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Bob Smith Makes His Pich

Aug 14, 2014|

Sen. Bob Smith formerly representing the Granite State of New Hampshire just ripped the RNC for ignoring his campaign for senate in favor of Sen. Scott Brown's candidacy. We spoke to Bob Smith about his campaign and what differentiates him from all the others.

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Joining us now on the line is senator Bob Smith formally formerly formerly the senator from New Hampshire. And he's now running for his old seat which is now held by Jeanne Shaheen he's an area primary race against a former senator Scott Brown. Of Massachusetts at former state senator Jim Rubens. Department -- -- So why -- he would we're we're gonna have him on and talk to -- if you wanna talk to was senator Smith you can give us a call at six that's. It's 8774694322. While Bob Smith thanks for being with us here on the powered car share. A country rather -- always been a long time since I saw you is one of at least one of the press. Offices there during the presidential campaign I believe in 2012. That's right -- that trade -- that what is so why why are you running again Bob I mean you but I human away from this for a long time at this point. Well I've been away from -- in terms of elective office and and running but not not only common in terms of my concern for the country our tally the I don't think there's an age limit on patriotism there have been a lot of people around to prove that Benjamin Franklin and Ronald Reagan was to name two pretty trochmann at once. And if you recall the years and when I was in office and you were kind of have to -- on our show on your show and we talked. The number of times that I would it is best if things got better or worse and clearly they've gotten worse. I was listening to your intro -- President Obama got hooked up to him the other days is not really care worries mortuary to live -- that she's -- I mean the countries in bad shape I don't mean to make light of it and that's why I am back I I'm only one person I can't do. Everything myself don't pretend to be able to do that but I am one person one -- and I think we have to start wanted to time to take our country back. Now I I have to ask you about it I am I'm holding in my your hand here a letter from October 28 2004. And you know this you were our offices time you'll -- and in Florida but you you wrote a letter to John Kerry who was the democratic nominee and you said. I want you to know that when I go into the Booth next Tuesday I am going to cast my vote for you so well my wife Mary -- won all three of my children Jason Bob. Bobby and Jenny. Moreover I will do -- look like Ken to encourage my difference in New Hampshire and Florida to join me in supporting you I wish you godspeed and every best wish for victory next Tuesday. So this so you you voted for for John Kerry in 2004. I did not. We did not you said you say as a letter that you are going through. I did I and I I expected that you were gonna ask -- at all my web site but let me please respond. I what I I was I was angry at what happened to me when President Bush. Did not follow through on it on that on an endorsement of me in the 20122002. Senate race where you promised me through. Is is guy. Two. Support me they didn't so I got angry and that was I was. He supported that he supports a -- nor did he stay out of it. Not in -- that date date date date date supported Sununu behind this intensity. That works dorsett he did not not a warm. However but let me just say it was the stupidest thing I ever did it was I got angry I'm not proud of it. I made a mistake. And I've apologized for it and I wanted to say up front if people. Cannot get beyond that I understand and you you have other choices but I I admit it was just anger. I'm not proud of it I'm -- a terrible mistake I wrote a private letter. The Senator Kerry that that would put into the media. And Soviet I should've expected it was gonna go in the media and I. But after dropping -- in the mailbox I set myself globally that was a mistake. I don't mean it I don't agree with him on anything why -- they do it anger and I'm I'm sorry I -- it was a mistake. But it's kind of I mean no offense while we all do things are stupid but I mean it's. If your in your fifties or maybe even your sixties when you wrote this I mean that's K it's kind of immature thing to do isn't. Well it edit when you get that when you get angry and it's not me normally I mean I think if you look at. Apparent water on all the issues that you and I believe and you know whether it's a right to life for a protective Second Amendment cutting spending balancing budgets on and you know less regulation less taxes going down the line. -- I I was I was right there and this was a I'm an issue that overcame me because I just -- couldn't let go of the anger. And now I have it's beyond -- -- ask me I don't. I don't hold any grudges against anybody I'm looking to the future of our country and I've been very forthright with every. Interview and with every -- voters -- asked me it was a