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The Taj Deval went a tad over budget. 8/6/14

Aug 6, 2014|

Deval Patrick’s office had a makeover. He went well over the budget. Listen to what he had in his new corner office.

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The great WRKO. Jeff Horner Boston bulldozer. Six point 76 at 68. You can also affects us as always 686 -- my friends we get a new -- Governor Deval Patrick meaning me yesterday in his statement. Announced that suddenly. All of a sudden. That. The Fed's. -- -- now do not need to temporarily house or shelter. 1000 illegal immigrants from Central America whether it be in -- or Cape Cod. He has now completely backed off from his plan. In other words I belief clearly. Unequivocally. The rally. Rang his bell. And that of the democratic establishment. They felt pure fury. They felt your anger they felt your opposition. And my friends they back down. And -- this is a great victory I'm not saying we -- a lot of problems still with the illegal immigration. Which is why we're going to be holding a town hall to build off of this victory we have 200000 illegal immigrants. Nine plane loads were still dumped. I wanna know what happened to those illegals. We want answers from this unaccountable arrogant governor. Where were those nine plane loads those illegal immigrants where were they placed. Where are they in our state. How much are they costing us what towns and cities are they in. How much are we paying for their education their welfare EBP cards food stamps section eight housing. We demand answers so this thing is not over my friends not by a long shot but without question. We faced many -- kingdom hall. And the patriots have forced them back. 6172666868. Is the number my friends poll question of the day. Let me ask all of you corner country. Why is our rally on Beacon Hill their real reason that dough ball and the Fed decided to canceled a planned. To shelter illegals in Massachusetts. If you believe yes text a 68680. If you believe -- text to be 68680. It is brought to you by the greater -- senior services. Providing a wide range of social services for you in your family. Visit www. GL -- SS dot net for more information. Also my friends. We are gonna have a major town hall rally as I said building off of this victory because this is just the beginning. But on this issue in particular. We have the state behind us. And so we're gonna go on and press about the nine plane -- We're gonna talk about Len -- talk about other cities that are being overwhelmed at the illegal immigrants. The 200000. That are currently in the state the drain on our taxpayer dollars. But the crying the disease. Everything that comes with that so we're going to be holding a major town hall. It's going to be a TW GBH. Building 7 PM to 9 PM on August 14. Major town hall. Call now 6179311686179311680. To join me plus slim mayor Judy Kennedy Sean O'Connell will be there. And we're very close to nailing down a a superb fourth -- Believe me you're going to be Seoul empowered and informed. About illegal immigration in this state and around the country. Yeah I mean you're. It'll make your head spin trustee when I tell you this you'll be ready for political battle by the time you're done at the end of this car and this town hall. It's brought to you by American auto transport. The number one choice for auto transport in Boston stock station WRK oh so again please call 617. 9311680. Right now. You'll get a pass you can also bring a guest. We will have you money list. So you're not gonna receive anything in the mail but we'll have you want a list once we have your name on the list you show up we check you off. And then you go into the -- Into the into the room -- WGBH. All right my friends lines are loaded only get your calls and a second however. What you're seeing now in Massachusetts. Is. A political uprising. As I mentioned at the rally it is a rebellion. And what has shocked many but it hasn't surprised me. Is now we have conservative Democrats defecting and joining our -- we have independence defecting and joining our camp. But most importantly. Many thousands and thousands of people who were previously disaffected. Alienated. Didn't care about politics. -- now getting re engaged. And that's what the mainstream media is not telling you. They want you to keep thinking that the high is a limited time. And so they keep talking about the squad brown Elizabeth Warren Rex. Where they keep saying well look I mean you had a Republican go up against the lefty like Elizabeth Warren and Elizabeth Warren one. And so Massachusetts. Is a blue state and has just got to learn to be a good loser. And so you have to be Democrat -- You have to be a moderate you have to be gave Gomez you have to be Charlie Baker you have to be well the model and 2012 Scott Brown. Don't. Oral sure gonna loose. -- exact opposite. It's the exact opposite. Why. Voters are craving an alternative. But more than that. Voters are craving the troops. And the more you speak the truth the more converts we bring to -- -- every hour every day every week. Every month. Now. How blue he's Massachusetts. Let me destroy one -- The problem with Massachusetts. Is that you have a weak dysfunctional Republican Party. Led by the lakes of by the likes of Boehner Brad -- And the likes of Charlie Baker. And the Ryan no establishment. That is petrified of the Democratic Party who led the charge on illegal immigration was it to rhinos or was -- us. Who led the charge against on Justine a Pelletier was it to Ryan knows -- -- us. Who led the charge