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Patrick in 2016? 9/5/14

Sep 5, 2014|

Deval Patrick is thinking about running for president in 2016. What do you think of this?

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So five here on the break WR KLA now on 93 point seven Haitian beat 2 good morning Boston. A lot to talk about today my friends. I wanna tell you right now. This is not a -- This is not a joke. This is not some comedy segment the kind of white -- up on Friday after a lot of just the heavy news all week. This. I am being as serious as as a heart attack about the us. This is. This is not a -- this is not BS this is not the corner man having some fun. On a Friday as we slide into the weekend. Ya ya ya ya. Yesterday. Aaron. Meaning me. And Governor Deval Patrick. The. -- -- -- -- -- Dunlap and Clark snuck it in this morning my wife had to determine what are easily jump was wrong with the -- case of a -- them like Mel. I hear it's. Many knee yesterday. Came out and publicly for the first time. Was mulling. Eight presidential. Run in 2016. And 20s16. Many meet in 20s16. And. The governor. Was saying he hasn't made a final decision yet but he's giving it serious consideration. He's mulling it over. He's looking at his options. And he's definitely interest it. And the reason why he's interest it and then the whole time mini -- spends. Putting himself on the back. He's. He's putting himself fund about. How brilliant he is. What an effective manager he is I -- you how one memory one in education. When number one in health Canon. We're number one in technology. Wearing number one on some mean mean shoes and I think I've been an effective manager. I've shown a lot of leadership. I swear then then. Remember when the Boston Marathon bombings took place. No ol' buddy wanna call that an act of terrorism mole who normal mall. Because terrorism never took place in America under the dear leader's watch mall all mall the liberals and the progressives. There was no way they could ever acknowledge. That there was an act of Islamic terrorism. I under the leadership of Barack plus channel bomb -- on on all. But suddenly yesterday now that meaning he's got to thinking about the running in 2016. He led us to rule like Giuliani -- for New York in nine left. He'll let us through his words. Eight terrorist attack here in Boston and suddenly amounts of terrorist attack. Sadly -- was a terrorist attack. And there he was. Kuwait tens. What is little helmet. And his little jacket. And he was running around behind the scenes and some bunker somewhere. And he was directing the -- and the police cars and -- -- first responders. During the entire -- I -- -- now this is the mythology according now to the Boston after in the wake of the Boston Marathon bomb. Mimi. Was really in essence. General Patton. The mini me was general Eisenhower. I mean mean mean it was Douglas MacArthur. I came I saw I conquered. I came I saw and we got flash ranked. We we arrested flash -- thanks to my incredible leadership. So he's now saying you're always thinking about it may be and he has I swear to you many -- says. He has a lot to offer. Maybe but not right -- I'm not being cute I'm and I'm not doing it's a possibility that's -- there in the distance there a lot of people ask me to think about it and I am under no illusions that that's a huge decision not just. For me -- the from my stamp. Bush. Now the person who asked in the question. Was none other then Janet -- Now many human state rightly so -- jet jet jet -- Jeff. Who the hell is Janet won't. She's got this weekend show I watcher I I do this for you I swear to do things I do for you I read the Boston Globe -- so you don't have to read the Boston Globe. And I have to watch the show is on Sunday with a local media are my god are. You wanna talk about the brown malls and you wanna talk about half interviews. When they're done with these Democrats there's janitor who was get a guy Ed Harding to some other guy did it this is the two of -- I swear it. They stand there and they put one Democrat after another. It could be. Congressman Kennedy it could be -- Coakley. It could be mean mean mean it could be that -- As -- from swat it could be chief spreading bull it really doesn't matter. It really does it doesn't matter who's in problem I'm molecule. I want to take you from I mean I want to such notable. Look. It doesn't matter bought Porky Pig Bob -- -- he doesn't matter who they have in front of them. They never even ask this semblance of one tough question. Derek Derek Doug Brown nosing is so bad I swear I look at Janet Wu -- other male co host whatever Ed Harding whatever his name is. The faces around. I I thought this is a credible by the time I'm fifty minutes Mike does some make up because it's all brown but let that go