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Max Robins Monday September 8, 2014 - Vikings And Royal Pains

Sep 8, 2014|

Max Robins TV Guru and blogger for Forbes.com will be with us to answer all of those nagging questions about the boob tube...shows today included The Vikings and Royal Pains.

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Monday afternoon news. Known at the Howie Carr show because we always are joined by Max -- teaching veteran journalist covering the broadcast. Industry TV industry for many many years and he is joining us now to answer your questions about TV. And -- -- not decided to switch on hold what's going. Think I thought you were actual Morris. I don't know who are the blues veteran. Okay it's better now notes sounds better. Okay all right sorry about that I would slow. I was doing a little walk outside the station here. OK Max yeah so -- area to the question I you know what the question I've got as I could not believe that there were there or something wasn't I forget where it appeared the story. But it was it was linked on Drudge and it said that the average age of the CBS primetime view were the median age of CBS prime time you were now. Is over 58 years. That is this I don't think that that that makes AM radio look like pandora. -- -- And it it true -- yeah and if you look -- if you look if he. You may choose. You know whether it's. The newest Robert Fox News. CNN or MSNBC. It's even -- Penises. You know it is but is it that young people and the other advertisers want so much I mean understand it more time. Video game. YouTube. There were there watching. It was pretty. Period music service. -- and end that are that are out there all over the Burger -- -- what you're you know we're watching Comedy Central watch an adult web. They're watching. Upon it all watching it on cable lower -- they -- they're watching it on on the Internet. I think a lot of it is and I think you're gonna see more and more court -- I get a lot of millennial twentysomething. Out of -- let me. Well you know my daughter's is is is student on the -- and adage you don't have cable in order form. Mean they offer it -- she's got to work well actually my Netflix account and who who account that currently subscribe to HBO showtime. You can watch vote via -- computer. You know. And and that's what she's doing and end. Quite frankly it is funny how I didn't do or don't agree I probably will cut my cable cord -- well I try to watch so little table. And what I want to watch you know within the Newt and I can streamline -- I thought today that -- Fox News and Fox News what HBO or apartment could ever you know on the go product where you can stream that I can. All right all right one of the car to listen to as I can list the fox on on the satellite radio. There are soaring commuted and you're in the end it before they'll -- -- you commitments the -- I paid I paid for. It pay for that I'm -- the pay for satellite radio as I listened to it -- and I and I even though the satellite I think satellite radio was gonna be aged out a few years to. You know people just. Go ahead. Well I think it really good point -- I think you're gonna be a point it bridge. Well we really want to implement serious subscriber yet on the boy Iowa we have been you know I don't have a you know he might Carter's what I -- -- -- Uncle Mario my iPhone optimize system with a serious. And I can stream all -- -- -- right there are oil -- to WRKO. I contract and street I -- respect. And I'm here -- beautiful. That's good that's good you're getting you know you giving in the braking and you're giving a jock sniffer talked and glue sniffer or news. He got to get three for the price of one when you tune into the do you work you know one street and -- list goes on 24 and loyalty it's -- status on 24 and royal pains please. On the World Series is doing just fine I gotta check out -- has suddenly gone from. It'll be gone awhile but I do think it -- well migrating our particular part Sutherland is is willing to do not receive some help -- package. A key US Max would Sleepy Hollow was coming back. Oh my I don't know the exact knowledge yeah I have a likely leaks is back on. Yeah pretty good yeah this is this is permanently so a lot of a lot of returning series can be done in the coming weeks since well those are. Whole -- shows. I know that -- I saw a bunch promised during the football games this weekend. Will moving -- will moving Big Bang theory to Monday's hurt the show. No it won't hurt the show that's that's a huge hit it because -- -- Okay how always hell on wheels doing. Pretty well not turn it -- It's not like draw a lot of -- Christian series put itself. 18774694322. If you wanna talk to Max -- she's here to answer your questions about the TV. Let's see how we Internet costs sixty dollars cable is twenty dollars more which one do consumers want more well I mean. Yeah that's a good point Max I would say that if you know if you prize. I won't say most people even people you know war retired it's probably spend more time on the Internet than they do watching TV now don't play. I think their true how we and I think the other thing you're gonna -- out. Technologies change in the really crafts and I want to eke out here prince. You have certain cities we're cool is still being the slick free Wi-Fi networks working with. Different municipalities like in Austin, Texas and Kansas City. For the super super high speed Internet pretty cheap all right. I mean I think perhaps the future interfere armored cable long term I'm war. Yeah I think so too I wouldn't like to be Brian Roberts with that I mean on how much money he goes after Brian NBC but it's got to be. -- tens of billions of dollars right. -- -- well you go to Brian Roberts is chairman of our Comcast which our own -- you all goes well. Well I'm mid stride -- far more people are under the government go at that happened. Nobody could be in you know how -- even -- -- this dude is able to cope polio you know he -- and not -- and I have Brian -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- your next with Howie Carr and Max -- go ahead -- Mac question yesterday. Capital he was trying to. And so what all games are -- sold all. It was interesting expect that he did not allow. But it could be a game. Yeah you know all they absolutely great question really isn't. In all these sort of -- -- become extremely complicated. As to what we're allowed -- -- reports couldn't get it all went from a case by case there are pacers. What what are -- like they're extremely beautiful lots of some. He also said vicious feuding with CBS two is that is there something to back out. Yeah. How leaders always feuds going on in and did superficial to really yeah. Here