on the gas tax was at the Ryan almost always -- us. Who led the charge on EBT and welfare reform and EBP abuse was it Ryan knows or was -- us. I could go on obamacare who led the charge obamacare the Ryan knows Iraq's. On issue after issue after issue if we're willing to fight. And stick to -- principles and speak the truth and we will win. The problem is you have a Republican Party -- -- -- petrified of the Democrats. And in particular so. Petrified of being called a racist. And and nativist. And now homo fold and a sexist and a chauvinist whatever they come up with. -- -- It's like they go bull and people run. And so when they try to downplay the rally. And -- only hundred showed up we fought back. We had pictures we have evidence I went in -- interview after interview after interview I shamed the liberal media we shamed the liberal media. So then they could marginalize the numbers so then they sent out likes like Jeff Jacoby. And these sort of so called respectable conservatives to senior us. You don't think everybody was listening to that debate close to the governor's office. And after an hour and a half he was exposed for charlatan and a fraud and a liar. We don't lay down when they throw -- names we fight back. And now they've been revealed for being utterly hall -- There -- morally rotten and corrupt and arrogant to the core. And if we fight back they will fall like a house of cards. Now let me just give you some facts OK these are I'm giving you objective straight numbers. Everybody said the 2012 election was a big election in Massachusetts because everybody was mobilized. Elizabeth -- chief spreading bowl Elizabeth Warren vs the model Scott Brown. The eyes of the nation were on us so everybody got their base -- it was a full mobilization election. What further results. In this so called bluest of Blue States. 8020. 730. Okay six she must've won 6040. No okay she must of won 5545. -- Elizabeth Warren in a full mobilize the election. Only got 53%. Of the vote. That's with the Obama bucking her just -- the democratic machine backing her that's with. Outside money pouring in I mean they had everything thrown behind Saudi give me the exact -- this -- statistics. She won 53. Point 74%. Of the vote. Scott Brown won 46 point 19. Now you could there were other parties as well so they eat up the rest of gasoline has an equal out officially 200%. But if you look at the actual numbers. Elizabeth Warren got 1000600. In 96000. Votes. Scott Brown got 1458000. Votes. The difference is 240000. Votes. Got two million not 1240000. Votes. -- an insurmountable. They don't have this state under and it objectively. I know Republicans have been losing race after race after race for decades but they don't have a fighter. They just lay down and take it. But 240000. -- is not the end of the world. -- easily flip in one or two election cycles. And humor is the kicker. And this is what I said about the -- romp about the Romney Obama race in 2012. Only 50% of the electorate voted to. So when they keep talking about you know 47%. To 47%. Payable. You're talking about a limited elect moral high. There's another massive 50%. Of Americans who were sold disgusted with both parties they're not voting. Worries that 50%. -- the other half. Daddy sick of the ruling class. These -- sinking in Massachusetts. How many people voted in Massachusetts. Only 66%. Of the electorate voted in the in the big the big race 2012. That means there's a map to -- it's there's another massive chunk another third. Who were so disgusted. -- belief. With the Democrat Ryan no establishment. That has run this -- into the ground. Don't even bother turning up. They're coming into corner country. They're coming out of the woodwork cook. That's why I keep telling you all morning meet all of you -- these events that I do. Trust me I can see it with the attacks I can see it with the emails. Frankly I'm not bragging I'm being honest with -- I can see it in the rain -- When I say this I I don't choose my words lightly there's an army of myself there. And now we're on their radar. Now my friends we are a force to be reckoned with. Because even the liberal reporter for CBS channel four. -- she was trying to claimed there were hundreds of the steps of on at the state house on Beacon Hill. I admitted in tweet after tweet -- all over years of reporting she has never seen such a massive big rally. -- the steps of the state talks. This state in reality. Is not a blue state. Jay stake in reality. If it had an effective. Principled. Bold courageous Republican Party. In other words they Jeff corner the Republican Party. Led by the likes of Sean O'Connell. And Jeff -- and Jim Lyons and mark Lombardo and Leo Cole and I can run down the list. This is a purple states. Every election would be competitive. And the more we expose the scandals and the abuse of power and corruption and the arrogance of this venal mafia democratic regime. It will go from purple -- red. My friends. The greatest weapon in politics and in life. Is the truth. We have the truth. We have morality and we have justice on our site. If we speak. Boldly and confidently. No force on earth can stop us seven point one on the great WRKO. All of your calls next. These issues that matter like come on man could take it you know we're right here at V -- Seven point seven here on the break WRKO. Mike Brown. God this wasn't scheduled or anything but state representative Jeff deal I guess listening to the show has decided to call and representative -- thank you so much for coming on the corner report what's on your mind my friend. They