mistake. Not just a political mistake a stupid personal mistake I didn't believe anything that I wrote there I didn't vote for the guy. And that's -- I mean it's it's just can't I can't take it back so all I can say is that people. Wanna wanna hold that against me they have every right to do it and I respect that. Now now you also you'll you'll -- for president once as spasm at. As a part of the -- as the candidate of something called the US taxpayers. That's not true I correct that every time it's put out that I read as a Republican. I ran for president in the Republican primary in 1999 when George W. Bush won. And I dropped out like many others did because we didn't have enough support obviously so. Then I was -- approached by the by the taxpayers party to be their candidate. Several in the party actually do it I I took a look at it and decline so I never ran as as well. I gotta I gotta I gotta quote here from USA today -- US senator Bob Smith of New Hampshire Tuesday announced he would run for president as the candidate of the US taxpayers party. I don't know where that came from because I didn't. So you you never you'd you'd change your mind on that you just you just. I was asked to do it I was asked to do it but I did not do. Okay. All right so so you -- say -- you're saying you're not you know you're not bitter about anything now. I'm not I'm not bitter about that at that at all. It's just that. You know it was it was. I mean I can't say it any differently than just to be totally honest with you it was a it was just anger frustration. And I I -- let out in in in that form and you know the old saying when you write a letter like that -- an email. You'd best deleted or care about their rights you know and I didn't and I should have. And I except -- full responsibility court I'm an adult he said I was at I was in my sixty's so I looked I. -- I accept full responsibility court. OK I -- I'm just asking your pure pure bitter about anything now -- -- gave an interview to media matters this week. -- Fox News. Well that's not bitterness Sally I look here's the thing that people need to understand about me if there's if there's biased. Bias. Or in the in the inappropriate reporting I didn't attack. Fox News Fox News came I've watched Fox News all the time Fox News came to New Hampshire Bret -- And basically gave. It's Scott Brown hold interview and talked to him about about talked to him. Right about the I saw it was the obamacare obamacare -- New Hampshire and it was pretty good it was a pretty good piece I mean actually -- Uses 11 was on a live free or die and obamacare or any other -- was on the race itself in which -- bear came back and said the race is basically between Scott Brown. And and and changing which is not true. They're two of the people in this primary and I don't think that's fair and all I said -- that's not fair and balance them several people. Wrote emails and so forth to two Bret -- they can't take that criticism that maybe they're not fair and balanced and impaired balance is very balanced that's not. The wasn't. Well I just -- I'm just wonder why you gave an interview to media matters Mika -- kind of that's a George Soros front group yeah. They're sick call they called to be honest -- you media matters it was a reporter. We had we dead several reporters called me and I did have a problem but it amid what. If I mean what you have to -- the red -- Fox News claim to be proclaimed to be fair and balanced. How is it fair and balanced. It's the cover -- and say that they that don't mention the other candidates in the primary. You know that the RNC. It's sending letters out to donors across the country saying this race is tight between Scott brown and and Jean Jean please send money. I don't think that's fair I don't I don't think that's fair at all. And only -- a well I mean look look what's -- how much money do you how much money do you have in the bank. Well -- I'm I'm items discussed proprietary information I got all I need we're gonna. You know money that you saw what happened in Virginia and they can -- guy raised eight million inspect it guys spent 250000. And endless. We also -- that that you're aware camp are also spent Election Day in Washington DC I don't think Scott browns don't make thought that economists say. I understand that I don't have issue with Scott Brown Alley -- Scott Brown is nice guy like in my debated in this morning. In north Conway. Along with Jim Rubin -- it was friendly it was -- but it was friendly. My my issue is with the establishment. Of the Republican Party that comes into the state of New Hampshire and says this is our guy. -- you're back in about Schmidt -- I get an up. We did we need to get Scott comic about their matches ballots got -- -- here I had no issues which still with Scott Brown's residency not. It's about is politics. I mean. And and why does the establishment of the Republican Party won supporting guy who voted more with the Democrats needed was Republicans number one. Voted against life and I -- life. Voted -- support gun control and and is tied up with. We think he's what they