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"Kissing" Immigrants

Aug 13, 2014|

Kiss frontman Gene Simmons immigrated to the United States with his mother when he was eight years old. He has become an uber successfull music icon. His advice for other immigrants is blunt and to the point. "Learn to speak goddamn English." Howie asked is Gene right.

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Gene -- you know he has he's the -- lead singer for -- And I he's he's a yeah he he -- he came over here from Israel at the age of eight has vehemently immigrated over here. And and you've seen his reality TV show I'm sure even if you haven't even if you were big picture you see there you've you've seen -- -- -- And you know he has an accident. He says immigrants should learn to speak English ship they won't want to unlock the keys to the kingdom. The kiss frontman was born in Israel moved to New York with his mother when he was eight years old. I was welcomed by America and its people when given all the advantages of native born children which is astonishing when you think about it because in other countries they would of ground me up and put me in a can of dog food. In America I can think what I wanted to thing to do was -- pleased to reach for the stars in America I learned. You have an inferred judiciary -- to learn how to speak English amateur what that means but I think it just means you you know what's implied that you'd have to speak English. It was implied when he came over here she's about Nazis about sixty years old. Maybe you'll look. Get rid of the access he continued I did. Be illegal immigrant I'm illegal immigrants come to the country just buckle your -- a little bit make an effort to learn about the culture. Assimilate to the point that you cap. The musicians who speaks five languages made it clear that having pride in one's background as. Positive but willingness to blended to American culture is also critical. You were all proud of we war where you came from great. Whatever you're proud of just tip your hat to America which is a melting pot that makes it all possible. He told the Huffington Post and -- Huffington Post like this this has been here hate speech. Agree to one culture that we can all communicate and then go often speaks what you earlier Farsi or whatever language you want to news. The interview -- suggests he has opened a can of -- oh yeah. But Simmons protests. And actually saying what needs to be said just because of because the political climate is B asks you don't want to upset anybody might say just learned IBM English. As an -- I'm telling you learn to speak god damn English. Is the key is the well it is the key is the will unlock the kingdom. If you make the effort that all the possibilities of this. Culture will open up for you and will give you all the rewards of I've gotten dressed British but think Yiddish. Governor that went along on. These to say that at City Hall goes a couple of wide expression. May when he was mayor. If you make the effort in win in Rome there was the Romans do the rewards are multiple times more. He agreed -- to do with the interview with a when he asks of immigrants is an easy. It's difficult but why should it be easy how about this if Siri can't understand you you're Ctrl+Alt. Let's -- should be a motto somewhere. If Siri can't understand you you're in trouble. Speak any language in there well please but learn English as well as a prerequisite if you want to have access to wealth. The more you learn to speak English and the more you learn about American history the more of an advantage you'll have this culture. That's Gene Simmons do you agree with him. I don't think I don't really think that the people come over here now give a damn about our English -- really don't. Huge numbers problems Margaret don't care about learning English. I know that -- and -- this neighborhood where and we're right on the edge of Alston and the undersea word Brighton. And Alston is all too honest it's Brighton two degrees student and immigrant but also and even yourself. And you announce some streets some side streets near where we work and there -- three deckers. In every one of those and every floor of the three Decker. Has. Additional. A satellite dish for TV. And and I and they're not that did not do I wish they wore a -- -- -- doing -- see me on the news Mac's Stevie. Once or twice week but they're not. They're they're they're they're giving you most of them got have -- should not direct TV they have -- Because dish has more foreign language or -- -- Portuguese -- Arabic. Here at the new Chinese -- You know they're not learning that they they go home -- in a large number of cases not all but in in the in many more cases than in the old days. They go home and they speak they speak the language that the that they had in the old country. They don't they they they don't have to work to speak English anymore people have been sending me stuff I've been you've got way behind on my mail and that's that's -- on the Booker T. Washington. Quote so I found a lot of and I found all these illegal aliens bugle stories I've been reading lately. And the -- some people have been sending me the voting cards and the jury the jury pool questionnaires from from from Massachusetts. And so easily which human. I can't even they didn't even have what the English is like one is some bully smoothly or something. I assume it means Somali but they don't have like in parentheses Somali they just have some believe. And I did it's just pitch is crazy I mean who wore these why they aren't -- Requiring people learned to speak English. You know it what he used to be was that you people would come over