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Open Border Alert

Aug 29, 2014|

There is an open border alert for the southern border of the United States which is not just letting in illegal aliens but may also be a gateway for terrorists. Howie wanted to know if the callers were more worried about this coming 9/11.

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Line on Drudge. Feds warn of attacks on southern border war act. Do they what they think was gonna happen you'll leave the borders wide open they're all the terrorist the world not only do you leave the borders wide open. You start flying them around the country. With out any. Identification. And what they think what's going to happen. I guess the bigger question is did they hear. What was going to happen I mean I I know there I know the people in that administration are very still put. Bury their -- stupid but they can't be stupid enough to think that nothing was gonna happen. So. -- well I guess my other question is how did they think this how they think this is going to help. This is Andrew McCarthy from national review online for those of us who have been raising alarms about -- the jihadist threat and the national security vulnerability. Created by the Obama administration's -- enforcement of the immigration laws this is not a surprise. Particularly less than two weeks before September 11 but it is nonetheless jarring to read. Judicial watchers just put out this statement. And judicial watch is had a pretty good run lately they're the ones who have come up with the fact that all the IRS. Email us the belonged to a lowest -- than they claimed were destroyed. Haven't really been the shore it. Islamic terrorist. Groups -- operating in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez and are planning to attack the US there is a vehicle borne improvised explosive devices. High level federal law enforcement intelligence and other sources have confirmed to judicial watch that a warning bulletin for an imminent. Terrorist attack on the border has been issued an imminent terrorist attack on the border has been issued. Agents across a number of Homeland Security justice and defense agencies have all been placed on alert and extracted too which. Aggressively work all possible leads and sources. Specifically judicial watch sources reveal what the militant group. Islamic state of Iraq and greater Syria crisis is confirmed to now be operating in Juarez. A famously crime infested narcotics hotbed situated across from El Paso. Texas. Violent crimes are so rampant in Juarez that the US State Department has issued a number of travel warnings for anyone planning to go there. The last one was issued just a few days ago. Intelligence officials have picked up radio talk and chatter indicating that the terrorist groups are going to carry out an attack on the border according to one judicial watch source. It's coming very soon according to this high level source who clearly identified the group's. Planning the plots is basis al-Qaeda. In attack is all she is so imminent that the commanding general fort bless the US army post and El Paso was being briefed another source confirms. The Department of Homeland Security did not respond to multiple inquiries from judicial watch both telephonic and and writing about this information. This disturbing insight intelligence comes on the heels of news reports revealing the US intelligence has picked up increased chatter among Islamist terrorist networks approaching the thirteenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. While these terrorists reportedly plan their attack just outside the United States President Obama admits quote we don't have a strategy yet. -- quote to combat crisis. I don't want to put the cart before the course the commander in chief said this week during a white house press briefing. The administration has also covered up. Or at least at the very least downplayed a serious epidemic of crime along the Mexican border every bit as heavily armed drug cartels have taken over portions of the region. Judicial watch is reported that the US Border Patrol is actually -- officers to avoid the most crime infested stretches because they're too dangerous. And patrolling them could result in quote an international incident on quarter of cross border shooting. In the meantime who can forget the famous words of Obama's first homeland Secretary General and -- upon all the southern border is quote as secure as it is -- bad. Harry Reid said the same thing much before removed much the same thing right before it moved into border rape before moving to a gated community in Nevada couple months ago. These new revelations are bound to impact the current debate about the border crisis in immigration policy so they go. If you wanna take -- our daily Internet poll question -- number is the UB. The the website is how we cart dot com how we cart dot com. That's where you could also go to hear the hip pop music bleeding into the believing in to the show. Unless it's glue sniffer music unless it's -- jock talk. Unless it's country music bleeding into the show so. In other words don't bother going to the website. And we're sure gonna vote in the poll. City what's the poll question and one other results thus far. Are you worried about this year's 9/11 anniversary with crisis on the horizon. Yes I yeah yeah 85%. Are worried. Yeah I'm always a concern but I think I'm more concerned this year because at the -- The -- threat from crisis seems greater and the big government seems even not even more lackadaisical. And then it normally has under the Obama. Regime. They they -- the justice doesn't seem to be 888. They roll -- relation between the danger. And the level of preparedness. And the level of concern at the highest levels of government. Mean again and we're just talk and what it was just last week that. That general Martin Dempsey. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was saying that the the threat to the imminent threat. From crisis or -- or what -- our ice when I is what every one quality. Was posed to those. Countries with. What do you say with. In -- with. Border problems and immigration issues such recent border problems and immigration issues. Do we have either of those things I believe we do. And then the next day he set all I was from I'm not so I've been to southern flanks of NATO I didn't mean any I mean and never nothing to see here folks move along so. Now it turns out that there may be there is something to see here that maybe the may be ices is getting ready to engage in terrorist attack and and and southern Texas. And and again. Why wouldn't they can use it -- -- sure sure for Arpaio again you know amino they don't believe the Obama people pay him that he's from -- to share from Arizona who's been trying to do something about the illegal aliens he's a native of Springfield Massachusetts. He -- he said why wouldn't basis he used the southern border to get into the United States. I mean everybody else gets and you you know we get you you cross over the border. You're given. Free everything. They'll put -- you wanna go somewhere else help which won a plane. No identification required a free trip to anywhere you want ago. What's it won't be why wouldn't talk prices come in here they keep talking Welling -- people here. They have. Crisis members who carry US passport -- but they don't have not that many but if they just walk across the border they're going to be welcomed into the country by the Democrats. They they're probably conducting voter registration drives down there your for -- -- for mom a live oh great here's sure Obama phoned. I'm gonna put you down as a Democrat. It's only care about how. 1877469432218774694322. -- -- ticket road is route 28. OK can tee it went 28. 18774694322. Obama's coming home from the fund raiser going back to Washington to go to royal wedding. What the -- is glue sniffing music. It just it's just really bad rock and roll real like AC DC. That rush. Gianna SS. Just. Imagine the worst -- happy cab and that's what these -- that's what moose -- music yes. -- people listen to a nominee people ever listened to what but I you know. They -- they have they they count they count for something I guess. Somebody seems somebody somebody ups upstairs thinks it's it's a really it's it's a viable format. All right 1877469432. To. Calm. Don't mess with mess with Texas just say it. Well you know what are we gonna do when they go do down on the border. You know I mean the they the they're they're pulling the Border Patrol back. They've basically conceded the hole areas as a lawless area you don't win win 800 years ago when that wind poncho via. Was going crazy down in the same neck of the woods Woodrow Wilson sent sent that in general black Jack. Persian down there. To what we're an army to take care of the the the incidents and -- would drive up on jovial via and his men back into Mexico. Now why now we just again we just welcome these terrorists into the country with open arms in Iraq to meet. Three ever want crossing the borders of terrorists that one way or another I mean there -- Berra. They they're all there all drains on the economy that either they they have no skills no English language. They he day in many of them. Don't wanna work they're pregnant teenagers their gang members McCadam they have tattoos. They arrive there they is it there this stuff bright -- story I've got today that. Over half of the central Americans in the country are on welfare over half most of -- illegal aliens but over even though they're illegal aliens that matter complete. They immediately drop an anchor baby in there there everybody in the -- eligible for welfare. So that -- -- to -- either either economic terrorists -- for raw nicest terrorist is the same thing they're destabilizing the country and what do what is Obama doing about you can't say. I'm gonna fight terrorism. Yen in Syria and Iraq but I'm gonna let terrorists crossed the border unimpeded to get into the united. States to watch to do what do with us what they well I mean it's ridiculous this -- I don't know I don't know how we get away with it. This an annual that the polls show 35% of the people still satisfying I know I know what personal some of that percentages just. Totally boring and that welfare recipients but. Some of -- got to be moon back -- you would think the moon bats would bow wake up come out of their drug induced Comas. It will only be an anecdotal attacks -- some I want to thank you thanks for pointing that out yes. Won a seat and one base 1877469432218774694322. It's 339 says AC/DC is great you don't know what -- talking about it. Yeah Beavis and -- love AC DC that's what that's was listened to the glue -- music is the Beavis and Butthead demographic. They have to have big antennas because they are all and there are there there're a lot of thereof. They're all women and their mothers' basements everybody listens to that. 187746943. Tutu Donna you're next with how we cargo ahead Donna. Yeah