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Unbecoming Sexist

Aug 27, 2014|

Massachusettsic attorney general candidate, democrat Warren Tolman apologized today if anyone was offended by his use of the word "unbecoming" to describe his opponent Maura Healey's criticism of his private sector record after he was blasted as being "sexist." Howie asked do you think the use of the term unbecoming is sexist.

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And the poll question concerns a race for a race for attorney general in Massachusetts. There's a guy running named Warren told speaking of unions his brother is the boss of the AFL CIO. And do you ski he's got tons of money and he's been campaigning basically is a woman you know saying he wants to. You know. Set up buffer zones and you know he wants to prosecute men who attack women as students stopped Brookline from ever happening again -- -- -- somewhat offensive -- as as if you know what if anybody you regulars if anybody's on the other side many of these issues you know he mentioned he -- -- he has a 32 spot he mentions the word woman at least five times. I'm -- I've been saying that he should changes name to war in Poland the weren't full course. Apparently is next that he's either going to war agree to have a gender reassignment operation would perform an abortion personally on any one last one. So anyway he's a debate yesterday. With Murray -- the the lesbian this former Rite Aid to -- Marcia Coakley. Who's running against them. And she's endorsed by the bugs that local 25 Teamsters local 25. By the way. As is Marcia Coakley and so. He she starts asking Coleman about his lobbying efforts and Holman response. You know this is very unbecoming view. More to do this I'm becoming now so you may remember back in the 2002. Mitt Romney was running for governor and he said the same thing about his female opponent channel Bryant. And you know they tried to make a big issue like he was some kinda sexist all that. And you know coming from met its -- seemed like it was an okay thing to say because it seem like something Mitt wits. On the other hand this guy told Warren told her son. 88 you know he's he's he's running as a woman. He he's he's trying to out female. The female candidate. And yet he uses this word the word unbecoming. As in you know it's it's not it's not proper behavior for young lady. Of the year of your breeding. That's on the war you don't hear much anymore breed of your breeding. She she stated she she she's taking the vapors. But anyway. So he said the -- on -- that she was unbecoming and so now he's taken a lot of heat on the blogs and you know among lefties they're saying how dare he used that Mitt Romney -- I'll. Cop saying -- and it really does show worries come out for a you know despite despite his pandering had its. About how you know I'm a better woman than -- Healey is in the you know my -- my new name is Warren told person etc. so there. So while we we start with that might make a good poll question about that didn't use the word I'm becoming -- what is. The poll question today and what is -- and a one of the results thus far. Is it sexist to tell a woman her behavior is unbecoming. Just because you know will pour gasoline on the fire and hurt Warren told person who I really have never much liked as a politician. And -- and I find. Obama almost the abominable and really one of the most offense and unbecoming drilling and unbecoming a very unbecoming had. And the I'm gonna say yes. 10%. Say -- in -- exports that's 80. My mother used to unified that the price war is acute mind that is as I'm as I'm become coming behavior young tiny and it's like it's I mean habits more and so. Why deceit why Agassi he kitten but you know again it's a very old fashioned -- it's something that you would expect Mitt Romney's like I said no I don't think anybody seriously thought. Less of Mitt Romney for saying it. But I don't think so and it's not a fashion on this guy but you know when you're dealing with Poland. You know again a guy who's trying to be mr. PCMR. Diversity. Mr. you know I am woman hear -- war you know I mean it's. He he he needs to pay a price for using this kind of work I think I mean I I think he deserves to be at least you know while. Each dot shot but. It's archaic more than anything else I mean that's what it has to mean here without -- it belongs in the day when men more hats and ties to based on. It's it's you know the thing is it in her question was was my battle line. The guys claiming that I am going to be a fighter for the people of all this and she says you're lobbyists. The crisis she -- for Christ's sake but the you know that was implied. You're lobbyists who what is this what what does this BS. The that you're that you somehow why. You house's -- somehow one the Euro rush eat your rub. You get to the you get to walk one way and talk the other way I don't think so. Weren't Coleman waving the bloody shirt. -- Warren told person Warren told woman. 