here and you know you -- you read stories about the about. People who came over from people like -- -- -- more worst movies Billy Wilder for example the great directors did you know some like. It was agreed he wrote Sunset Boulevard and -- He was he was a German immigrant you know -- Jewish from Austria he came over here and speak English he just learn learn to speak English. Peter Lawrie and other just what these guys what they would do is they would go they would just work at some crappy job. In the it in the daytime and then they won't vote and then at night they would go to movies. Two movie theaters in all the would do was sit there might belong. And just. And they weren't they they -- going because they like seeing Tom Mix the cowboys star aura you know park at one ST shirt they were going to pick up English. They figure the best way to pick up -- was to listen to the Hollywood stars because they spoke via. Eight a tradition and what for lack of better. Work on accented English out an accent that American English and that's probably want to speak English. But now you know because of the technological. Aspects. They they the advances they don't have to they don't have to -- go to the movie -- they can go Holman though listen to some soap opera in their native. And that the fact this too that they don't have to get a job anymore either. Made the you know that's another place she used -- to speak English was on the job but now they come and they are there refugees. You're refugee from Somalia. You're you're you don't have that you don't have to work you just get everything taken care -- and Europe for. 18774694322. Idea I think I think this is a real war real serious problem in the United States. You know that where were we are entering into area. A power couple. You know. Just where he -- it's in. The country more than anything else. Country needs common language. In most countries that don't have a common language eventually end up with problems. 18774694322. Here and we come from a country the Pat Buchanan was right about this a few weeks back. The 1960. 97%. Of Americans spoke English. 97%. It's that's about us closer to get to war you unanimity you'd. In any any large steel group. 87%. And the country was pretty much. A homogenous place wasn't it wants. Everybody spoke the same language everybody watch the same TV shows believe me I'm glad I have a lot of choices on TV. Cindy founded some of my old -- tonight's C and he found a sent Cindy found small but real losses. I'm going to be watching most actors you know -- I'm -- -- a guy but. I I think that it was is the country was more unified when you know 13 of the country watched ABC 13 of the country watched CBS the other third of the country watched NBC. 18774694322. Is or is it to -- -- -- foreign languages being spoken I mean again and you you have every right unit there's no and the one your freedom of speech to speak whatever language you want but. We ought to be encouraging people pour in to speak English -- just that. This is that you don't win -- where who were melting pot when not a salad is as has been said. Jerry your next with how we cargo ahead Jerry. Our children first body changed -- -- awful good forever current chair and rig or clay court battle. I'd -- I've seen her many times in and I've seen most of -- and week. Yes. And the second and -- garment and almost all star -- All the genial character Tony Montana. You are getting geared. -- aerial ball. He said he learned from offering wild card. Gene Robinson all -- to build. A bigger effort in an upper. -- -- -- That knowledge I don't cavity free T shirts right now Gerri thanks for the call 1877469432218774694. -- 22. HC we're creating Gypsy try to -- cultures within our culture with no intention of denigrating dedicated to preying on the primary culture but dismantling and overtaking. 18774694322. Gets me want some foreigner at Dunkin' -- behind the counters indignant when you win they don't understand you. You're on -- I was shrink the story about this guy and Americans. I don't I don't think you know Austin which -- since we're here in America we speak English and you know many of us. Many of us come from backgrounds where are. Our ancestors did not speak English. You know I mean there's no need for a stroller for a pond but Americans Cutler for a punk -- guy this -- the new coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers even read about him because name is David he's from Framingham. And I went to Princeton and he's just he it was a player but he could play pro was that good so we just went over to Israel and played over the year. And he he just say he he now speaks flawless Hebrew he became coach in Russia he speaks flawless Russian. He speaks a couple of other languages she's going to be LeBron james' coach. You don't. If if you pick it up young and you wanna pick it up and in his case if you. Have to pick it up he had he had to learn Hebrew if he wanted to wise if you wanna be on -- on an Israeli team. He had if he wanted to culture Russia he -- -- word action. There's there's no particular comparative. Now to learn English because so many of these foreigners come over here or just go right on welfare. And an image and again many people sent it to me over the years. But when I first started getting these these welfare. Documents -- they say they have I think it's as -- this is an important document if you if you cannot read it haven't translated for you. In the first one I ever got at seventeen languages now now what's up to 22 were 24 languages. One of which by the way is not -- The the native tongue of my ancestors. 