think he can win I think it is. Are you winning how you voted for Dodd-Frank what are you winning. And why. When you're winning another vote or were for for Mitch McConnell as good as the majority leader and to not take over almost take all those committees over. McConnell does not deserve to be commitment majority leader in my view. Mitch McConnell is. You'll you'll be at least -- be remembered at least at least he or you would be a member of the Republican clock. Ali c'mon you're you're you've been around long time you're you're very responsible guy you're very conservative view. But look it's not about Scott personally it's about is politics. You can't be for dot Franken beat. For abortion and be. For more regulation. And and for gun control and and expect to run in the Republican primary -- even if you ten and he had directive but what's the point. Why is it that the establishment of the party ignores two other guys. Who are also good Republicans. Why did they ignore them -- but into the primary everybody and his brother a John McCain's coming up. Submit Mitt Romney is already endorsed him I mean one after the other and Kelly -- up the senior Republican instead all endorsed brown. Why can't they -- -- -- The offense I have known a long time you still sound like you better you say you're not bitter but since you seem better. I'm not bitter you ask me the questions I'm anti I'm not bitter. I promise you I'm not there I don't care I hope that eighteen more people endorsement and I hope they find every. -- establishment. Moderate Republican they can find in the land to endorse this guy I really hope they do because the board they do the better dish from -- We're gonna win this primary on the tell you right now. We're gonna win the primary and you can -- at me ordered up we will win this primary because the people in the states are sick of it they're sick of kicking the can down the road. Watching people. -- dish Troy our country in both parties you can't win by playing footsie with the Democrats. And if you if you lose the primary would you endorse Scott Brown. I have not made a commitment to do that because I do not talk about endorsements. Until the election is over I intend to win so endorsement. You were endorsed Jeanne Shaheen. Now I would certainly not under any circumstance. -- I've become a third party member which is also been -- not would not. I mean look I mean the point is we have to change this country. -- the -- getting bigger. And of the problems you look at it we need to talk about immigration but I didn't have a border. And we need people wouldn't stand up. And faced some down put Reagan said it best he should you know pale pastels here. Bold colors we kind of let that left -- what we are and who we are and what we represent. You don't do it by putting somebody up against a Democrat like Shaheen who votes as that. But the vote winner on on a lot of key issues it's not gonna work. So who is it -- saying Bob Smith loses. Again jeans and brown wins the polls don't show that the polls show Bratton and and -- pretty well let's say in the same area both. At this point -- to -- but or but within the margin of error and both of us. Very close devotion -- substantiation. To -- -- this talked about it. I mean you haven't won I mean. I know Scott Brown lost his last election would you haven't won an election since what 1986. I won eleven times in New Hampshire which is more than any politician -- -- ever ran here. Eleven elections I've won primaries in general that's correct I did not win -- that's correct -- won in 1996. And lost the election to Sununu in 2002. Correct. I don't think I don't think that's the issue the issue is what you stand for what you principles are and if you look at what I stood for. At least I. You say New Hampshire is a different state you know wise in terms of the electorate I mean to bring a lot of people from you know you call -- what you will do we've a lot of Massachusetts people moved up right the -- more liberal than it -- when you were when you were when. -- -- That that there I would -- -- -- -- you're partially correct there are some demographics. That would show that that's. That's true but also if you look at the eleven the last. I believe I'm correct the last twelve senate races. The only one. That that has one who was not a Republican. Machine -- and she's up for -- A second term it's and in this election. So and and that congressmen and women have gone back and forth it it changes. And it is not secure. Blue and it's not secure red. There's a balance there but what we're shooting now it's a lot of anger and in frustration and people saying enough is enough we cannot. And shape our country if we don't stop this nonsense in this spending in this. You know this immigration which is destroying our country and he does Scott says that this morning I'm the guy that's gonna go down there and and work with the Democrats. I don't want to work with the Democrats on on obamacare I don't know -- repeal it I don't wanna work with the Democrats on this. Want to warn you want to be the majority leader next