1877. Foresee Warren whole person is the poster child for why we all need to vote Republican. And now like I'm just glad he's got his -- unions paying off this campaign by penalties stupid ass TV ads. Last time he was running for governor he was that he was sucking up all the taxpayer money for these matching funds it's been repeals and -- I couldn't believe that it could be running stupid -- I think and paying for the screen. You know I was you want it in -- taxpayers -- he was taking taxpayer funds. Every time I saw that made me think I'm that I am doubtful -- -- forum animal against Ole purse. Because this anyway we'll talk more about -- personally or 18. How is it sexist to tell someone you think their behavior unbecoming I don't get -- he might be right or wrong but how was it sexist. It's sexist because. Yeah it's it'll tell you if only you lemon yeah it's it could. If somebody said -- got my behavior was unbecoming I mean people would sort. They they would two it screwed up and the other with they would do would double take because you never used the word unbecoming for a man to only for a moment. And that's and that's what makes it's sexist. Especially when and again as I say you're running as a as a woman. Your guy and you're running -- one. 1877. Foresee it by the way excellent says let's talk about John Miller for AG great choice John Miller is the Republican. But he's he's a real underdog I would say these other two have a lot of money and -- especially -- person who's getting at all from -- unions. You know I'll -- column -- becoming yeah we'll take a couple of calls on becoming. 188774694322. -- -- next with how we cargo -- a job. Are far deeper you go -- and lost yeah. -- and it could get in trouble or conduct unbecoming an office. You're right I'd forgotten about that but wouldn't you say though that mainly let's say a female it's mainly directed at females now. I don't know I mean I -- dust -- brought up you know why you don't watch your behavior. And look at -- what I. Point three years and -- Forgot about conduct unbecoming an officer in what is their movies and -- -- conduct unbecoming. There -- some other I don't know what the name -- now. Yeah I decided I didn't know. That's a good weight battle -- thanks for reminding me of that 1877469432. To the global running unbecoming story. Did admit and say unbecoming after Russia and offered to show -- attempt to. She did offer to show or -- to attempt late Tim Abbott didn't become I don't think are better because she was taking him seriously yet there was something else or some other reason about had you know when when when a woman. Is is -- the debate on Halloween night. Dressed in black but make sure looked like Elvira mistress of the -- And she she needs to let's let's be watching news dropped about 1520 pounds and then offers to show -- -- true. That Tim Russert who was kind of straight laced guy. That's you don't need to say I'm becoming it. The the action speaks for itself he said it about something else but I can't remember what was at this point. I missed the debate was tall person wearing a wig wearing an address. No no no -- -- the reason talk. If you haven't -- if you haven't seen the ads on TV and I don't know how you could estimate to watch and he indium on the TV in -- in the Boston market. He he he he basically claims to be a woman I mean he's he I'm gonna fight for women. What I'm here for us to protect women and women aren't gonna have to worry if you elect Warren tall person. He makes it sound in his ads like if you've -- Who lived in fear for your life walking the streets are required for the past twenty years because that's how long expensive the fact that. That's how long it's but since he's won an election to -- by the way. But twenty years 187 sitting -- and someone says that the globe now is running a story about this about the unbecoming. 18774694322. I heard about it today from Hillary show -- I was on The Herald radio about the south station we were were laughing about it. Leaked your next with how we cargo I have late. Yeah I -- -- bullets being beady eyed gentlemen brought up the unbecoming as or there's. But stuff Ali I was wondering -- Debate out of it should debate for the three Republican. Senator know what happened. In my opinion. Did you think that. Squad came in third. Let's start he didn't win it was the debate on TV radio. It was. Radio. Dormant they're -- yeah. Extend GI all the debate -- that well are already there were pretty good -- that debate. Yeah ultimately it will try to get some cuts off of that that if somebody's -- post that towards who do you think one. Rubens. Again he's an intelligent individual. How did you take. Lee how can you seriously how can you take world but seriously when he wanted to put carbon tax on. I I didn't date with -- that he. Might like guys -- mark of the beast he's the X. I don't know any better -- got another bone yard saying let -- they were taken you know to -- a concern and I thought spot. I don't think he wanted just my opinion. And now. But what's his name -- intimate because you'll hear enough. All -- must -- old man Hampshire appreciates that Bob Smith. Oh man I know you met with. That's very unbecoming of you to say that about the former -- on Friday it. Thanks for the call 18774694322. Okay war war and told person a Democrat candidate for attorney general apologized today if anyone was offense was of that if anyone was that. If anyone was offended at the Jane Swift kind of yeah. It is it's it's it's a -- easily. That trait of all of so many politicians if anyone was offended. He apologized today if anyone was offended by his use of the word unbecoming to characterize a line of question from his primary opponent -- -- -- debate at the Boston Globe. Yesterday. Anyone who listened to the debate knows that was not my intention. But I am always sorry if something I say offends anyone. Woman I am offended by your ads in the are you look at them by is that you -- what it's like it's at. Mistress says mr. -- personally I would I would advise