34 generations back. I'm a you know what we're what -- be where would I be if they had learned English. I wouldn't I wouldn't be in a very good spot -- tell you that a B approach be -- option key. I have a heat ball like in the west of Ireland and you know trying to keep warm for the for the went. I'm glad. We'll take a break 18774694322. In the meantime press two for English about car. 18774694322. Gene Simmons yes news. An immigrant self. Agassi groups -- Hebrew in Israel through it was eight. He's EC gave an interview to Huffington Post saying learn to speak for gambling which. Seems like good good advice from me an opportunity immigrants -- -- a few many fuel or taking it used to use it. Bill Martin different mining group great novelist he was listening to show and he -- I believe every American should know two languages just being good citizens of the world when it comes to our public discourse IC bus. One out of the -- one that means one -- which no foreign languages and voting bolster Social Security officers. This guy this guy known for -- mission they'll certainly use some -- a jury question here for Suffolk County bats were found all these weird all of these foreign languages. You be and how can you be in the jury pool if you if you will have to answer the questions and in a foreign pollen. Mean how -- sound possible and how long is going to be be for a you know Milford man asks for a jury of his peers being of people speak the Indian dialect but he speaks. In -- the enzymes to process. The metabolize. Alcohol. You know it's just it's it's it's a bit that we're we're doing this -- mean week. We had this great advantage of everybody speaking the same language and how were were not social -- Dissipate. Howie I was in line at Miami international coming from vacations. In saint -- A woman with an American passport began -- ask me questions -- she could not -- word of English how can someone become a US citizen and not speak the way in which. This woman assumed that but I spoke Spanish. The this majestic American is is this ship is sinking. I tend to agree 18774694322860. How we -- -- that I can crackles. On the W -- -- streaming -- but because we're being. Powered by rice crispy snap crackle pop. -- -- -- Get the -- jail. Get -- how we car show dot com get a look at the other radio stations. Pick one of the other radio stations and the Jewish grabbed their that's the way to go. 1877469432218774694322. Rod you're next with how we cargo and Enron. At opposite boat doesn't come out all -- yeah I like our Ali yeah I'm. What country and I go to be considered a political refugee or economic refugees held under here at 8 o'clock or I be it their political -- -- He spent a lot of oil turmoil if I -- what -- in my own country and you get records. Well you're not the only one who's been thinking along those lines -- you know I mean this sometimes I feel like you know I'm being asked to watch. I'm I'm suffering taxation without representation here I don't know by -- do you feel the same way. -- a mild heart on my life or you don't like -- audience at the end like. Couric who -- your -- or -- could I be here Alex. I know I know you feel like he got here he got a job there's a hard. It doesn't you know to me it doesn't seem to matter what color you are if you have a job real job -- actually work and produce something tangible. Good or service. Target on your back -- the the president of the United States does not like Q if you are productive citizen that's all I can that's all I can say. You know. And again again lead this you know so somebody gets killed and in Missouri any issues this statement. At some -- some rabbi minding his own business gets that killed him. In -- Miami no statement. Emily a drunk illegal alien kills kills a family of four in Houston no statement. You don't -- -- the statements of sympathy for America it's. You know all I lead and it and it if you want to -- at all you know we can't all be here for help you don't want Bert -- but it -- you don't want. It is trying to pick the -- trying to make -- are utterly ill you know promote the -- make a -- you know quite -- because. There's so -- dollars on hotel. The people a lot of people don't want our outlook -- I know I know rod you know the thing about all the pages of governor -- we've got him on the show a couple of times and one time the most recent finally got him to. Kinda tell the story that he tells on the stump sometimes effort tell a few times on the -- And that's about you we come from this for him Leo like fifteen kids or something like that he speak and flinch. He didn't speak anything but for -- until it was about twelve or thirteen. And and he also the other thing is even more important and that is. He always -- they almost say you're you're mean to why you're you mean the welfare recipients governor what page you just -- heartless. Cruel bastard. He should I am heartless cruel bastard 30 my let others are on welfare and I've always been on welfare. And then the -- couple -- that bin sitting sitting in Europe when he's made the speech in the you'll look over meego. And your whole Buthelezi is one of all laws but one that mold Massachusetts. Outweigh. We are missing -- surprised. I'm not surprised. Where else would -- move if it was a really always. How we mask your driver's licenses in 26. Different languages that's insane -- after people passed the test they drive based on colors and shapes. Outside GO real safe. Remember the culture they have a Chinese driver who was driving that bus from Newton and -- back and he couldn't. I mean you don't you if you're if English is your native tongue you can. Sort of make out the of French signs I would thank him back. But this guy had no clue when he got into an accident