get I just you know I know you're talking about trying to change leadership up on Beacon -- even on the Republican side. Still one of the things they think it's important to people don't know is if you want to you know do that you need to elect some new quick people. And there's about five people that are primary after the September 9 primary. That I'm supporting you know -- -- and we're trying to it you know support to make sure. That you know we have the votes to try to change is gonna be the authority here. And if you don't mind set find people are going to shoot shoot. The guy named Jeff Bailey had a happy Attleboro area located in these people like -- keep -- -- came in 2010 like China and Jim -- How mark about it we came in you know -- an attitude that we're gonna change in depth there and we were really not into politics before just. He's tired of the way things are going and and into this is the same kind of people Jeff -- -- a -- a -- can and mission out of Orange. So it is apparent act Karen Anderson out of lunch break -- at it again you lose ground so look at a Rockford. Only Maloney. In West Bridgewater she's great she's you know. Do you really young they got a great fresh attitude she actually been that the chair of the local regional -- -- high school our school boards -- she doesn't she sat. And that's what she certainly another Leo couldn right exactly exactly just -- name again I just -- it twice so people can market down yet how -- Maloney. Calling Maloney the right and then and -- what street what -- tension until right. -- -- He's the marine out of the -- in the area and down he owns a small business. Have served -- in Iraq I mean he knows what he's ready didn't change things that The -- well. Sorry represented a deal can sit and Sean -- Charles -- so you get -- they really can't decision. Lou balance told -- how he Maloney and -- on -- these guys are gonna go there and didn't make a difference to not commit you know go up there and play along with -- teams and everything so that's. That's why is when a -- in the people now. Jeff what what district to Sean Greg -- again. -- Democrat area and the -- area OK so everybody out there please if you live in those districts get involved. Vote in the primary. How of them either Republican nominee we have to keep adding to Republican strength in the state legislature. To challenge the Democrats. These are reformers these are insurgents these are our people. That -- -- it I really I got to ask you this before I let you go where you were you surprised by the governor's decision yesterday. Yes you know I was surprised at MM -- glad and -- -- glad she did you know you are you listen I think everybody had a major effect does that mean that rally I've never seen anything like that. And you know and I think he must have been must -- to keep and I am Ahmed. -- but it wasn't it was surprising to see that they are willing to actually. You know not not go through that plan -- and I'm glad because we really -- or the breaking point as far as we can afford and Andy. So absolutely it's worked out really well I think -- thank you for you -- Follows my pleasure represented a deal I got to ask you one final question. -- can use. Who's basically been the the chairperson of the of the Massachusetts Republican Party. I hear a lot of complaints about her is it time she's basically a Scott Brown -- is it time for her to step down and goal. You know I -- I honestly I don't. I still more out of the state party politics because of that my hands full open the can help you I have read about and amnesty and you know there's this concern. I've noticed were so close selection camp I'm not sure you know what that -- the plan B would be but but I -- it. -- into question I'll leave it that I think the people they are people who speak many men and women need to decide what what you do there. We have been talking with state representative Jeff deal represented of deal thank you so much for calling the -- report they take their right. 732. On the great WRKO. All of your calls don't touch that but -- 738 here on the break WRKO. Jeff -- -- Boston bulldozer while you're up next thanks for holding hands while. Good morning due up about. Job -- wanna congratulate. You walk in graduation. And Kunduz. Do you Britney -- you know everybody who showed up at that -- -- thank you very much Bob. In jeopardy and relish how willing to bet and it may be -- Didn't know whether it just scratches the larger Hawaiian -- behind did. He was done. The decision by Washington. Shows. Just so important that conservative voice truly don't. But -- -- the importance of Apollo the conservative voice. And I think that it could -- that this continues -- they talked about the Arab support and I think you're the father of the American sprained right here. Thank you very much about what you so much from your lips to God's ears my friend. 