so. There is Janet -- And she honestly this might find incredible the people in the state -- -- bats. She honestly thinks. She's. She's interviewing. The Mitt Romney in 2012. -- Think you're going around them. As if -- she's dealing with the candidate who's got a serious chance of winning. You mean really gonna throw your hat in the ring. Michael if you Borger how -- my almighty taught all -- -- I'm humble -- the next president of the United States. He's going to be a show and he's he's. Meaning me. He's gonna be another Obama. And so Janet -- argue. Are trying to -- -- you gonna do what are you gonna take I swear the Massachusetts. Miracle. And and and spread it to the whole country. These moon bats. Honestly think. That the people's republic of toxic Cho -- Is a model for the rest of the country. And I'm looking at them I swear I'm like. Are you live -- legitimately honestly I'm not being sarcastic are are you people insane. -- do you have any idea what a failure. Democratic government has been with a big -- That Democrats have been in this state what a joke they've made of this state what a joke many years. So. Britney let's replay of that because Janet will always thinking she's now on the cusp of of one of the biggest stories in the country. That the mini me from may actually. Throw his hat in the ring. And by throwing his hat in the -- We have maybe. The next president of the United States. Maybe even not right -- I'm not being cute I'm and I'm not it's a possibility he's there in the distance there are a lot of people ask me to think about it come I am under no illusions that that's a huge decision not just for -- from my family. Now that the robot so I'm gonna go on this amount I mean the stock is Rick I this stuff as you could make this stuff up. Now look at this this they shy steer this ash -- during this hustler is con man who by the way by the way. Bull why Irish meaning the ball why should. Because now many -- I case should not now that he's not a lame duck governor. He's now getting ready to make more money in the private sector is gonna line his pockets and therefore maybe he runs for president. Has now gone off on one more expensive. Junkets. And it's going to be the fifth one in the last year the third since March. This oppose it trade junket and this time where is the mini me going well. He hit. He hit East Asia. Has some fun and as Singapore. Saw Japan you always want to see Japan Singapore you you figure hey I wanna see the land the samurai the rising sun so we had some funny side Japan and he saw Singapore. Loves Venezuela. Beautiful beaches and Venezuela. Acapulco. Forgot about it he loves Acapulco. Plus what the illegals. You have to understand he has the coordinate with the illegals so they can ship a -- the Massachusetts. So he's -- beautiful Venezuela he's on the Caribbean he's not Mexico all. Of the Middle East are you got beat you haven't lived the -- you've seen the Middle East. So on our -- he went down to the Middle East but but. He's on Asia. He's -- Latin America he's on the Middle East. What's the obvious. Poll what's the obvious next place that he hasn't really so this absorb all of the sites. You're up the -- that. So he's now going on a five day jaunt. He's gonna hit Denmark may be doing self he would -- Danish prime minister elected dear leader did. A coping Hague and great to beer beautiful historic sites a Denmark's a beautiful country. Then of course the United Kingdom anger and you gotta do London. You've got to -- Pena have a big and you gotta gotta. Is that the queen. You have to go their Buckingham Palace you -- I mean this is this is historic stuff you -- do London. And then of course golf course. County both calls. The Eiffel Tower. Notre Dame procedural. Go down into the fashion district have a nice squash hall may be some beaujolais one I mean have some -- delicious French cuisine. And -- fly back. And of course it's the help bring business the Massachusetts. On but he's really partying the whole time on our -- There's more work to do in his heels to close an immunity it -- to. I think is wise to do the job until I don't have the data anymore and that's what I've been doing all along and I'm gonna continue to. He's he's breaking his back. In Paris London and Copenhagen. Listen you guys think it's easy to eat all that French cheese and drink called a French -- and one. You know you try walking around London from big band to Buckingham Palace I'm just saying you tried. You'll try to catch a good show you try to get a ticket to a good shall at a London theater with a Shakespeare festival. I just I'm just saying those guys breaking his back do you know how much this entire junk it's gonna cost us. Our taxpayer dollars. Is going to run -- minimum. 