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Jeff Jacoby says we owe it to James Foley to watch his beheading. 8/25/14

Aug 25, 2014|

Kuhner says that Jacoby, as usual, is wrong.

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Money dot com. 9:30 AM here on the great WRKO. Jeff -- Boston's bulldozer. Are my friends. Very interest think column by Jeff Jacoby. And no I'm not picking on Jeff Jacoby because we have that shoot out. On the air here a couple of weeks ago. He's actually written a very provocative column. It's a well written column. I happen to disagree with Jeff on this one but nevertheless I wanna get your feedback and you're taken let me know what you think. The title of Jeff Jacoby space guy latest column in the Boston Globe. Is Jenna Jameson told Wii video is grim but we all which -- him to bear witness. And essentially what Jeff Jacoby is arguing. Is that there has been a tremendous backlash. On Twitter on YouTube. On many other social media outlets. Not to watched a video and not to share the video. Basically saying that this is gratuitous violence. It promotes hate speech. It can be an incitement to commit violent acts. It glorifies. What the jihadist did. And it's a victory for the jihadist if people watch it and share because they get their message across. And actually go through this argument. And points out the obvious that most mainstream media outlets have not shown. Have chosen not to show or linked to this sickening video. The one exception was the New York Post which ran a front page picture. Showing Jim Foley as the knife was being put into his throat with a one word headline savages. The New York Post was hammered absolutely. Hammered for that decision. Whereby essentially the New York Post was being denounced. For serving as a propaganda vehicle unwittingly obviously. Are propaganda outlet for crisis. The family members of Jim Foley the mother and the father the sister. Have begged. For the video not to be shown. For people not to watch the video. Did they say this would dishonor Jim Foley. This would help crisis this would give a boost I assists. That this would lend it more credibility. Than it more than it already needs. And so they have asked people not to watch the video. At all and certainly not to share -- pass it along to others. Jacoby is response is this and I wanna read just a couple paragraphs or miss call. So he lays out the argument for the other side and then he comes in with tests. Were regarding whether I say it's would be very happy with the New York post's front page -- picture of the of the -- had a and so people are criticizing him and so he response. Would that have been Jim Foley's reaction. Would he have clamored for self censorship any media blackout. Or would he have wanted decent people everywhere to know. And yes to see. That crimes being committed by the ruthlessly in decent killers. Calling themselves the Islamic state. The intrepid and compassionate reporter from New Hampshire. Didn't travel to Syria to sanitize and downplay the horror occurring there. He went to document and expose it. The four minute 42 video that records the last moments of Foley's life may be slick jihadist propaganda. Designed to intimidate ice is his enemies and recruit more zealots to its costs. But it is also a key piece of the news story. That fully risked everything to pursue. That's story cost him his life. The least we can do -- -- bear witness. To the courage and dignity with which he met his awful and and he then goes on to say that yes social networks like Twitter and FaceBook. Are under no obligation to provide a platform for their ratings of terrorism cycle bouts. He says private companies have every right to enforce standards of -- safety decency and the public interest. And he says there's no universal litmus test. That where you can always distinguish what is important and newsworthy. From what is near as he puts it gratuities sensationalism. But according to Jeff Jacoby. This isn't a close call. What was true of the video of Daniel pearl's beheading is true of James Foley's. It is true of the other videos of mass murder NB endings that crisis terrorists have been disseminating. That's their so called telephone eight -- passed the -- -- any rock. They clarify beyond all denial the -- monstrous -- of an enemy we must destroy or be destroyed by. James Foley did not hide from that unvarnished truth the rest of us shouldn't either. So basically in a match shell won everything is said and done Jeff Jacoby -- sang we all wait to Jim Foley. We all with him as a moral responsibility. To honor his death to watch the video. Because then you'll understand the full horror and barbaric totalitarian. Evil nature. Of the enemy that we confront and of the people will be headed and murdered. Gym full. I completely disagree. I I absolutely. -- respect fully completely and utterly disagree. First of all. There are many of these be heading to the videos that are out there Jim Foley is not the only one. So to honor all of them we should just be watching this nonstop. All day. That's point number but that just the obvious point the second point. I don't rule need to watch a video. -- be heading. To understand the true terrific nature of what took place I believe me I get it. You read the description. You find out what took place bullied me Idenix. You have a small ninth -- offer is soft the guys head for appeared here took seven minutes I data. I don't actually need to see it. Just as I don't need to go into what war motion bits or watch documentary. Footage of Auschwitz. To know exactly what took place and outfits. To to grasp the full horror of -- it's. I don't need to see all the bodies were piled up like there's. Ooh this is how it looks like when your gas you -- other bodies incinerated UCL -- the eyeballs just fall off