they're gonna go ahead I'll. I don't think the -- like all should come -- all infant being so much more on that I believe we're gonna get attacked it. Have -- simple -- to put up and well yes thank you -- -- -- -- this is apparently liked the theory is so. I'm you know at least Neville Chamberlain Donahoe we came back for your -- he said. T -- held up a piece of paper and set I have peace of my peace in our time. You know I mean he was he was -- deluded. But at least he believed he had done some -- Obama doesn't even that. Obama doesn't even know he's been diluted he's just he's just walk around he's one step behind Neville Chamberlain. You know. It couldn't even remember when you're forced to raise that level up Paris and we -- gonna get I have to. In his pocket and I think that's enough walking and games always and then did the rain but today. And I know he's he's on a fund raiser. And then he's going at that he's going to -- wedding. Ford MSNBC. Or did you hear about this group he's going to a wedding for an MSNBC. News anchor someone named Alex Wagner she's getting married to the White House she acts. I mean is this. Is this the 1950 series as Dwight Eisenhower the -- you always played golf and you know there were no real problems access except for spot that may be. I mean that this is like during the Q -- what would and I would JFK have done this during the Cuban missile crisis gone to a wedding. Played golf you know just god doesn't fund raisers. I don't think JFK did any fund raisers during the thirteen days you know. I don't I don't get that you know and don't put him to do anything like that when nine elevenths -- it. Indeed it is Bernie -- country and I know at this point don't I would do a better job of that. Well I don't know Donald -- out how. To say there would be much of a change of there was Joseph Biden thanks for the call. 18774694322. -- your next with Howie -- go ahead locus. There -- disorder and didn't -- very Osama bin Laden Nazis so they wouldn't. Make gathering pitcher Kerry number we allowed them to take over all the state of our. The yes the CIA half a quarter by Iraq and 20% of us here in 20% of its Syria. Yes and now and now apparently were allowing them to take over the southern border of the United States. Yeah -- and highly counterproductive. Everything that this -- that is entirely counterproductive total interest import. Yeah it eat it and these these people he has this guy who's the B a spokesman for the National Security Council. This is the guy who was on Fox News talking about Ben Ghazi and he said that was like two years ago dude. I mean it can't play -- about Beavis and -- listening. Listening to why you know leave the globe staff for music you -- its worst and -- we got beavis and body had a running the National Security Council. Absolutely. Absolutely yeah. How old. We'd be at such is such a mess such. Such a mass. Thanks for the call Lucas. 18774694322187746943. -- How we Russian Genesis are great -- man pass the super glued to food. It's easier to get over they get the the Mexican border than the Ukrainian border may be pulled Wilson some humanitarian aid to the children. 1877469432218774694322. Barack Obama of a tough one present I -- a region this story -- -- for a couple of days -- redid our best. After row -- just sort of to where we come back from the break rush your next without we cargo ahead rush. But Ali it's incredible pride definitely it will have a strategy what my record the other strategy of calls -- -- -- If he has a strategy for pick him pick the winners in the NCAA. Basketball tournament so. I don't I didn't know that was another thing media. -- I don't think he's real good but I'd I take -- one thing he's not go to -- dispelling the names of the teams remember the -- spell Syracuse. SYR. A CUS. Instant front Ali. All of bubbling but he's back in just can't beat 57 states. No you know it's hard no no it's hard to be 57 states but their term. Well speaking Austria and Austria Austria and Austria is pretty pretty good goto. That's got to write about second -- that's got to be second or third. Rush I wanna thank you by the way for telling me about that globe story the other day saying that Charlie Baker picked Jeb Bush's his as. As his. Role model among Republican politicians. I never reported what if you hadn't told me that I never would have known that. How -- believe me I think one thing I really enjoyed it though adding a little bit to the shells. Only we saw it go and out. That's fine every -- I don't know about all I can. Well I appreciate that your help me out -- album now what my column for today the column turned out well like I still can't believe it. The Charlie Baker army -- also vote form against -- Coakley obviously but I mean. It doesn't exactly MB you won with a lot of confidence. Does -- about his prospects as the next governor. If he's if he's planning on using Jeb Bush as a role model the guy who thinks it's an act of love. For illegal immigration. Issues is engaging in an act of love as they crossed the border you know -- -- -- all of these. What are they column by it I need these are vehicle DB. I -- these vehicle born. If -- improvised explosive devices 18774694322. Big. Polls don't want women to drink. -- an exit strategy. Well this is what a mess what a mess. And again remember two. When when Foley was -- it. Cameron. David Cameron the British prime minister had just started his vacation. All he her idiot before it wasn't a British wasn't a -- he was that he was area. It