year. I want somebody who have been it could be. I don't know who's running it could be could beating. Of course Scrooge from -- that could be might lead it could be Rand Paul. It could be anybody could be Jeff Sessions -- an -- for Bob -- The point is I -- somebody whose conservative. Is gonna stand up consistently and fight for the values that we believe in as a party. And as a country more importantly and that's that's what we need Mitch McConnell gave 101000 dollars to Scott Brown why. What what what's that all about why do what what why do all these congressmen all these senators. Throw money into that -- in Mississippi for Thad Cochran. Did to bring out Democrat votes. The vote for him. A wise it's going it took it to match its ancestral. It's bad. It's very simply this let the people of New Hampshire picked the person they want to run against GG. We got a lot of people -- have one speak to -- -- let's take some calls your GM your next with Howie -- and senator Bob Smith -- jump. I'm based center and -- -- What specifically would you do to help the veterans. It more importantly would that include expanding Nittany that VA medical. Center in Manchester. I think specifically thanks so called first -- and specifically what we need to do is to have the equivalent or -- other gold card. Like a MasterCard gold. And just say simply this this is my card I can go any I'm a veteran I can go anywhere in the country or anywhere outside of the country where there's a facility. Well I can be treated. Period they deserve it they deserve nothing less now as far as the VA hospitals. And the VA system if some veterans prefer that and they have the right -- let them choose that. If there's -- special -- for example heart surgery or some specially that may be that it VA hospital somewhere couldn't perform. Let the veteran at the card and let the veteran go to wherever Mayo Clinic. Wherever -- general where they wanna go and have the treatment and BM and the government takes care because they that we owe them that they earned it. And therefore that's what I would do this scandal happened in and in the west is not just out there it's everywhere and am not as bad of course the BA gospel Manchester is a great. Placed the people and their wonderful but what she what we're seeing is if you ask these people will -- the struggling for funds because. This administration has not prioritized. Has not prioritized that. Great employee of money for bonuses -- for the NEA tackling world falsifying the documents. I try to you know out this morning somebody asked that question in the debate about. So what I thought about finding money in this tight budget for cancer research and also -- In -- said. Let's stop spending money on illegal aliens and services for illegal aliens and bringing them in here by the plane load and sending a mother other places in -- -- With taxpayers' money. And put some of that money in the cancer. Thanks for the call Jim lay your next with how we card Bob Smith going Hadley late. So moments you remember your senator Smith says the great statesmen who have a lot of space. -- name for that matter what I could see you want to hear about these cute Stuart you'll walk up -- say are you going out to white -- you're remembered me. And that and now it's great attribute for the UN -- I thought you were -- and gentlemen unfortunately -- came along who was pure genius -- -- -- but anyway my question would be. If you win the primary I gotta keep it clean. You -- gentlemen you'll always are and he's got a long. Just keep play ball away with conservative issue. Well good question and and thank you -- I don't remember. To be honest. It's hard. And he's you know he's seventy in people over years do sometimes forget -- -- but I I really try my best to identify and connect with people when I immediately -- Try to do that and whatever profession we're in. But -- The the situation is I do not dislike. Change it and I don't dislike people who disagree with me. I respect them you may be surprised that I at least on but I say this but what can I do like Willy did not mind working when it was Ted Kennedy. I knew urged he stood on the issues he was stopped. He was wrong and I -- When he was standing that is. Just think that I got hit. Well but he was it was a tough customer and you know where it stood and you could be good flight and the battle. But after it's over you're at least you know respect each other and move on -- might might use this be tough. As nails on the issues that -- stand there on match on that you give me the opportunity honor. To stand there on that stage with -- scene until debate me I'm not sure she will that if she will. I guarantee you the people of new Hampshire at the end of that debate they're gonna know what we stand for and which he stands for and I don't wanna take wartime and how to get here but. -- -- changing NC -- with all due respect like -- I I wanna pick my doctor I don't need you to tell me that I can pick my doctor. I could figured -- she said you could keep your doctor if you want to. If you wanna do but you know what I don't need