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Chump Line Wednesday August 6, 2014 - Soda Can Detector

Aug 6, 2014|

Our favorite chump line message today was the inquery if Governor Deval Patrick put a soda can detector in his newly renovated office in reference to the time Patrick was hit in the head with a can.

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Yeah. It's. He's nine. -- Ramada. Limited and better place has -- the Ramada. -- living in this week's. -- doesn't have suites. We've gone from the guest suites in the embassy suites in the Hilton suites to be believed those suites. They have more amenities that all of the other suites that are reserved for Americans and -- and the price is. For -- old donate -- For the illegal it's paid for by the grateful gringos. Trying. And again he. On the best trying. Go back again. Going to buy me some blue barrel and send back all my welfare. Foodstuffs back to the homeland so they don't have to work for yet another generation. Meanwhile just go to the food pantry and get another hand out and then I'll go to the soup kitchen and get some more handouts kids -- -- because. In addition to getting English as a second language will be getting three meals a day at the school I'll be living in my public housing and with the new baby in the anchor baby markets with more than that we increase my EBT payments. Gosh and then I'll get free cable TV and don't give me a car. -- I have to go to the hospital just call an ambulance because that's cheaper than -- a taxi. Like all right that's just can't win and I always been operating outgrow it when his. This really is the third got held by this bird which is why America is -- that as one of. Do you think to be one of those little baskets on with that was held on by pink ribbon. Maybe had a pink helmet anymore you know -- Obama was -- his home when he's writing like that he has to protect his his brain. It's so large that east thinks they speak Austria Austria. That he thinks that there are some states you can wouldn't wanna hurt that's watch -- Always area I enjoy it just -- the Texas Bowl wondering did you goes down and pick up a good look at the border your thoughts. Or -- imported support Obama. But what -- you -- -- Obama did -- that -- no interest in there. I know what's going on it mentally and. Carriers and -- single and picked out my duties. And I have burden for forty. Is now have a sense I mentioned. The the villages being rob us in this fashion reminiscent of. Good -- you know bulk of the -- here. Apparently not. Only had with the early by. It's funny don't know what city has not won -- senate and he any information about what kind of like this is usually if someone can actually. Palace exactly what any kind of in the kind of thing picture is everybody's strangely silent. Yeah it's I guess just -- Pete -- is just -- that's that's as much relief that now. So John Kerry trying to think. Well who's watching how locating where that -- Talk about pot calling the kettle black patent bank. There's a big difference between wearing pink shirt and then right Pete -- Many men including myself were pictures cage. The pink -- right here. -- Wright's black ink that's -- That doesn't make -- that this league John Kerry. -- it was a pink bike it would be. -- -- -- is that it's so. -- -- Kiwis big adventure one that was what what Jerry Williams and the host in the slot one time call that when John. When a Michael the caucus appeared in the tank remember that at Michigan in 1988. He wanted to show that he was a strong and India. It vibrant leader in foreign policy and military affairs and just end up looking like a damn fool. And they had a contest and Jerry show and they end up calling it. The the captioning the photo of the caucus in the tank. It is it true that the -- -- has moved and detective. But. Yet the balls the balls new office has been completed and it was budgeted for nine million acumen for eleven million. In -- in state house terms that's coming in under budget. I -- it's -- moral view if you can find. -- and see what your faith is what people here at one of the oh wait that's sort. I guess he was hungry when that picture was taken -- so happy to have a chicken fried steak you know it. We can myself as it was eating and enjoyment so much. What is it about certain foods. That I really enjoy so much. Chicken fried steak batter fried clams in the rat would be the unifying I -- -- -- the batters and it's the better. I'm in the aquarium is covered with a battery not something you usually see. Or the steak is covered with a better different kind of -- but still a batter and then both of them are deep fried yes that's that. And then you put something. Slap Korean delicious on top in the case that -- tartar sauce and in the case of the chicken fried steak gets it's so white that I gravy. I think I only -- -- -- president is broken can be attacked and I stayed in every pot. That's right that would oh million on -- -- -- -- -- And the the Black Eyed Peas which -- said my daughter my daughter said there that was more like. They can. -- because it was mainly bacon more than more than this the Black Eyed -- in the sauce. Macaroni and cheese in fright -- -- Was in the -- it's a mountain high mile high pie for dessert was quite delicious. You had dessert after that really yeah close you know my guy and. Tina had dessert she had the mile high pile I had some Blackberry cobbler with -- mode. Our complaint tickets I don't know 600 dollars. A chicken fried steak we created. Twenty quite I don't -- you -- gold 12500. If you Iguodala is. I've spent with -- daughter at college orientation. Quite well. He Tina go with -- yeah. It's -- in Charlotte -- -- Charlotte and Shara and I took a team it to the museums. And and Charlotte was tied up -- this year and actually two was spent the night and one of the -- The night before last. And so that's what team not one of the enormous cafe or that house. And a oh by the way the they had that all these kids the commitment for the orientation you know one night they had this Brendan Dallas in the -- in the SMU campus. Five of whom got arrested for smoking pot by Highland Park police. Really really Smart move kids. That was your last -- line message thank you for calling out retired -- -- All right. Let's sit that's a for the chump like that I that trump line is the recorded voicemail message service -- -- we our show you can call leave a message. At any hour of the day or night we may or may not play your message at this time each weekday that troubling number if you like to leave such a messages 617. 7793469617779346. -- Connolly is it true that the as a Celtic and detective.