150000. Dollars just this trip along. My -- it. Where the hell is this I stink. This is five base my five weeks this is far -- base. Medical work -- it what easy sleeping on the Eiffel Tower. Where at what did get a sweep in Buckingham Palace. For what is it 50000 dollars a night my god how do you spend -- 150000. Dollars on a five day trip to what the hell is this guy eating and drinking. What about the most expensive caviar in the face of the earth. And this guy. Seriously is telling us. That he's considering a run for the presidency. Meaning. You're an effective manager thought that your words and effective manager. So you say were number one in health. I won't yes we're number one in the drug labs Campbell no question about it 300 million dollars down rappel. Thousands of people thousands of criminals convicted criminals now released onto the streets were number one. We're number one any BP carts. Were number one in welfare fraud. We're number one in putting people on the -- Port number one in proportion of illegal immigrants to the rest of the state -- -- -- 20000 and comic and talent. Well there's no question about it many new jobs. All all. 101000. New state bureaucratic drops the government jobs but public sector has ballooned under Manning and private sector jobs. Zero. Net private sector jobs under -- means leadership in this state I kid you not is zero. And all your right if you're government bureaucrat it's been an economic boom. Look at the state economic growth I've never seen something like this and government in hacks. In parasites. And government bureaucrats yes. You talk about effective leadership. Your right to -- -- Nobody can preside over -- DCF a department of children and family. And -- a five year old and a suitcase that as quickly as you and -- older Russia. We know not it's when it comes to -- dead and missing kids. Many me as your man. Are you kidding me. With all due respect. Are you freaking kidding me. To Probation Department scandal. Two billion dollars a year in benefits to -- illegal immigrants. A health connector website that is literally completely and utterly dysfunctional and a waste of massive amounts of taxpayer dollars. The New England compound in center stumble that resulted in 64 deaths. An out of control department of children and family stuff. Where you wanna talk about an endangered species. Which Foster children are endangered species in the state. A 140. Dead or missing children my god that five year old boy. Found Jeremiah all of her stuffed in a suitcase by the side of the role and then you still wouldn't fire we know. Justine a -- here. Under your leadership we fewer approval with few -- support. Fifteen months. Effectively kidnapped and tortured by the state of Massachusetts. The babies Bailey Irish. Under the Caron watcher of -- -- dead. And you honestly stand there. And say you wanna run for the presidency of the United States and were number one. This is do you think you're that I understand the national media is in the tank I understand that. But this stuff is not gonna play in Texas. And this stuff is not gonna play in Florida and this stuff is not gonna play Ohio or Pennsylvania because the rest of the country unlike the moon bats in this state. -- standards. This guy won't even get 1% of the vote in a democratic primary. Here is many mean I swear to you in his own words I've never -- But is it just me or did bizarre of this guy. Keep stroking his only goal and patting himself on the back our members and you know he's he's going on telling us what do greatly eateries and. A look I think there are always challenges I will say that. That having managed the commonwealth through the worst economic downturn in living history. Through a terrorist attack and being first in the nation and education and health care coverage and on veterans services and clean tech and so forth. That's pretty good management -- Now many me luck. I'm not listen you -- nine million dollar renovation to the office that massive boondoggle. Could you at least sit on the gold plated toilet before you leave the governor's office. Take a -- for not really I you -- like that idea Britain it's a great idea sit on the gold plated toilet. Make yourself -- with yourself on the toilet flush the toilet. Take a picture of the toilet and say that's what I've gone to the people of Massachusetts for the last eight years. Don't you don't have forget Paris before you go to Paris and London and Copenhagen. Could you at least fuel as the nine million dollars that he stole from us good to have a gold that gold plated toilet. So my question to you is this. Do you think. Meaning me this presidential. Timber. Is -- a serious. Candidate. For president of the United States six point 72666868. Many niece has yes. Don't mourn bats in this state say yes I'd say they're insane what do you say Natalie Europe Matt's