was American and win over there. But. Cameron heard the British accent and immediately cancel his vacation went back to ten Downing Street to get to work. Barack Obama. He called up he called up the golf course on -- Martha's Vineyard booked booked another -- time. 18774694322. They'll described to a seven says that it'll be described as a border lone wolf attack. Even if they have fifty use screaming Allahu Akbar and shooting -- six teams that we gave the Iraqi police service. Yeah by the way did you see mr. workplace violence. Which is name Bob ruled out duel in the sun the that the site -- Palestinian psychiatrist who killed thirteen Americans that. Fort Hood he says now that he wants to become a citizen. Basis. Yeah -- will get we're gonna do with it right on one for you. Nadal Hasan. Virginia your next what how we card or have Virginia. How. I would act like an Ali blank and then why haven't and say that it media. I politicians. Have -- this guy is -- it in the first place in his book I think at City of Hope. He can beds. To handle it if that's accurate against them as blunt he -- sagged with them as -- every tank. Right I think he says that in the speech in Cairo to debate he's the only road and on the ball opening set and he's -- matches after became president. Yes. And everything it happened. Bet they've taken all about every country. You know what that you know what the talk about a lack of vetting Virginia. One of those books. Where that everybody bought every moon -- in America every. Liberal journalist in America bought the book -- B -- was the -- that I think it was the first book he wrote which was probably the book Bill Ayers wrote. The second book was incoherent so he may have written it himself. But the first -- He talked everybody -- everybody supposedly rather -- which sold millions of copies literally. And yet nobody apparently. Read far enough into the book which it was not far into the ball when he talked about eating box remember this because when I came. The guy came out with a book years later. A -- up biography during his first term and said. By the way Obama eight Boggs when he was a kid in Indonesia and everybody was shocked. And they said how did you find this out I think we're it was a David -- who wrote this book David Marino asked David how did you find out that he -- Eight the docs -- and David Morales said. It's in his book. It's -- but nobody read the Virginia. No no they just they just all god she's a wonderful guy. Don't -- and I was saying you know we don't wanna pick on David Brooks you know saying. I know he's a great president because of the crease in his pants but you -- -- I know sandy your member Chris Buckley. Bill Buckley scare him. He was a Smart guy -- we have that we had a fall we had a fun time with him one day when he had a great time when he's mean he's not he's no dummy. And he say end end Chris Buckley said. I think this guy has one of the greatest intellect to be any president of the United States. -- an -- now we know. This guy could very well be that dot rust the president of the United States have more not just modern US history any time. Thanks for the call Virginia. 18774694322. Barry's favorite movie caddy ship packed it. If we noticed favorite number is four. He's gonna stay the course. I'm sorry I'm stealing jokes now from Maureen Dowd column from last last Sunday. 187746. Money you Maureen are -- Yeah. Hi guests. One mates say we get along OK 1877. Were the same age that's one thing same age same ethnic groups aim true a lot of a lot of similarities. One except for our politics. 18774694322. Luke your next with how we cargo ahead -- They have it out because good. -- take what I I wonder what would happen. What that change anything if if ice they're actually succeed at what. A a new police accidentally plant with baby BI he'd be on our southern border. Wrote people still just be okay what the borders open. -- you know -- that's a really good question right because I remember after 9/11 I thought to myself and they have said this on the here I thought. I as I was you know what everybody that's all anybody was thinking about and I kept thinking to myself. The only silver lining here is that finally we're gonna do something about illegal immigration we're gonna close the borders but it didn't happen did it look it's worse than ever now in spite of what how. It's. It's terrible I would love to I would love to see Republicans and Democrats or whoever you know come together as just being America. And cliche are Cold War. -- I know that any you know it's not just you know the invasion the threat is not just from crisis a threat to us from all these central Americans I mean you Kia am and everybody else in the world news. Who's coming over here we we can't. We can't leave the borders open and have everybody who wants to have it wants to finish like at a home in their spare time and I and I housing project would that would you know what the Obama phone. And I'm -- health card and I enemy -- we can't we can't have two billion people like that in the country. It's it's it's obviously that modern history travesty -- really really is. No it's it's its CEO fall of the Roman empire all over again only. Only again -- that the fall of the Roman empire took centuries this is it this is taking decades money. I mean most of us most of us a life can remember. A much different United States of America before before we were overrun with the illegal aliens. Before you have. What what what glad. I I'm wondering