and that two kids two American kids from Newton got in that up and -- By the way someone wants so -- intern is gonna leave without even having a nickname no we gave him the nickname last might actually I gave -- a nickname last night. I I knew it was going to be am -- -- played drums. So is new nickname is Ringo. You're like that name Ringo. For our -- the public yet it's more it's more men like Pete Best he was a great interview but it's it's more memorable than Pete Best the other -- that The Beatles. So he'll be Rangel from now wondering -- flaky Euro next with how we cargo have flanking. High calories I agreed that everybody that confident concrete should learn the English language. I came promptly. And they told my dad when he got here he says about. -- he had valued need to get a job and you need to go to school to learn the language. And that's what my father a good and that's what we did. And we never throw anything from the government we never. My Knoblauch he had nothing we had to work for the money resign. And I when I keep people coming in today it's just a noxious. If it is it's amazing isn't I I happen -- -- but the this most recent book I've been -- I went back and I looked over some of the mafia. Tapes from from the early 1980s. And these guys were like first generation Italian Americans and they could speak you know sometimes you know they wanted to say. I swear word or something or shut the bleep up that switch to Italian. But they spoke better they spoke battery and they and they always use the outpour of -- they use the upward to ten times -- sentenced. But they used words that Americans don't use anymore you -- You know words like yeah how often do you hear someone use the word deliberate but they always were talking and he purely they spoke of more sophisticated. Bland of English than your average. American now speak. X -- absolutely and that and I believe that when they come into this country -- -- He don't have a job. Or would they have a sponsor. Right like everybody had -- sponsor in the old you're still technically supposed to have a sponsor point. You know but that's -- talk about a lot it's not enforced but that's the ultimate law -- -- forced. Thanks for thanks for the call 2187746943221. Me 207 how we might last name is Costa and I live in Maine we get stuff in the mail all the time that his explanations and specifically to me because of my last name. -- that's. -- I was listening to a show on Lauren -- -- motion was not in the -- she's been in many death pools which was not in this death pool. It's a man asked me how much money to read how much money he had on his EDT cart after he checked out of the -- I couldn't figure out where the balance was and he got mad at me. I told him sorry I pay cash for my food I don't know how to EBT card works they don't have manners either. -- to people wanna -- you gringo Starr. The world gringos here world gringos. No ring we're sticking with Ringo 18774694322. 339 that -- you were talking about was in New Brunswick Canada signs were in kilometers bus driver was granted the CDO commercial driver's license by our government. Took his -- in Mandarin Chinese. Mandarin Chinese you see a lot of Mandarin Chinese -- road signs in New Brunswick Canada right tragic outcome. Political correctness. Jim your next with how we cargo ahead -- -- NATO and good with network and restore. Let's just leave it at bat and and Andy on any given day for we have Rick customers do not speak English. And we have little kids got to translate for their parents. And I just find it. I find -- so disturbing how we really do. I don't know I don't in the all again in the not so old days -- the parents would be speaking English in front of their kids because they. They wanted the kids to learn English right -- and it helped it helped the -- stoked because it enables them to go further in their jobs but now. The work he's got a job. But I mean there are enough things that. Separated this is in this country can't we at least have a common language as a prominent people I just I find it very dismaying. Alito. That's Qaeda is is Jim I mean you know word Michael Savage always talks about a common culture but a common call it is a a common culture is the language you know I mean what if you don't have a common language that you don't have anything else. You know. And these kids that they can beat if you can't learn English from time their kids to -- not reinforced at home how can hope and anything about. American history. The great literature of this country. Know bill Hawthorne whatever. I just what I don't understand it at all I really don't. You you do want to stay in Belgium that most kids whether their American or foreign in the schools have no idea who you're talking about when -- -- and Melville. But you can do know that. Well. Thanks for the call 1877469432. To a -- point guard. Yeah. It. 187746. And fourth story. 221 so so when it was 6322. Jodi Euronext with how we cart boy had dirty. Hi how we are -- guilty pleasure every week day. Get set to tell you about this scenario Saturday had a local very. Well known. Coffee shop I has -- those stick frequently. Went to order something at the town turned. Now this place has a limited. -- Both stare. Like this copy and two. Apple price. Was given three different prices by the clerk. And he finally set let me see demand mr. The whole back staff. Was speaking dabbling in. Spanish. And he spoke to them and he lost it now my husband and I need. For a World War II decorated sales for our. And he said I'm tired of this people can't understand what we say you. I know. No I don't think this is what you were -- husband fought for was it a point guard.