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Chump Line Wednesday September 10, 2014 - Kicking Around

Sep 10, 2014|

Our favorite chump line message was a losing Congressional candidate parroting Richard Nixon. We will not have John Tierney to kick around anymore.

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And being armed and bring. Well. He. There's a traffic jam in Westchester that's backed up to the trump golf course. There's a huge. Politico. Protocol who worked -- met Obama in who's crazy stuff. Adding somebody that lines. Audit soon you know. I think all of those golf courses that were named in the story here and in line for an IRS audit. Racist bastards. They'll not get away with this. I always give up that they're going John Kerry could change his mind because there's been -- -- and now -- and again. Wells then -- it happened like you probably don't know this doesn't happen after the present Byzantine empire before you're born but it's. Prepared in -- we are enemies another friend Russia is still allies northern Manhattan. Think would happen -- people saying things and my -- Those about the weakest -- Message I got several left on the trunk line that that didn't make any sense. And. The magazine that cracked about Michael -- -- Sport. -- -- -- -- Now that's that's our job all of our jobs to come here Michael war. There's a lot. And I am AM without read our Michael Morse a lot fat and you can't. Seriously and Michael wore a -- Michael Moore I never. Drank the Kool -- for this guy Michael Maurer ruling -- leave -- That Obama was and he he believed that he was eagle or the level of the ocean she believed he was the smartest men that it went that. To where he went to college he believed he actually wrote is broke the blocks on the bestseller. Yet we have no strategy we have no strategy to day. We've got clobbered with. We've -- netbook we've gotten that yet. We've had you know that'd -- we have no authority to. Your -- so much Roger Goodell looks like Charlie Baker. About separated at birth. Think Charlie Baker right now is in better shape than Roger Goodell especially after the slate story that's breaking -- about the NFL getting the getting via videotape last April. -- -- -- Wanted to make congratulate. You can't change that happened but selecting and principal market. Who kept it cracked yeah with a particularly -- that max's progresses. Even if I -- hidden. You don't have a good president. You know. That's pretty good. The rule -- on depressing side you know he's he he hits. He hits home a little too too. To close but. I like his accident. -- taxes less government regulation. Lower taxes less government regulation. OK I said it was my you know point and guys. You know here's another someone just sent something you know is another war and other Frazier never hear anymore. The Nobel Peace Prize winner. Like a bad joke now -- Golden. -- It's -- right. -- in Iraq and they not to do that and. 603 sets 97 it's as if we've lost Michael Moore. -- lost there and they get that one and that's what LBJ said when Walter Cronkite turned on him on the Vietnam War. Like I want. Iraq and the what is I this is like Specter -- -- what the British government and but I -- it. Governor of seven. Yes. When their song agent double -- love. This this soul song but -- -- -- remember. That this drawn here and I approve this message. It won't and guys candidate kick around -- yes I only. Biblical I volunteered to call for tomorrow. Aces is -- -- in the rear view mirror image that I should -- but we didn't have anybody in the room humor today because it was such a surprise I mean someone's got to -- A lot of people want to gloat over the perfect person lead but. We'll talk more about that acts or the way. You can help me like well. And by the way miles is listening story I agree with few miles deserves to be written in the second person. Jimmy Cubans. I'm Tierney. Maybe if you'd been defeated in 2012. You -- at least one pot dispensary. Like. Bill -- and like Barney Frank almost. As you -- -- Blacks were not oil I'm rolling it good but I'm confident the pavement and. When my laughing she still with congresswoman only god. Katherine Clark from Colorado. Hughes thinking that maybe the Republican ballot who would do. And then -- -- I think don't have it. Yeah I think that goes way back beyond. Calling the red states and Blue States -- the that that goes back probably. At least 5060 years you know the Republicans were blue bloods and in a way it kind of makes cents in -- You know we get used in the Blue States red states. Way but. This this is this long long predates that. That was your last jump line message thank you for calling out retired U. 187. That's it for the child -- today that troubling is the told is the voicemail message service -- how we are sure you call leave a message in any hour or the day or night including weekends. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 7793469. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It -- can't -- -- candidate kick around anymore. You shout.