6172666868. Andrea Europe next thanks for holding and welcome. Good morning -- I just want to let you know in case she didn't stay at less -- -- running for state senate in Quincy. Me and them lord says factual question -- That's our -- hit thirteen year fight to pass the little black after his daughter was murdered you can't -- him on the show a number of times. I -- met him in person he's a wonderful man. And hit it less safe for people want to check him out it's gospel that she LSU. LE 2014. Dot com. And I spoke with him yesterday. And I don't live in his district but he's Serb republic and and I think it's given that little light that he can watch he's -- You make a great candidates and just election and -- something -- I don't believe. That they're not bringing illegal and could the state I believe that they're scattering them bringing them and during the look and I which. And now I know for a fact speak but I have a friend to the teacher there. That these are not. Necessarily illegal try and -- stage that would -- it's getting an influx students crunch on Iraq. Afghanistan. Not hollow. And Symbian. No. -- these are all legal -- or not but apparently there there at the breaking point in Worcester perhaps she could get the mirror what's your lunch that you with the Merrill forced error or if an airport jolt our. About it. Andrea that's going to be on my to do lists thank you very very much look up I know that -- is being overwhelmed with illegal immigrants I've read the reports. Now let me tell you what I think has been going on. They had those nine -- votes console walked nine plane loads you do the math. Dot -- amid a mom a thousand more likely 2000. They fooled them in many many claims prior -- -- more like I had small white ER Texas -- -- secret. So they're flying in these planes in your own state but -- the feds don't tell you why many me. If you always seem to be noble sold conveniently how many me. But let -- go. So we know already that they brought in nine plane -- I won and now ask meaning and I'm gonna pass the Democrats in this state we need to know. Poor the people on those in my complaints poor day. Do you have names -- identities. Where they're from we -- illegals where. Where have you put them where are you located him where have you shelter and housing them in what CDs and in what counts. We know some were kicked up north into New Hampshire. So New Hampshire is also getting an influx but most of them have been kept here in Massachusetts. Are they MS thirteen. Are they gang bangers. I mean just look at what happened and Xperia the other day. -- -- -- You -- a man literally this is found dead in a cardboard box a fifty suffered in -- 44 year old Guatemalan. Witness a fourteen inch incision his entire stomach was emptied out -- he was a drug -- They say they're doing good jobs that Americans won't -- You -- you ask you ask me you ask others Jeff I need you to carry cocaine her or heroin I wouldn't do it don't get me wrong but if I had to do it. OK now carry a short case may be in my socks. At worst and my little butt crack underneath my underwear okay that's my limit. But to swallow now I'm sorry I have standards. You see Americans aren't willing to do that. While Marlins desperate and probably their family being threatened they will do it. It is that what we need. Headless bodies people got it out and dying in cardboard boxes. Just left on the side of the wrote is that what we need. So we need what more tuberculosis more measles more chickenpox more SKB's. More Swine -- god forbid Ebola. That's so we wanna know who those people work and where did you play some. Because these are our communities and in our neighborhoods. Now we also -- all there or 220000. Illegals already. There -- Judy can beyond you'll meet her August 14 for I WGH building shall say it again. Over the last at the WGBH. My -- at the WGBH. Building 7 PM. The she will tell you over the last six months six months. They have now had over 200. Guatemalan kids from one province. People -- I swear you god is my witness they don't even speak Spanish. They all speak some kind of an Indian dialect from that one province. They -- having a hard time getting translators because it's a rare Indian dialect so they got to pay for the translators. And they're bringing them into the -- school system. All of them are coming from one profits in Guatemala room. What a coincidence. Why. Can you believe the luck. You mean all these little kiddies all of them a little functions from that same province and the same villages my -- Just Kenya they just happened to go to -- It's coordinated. The word is out. Massachusetts. Is a dumping ground. Why cause you don't get better welfare than here I'm telling you this is for a deadbeat. For an illegal immigrant. For Iraq. A criminal or drug addict you name it this is paradise. As the Muslims would put it. Walt wall EBP -- wall welfare Walt -- health care Walt Walt public housing. A wall to wall education they even give you an Indian translator from that. Dialect in Guatemala. I don't care who used camp because. You can't beat it. 6172666868. We want them out. It's not gonna stop until this invasion is stopped. All Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Get a wanna say that those at this stage culturally in the front row tonight thank you for all you what you do. And that's another thing I can tell you Superman. Hope what our medical Superman. Because what Slobodan ESPN as far as what you look forward -- -- 21 century. I mean truth justice and the American way right. Below what it looks like as you listen but let that -- too many -- from -- sea -- going on the news. What he's trying to do for all let's get. He's trying to get all of us ought to back off and hope that will go away because she knows now. Bet he cannot really put spin on anything. Yeah I know what it all look we cut him off at the past. He announced that he thought the state like always would lay down. He counted on the complacency and apathy of the people of Massachusetts. And to a shock in a war. Not just him. To the political leaks to the media elites all my got it -- peasants have had enough and they're not taking it anymore. Now if we build off this. My friends I'm telling you. They're gonna have to change and reform