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Obama And The Global Warming Charade

Aug 28, 2014|

President Obama today discussed his plans to do an end-run around Congress to forge an international climate change deal, effectively bypassing the Constitution's requirement to get the Senate's approval for a treaty. The President thinks he knows better than anyone whats good for our country even when it comes to the charade known as Global Warming....

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We talked about this yesterday but I still think it's worth talking about some war that -- again I I ask you to. Think about what would happen if any prior. President. Democrat or Republican. Had to try -- To. Have a treaty ratified it. Without being approved by the senate. In it -- there on a two thirds vote supermajority. What happened what would have happened to the president of the United States try to do that. To all but we did fly. The constitution of the United States. To get through treaty. That it is in an earlier iterations. Was rejected by the senate on a vote of 980 fives to not. 95 to -- the senate wanted nothing to do. With this climate change. Nonsense. This talk about talk about religion it's this is -- it's nothing more than the imposition. I'll talk about being violation of the the constitution. Constitutional provisions to get ratification. Of the treaty by the senate it's also an attempt to impose a state religion. I SS state religion that that you I would pay for which was again the main that was the main. Problem. That the founding father's had with the colonial system. Where they had they were forced to what pay taxes. To the church of -- what was that the Church of England. While they were baptists and a baptists -- quakers your Catholics and Merrill better we will whatever. They didn't wanna have to pay for somebody else's or religion. But we're being asked to pay. For Barack Obama's religion. Which is global warming. This -- from the news New York Post there're three ways something can become what the US constitution calls the supreme law of the land. It can be made part of the constitution by amendment it can be passed by congress as the law or it can be ratified by the senate as a treaty. President Obama can't get his climate change agreement made supreme law of the land -- in the proposed constitutional groups. Not even close the Republican House doesn't want the Democrats senate won't act that's because the people don't want it they're no dummies. Even in drought stricken California the hill newspaper reports Democrat candidates for congress avoid climate change issue. This is driving Obama crazy according to a bombshell New York Times report the president's quote. Climate change negotiators on quote have grown quote on quote. Desperate. The paper reports they fear quote repeating the failure of keep Kyoto. Again as -- said yesterday the New York Times which had a very well researched or somehow couldn't bring itself. The point out that the vote on the Kyoto Protocol or treaty when every wanna call it was buying EP five. I think. 95 to nothing. Kyoto was the big giveaway UN treaty attempted in the 1990s the senate wouldn't go near it sort generational later the times reports Obama is trying to evade the senate and cut a deal on global warming without -- democratic niceties. This is a case of constitutional. Hot spot. The times says Obama is working to -- sweeping international climate change agreement to compel nations to cut their planet warming fossil fuel motion. The admissions. But without ratification from congress. Obsession with climate changes are rich countries game. Poor nations would rather become rich and have lots of coal and have to borrow lots of coal to do. Obama's negotiators say that in running the senate may be the quote only realistic path -- quote. Is realistic really the best word to use for conspiracy to would -- to evade one of the most. Fundamental checks and balances in the American system. We thank goodness. He's going to defy the -- he wants to defy the constitution. He's. Did -- have a vote modest single vote he can't get a majority in the sense little super majority. He can't get a majority in the hopes nobody wants this it's ridiculous. There is no global war thing. Okay. Even the warmest are now admitting that there is up applause. In the global warming. And yet they still wanna -- this and you know why because so that Obama can funnel billions if not trillions of dollars Africa. For the -- pack mercies of Africa. We have kept that country could those countries but that that haunt them that. The near near. Formative levels in spite of being independent it's in worse shape. Now but it was what it was ruled by colonial European empires. Back in the 1950s when Europe. European nations -- Africa but -- it was a net. Exporter. Of food. Now what's a basket case. It has to rely on -- and not only does not buy food it has to be given food by the west welfare. To keep it from start keep everybody from starving that. And now we're gonna give them trillions of dollars. The fight quote unquote global warming which doesn't exist. By the way. 18774694322. Presidents are perfectly entitled to sign treaties that haven't been approved by the senate that's part of the process they -- all sorts of sketchy stuff but it can't become binding his supreme law of the land until it gets through the senate. The senate gives it a chance this summer hearings or help people with interest get the testify. The senator is where the State's key parties in the American contract get their say. Sometimes treaties don't get ratified their allayed aside. That happened the assault. Talks. Strategic arms limitation treaty. President Carter signed it but the senate didn't trust the Soviet boss of the time Leonid Brezhnev -- or anyone else in the Kremlin hierarchy so they were -- to. Ratify the treaty no one was the worst aware. America worked for years on the law of the sea treaty. A vast giveaway of Oceanic wealth that we had the best technology to exploit but that manager didn't get the first base in the senate either. It's one thing to take a treaty that the senate is so clearly unwilling to ratify is with global warming and enter into a conspiracy. The dodge the senate and evade the constitution a document that every public official in our country is -- this war. Imagine Nixon tried to us. Imagine Reagan imagine even clan and trying to do that's. Bob your next with how -- cargo ahead Bob. I how -- how oil. Ali yes so wrong the dearly