pipes were holding well. Well come on out don't you wanna try and I want him to run wild -- And cruel and mini me for a reason. -- the embodiment. But it didn't make it but general election do you think that there's. Non -- little Romanians turned out of. -- -- 26. Whatsoever it is like 66868. I'll tell you this though seriously. If you're to create a -- reality TV show where they said the west wing or something like that -- -- -- make it a reality TV show. And just call it the president. With parentheses meaning. She'd be perfect. This guy can act. Not well I'm so I'm I'm I'm I'm serious. He can spend money. And he can act. You remember when he was trying to get the sheltering the illegal immigrants Brittany can we tracked that down court and when he was doing the crying routine. When he was citing the Bible strangers in the land of Egypt Iraq. You won't moon. Got -- dot. Forget Denzel Washington. Forget congress. Forget the Brad -- I don't put any Hollywood star that you want to right now. Any marked key Hollywood star I will put mini me against them and any acting. A role. My money is on mini me I'll tell you what. I think one of the reasons he may be going to London this to try out for one of -- be a great actor and a theater. I could see them on the stage -- wish I could simply Hamlet. Took me I'm mad at me. Me me me. Could it mean to be president or not to be the people. In addition a stranger and. Let go oh that's different ansari a Paul Europe next -- for what we lost -- -- you're up next go ahead Wang. The IRL I'm Harry. Well I woke up this morning and now I'm thinking something driving into work this morning it must be a lot of fun. You have your job -- probably had his because the musky. What killed and allowing it to those stories that just landing picture in the wake up from what a great tribute to -- That's what a tough I was taught to -- the on the fall we got a plan the show let you know in the evening and then in the morning again. And I'm like coach you couldn't make I swear -- do you couldn't make this stuff up. I bet it is -- -- for what does. It's like really good I swear when this is. And do I don't know if you saw the interview I'm I'm cracking up my stomach is gonna burst I mean this is he's taken himself so seriously. Thought -- Are checked some Democrats may consider him but they don't want to keep up interest that it met you you've got. Think India and we get our current governor. Not an EU Scotch spreading all jobs across while -- -- -- so wonderful that is so one. You back chief spreading bowl and and mini me -- of course Shaw Francois AKA appeal appeal. You know we've -- happy we've got chief and we've got mini me. -- an apple product lineup -- weren't. All we got you back on welcome my friend. Throughout which slow for some people idea. Yet Morgan Freeman and I think guys. The volume -- China Russia wanted to let go so look at this look at health history and -- carry out change makes things better. We have Carolina Adam you have John Quincy Adams who has -- Kennedy -- will be the third. Respectable candidate to commodity this -- first you don't -- formidable people. By now you're gonna have Mike Dukakis. John Kerry. Whether it's Deval Patrick Elizabeth Warren. I'm stunned to realize that I'm not even on medical marijuana. But I know all I should unfulfilled. My vote should depression. Impulsive anger. And I figured I thought it was maybe six the nation's cloth they're dealing with people that actual chickens illusion. Religion and their own minds and -- I don't mind if this sucking up to someone like effect picked -- -- a floor model they came. When you look at these -- -- this -- -- -- -- that not only are they not at a spot in history. In law and the constitution. But most of home. Can't do anything without a teleprompter. And god forbid you land them a difficult question I think generally as a reporter risk. What she actually -- challenge Deval Patrick. What I call. And I believe that he's worst. All you talk to a guy that then the reported if you know reporter from fox when he tried. Is Kim Kevin -- has been eliminated whatever he and his eyebrows go up or. -- do I -- goes up he -- on that it did admit. I have no one's for you white liberals. No black people they -- hope Sam. But there would never wish -- may have which such a pathetic weak voice and no male presence shall have whatsoever. And at the white liberals -- he's feel Jacques paid. I'd like to have the -- he has a purple Cadillac. Especially sweet little well what to what you put millions of dolls and Jewish week. It just tell you how pathetic this stated want to travel to other parts of the country. People a lot of us. Consumer embarrassment. The word no but the other reason I -- offered our help is more personal less about patriotism and more about face