welfare in -- BT. They're gonna have to get much tougher crackdown on illegal immigration. We are -- repeal obamacare. We are going to win a battle after battle after battle. Because on those issues not only are we right but we have the people of Massachusetts. And the people of America behind us. And with all due respect I'm getting texts from people. Very intelligent people I understand they're saying look Jeff you're getting a bit ahead of yourself. Jeff you're already claiming now Massachusetts is not a blue state no it's still a blue state. I understand we have. US democratic senators and a democratic governor and a democratic state legislature and a democratic congressional delegation yes. But now -- you're seeing is it's in the process of becoming a purple state. Remember I go back -- this. In the when he twelve election. Elizabeth Warren chief spreading bull vs the model Scott Brown. Everybody's. Bass was mobilized to they kill everybody agrees on that. Elizabeth Warren one not 738. Not 6040. Not even 5545. She won 5346. The difference which 240000. Votes. And 13 full 13 of the electorate didn't even vote. And I'll even tell you something else and this is gonna shock you. You pick what you want to know why the Democrats keep winning to have one ace in the hole it's their it's their biggest weapons. I saw this the moment I came into the state. I walked around I went to the campuses I went to the universities. Look how many universities there are in Massachusetts. You can I can list doesn't have right now -- top of my head. It's a university Mecca and most of the students are left wing most of the students are Democrats. Do you pick Kuwaiti university east. And many of them come from out of state. Should not even technically I mean they're mass residents in the sense that they lived here for four years but then most of them relief. Do you take away the students. Take away that one segment of the population. Which you can say is an artificial as it's coming in mostly from outside. This is Wisconsin. This is were this is Wisconsin. So what now big game changer and you're seeing it now that that the political tectonic plates are shifting beneath us. That's what you saw the rally. That's what you saw Justine appellate -- -- reducing what the gas tax that's what -- -- with the obamacare that's what you're seeing with EBP. In this -- Is that once hurt many of you. Who didn't vote who were alienated who felt marginalized that unrepresented. Now you're getting active. Now if you stay active date cannot be yes. I'm not saying tomorrow I'm not saying next year. But over the next couple election cycles we're gonna go from blue. Two purple and my friends eventually we can take our state back. Nick Europe next thanks for holding welcome. And I do inject. You guys Britney could see it of course itself -- -- you know Thomas Jefferson's of the Thomas Baines. The Abigail Adams of our time. Truly I truly believe that because -- the other voices be sure but he also thank you for respect. Found in your right you know the that you had represented geo line I'll bet she doesn't donuts at cherry pick it doesn't go out and campaign for any of those people. And that's the problem. He should begin game not just the Republicans with the opposition. To the correction in the in the ridiculous there's in this state polls was -- -- forest sector sector. We don't know where that guy is business as usual and when it comes to big decisions they'll be just like anything else. Still to represent their right outside of of of politics in this Satan has now what we need so I hope. What can come from -- new guys and everybody that -- -- The people who pay the bills break maybe they won't get executed some points Scott Brown allowed by the way. I wrote them all because the of the despite I had been his opponent not to him when he truly decided not to embrace. The conservative people as part of a part of his game. And supported he let me devastating that was kind of I just real quickly if he has been any gonna get into it I apologize for that I'm. -- election crisis right now -- on the -- And would target about probably workplace violence and the -- and the latest ridiculous thing that's happening with the idea when you have bodied American soldiers. -- killing other of which is -- general. It's only gonna follow the -- of Iraq. In the -- you know that's what we're leaving what do what it would -- great strategy. Same thing per -- Iraq saw what looked like 6000 people killed last year alone right through I guess and what do you what assure -- that it ended the way it is. And the people try to get over -- out to be the people were supporting Syria. Well our policy will be just as bad here was supporting a gangster by the way you can read about his passes and good books on cries like. And despite his seventy heavily deepening in the poppy trade as well easy to navigate through over there. And it's just so that not a tragedy we will left behind thank you very much Democrats. Thank you very much for that call nick. Dave Europe next thing sorry mark Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Hey Jeff good morning outlook we also endorse or better and all that a lot of you poured patience allowed. I do a lot of spots -- -- up a lot of people don't license. And they all of UD ER I'm sorry about all our bailout or now now all our. And I spoke we're all about boats and cheaper and cheaper and -- -- -- push forward but they are well all the while they're all such an eight. They're a lot not not all and day out I thought people would be put application