what it would take for us Americans to band together that we live in New England. Yeah immigration is an illegal immigration here. If we don't really see it as bad as like the south west the -- Illegal immigration is running rampant and it's an emergency. But it's every it's become it's become an -- it's become an emergency everywhere you look at Maine I mean that you know it's legal immigration but look what's happened at lowest that look what's happened in Portland. There's -- its deal with. Doesn't compare to the south last. Now it doesn't it doesn't but I -- every state is a border state at this point. NFL. And they and the thing is every hit every. All these pathologies that these are these immigrants are bringing end you know these these broken families these gangs. It's all spread it's it's spreading it's my pastor assortment my past the sizing into the general population just like that. The horrible welfare policies of the of the great society. And the war on poverty and it's just that the country is used if he's just -- Halloween how it's him it's imploding. Thanks for the call woke up the country is is didn't. Is in deep distress. I you know -- I'm. And you don't want I don't wanna say that it's it's never been -- I mean obviously was bad during the civil war. Mean they did 1942. Was a pretty dark pine for the United States of America after Pearl Harbor there would be. The Japanese world running anything the other Germans were running amok in the Soviet Union. But I mean this is this has got to be right up there. In terms -- in and in the and in those days at least you have a you know it. Indian board every think of FDR at least he was a he was a patriotic American president and he he knew what he wanted to do. Civil war he had Abraham Lincoln mean now now the country's just totally won't rudderless. Al you're next with how we cargo. Okay red break and we'll -- we'll take some work all 46. 9432218774694322. Now your next with how we cargo -- Hey I like that it felt like it breaks. Are are out there that they're there. -- -- have been committing. Economic. Art for that left. Forty is already here. I just it may now. That's -- good lord I'll play a light bill the way you describe economic G -- Now what they've done unedited edit stories Somalia is so many people. You know from our country and pretty much stay -- you know Louis Robert area the boiler area here. I'm not convinced that Iraq. -- terrorists setting yourself. I don't know about that but we don't know now that at least to war did it to people for Minneapolis where there's a huge Somali in flocks. Have been killed over the area not Syria fighting fighting Assad government and one of them I don't know if you heard yesterday. He was 29 years old he left denying that children. In Minneapolis. What are -- gonna be paying to raise those nine children in the Somali left behind. At the age 4900. Let me out regardless of where we live in this state. Exactly all of us everybody who's listened to our voices is gonna be paying to raise those mind kids. Out. Yeah I hit all about a year ago. In the unbearable loss there actually are -- so they had people looked up. So what I'm in other Somali population and you know and ask them not to bring any more -- -- we couldn't afford it. They crucified the. Order they did -- the -- Al just this year -- bombs Arnault the mayor of Springfield Massachusetts. Wrote a -- said the same thing is that we can't -- get any more of these people we you know they all demand these disputes services and there they're just. All of them I mean that there's no. There's no. Plus to the community and having them here. And you know he was crucified as well he can't say these things it's politically incorrect. Jeff your next we have got much time just go ahead. An army a lot of time I'll tell you what part of problem where it's. It Democrats -- opposite you know like up here in Maine we get 50% of people are eligible turn out to vote they think that's great. I mean that's sent garbage that's why we got people under appeared -- got a -- -- do. I don't well again that's in Maine this Maine is no different than anywhere else and we got -- got primary coming up here on September the ninth and predictions are it's gonna be an under 20% turnout under 20%. Not to there's a lot of hope for but still you'd like to see it turn out a little higher than. -- -- -- After nearly twenty years how well do you really know Jeanne Shaheen. She came voted for Washington's trillion dollar stimulus meant to help our economy. But behind the scenes the union leader cost she -- actions quote. The scandal of cronyism and the Boston Globe reports so he had a crowd. Stanley financial stake in one company receiving taxpayer dollars. And the Shaheen Stanley -- environment even try to grab a share of taxpayer dollars -- clients of the union leader compared to shoot scenes actions to quote. Cashing in on close connections. And raise questions about -- sheen's family quote profiting from her votes. No wonder official records show she seems well -- surged while in public office. Jeanne Shaheen and her family has gotten richer we are stuck paying the bills. And in spending action fund Cape Wind is responsible for the content of this advertising not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee -- spending plans dot com. Seniors safe money strategies. Keep your family fortune in the family this is still Kelly there are twelve threats to high net worth individuals and their portfolios one of them is.