you -- -- constitution. He has hit batter that the White House front -- -- 88 you can patent on. Yeah. I bought it for ten years. And I love the fact that all of a professor at the -- a professor of constitutional law. That means she got that teacher he got the teacher a couple of courses at the university Chicago apparently dated wanna but somebody put in the word for you know. Lackey went to Harvard law and he said he really he needs a job is who the hell would hire the guy. So they gave him his job yeah. Follow Lipsky taught him everything he knows. Hey you know who created -- Chicago Climate Exchange. That was funded by the curious foundation yeah I think there's on the board of directors. Valerie Jarrett and Barack Obama really bite George Soros. Yet George. Via -- and -- climate that the carbon that that was going to be that was going to be one of the biggest rip offs of all time the carbon exchange. The only people that sell carbon credits that are worth -- -- There's only one that's on us how if you want to get. That. Carbon credit for gift for relative the -- it's not it's never too early to go shopping for holidays. By -- how -- carbon credits you couldn't you couldn't you could count on me you could trust me I'm not like the others. 18774694322. 267 has an excellent question does Iceland have to pay the carbon offset when that volcano erupts. Yeah they say the -- -- -- never heard of these things and effort called greens but they they have the volcanoes have called Britain's biggest of the -- like -- -- Little mini volcanos -- their their hold all over the main ball game now that's it's usually a sign that get ready for a big blow. Up. But what do you what to Leo what how was this treaty going to affect the volcano in Iceland. Is the is the tree is the volcano going to be ordered to shut down Paul you're next with how we cargo at all. I -- That without representation right here because. The only way of kind of workers there that they're gonna -- -- the whole idea. No I think they I think hard about it the carbon emissions as it is taxing companies this is. This this is just trying to Shea they call it name and change. You know this this thing you know. Obama is always talking about world opinion won't let that won't let prices get away with this what is this world opinion stuff. So now they're gonna quote name and shame the countries are going to walk like it's impossible to shame. A country that's that that suddenly is is pushing gets its population into the middle class because it's building for a coal fired plants. Are they got to the got to go along with the beautiful people -- Nantucket where their own people I think the guy I think they're gonna keep building coal fired plant myself. Well yeah I don't want. The end game now if they attacked -- attacked the corporations. More and more prepared to beat your treaty that -- -- It. Well but it but again this -- they have it has to go through the senate and the and the audience it is a real treaty but they're gonna try to make it somehow behind the extra they're gonna. The key keep calling it you know one. Whether they have some work at it but it would cost extra legal which is actually it was the way of saying illegal. 18774694322. Imagine if Romney it -- at the office and tweaked and changed portions of the ACA the way Obama has the lives would be screaming I haven't. Yeah how we are your carbon credits good to re gift yes they are good to re gift if you like eight new while. If you would like -- 88 he knew. Certificate. When you re gift your carbon credits I'll be glad to provide one for race surcharge of Amir 25%. So if you buy a thousand dollar corporate credit from the and you wanna -- -- you get that as a gift to you wanna re -- -- -- 250 dollars and now well redo the the the -- -- really quality. Xerox of the document -- your next it's always I'm just trying to you know what I'm a destructive. You make my expenses at all bill go ahead. I. And I wonder if this Landis. Not a scheme like what the goal. They were floating ideas and his executive action legalized all these -- limit. Shall there's still -- so that's that's gonna happen. Yeah but I think the plan was to try to get Republicans talk about impeachment but it turned out. Only Democrats talk body and I that they did surgical is up for the election that being Republican light. Quality force be really inflamed. Right right. -- that Democrats are begging him you know to -- You know not legalize all these future welfare recipients over many there are 1015 million are also begging him not to do this just because. This is just so outrageous. In terms of violation of law. She had -- might be election lavatory way of trying to let him get get the impeachment popcorn again I didn't realize Democrats begged them not to go. Yeah I. Think -- bill I think a lot of Democrats especially the ones that are in danger of losing their seats. Would just love it if you were like right off into the sunset somehow just announce I've accomplished I have to do on turning it over to my able lieutenant. Joseph Biden. You know does this guy is just he's getting key big big Olympic gonna pay a price if they if they try to watch ramble all this stuff through once I mean this is. That'd be really is the word banana republic territory here there's -- there's no question about we have been for some -- -- they're becoming bolder about it. Thanks for the call bill about car. 1877469432. To leave your next with Howie -- gladly. Tomorrow and yeah looks like -- looks like you may have a few fewer of beautiful people this weekend because of the president. We are in the Vernon Durham. East. There you go. They weren't. That there is the only president I believe. There. -- has succeeded. This -- a way of knocking one horrific news story cycle off you know off the cycle. But immediately replacing another. It's just incredible. And and the system is broken. It's gonna I mean nobody is calling him on this and he knows that. And I think we're shooter or inheritance is a dictator and nobody wants to church and want. It's it's what I think it's you know so what some people described it as a soft dictatorship you know I mean there's no censorship of the press. First thing or you know back kind of thing but but you're right he gets he just whatever the -- he pleases. You know always there but you're right and you're not quite there are encouraged the majority of the people. You know our dependence -- golfers are all of corporate as well as social. I know we we talk more about this is about.