and I believe that we will. One day. Have to answer for our actions. Don is when he was doing though you want to how those illegal immigrants until he saw the poll numbers that we got their rally. So they'll bring -- he's got a bit more about. You know watch you tell me I'm being dead serious. I want you to put this performance. Against anything done by Mel Gibson. By Tom Cruise. By Brad Pitt you may need the Hollywood actor I don't care who -- everyone's talking about Joan Rivers fine. Output meany mean against Robin Williams any celebrity. This guy was born for this stage in London. And -- actions. My faith teaches it's. A stranger in 2000 we stealing your land you shall not mistreat him. But rather love him as yourself pop pop pop up preview we're strangers in the -- he shouldn't. We are admonished to take in a stranger. For in as much as you -- to one of the least of these Christ tells us you did it to me. Every major faith tradition on the planet. Charges its followers to treat others as we ourselves. We should can be treated. -- -- So early as Jesus its rich traditions. Wherever a bit of separation of church and state I didn't see the stick. He's kind of crying when he's not crying he would. Choking back the tears. But -- had about what -- -- he thanks his arm under its fist on the best we just banks his fist on the best. But one day might get -- darn it -- just insist on -- that's just one day. But we will achievement reached the promised land there at all illegals. What the outcome of the state of Massachusetts. And they all go one of the mountain pop illegal and legal. -- everybody -- enjoy the fruits of America. -- -- -- look I think there are always challenges I would say that. Having managed. The commonwealth the worst economic downturn. Health care coverage and that's pretty good. The record. Many need Governor Deval Patrick. It's now putting out feelers saying -- seriously considering. They run for the presidency in 2016. I swear among making this up many -- and 2016. And my question to the audiences this. We know many -- He's been our governor for now nearly eight years. What is she in your view presidential material is he presidential timber 617206. At 6868. Also my friends. The corner country poll question of the day and as you know. Joan Rivers is that. And that's all everybody seems to wanna talk about his Joan Rivers Fox News is Joan Rivers -- -- -- -- CNN. Wall to wall MS eleven BC wall to wall. All the local news stations or it's just as Joan Rivers is nothing but it's nonstop Joan Rivers. Then they just -- two weeks ago that life would never be the same after Robin Williams. There Robin Williams was the greatest celebrity we ever had no knowledge Joan Rivers -- life ever be the same again after Joan Rivers. I thought we had that discussion two weeks ago Robin Williams but -- ago. So. Let me ask all of you discuss the media seems to be obsessed. With discussing Joan Rivers I honestly. -- for about her family -- wished him all the best. -- army just my condolences obviously is very tough to lose a loved one. But to me this is not news call me crazy this is not news material. That's just might be just personally I don't think it's worth talking about precious little. So let me ask all of you this deep corner country poll question of the day. Should we talk about Joan Rivers. If you believe the answer is yes. Text a 68680. If you believe the answer is no. Text me 686. Say. And for those of you are saying who wish eight. -- the letter C 68680. It's brought to you by the greater -- senior services providing a wide range of social services for you and your family. Visit www. GL SS dot net for more information. Winds are loaded mark you're up next thanks for holding go ahead mark. They get people out by opening monologue about that many -- did locking down an entire city but would have a purpose down a road qualified shall what presidential. And that's if you would fit very well we'll be NSA. You know what -- considered you know I don't think -- I don't I would do with it without without his majesty but. The other example -- don't -- that's the right spot -- -- -- anywhere any recent what do we -- to get -- illegal. That Wal-Mart that's a good -- nice the united trying to -- -- now -- seeing what you're talking about the Democrats in the -- -- you can't do that. No I was forget it if I was many mean I would do -- I would make the exact opposite argument. I would say hey I'll walk around Boston for a couple days suspended civil liberties imagine me in the White House like you know this for the whole country. Yeah greater. -- marketplace that's that he's ready on day one. Mark what he was church on -- did you see him on the streets of Watertown you remember that during the Boston Marathon bombing at Churchill would DVD is putting up