and -- are no problem every language you can imagine so. I don't know I know that people at the state might not need that they don't directed -- an outright lies and they are even Roddick are better. Property what we have to go -- Portland also assistant. To prove they -- they it Democrats keep saying no get out salt. And it's this it the money -- -- and the resource they eat up isn't saying and -- -- alone you know we are all excellent new people. Our whole world war -- injured. -- so just to clarify for the audience Europe police officer. You're pulling people over. They don't have driver's licenses are speaking. Division -- but -- they're speaking all these different languages I got to ask you this mark when you're pulling them all over. -- don't speak English how you communicate with -- Also speak -- straight days I don't understand light and I'll -- I think they're if it fits pretty universally have been don't speak any -- -- And already you're gonna outgrow like them and they area you know more -- and I'm not -- dude I want light lights. There are a lot of played all day I will donate any outlook are a lot of light and -- stayed on the plate. All right on the play -- will come back what what's what and number. Aren't you know -- or job you know if you aren't likely it's been a number there are no odd. A lot of numbers. What -- most out of automobile that I -- -- an effective date there's not an insult. The job it's harder than other enlightened like endless reboot like run a play concede that they know that there's no -- -- -- it's this year. To the right installer so that I stop the current or no. -- -- -- -- -- So I -- march so when you don't have licenses but you're saying they have mass health they have BBP cards. I mean this section eight housing I mean their Daryl Lowe went. To illustrate this story incidentally illegal alien issue I stop the war without cheap cheap small bit of a story a lot of chase or other. NN she didn't hear a Washington State Robert Reich and after like Nebraska where you live. To certain Massachusetts seat and watch a lot of torture a lot of while -- Or else and I absolutely wipe you out here she saw my doctor only big bit about doctors end -- help job maps. Well we're -- and I would think the only get a W beetle coming up now I'll be getting a lot of Debbie -- and other state that no amount to -- -- like Andy and in the -- -- and back at all and they get it bought -- a good look -- -- People have no idea how insane it is about that one more point jump wild week I would I -- -- -- -- -- all -- out. And I talk to look at what our record every every -- look at large there could go on them. Well enjoy these play like Hubert or well -- go over. And while the -- The Eagles and at schools and correcting all places like landlord. All the notable recipients Charlton but -- already -- -- -- -- looked at them and we'll open all these other places NC couldn't get -- -- it because. -- -- There -- two were out here and people don't yet. Mark -- a lot of cops that I speak to tell me. Is there -- afraid with this massive influx of illegal immigration. They're worried about drugs pouring in. They're worried about gangs coming in they're worried about more murders more rapes more violence the crime rate going up. Like that guy that was found in ducks very with a stomach camped out dead in a cardboard box. Are you worried about a massive increase in crime with all of these illegal immigrants coming in. Just a -- year where do they get in my way. God that increase it will be gone -- -- likely not going to party here it now -- it -- gonna continue your increased. Because what you get a local people and -- city. And then everyone -- I don't know where they live like you debilitated. -- -- -- other countries they they all know we're gonna -- -- you're a player that's become the masters so -- -- What we call them all well and you -- -- all their front and they keep coming and so they are and it soccer or put out a lot. The federal government does something about it. And just got into deportation because right now. They're there there's an air arrogant out there what would be illegals when you stop dumb. Are borrowed basically you can't -- drink a -- at a local police are sort yeah I can't stop like -- -- -- Iraq might they get I would. Well there -- no we -- -- automatic link between the week are reports and the federal government so. Their apartment you know not to. -- Create a race where someone like I think like you you you get a -- assault herb or audio like. You wait to come back and that vote and one -- we're out of Guatemala a murder. If you don't shut the or you know contact by that there -- -- -- the door and I'm -- -- forty all of pale blue and then Barack Obama straight and do whatever they want salt. A lot of it I haven't sport so we don't need this card -- -- other might go to Barbara there was no. There -- no make right. It's pitched great. Unbelievable. Mark listen thank you so much for that call him up against that -- call back again and stay safe my friend. Look at the -- gringo. -- just taken advantage of the dom -- They don't nine here on the great WRKO. My friends we did this. Huge victory yesterday. Clearly. A message sent by the rally was registered by the corrupt democratic elites in this state -- -- ruling class. Many need. Yesterday announced. That now the federal government shows plan. What a coincidence. Suddenly now the federal government doesn't need. The shelter or had temporarily house. Over 1000. Illegal immigrants from Central America suddenly year does not mean anymore. -- just