nobody cares about the future -- and Wesley can't get the football -- they want to irk you or the northern. Comedy their favorite show. That's right that's right and and and I think that this thing and we've talked about this over the years is that there -- you the sports rights you know 44 football where everything. Keep going up up up up pops specially football and and you'll see -- -- -- pop pop pop pop RB because. It is it is both sporting events and in some of a competition show. We're we're people who pollsters vote but you can -- where people want to watch real. Well agreed to real I think there are a lot of guys what you me how you were -- sporting -- whether -- -- football -- -- whatever it might we -- start watching it. -- half hour late. -- actually put -- this Max. But I might get out of here -- early tonight so I can watch the giants political science. At 7 o'clock that's in the I can I can wait for the second quarter of that game. Sorry -- But you know I know you like -- How -- I don't know I I I I am ready to take it under its as well my allotment Troy why aren't. Got motor city. Boat motor city -- but the good news is that you make really good point utopia in you know and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and what your friends and and and and not have to rush home not have to rush -- and still. You know. Watch game and an independent and -- web -- in the last quarter the same time as everybody else you know. There's got a wonderful wonderful future -- -- a ball -- but very little while watching real -- The last -- I mean they're pretty well I think good that I think your computer like about a repeat what it would. I think that he -- he thought it was going to be a monster you know -- that this was going to be your real blockbuster or. It wasn't under it certainly -- respectable. Is the History Channel gonna -- -- Anymore only in America with Larry the Cable Guy. I I believe they are reduce some details. Of the way. -- -- -- and a few occasions I don't actually remember me I actually sort this summer and he's well period. I would do you know what they call the upfront presentation not. There's good over. For the also -- I hate to speak orbit she is a real pioneer. But she's armed with a a man that woman at someone you know I hear you worked for. Intangible -- -- because she wears a real pioneer it and it is audio with I would talk with somebody today. The chairman of my organization that a communication be prepared who used to run all work or Argyle stations got one and out there he's he's bright and -- an -- while they argued Joan Joan Rivers was popular but it. You know you'll yesterday it was like it had -- -- and I -- I mean it did. The the outpouring. Of emotion and shoot and shoot around a long time in a real kind of iconic figure in the news and there. What expect that it goes so quickly either you know lectures that to thank -- was not like you know as long decline in and you could see here you know you could see you're wasting away on the front page of The National Enquirer every time you went to the supermarket. Now. I mean this summer because the -- he was clear sign an autograph. Walked. And I wanted to pursuant to the common should the procedure should get an hour stand up in a theater in New York I mean she was doing fine. Day. Actually -- -- -- what these people who really really good work and I don't think you know -- I didn't know other I would I would let you have. I won't -- -- educational it was a true -- PR but there was an interview with terror should get out well I didn't realize you know what are. I can speak at an English accent you know max's place I know I can pretend like I know I -- anyone in the we don't need -- I'll -- yet now are you saying man I'm sorry Harry -- right there. I didn't articulate how he treated you with an extra he -- -- the thing is is. I didn't know what you and you get early in her career she used to write -- October oh chi chi Kuo followed. Isn't it convenient because of lower comic you thought you'd -- coach -- been targeted at Adelaide. I was gonna get 500 bucks are shot to right lie and who pull the troops will develop a little bit and it library if I wonder why are. I couldn't furthermore David your next -- how we car and Max -- go ahead David. Hey now hey now. They -- I'm in Rhode Island listening to you on the Sunni and a half. Is it solid is a good. -- excellent. Max walked out C span of streaming lie out -- my stream live anymore. Because they're propping me or some sort of -- kind of account that I apple my cable company what did they do. Well I think that what they wanted to do and you should call your cable provider. And with a lot of these streaming services so when when you subscribe to cable you can get it on your computer our own. With people they wanted to do it -- on good on what they call and actually sure and there. And your cable company can help you set so give. Who I thought she's there was public service. Now they want orphaned pig may what do I what do problem of illegal -- I want -- -- watch these spam for free for the dawn. Syndicate. At seven. But don't go up. I don't get this. It really seriously -- it's seaspan Izzy is a charitable. Effort of the cable industry has in mind. That number -- charitable. To put not a good non profit and direct I don't think he should be able to stream it. The way you can stream a lot of patience for free so I I I don't think there's a work around. Is days of our lives doing OK many actors are leaving. We okay good and we talked about many times now at least -- English. The date of the three times so I want it's become a dreary here -- great. Of course of course there would be soaks in Spanish are alive and well but it. Our guest guest including to a scandal and women to might. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mike your next with how we -- Max -- go ahead Mike. -- -- -- -- It didn't owe it and when -- is coming back birds birds bees and on History Channel and all. But -- -- -- -- -- the admirably. -- I think so I think they're going to be unbeatable again for next summer I don't in my gut check and I'll get on a return -- like. Is Bates motel coming -- well is -- woke -- yesterday is what will Savannah Guthrie beat back on today. Yeah. -- quickly Dan. -- seemed like dirt at -- what happened there. You know I don't know exactly it's a great question but I I guess that they were actually -- him not being. Column in terms of our -- -- -- -- -- you know it could be farther from the -- mr. Howard today is that it's. Fox. Viewed from what you've developed any a series the network series. Minority worked -- even you'll Gilbert. Here futuristic. OK Max talked you know we'll talk to next week Max thanks Howie --