his two fingers would -- be signed. Remember that we're we we shall overcome we remember that and the other coming out cheering among. I remember up. It's great idea -- -- -- ice it's right now to get auto assembly gathered government. But that's that's that's that's what. I -- guys. Brenda -- Europe next thanks for holding and welcome. Had Britain letting -- I want to thank you can compete in Britain eight for -- Scotty Allah I even believe that make you keep the children that it cracking up laughing. Don't -- a couple of things. He believed his R&B actually. -- -- -- or he can qualify. That statement that act and that truth that liberal record that a fundamental missile attack. I am playing -- -- and sounding. Like he's trying to hide it. To either like I'm I'm I'm putting cult like Eddy Curry contractual or I am quite sure how haven't. Didn't do. I have a dream speech like I really think that that that people that how the black community. -- -- the actual true I thought about that speech still I can't the next step speech and they can't. You know what I am talking to meet the outcry. And they -- it and we can't let that they eat yet to. And I feel. I unit itself. Dana hit -- -- separation or do you need it convenient. But you know -- when they meet at. Well that's up to the I doubt or that we we've become believers are actually come to either small match but one -- -- -- that looks. And stepped up and get back at -- -- is subject today. Liberalism. Is a mental disorder again ever traveling about I know all of the holiday. They can't climb anymore into it without -- thank you guys. Thank you very much Brenda also. Many mean he can bracket the country remember his leadership of the church Chilean leadership. But remember we had a big snowstorm. I think it was what 2013 correct me if I'm wrong and -- may be February 2013 of their bigs that the big snowstorm. And there was meaning me. She shut down the highways. He shut down the -- remember that that executive order. They're the -- that in the executive order that he that he put out. Basically saying no cars unless your emergency personnel first responders. Unless -- out there actually cleaning the small for the city -- for the state you have you were not allowed to push your car on the street and drive to remember that. And again there he was in his park -- Out there on the streets would all the small ways won't sign the taking off his Mitt and waving the -- -- We showed in victory we shall overcome the small storm you remember that dot I think that would be an incredible -- for him. First he took on the small storm in February of 2013. By -- issuing an executive order preventing all civilians from driving on the roads that they pay for. Next -- this Dave you're up next welcome. Or get. Is that this show -- because -- it's something I am so sick at the Bob Packard the race running as state. -- the governor elected president. There were already in trouble now. So what's gonna happen could be big that would -- elected -- let everybody just -- game just like the other one level tomorrow walked Guillen. And are fleeing your country utter lack of prevalent there will be a lot -- -- -- -- what we have now Christian -- troops in general like that is. Not -- thank you very much Dave. Thank you so much you know I don't know maybe one day I may decide to run for governor I'm not saying today you know tomorrow. Maybe five dang it if things get really bad year for most guys -- but I honestly. With a new crop of candidates that I see coming especially in this election. We're gonna start turning this date and this country around I'm convinced that it. Many mean I believe is the old guard and his days are -- -- what I find amazing all honesty. If you have somebody a buffoon. Like -- Who so inept showing competent. I mean that the rest of the country laughed satellites and they laugh -- us. -- -- medal -- -- -- what they call us the Communist commonwealth. You go to go to Wisconsin. The -- of Virginia. Gordon and Arizona go to Texas scored go to the rest of the country news mentioned Massachusetts. That is right about that Ted Kennedy. Michael Dukakis. John -- swap. Chief spreading bull who's that guy that a guy would be empty suit there who. Lives in the end and Chevy Chase would you guys gave him the senate seat what's his name a -- at the marquis that's the guy and that both former governor. The one who stands there -- mean -- Jacket with the woman beside him with the best sign language and that that the chubby what's her name manner and at that the chubby black woman. But that's fanning herself. The chubby woman that's fanning yourself. -- brawl -- all the one that's fanning herself in the background because there's a snowstorm outside. And he's declaring a state of emergency because there's a small store. -- mean you could make this stuff up to go at the nine million dollar office and sees -- seven. 