it's it's it's incredible. You have the massive rally. You have the huge national coverage of the of the big rally. You have people in this state now 678921. Against it. And all of a sudden. She's no longer crying. He's no longer citing Jesus. We're no longer talking about strangers and Egypt. Now aware of what's okay. A federal government now has decided to cancel the plan. It's just it's incredible. All of a sudden now. They're going hole YER one of the Virgin Islands they're going to Virginia. -- on -- taxes they're going -- Alaska but they don't need them anymore in Massachusetts. This is what people power can do. And so my friends V poll question of the day to let me ask you corner country. Why is your rallies the reason that dough ball in the Fed's. Decided to cancel the planned to shelter illegal immigrants in Massachusetts in particular at Cape Cod in Chicopee. Next page 68680. If you believe yes. Text B 68680. If you believe in all. The poll is brought to you by the greater land senior services providing a wide range of social services for you and your family. Visit www. GL SS dot net for more information. Now my friends then. So far Britney what are the where where where what does -- what's what the poll results. 98% yes 10% not 90%. The S 10% now and I'll tell you I know that 10% now. Those are the moon bouts. And I got to tell you I'm getting in there are getting their texts. All are they enraged. All I mean this one may put him in the asylum permanently. This one could give them severe permanent brain damage all. Office. That we won and mini me back down it's driving their progressives. I mean apoplectic. Apoplectic. I'm afraid a couple of these guys are gonna get -- heart attack by the end of the day that you can you can almost sense them foaming at the mouth. It's insult after insult after insult to -- I. -- corner country one meaning -- plus the world's coming to one and okay. Check this. You wanna know why we have to clean up this criminal gangs up on Beacon Hill check out this story. All of the you know all about meaning -- planned to renovate that harsh -- ball. Nine million dollars. To renovate and upgrade the governor square offs. And we tried mark Lombardo on other state representative saying. I don't know how you can spend nine million dollars on not corner office. One million million but after that I. Money is disappearing something is being used with the money. My friends -- god as my witness I saw the story first last night on the state wired news service. It's now the cover of today's Boston Herald and a hot tip to own boss and a great story. Nine million U wanna see other stealing -- squandering your money. Nine million was not enough for remaining meat and the Democrats. I swear to you. They were on nine million they went over budget. Now the final -- has come and the luxury upgrade to that hogs the ball. Was 2.3. Million dollars over budget. Nine million it's it's it's not attack and I -- what is sure is that what is this guy Jackie Kennedy. I scherzer what is it I'm looking at who how great it would it would what does Eric Kim Kardashian and you can't blow all nine million dollars it's it's not enough. Meaning me anymore. -- -- more meaning me. All eleven point three million ballparks is the final cut and still counting. That may not be the final final number they may boost got a couple more 100000 dollars so. That's. -- can you give me up flushing toilets sound. Can you give me a flushing toilets sound. Because that's what they're doing with our money down that Goldman poorly against so many mean. Apparently word you're saying Jack shaft -- shaft -- How the hell can you spend a lot of been point three million dollars on an office okay. Harris. Meaning me by they are very happy should he have a nice picture of him now and always so happy fielder regal is like a king. You can all that's missing is that little crown and -- crown so there's many need very happy. He's got luxury drapes luxury curtain stuff he's got checked this out marble counter tops. Facial recognition security cameras apparently was insistent on -- So anybody -- walked to the couple floors anybody that walks in on both floors immediately be zeroing on your face and boom. Automatic a facial identity recognition. This is your market so. This is your money. Right down the toilet. And I was a good dump. I mean you could see he really got comfortable in there took this kind. -- my money. Going after gold plated toilet seat odds comfortable there is another Britney did another plus. Another flush. Ploy it's -- -- children loves spending other people's money. I mean it's good to begin let me tell you so facial recognition security camps. I checked this topic of blast resistant windowless. The last -- well what do you think is gonna sum of one another from Boston Marathon but this climate the governor's office. Blast resistant windows now the one that I laugh. The one that has everybody's head's spinning. He created for himself you know we already got a bunker and emergency bunker I mean -- Get the MI Massachusetts emergency management agency. There were no we're not allowed their Britain that's only for the beautiful people the well connected. But he's already got an emergency bunker mean -- in Framingham which by the way as Barbara Anderson rightly points out in the quote she gave to -- It's actually closer to his mansion in the Berkshire's. But no one emergency bunker I swear to you is not enough for many me. Because he's like a tin pot dictator we see that it's like it's like Saddam Hussein would multiple houses