you to take that -- off -- higher than that I I -- we're not the only one I think -- -- friend -- from Chelsea is -- he's told me that other people pull their and that -- -- mean I'm a woman and I live in Brookline I'm Tonya and all things offensive from beginning to end. Do you have Chris we we we played that cut before do we have that cut around when we got that cut is itself around. The the the I am woman hear me -- cut from from Warren Coleman I hate that now. We we don't we let's -- let's find it we gotta find at some point had -- How we aren't the -- how -- you know and well personally I think that the whole bit about -- -- becoming as the but I think it offensive that people are getting all this welfare Medicaid but I can make you money. I'll be coming to work out. I think that that type of defense system. Bull market really hard out here in the state of -- editor and infectious everywhere or make or fishing and and what's offensive to me. Is how hard people are working. Yet being told you're not paying enough. If you haven't been regulate your ups and -- -- here illegally share. And it unbecoming to me that the putts. -- You don't you mention middle only. I think it's really -- unbecoming for Warren Buffett to keep telling people they don't pay enough taxes while he's well he's. Running a way to Canada to what the beat the tax hike taxes down here that he wants to make even higher on you when me and everybody else. I think that's pretty damned unbecoming. Well you know I think what's really fabulous weather day out under the contract it comes in her work is that you know local I'll be great to know what audio -- -- -- -- and local government. -- strong conservative all of that says it's. You know kidneys are dirty and so it can't because -- work out I'd -- and he said you know what he's that I get really tired of these people coming and say well. You aren't happy to pay more taxes and you know they're happy to take your property rights the way -- your land or they -- happy to Colin and they well. Well you're you know whatever your work equipment it is -- out -- torrent. We thought okay. He that I have not -- that's supposed to be placed there would be that first here I'm -- clipboard and the combatant a top. Just sign your name up so we know whose taxes want to have -- Went all the way around not once. Signature right I got to read the wall street journal editorial -- on vote Warren Buffett about his group has about his rhetoric. About raising taxes as opposed to his actual actions well. And I and you won't be an early on know you'll be shocked to learn this but his his actions belie his Woertz. Is there is an enemy is and enemies we kind of knew that -- the injury more examples banks well. That's what these people inflict these people in Massachusetts where we can pay what we have the option of paying -- higher state income taxes. And and any word for instance she's never once she's never -- check that box the only would block she ever checked when it benefits that are. When she could claim to be an Indian which is much she never checked the box to pay higher taxes. Peter your next with how we cargo ahead Peter. I hope all right -- that I. Don't quite understand it more as a lesbian yes. Well wouldn't you say that the use of our conduct unbecoming -- oblique reference. -- her homosexuality. An editorial homophobic statements because. You know what Peter I think I think you have it you know this is one of the underlying things no one's talking about this but I think I think this is what a lot of people thinking yes. -- contact bad conduct unbecoming means those are described course -- action a certain way you're supposed to be any correct what he saying she's a woman. And she was not be good enough to describe the actions -- right or -- -- this. That's that's one way -- that's one way to interpret it the other way to interpret it is. That a woman should not challenge a man the way she was challenging him on his. Blatant hypocrisy about being a Tribune of the people while taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from lobbyists. Well I think that's a direct reference yeah. And obliquely -- -- what he's trying to do it is trying to actually get a. Yeah I I know it's the same thing with Sam this is Michael Sam right I mean. What what's the you know rush was just saying what why why is this woman making a big deal about when Michael champ takes a shower in the St. Louis Rams -- locker room. With as any as any straight at its. Has there ever -- a story in the history of the National Football League. Until yesterday about. The shower or habits of -- of a player. But frank your next with how we cargo or have frank. -- -- -- -- I'm gonna talk about why aren't former inaudible which -- do -- -- on TV is the one minute error in not one minute. Has -- -- women. I know every forty seconds I'm on it -- -- spoke. Frank frank. It just seems like it's a minute it's so it's so bad. But he says that every six seconds. Obviously as -- but for. I ever decided that both of the other candidate after hearing. One of the great. Political. It out and -- -- A -- -- but our dearly and I'm not no no big the first. I just feel let's go out the main. Frank I feel the same way I I just. I feel like even though even though he's not pandering to -- com mail. I'm embarrassed. For all the females in my family who will be voting. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On Taj Jim -- Jimmy Buffett Warren Buffett. And his talk about another hypocrite 18774694322. Car.