666868. And I'm an effective leader. -- Steve Europe Mets go ahead speed. You have to -- the show you. Maybe you in greater just a little critical. Right but you know you wait I think -- -- spec script devolved to return order to wind at make build him off. I. Pop pop pop up and -- Set another Steve go ahead Steve. Cheerful Reagan -- the words -- Just they think -- seeking to logic built that -- -- I didn't think logically people you know elaborate. Listen it's a moon but like Tim is perfect for the Democrats go out -- Still reality is that Democratic Party is all identity politics so it. The ideal situation for Democrats -- pro -- has Hillary Clinton out there. Is that presidential generated inept at the ball you don't doesn't pull out you either vice presidential candidate. Boston you're saying we have like a Hillary mini -- ticket donated -- But hold on though this -- there's a problem though Steve who's the gay -- who who well. I'm thinking in this got to be someone's either gay lesbian bisexual or transgender. You say if you've got the woman I get got the war on women you have the minority I get dot. Okay man woman and that's not -- they got that. But I'm looking at a couple of problems here you about the gay lesbian bisexual -- LG BT community got to take care of them. The illegal community doling out that. Well appeals gonna get out of us the USA unless many news comes out and says he's half black Catholic -- you could -- he can do that. Not good then it kind of got the look you know ankle. But then what happens to the native American ball. A long Hillary Clinton the high cheekbones Steve I see what you're saying here OK but nobody's in a wheelchair they both have to -- You need somebody who's got one leg and in a wheelchair and then you've got the perfect Democrat. So someone's got to give up collect it many many if you're willing to give up a leg I think we can that you win as the VP under Hillary. I I it's in many mean I see the method now appear madness it's starting the fog is starting to lift I can see a path for you. That to the White House John you're up next thanks for holding welcome. Good morning Jeff nice to speak which you pay job part I understand why he allowed him to be limited and candidates but I got to play with somebody at the very serious error here look smaller lots. This guy's gonna run for president and a couple of years or so he's got to get interviewed a maniac. It need to speak are -- that condescending. To expound a lot like we've been confronted but thanks to expand what I don't think you're playing enough practice which the shortfall. All the firemen and policemen union which I am in front -- the security haven't contributed it's almost thirty billion to the negative. And then hit another 117 billion to the negative so you know he knows that healthcare and you're right that's the health care liabilities -- yeah yeah right time. -- has brought to the next guy in charge and how the -- you pick something that that -- up -- and he can hear the fact that that. This this state this country in the war -- Since the depression I've got a friend who 96 year old who live to depression excuse that unemployment in the way -- worse -- what they're reporting. The numbers deciding maps he said this country in the worst you've ever seen the worst president in 96 your ball. This guy now everything blocked pork. I'll go forward clr much salt -- -- -- Smart guy so I'm very very concerned and now it happens where stuck with the cap. My kids your kids grandkids stuck with the tab for their irresponsible. Fiscal maniac. You don't give a billion bucks to the convention center they want sixty million last year conventions are going without people and are doing convention like these -- bitter that. George sent them to cause -- wet where they're bad they're they're gonna call to the side of the post offense. Been written bit people doing web sevens are all these single technology. Stalled completely scared -- John. How do I noticed John have you noticed. How this man will spend money like it's water when it's not his own money. All what you actually did apple -- played real estate. Purple the properties we pledged Garnett. Argues John I did not know are you serious. Oh yeah I do some research are what are my daughter -- -- -- down -- -- is John is that is mentioned in the Burke shares dishonest. Seven acres one of them were like get up and down out why you would wake up we'll walk order are real estate. And they just swept it under the door. Incurred are like that I'm congresswoman I think it -- -- -- -- -- -- charge there at the current. About a hundred web -- 6655. On the grid WRK though Britney let's -- that the Rush Limbaugh a new report validates.