multiple bunkers he needs a second bunker. So he's created for himself I swear to you another emergency bunker just I'm in the governor's office. And you may ask Jeff what's -- that emergency bunker. Not one. Not to help money even three not even five. Six. Massive. Plasma screen TVs. -- the emergency. Is when the patriots are playing the New York Jets. He gets to be -- and he's got a lot of friends over and he says hey guys. You wanna have or -- you wanna see six multiple incredible screens come down to the -- a bunker at the governor's office. L service wine and cheese. -- a nice spread. All live a couple of Beers my friend's kid back in style. Hey it's all paid for by the taxpayers of Massachusetts. Sunday are dying. Party like there's no tomorrow when I tell you about. That I tell you he's a mini Obama. He acts like the dear leader. He imitates that their leader. -- as a radical as the dear leader. And he even parties like -- the -- later. 61706. X 6868819. On the great WRKO. Let me ask all of you this. Should the governor be spending eleven point three million dollars. To renovate his governor's office on our dime is this a waste of a good use of taxpayer dollars or like you. And like me. Do you think he's just flushing our money right down that point. 6172666868. All of your calls next. Okay take your seats schoolers. Five on the great WRKO. David -- up next thanks for holding and well. There it is the it took I just only -- Derek -- reached through time. 20 shut diatribe about christianity at center and accepting an eagle and a string and he. Yeah exactly I've looked at the specifically the the open come out of -- track -- -- one of these illegal immigrant friendly. -- this tent in the quote lying on the planet should outlaw those mentioned. And I believe that his Christian rhetoric would be replaced where police cruises and pro -- mouth hanging open -- -- to repay a book that. Dave that I agree with you re such a hypocrite. He's such a phony he's got 77. Eyes are how we always puts it bucolic acres of pristine seven is seven acres. On -- mansion. I mean a thing is worth 567. Million bucks I mean he's -- talking of bill. You could put 1000 kids they're easy to forget -- Carter Chicopee. You can go to the the ball mansion. And they can grow crops stake in pitcher and there's a swimming pool and escorts all works he could take care of all 1000 on his property. He won't even take in one. But to you inland. We're Chelsea or Lawrence -- lol or Peabody or Quincy I -- -- -- I could run down the list not a blank you know you take him. And now noticed. Suddenly when it's no longer politically convenient when it's not a winner. What happened to Jesus. What happened to that the cry went up to the strangers in Egypt. Now all of a sudden that don't this bad the feds call open but they don't this feel phony you fraud view and I'm honestly. You can sleep with yourself at night. Kevin Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Thank you to that suggestion yeah hypocrisy. The federation says that make -- he actually divided the quantity. When he was no good. But I think most OK okay he is building -- any change -- ordinance blu visual what I couldn't change he ordinance that the fact that and everything else I think. There won't let that go. And time again when you're seeing Israel has spent a white banks took time. We know on good at what they hope the traditional way I think this money when they supported it -- so loved her. I mean without god what's left and again it's that taxpayer money. So. And welcome to all backtracked all right all right he didn't say he brought our. Mr. evil yeah let's look at what kids can't send our need to keep the. That the business. Can accept and act and sat. -- and -- you -- -- -- If you by the -- that's a mini me. He loves them see -- loves people so much he can go to the Berkshire's and have not neighbors. That's that's how much he loves the little guy he doesn't -- to he doesn't even forget having him on his property. He doesn't even want Amazon neighbors. Jennifer your -- thanks for holding. Well I guess I didn't land and I think that's great that rally you can't. But I think a rally may have stopped the illusion of -- thousand children coming and but meanwhile -- a 100000 came into land. And I just think it's absurd that the ball is. Decorating your house. Well he's crying about the Bible it get completely rid laughable. And different. -- a -- refugees to Alaska back and practically laughable to how they even happen and it probably no services even established that they have. And even come up without the furthest point from Boston is just laughable it would belt and they just great. Jennifer I swear I'm not getting the worst really you can check it out it's it's it is a media reports. They'll while they like Alaska because they like Anchorage. And some of them like to see the glaciers and stuff in the polar bears are going to school. But no it's the Hawaii mile we big destination now. Virgin Islands big destination. I'm hearing also now word is getting out I thought they would -- for Key West in person to be honest with you. -- they like Hilton head in South Carolina. Many of them are saying they want go to Myrtle Beach Hilton head South Carolina. So. Maybe look maybe they say I'll take a little bit less and welfare. But at least it's it's beautiful every day maybe they don't like the cold winters here I don't know what it is but for whatever reason. Not thousands said give me Virgin Islands gimme a YE -- Hilton head. And stroke it caught. 830 on the great WRKO. More your calls next.