our permission to keep my doctor this is America and I -- it and I and it and it says it's a freedom which is an area that. That Scott and I agree on and on on obamacare but it's more than that it goes back to the issues of spying on American citizens and harassing. People because of their political beliefs where she was involved in bytes sent step. But let the people know who we are and who they are -- will win. Because I'm gonna tell you people are -- a bit you heard about the guy in Guilford. Who went to a school board meeting and tried to point out that his daughter fourteen year old daughter was reading Sophie was front -- put handcuffs and dry out but jail. I mean this American to stop this happening and people are sick of it. And they're gonna vote to change it and the only way to change it is to vote -- the people who -- voting to give us this kind of nonsense -- that you can't blame it all on Obama he can't. -- -- It's a lot of executive orders which which scared -- but he can't pass up without the -- support of people like changing in the senate. Thanks for the call league -- your next with how we card Bob Smith go ahead Debbie. Hi Tim Burton had to get -- issue Tibet and black I am actually an art in New Hampshire -- just wanna -- Make sure that you are on board -- repealing Obama care and it sounds like that you are. I did want to speak he wouldn't take a lot. And I also like to add all of our listeners out there and everybody pray for the persecuted Christian -- in Iraq we really need to remember him at. Salute and thank you have absolutely street or let him go out. And everybody else is big persecute him and I ran wildly. Just quickly on their wish them part of first part of the question on Obama -- absolute that favor repealing and I think guys have literally maybe before you. Two -- one other thing I would say. If Obama cares so good it's almost like the unions and the and the right to work its bombing of Obama cares so good why why why we have to force an honest. I'd like to opt out -- -- at once stop outer. Absolutely no I want -- opt out why why do you think that Steve lynch the congressman down here were voted against him because he knew there was gonna hurt. The unions and he's a former union official and and now. And now -- rug moving ahead the 22 implement. Higher deductibles on the golden parachute policy on the golden. Gold plated policies excuse me. Even before they're they're going into effect so these union guys who thought they were gonna have an extra couple years with decent insurance are already losing it. -- and then and they're not happy about it. No absolutely not nor should they be. And I think this is the thing that hurts that the Democrats in this election certainly the liberals because. It is hurting people that. In the past have voted for them it's it's hurting real people. Who have real jobs and have now lost their health insurance or edit they get it back. They have to pay more but -- higher deductible and a higher premiums so let's coverage and it and it -- it's and it not only that it's your employer. Mandate it's kicking in which is going to I've talked to dozens of business up here went around at fifty employee level. And what's gonna happen is they're gonna try to drop a little bit pieces that they don't have to be you know subjected to these mandates it's very complicated. But I think we could start I absolutely want to repeal it preserve pre existing conditions allow insurance -- across state lines. Tort reform all the other things that good things we can put back -- people everyone to do it but repeal the actual law. And let people opt out if they want to don't force people to take a policy I don't need policy for maternity leave. And my wife doesn't need -- for prostate cancer so why are you putting this all in the same pool. Indeed it was you know one of the one of the great people -- that New Hampshire thing that documentary that that you're angry about was the was the lesbian Democrats state rep from New Hampshire who's who's in her fifties and she said I don't need Craig I. I don't -- need pregnancy. In its. Why -- she's a Democrat. Exactly and why they're upset and justifiably so this is -- I think. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because. It is hurting real people it is hurting people who are there page. Oh big time they don't like it any more than we did it to be forced into a plan that they don't need -- you know what it's all about. It's about in national health care system a single. We're right system an extraordinary column in the Wall Street Journal today about it pretty good pretty good. Outline of exactly what that plan. For as far as a single Payer OK a lot of people went up to break d'isere but where where should people go off they wanna learn more about your campaign what's your website. Bob Schmidt. For US senate dot com that's FOR about -- for US senate dot com. Okay Bob good blocking and I will be in touch again okay. That's Bob Smith -- candidates for for the US senate he's running against Scott brown and Jim Rubens. In the Republican primary and now.