very carefully. For our troops. For our military. For our constitution. For congress. And for the people of the United States. And that's why I say no to this war. -- up next thanks for holding go ahead Bruce. -- just. Bruce or Tom I don't know probably -- US marine ball well Brooks movie blazing saddles. But no Brit Ian Cook she only has limitless and that why you got MMX guy goes. That you don't need no stinking. It's really ironic. That. They believed that they can just get away with it. And we just can't -- They can't or don't think they're not name. Without without. Notes you play -- -- and again in this. Real. The Obama administration has been Doris and who -- You've taken all the unilateral decisions. And then -- and the constitution. That. I know I'm Bruce is incredible I mean look it's for them the constitution. Is a meaningless piece of paper. I mean it's nothing. Honestly that they go to the bathroom but I think a big -- themselves without thinking no way they're now treating it I mean it's it's disgraceful. No how come nobody look Bob cork or look he finally stood up picked a happy and I am happy stood up to Jacques Francois. This is Jeff corner on the committee god as my witness. You go to war without the authorization of congress. That is not only illegal and criminal mr. secretary it is impeachable. And I wouldn't impeach you. And I'm gonna impeached -- dear leader and I'm gonna impeach Bob Biden and I'm gonna impeach Chuck Hagel and I'm gonna impeach every senior member of this administration. You don't have the power and the authority to do that. So if you think ice this is such a threat that it demands a third war in Iraq and Syria. Then you make your case to congress and to the American people and you let the house vote and you let the senate vote and you let the American people's voice should be heard. Otherwise no war. Steve Europe next thanks for holding go ahead Steve. Hello state they -- Steve. OK -- Europe next. Next you're on the -- report. I know the -- And you'll find so excited about that. I'm John F Kerry and this just in planning in his past. -- -- jacket on him as to why he's never elected our president. Is if you want a little tidbit. He wanted to resume relations with Vietnam and oh by the way his cousin. I think that -- Stewart Stewart full force. Also on the call that -- -- internationally built up a billion dollars for renewal in Vietnam that -- list. -- the -- that's the kind of guy he was he also wrote a book. -- soldier. -- that pretty much -- files up there at the end of the values of things without end world war itself defense is right on the cover. If you wanna check that out. Adapt literally I now. I know you know these threats come from war is peace freedom is slavery ignorance is strength this is exactly where we have now someone should read -- 1984 book thank you just. Brilliant brilliant George Orwell's 1984. -- are we are now. I gotta say one quick thing Mikey we're gonna get you to a second but I gotta say this. How do you have a secretary of state. A man who stood in front of that very same Senate Foreign Relations Committee in the early 1970s. And lied deliberately lied. Slandering our troops in Vietnam. Claim that there were a committing all kinds of atrocities. And all kinds of human rights violations and genocide and mass a curse. And then this very same guy this fraud they -- ice Turk. And then grabs not his only adults but someone else's melts ice where do you. And then in front of the cameras he throws -- throws away money in his -- medals someone else's medals pretending there is medals. And this guy called slandered and betrayed our troops this phony this fraud. He's our secretary of state. And this guy's been lying for forty years. He lied when he was talking about Vietnam. He's now lying about he rock and he's now lying about Syria demands a pathetic -- Mike you're up next thanks for holding go ahead Mike. -- -- get -- up about a forty that was really calling -- gonna wanna help or give you a little bit because he's probably awful lot like he'd -- years because. Almost defied logic what are the United States or else Saudi Arabia you must do their small which they're. United States don't get to let anybody out pretty pleased to Saudi Arabia that back so the establishment of the actual adult system back here -- Whereas. You know we would -- -- government would support military material support Saudi Arabia are in that region to change them excepting only the dollar. In exchange for -- so. No the bottom line is no matter how big or small your country that you need oil if you need -- what you have to -- US dollars. So the Contra cost estimate to one thing that lend legitimacy. To the US dollar there's no -- -- There's good -- goal so. You know if we -- Saudi Arabia would no longer gonna provide the military support also makes. What people want will no longer accept US follows looks up and Albuquerque for a total. The order to block college out no one tried to have a need for our daughter in law that's why do you want government should do that still beat the credit card would be Obama. OK so all the natural daughter at the premiere -- struggle look at what why do they tell Saudi Arabia and do this all the real Atlanta they chips. Saudi Arabia's -- all the talk. This illness. But let's lock stock and that's what is -- over -- -- -- country in the world to have a US dollar in their pocket they need -- They're all legal adult -- itself -- way. No one would want can't golf anymore -- -- do you -- -- dirty little secret what what are we are all -- figure that out. Man out of the elliptical wait for my shoulders could then except actual dollar certain that the US government is protected. Mike I got to ask you another question because obviously you're very informed on the sort of thinks. When you have Martin Dempsey the chairman of the joint chiefs and Chuck Hagel and happy and all of them saying. This is going to be a multi year campaign their words is not shock and -- but consistent and persistent. Meaning. It's gonna go on for years let me tell you what I see behind the scenes fall all the money. The military industrial complex. Who get major lucrative military contracts. They law of war. No more wars the better for them. No longer a war lasts the better for them. And many of them are big donors to both Republicans and Democrats. When people retire or leave politics they become a lobbyist for these big firms. Mike do you believe that by dragging out this war deliberately. They are lining the pockets of the military industrial complex. Of course -- -- barber generals rarely bothered several wars so racquet but doesn't golf ball there's always W Baird out Eric's it is all well. That's the way -- did well -- welcome the green caught chuck right. We're trained and it was the Cold War adventure yet we did you training and the corporal told me -- what are you know daughter several ukrainians comedy that you. Sort of right. Flat first lord to -- way to the Cold War was -- the same training it was what do you don't care what that's like said. What I'm not seven but Ukrainian there's always that won't -- -- Its profit or Iraqi. Thank you for that call Mike -- said. 6172666868. Can Obama go to war with out approval or authorization from congress. I say known. Happy ended dear leaders say yes what do you say Boston 61726. X 6868. All of your calls next. It doesn't --