the skull did you see that. I have to sit up but I I don't trust me I get it. What this is -- be very candid with -- This is murder warned. You know have a lot of people this has become a big thing on the Internet and a lot of people love watching -- And they walks one be heading after another. And it stimulates them it gives them pleasure. It it'll whet their appetite and their blood loss to look at the blood spewing a look at the vein look at crying out and war. Frankly this is sick. But above all. Who always Jeff Jacoby. -- lecture us. On what we old gym full. His parents knew him the best. His family members who knew him the best. If his mother and father and grieving Brothers and sisters are saying please don't watch the video. That's enough for me. That's another point. And -- -- the mother of all points. We have better things to do. Then sit around. And watched disgusting graphic videos. Of torture. And war crimes and be heading X. The idea now that we have to be so obsessed with crisis that we have to watch their bee headings. This is going to be a tremendous propaganda coup for them. This is what they want. They want to derby headings to go viral they want as many people around the world to see you at number one to sell it. To promote their cause and number two to strike terror and fear into the hearts of everybody around the world. The more we watched their actions. The more we give them what they crave attention and legitimacy. The more they become famous. The more they become well known. The more we unwittingly. Aid and abet their propaganda efforts this was a propaganda video. Why would you wanna watch and share and promote the propaganda video. All you're doing is aiding and abetting the -- Call me crazy. When I tell all of you. How my grandfather. Stanley was brutally murdered and in particular. His brother who was a priest. Literally the Communists killed them by putting piano wire through his brain. The last thing I would never think -- This -- say normal normal. Understand the true nature and evil of communism. You need to seek the piano wire going through his brain I've got the video you've got to see it you've got to see it. Good description. There's all you need to know. You don't actually have to watch the actual for a fact I take place. In fact I don't want you to see it. Because it's degrading and humiliating. To then my my grandfather's brother. I don't want you to see the last moments. When he was tortured and killed. It's sacrilegious. My question to you is this. Do you think we all went to Jim Foley to bear witness. -- his be heading. Jeff Jacoby says yes I say no what do you say 6172666868. All of your calls next. Wind thinkers. I. 956. Here on the great WRKO. Lines are loaded. Our theory Europe next thanks for holding go ahead Arthur. They -- just aren't there you know what we do what we know the memory of mr. Foley used to kill as many as these savages as we possibly can. These self righteous. People like this that this person here. You know it I'm sick of them already know that the first one of the first college that Josie and the kind of any compensation. You know we -- nip this -- -- but this was you know Obama called these guys the junior varsity and now look what they've accomplished with just a few people. I'm not bad for the JV team and Arthur not bad. -- Europe next thanks for holding shoot Marianne. Hey good morning I didn't want to speak out like your lips and no not to feel overwhelmed by other news I think we can do an individual like wondering actually took on the beach. -- that we well maybe we need to go to storm local action in the primary and vote and common -- 00 to free republic and the concurred that Tea Party folks know they. I'm anxious to get away. You and I haven't got our own country but -- thought -- -- -- keep ultra important people aren't tablet stamina and splintered and turned like earlier absolutely right. We need to get together and -- united we stand. I think we will follow. Very well said -- -- Europe next thanks for holding go ahead Don. Jeff I think it -- a couple of documents they can't but without that secretary -- -- -- it -- -- would be -- -- people but -- still got. I warned people if you want to get sorted things a couple of things can happen you can make atomic tied. And only protect helmet if you want to I want to be complete and I even harm they -- payment act. So people need to watch cap that they didn't like to make it docket kayak and that's. Well wanted it to major game magic can really concrete I think get the picture and I have like -- watching it. I -- have people who -- beautifully set because obviously you took the words out of my mouth. You know it's my job I have to look into this stuff I can't get these images on in my mind. I swears like somebody assaulted I mean I don't overdo this but -- somebody raped my mind. Is like a form of murder pornography. I mean you watch it I swear you feel dirty. You just. And sick. And Jeff Jacoby says we always think we all watch it that Jeff it's okay well we we understood what took place there Jeff we get a Dave I got about a minute go my friend. I agree that you'll laugh all you know it's going to be good because that's simply watch this stuff. And I am really tired of liberals telling me. That's you know I don't understand what's going -- Ferguson because I'm not block fire and understand what's going about this they can watch the video. I don't need to be told what I know what I don't. Amen brother. Comrades I got twenty seconds go. I don't have to see if -- get my blood boiling but the American public as -- -- family Matt. And that should be part native new aren't they knew that it happened every and so while what importantly. I gotta go my friends you've been listening to Boston's bulldozer and remember together we're beating liberals --