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Shocking murder. 8/5/14

Aug 5, 2014|

Will this be happening more often with illegal immigrants crossing the border?

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705. Here on the great WRKO. Welcome back up power to the corner reports 617 -- that. 6868. Is the number you can also affect us that six day six days. My friend. Called to be cool air country the whole question of the day for -- Should Mitt Romney run in 2016. A lot of talk about Mitt Romney now on the campaign trail. -- rising he's everywhere. He's doing a lot of fundraisers he's a big draw. Polls now show that Americans have buyer's remorse if the election of 2012 was -- held. Mitt would smash Obama by over nine percentage points. So my question to you is should Mitt Romney run for president in 2016. Text a for yes the 686 say yes he should or text to be for no just 68680. So. So again should Mitt Romney Ron in 2016. Eight for yes 68680. Or text be fir no 68680. Brought to you by the greater land senior services. Providing a wide range of social services for you when your family. Visit www. GL SS dot met for more information. And Britain so far what the results. 67%. Say yes and 43%. Say it's now -- so we we have a horse race we do. We're gonna give the final tally at the end of the show so Texan now. We're gonna update every single hour. So -- let you know one corner country you're the barometer for her for the nation. So it's yeah you get the results here before they actually happen. For -- furthermore Clinton were gonna be holding a major town hall. This August 14 on August 14. The WGBH. Building it will start at 7 PM to 9 PM. Beat the six caller in 6179311680. To join yours truly plus slim mayor Giuliani Kennedy Sean O'Connell will also be there. And we're looking to nail down another very important guest. For WRKO's. Major town hall to follow up on our rally. The illegal immigration debate at the WGBH. Building 7 PM 9 PM August 14. Brought to you by American auto transport. The number one choice for auto transport in Boston stock station. WRK know again be the sixth caller 617931. 1680. Right now to win. The winner you get a -- for yourself plus one whoever else you wanna bring. On a guest list now. I'm getting a lot of emails from people saying Jeff I called I want I was the 6 caller am I gonna get a pass in the mail no. If you called them and use -- winner. You're gonna be on a guest list that's why we're taking down your information. All you have to do then they show up at the door. 7 PM we're just before 7 PM on August 14. And you'll be let into the building. Are my friends not a lot more talk about. These are the kind of immigrants. I can see it now it. All of make sense to me right now. And I'm issuing now on apology. I'm -- now an apology. Too many of my enemies of many of my opponents. Him and -- pro amnesty open borders people because I I see your point now you've major point with this latest story. There are some jobs. That Americans I guess just aren't willing to deal. They're just not they're not willing to do certain jobs and yeah we need illegal immigrants and I'm gonna say it right now. I'm making history right now. Mayor cold but may get cold but medical. Check out this story in today's Boston Herald. How this baby doesn't go national is beyond me. Last week. A dead body was found in a cardboard box on main street. -- -- -- In fact be specific. And apparently it. We're need posh area from what I am reading -- -- very nice area in box there. You may say Jeff Czech air shaft should have chance. Let him coach Jeff -- -- -- what's the big deal salt would guide bodies. In a cardboard box that would gets more interest. The person who -- Why is there an illegal immigrant. We walked some column. Auto dealer asked why don't blow early on Mel -- -- out of that has its 44 years of rich. They found him dead in a cardboard box in Blacksburg. He had a four. -- inch incision. Across his stomach. Police later reported I kid you not daily -- the nothing else there was no wonder mark on. Except that fourteen inch incision. -- -- emptied out the contents of this comic. The people killed him emptied out the contents of -- stomach. And police are now saying it was obviously. There was a careful cut to the stomach because they wanted to access the contents of the stomach meaning drugs. He was a drug mule. I knew it was coming up from go up some maulana. He actually came in through JFK airport. And how we got into this country is beyond me but again let that go -- some heat comes on in. They find him dead. With a fourteen inch incision. With his stomach completely -- don't come it's gone I mean the whole thing gone. Just gone. And now they've arrested another amendment. Hole is shared mail fund -- me out of Zurich DL Montenegro. He's 55. Yes what he's not all he's also from Guatemala. And not only is -- from Guatemala. They were booked on the same flight back. This Saturday from JF I'm Jeff I JFK airport in new York and get swamped. They happen to know each other. And you could only do they know each other. Went under questioning close says milk -- line of credit Arizona via Montenegro. Was asked the body part that -- particular local well -- drug dealer. And first -- On all I don't know I'm no -- I'm on my beef. I long acting like come near our guy a tire and auto dealer I -- car parts classic Irish. I -- this -- -- 1955. I come to look at that kind of -- your -- for 1955 disciple that's why I'm here it's all -- it. But under intense questioning. He liked. Me and he doesn't know that drug deal. And tried there on pretty good terms Sheehan the drug dealer. And not only was he -- good times with the drug dealer apparently the guy that was had a stomach slipped Islamic camped out. Perez. He also knew the drug dealer. Now. Not only is this so he lied and now he's being by the way so Montenegro is being held. Bob by the police his passport has been revoked. Because clearly they realize this is part of some kind of an illegal drug smuggling operation. And basically an -- having Guatemala on to be brought into this country as essentially drug mules. -- and I believe just the tip of the iceberg. Because you're seeing this in state after state all across the country what is the point the point is this. Not only is this an incredibly gruesome murder. We're now you've got dead bodies showing up in caution neighborhoods in -- in -- -- Found dead in cardboard boxes with -- fourteen inch incisions with their stomachs slipped. To to empty out the contents of their stomach but more than that. This is what this country needs. So I guess when the the pro amnesty advocates. When those who support all this massive illegal immigration. When they say non small Jeff we need all these illegal immigrants because they're just willing to do jobs that Americans won't do your right. On this one he -- right. Who wants to forget being a mule more Americans will be -- so -- -- -- I knew some guys in school they were big store owners trust me all -- -- They would transport cocaine or heroin but in a short -- May be in their sock is sure I'm trying to say. May be. Here on May be at the end -- -- but crackers I guess maybe they would go that far. But this are certain things most Americans won't do. Like for example small bags of black tar heroin. Or what -- kilo or two of cocaine in your stomach that you see what I'm saying there are just certain thinks. Are Americans are not willing to do. They're just not. Now I am descent now I get it. -- ya ya ya ya I guess to -- is incredible. We now how. Guatemalan. It's being brought into this country. With bags of black tar heroin or cocaine. She honed into this comics into their stomachs. -- -- this is what we need to. In Massachusetts. Dishes meaning me tell me where is she one of the guys you're gonna put in check company. We're -- one of the guys you had set up for Cape Cod I just wanna know. While I know bucks -- is close to the cage so maybe he was saying let me come and make a nice score. And then I'll have all the all the all the amenities I need -- -- -- Speaking of amenities. Just a short we are out of control the situation us. You now have illegals being dumped. In shelters across the country. Whether it be taxes but especially in Arizona. In whole hell sweeps with flat screen. Televisions. I'm not kidding. -- chuckle disease. Response. Or racquetball courts. Tennis courts. It goes on and on there's another story now you know what's -- big destination I swear to you god as my witness. Do you know -- some major destination now for many of these illegal immigrants. And North -- Mall. Tom I don't hall where just -- -- mountain mount up. Nothing but the best now for these unaccompanied minors these -- victims of violence and poverty. Don't virgin violence. -- virgin island it's. Thousands of them are now being placed and sheltered I shall forget Cape -- I guess did cause -- -- If it's -- vineyard yes. Cape Cod mall. I escape judges does the the beach they look at the beaches they go -- tackling. My despite I don't know I'm not crazy about the Sanders seafood about the best beard slapped a lot of tort -- says -- -- -- the mean that the -- outdoor expectations. We want to go where it's really nice where the water is crystal blue. Where it's always hot and -- Where -- women are walking around what demise bikinis the men are nice and sexy and -- little speed those little Speedo swimsuits. We want where Michael Jordan has this beautiful house we want a Virgin Islands. We are now according now to CNN. We are now dumping. Thousands of those illegal immigrants I should where -- you. On beach resorts in divergent. Audience. Haven't you you've been to the Virgin Islands. I went there once on a cruise. I actually sought for but you won most cruises you stop you look for about six hours they they call you back on the boat. I sought for six hours what I saw was absolutely beautiful. You know I'm telling you right now. This keeps up for another couple weeks. Corner I may go -- the Guatemalan declare himself a Guatemalan. Why let that things are looking. Good right now for the Guatemala -- Now I've just a Brittany says she was I wish I was on an unaccompanied minor dismissed or something to the Islamic friends. You can get your -- army -- You know I'd like an out of the truth I -- -- -- I mean I'm not a greedy man I -- allow luck let them all go to the Virgin Islands I like -- It's it's nice. Good -- Nice beaches. You're relaxed. People in Massachusetts are very civilized. And you can't beat the EBP carts. You just hit it. When it comes to the welfare he would just -- Massachusetts. -- Massachusetts. It's the best you get the faults are -- 6170666868. Is the number. Grisly murder in ducks -- -- Contents emptied out of the person's stomach. Obviously a drug annual. My question to you is this is this the kind of diversity. That Massachusetts meets Steve Europe Max thanks for holding welcome. Jab jab good morning. -- -- talking beat down they remembered it now and maybe that's why did send him down there. Linda. Linda Europe next thanks we're holding welcome. Thank you so much Jeff for taking my call. I haven't really important question to ask you -- -- OK but don't please talk me off. Aren't I Linda it's it's not means Brittany. Our public accounting has got a very quick trigger -- -- out on the other hand opening air Britney please take it easy -- -- Take your finger off the trigger please Britain's car she's off she's got the finger off the trigger. Okay thank you kept -- a couple of things. When I heard about the murder last week and immediately I thought that you gotta be an illegal alien and -- me all -- I also worked at a pet store out by North Carolina crop may help. The woman came in about three weeks ago with a beautiful beautiful god we talk to talk about the hot and she told me to this stock was used as a drug mule. From the border from Mexico into areas -- that they can't -- heard static. Electric and dying in the Atlantic until luckily. Border Patrol agents -- -- a group of illegal probably unaccompanied -- -- ended up here. But -- the dot arrested got to a hospital in Izod where the dot with I stepped in put into intensive care. Woman and her brother adopted the dot and brought her up here. I think it beat people are bringing in illegal tried to hunt apparently into the state. The optimistic that -- it looked at all she would -- to heroin crop top minute -- You lied about this is why it happening. -- lightened -- my question she would get it the last 1520 minutes of the show yesterday yes -- do a lot of work in the kitchen site. Get a chance to -- thanks. You're talking about Barack Obama not even in the worst hit deep as the number 53. We talking about it each or UIQ. I -- back. Both -- -- I was talking about his age but it can make you did the -- a case for his IQ. But no question about it and I think that would be on the high side personally Kevin Europe next thanks for holding go ahead Kevin. It how late stated that is that is that it's a position eight to admit that day -- -- -- for what ever heard that they didn't have. He'd -- -- I'm telling you that we could have -- national holiday. And it just makes me sick. I know is that good in this clip you've never mentioned. The dead being -- I'll. The British Virgin Islands. Okay -- it's the American Virgin Islands. It's a shame I just can naught. Seem to decide that gap our big national. If we go back to two -- -- that it is so rational Estrada is -- what's going on without communities. To this incident. -- didn't happen and that's -- and talked. When each story last month based global. Why is -- can -- in the enclave DL with a heroin addiction. -- trying to build a strong does that fire you beat. Did you think will not ever -- -- how we pick not pollute boxy type byways of the team. In seeing it firsthand what is going on. He lives in a bubble honestly like many of these are many of our political elites. Look I was recently in Quincy. You can see the impact of illegal immigration and it was walked the streets. Walking Peabody walking -- saw this now. How much you saw this recently. It's starting to happen since August limb my -- what cooks he took me through resort community and limb that was sort several years ago you can see it Chelsea. Took I challenge anybody gold at Chelsea. Show me anywhere orders a sign in English one sign in English please somebody short to me because I couldn't find it. I could go on and on and on. And now we find out. That that did the Border Patrol now. And at has now admitted here too bright part dot com they've now verified. I'm accompanied minors from there from what app from the Central America are now being set free in the US -- pilots. The umbrage you stripped from the -- a short could make this up. The picturesque Virgin Islands located in the Caribbean are thriving destination for well to do -- tell me about it colossal bomb. I was just there for six hours -- -- the prices many could find irony in the fact that most US taxpayers. Who are footing the bill. To ship illegal immigrants to the tropical paradise cannot afford to pay their vacation -- themselves. Now it's unclear why. The unaccompanied minors would be released on the verge of violence. It takes more than five hours to fly there from McAllen Texas and -- at a border city in south Texas. That is significantly longer trip than the flight the Central America. It's shorter I swear to you don't fly -- the Central America that it is to the US Virgin Islands and you know who's paying for all this. Dare resort to the food to the hole that the Pina colada is and the whole bit. You. Today at noon listening to Rush Limbaugh made this story. The. 71 new Mac. The great WORK okay now my friends like that you're not. Maybe you wanna become a Guatemalan Salvadoran -- Honduran because. Apparently now the government despairing no expense. And flying all of these quote unaccompanied minors around the country. So far it's 87 million dollars and counting. But they're not just being flown to places like Texas Arizona -- Virginia. Obviously up here in mass mind plane loads and counting special shall we know. Apparently now it's coming out they're being flown all over. I mentioned the Virgin Islands allow a lot of Mike go to the Virgin Islands. Apparently now illegal immigrants have also been flown and released in places as far as Alaska. They like Alaska a lot they're all sold day I guess the Pacific northwest Oregon is another nice destination however I kid you not. The latest. The latest one that's really heating up the latest favorite Hawaii. Apparently Fox News is now reporting. That many of these unaccompanied minors with their parents. Are being placed in Hawaii. They'd like Hawaii a lot. They like the climate they like the weather day like -- the beaches. They prefer Hawaii for some reason they prefer Hawaii to the Virgin Islands now I I gotta tell you. -- -- -- Say what you want about these illegals that were bring an end. They've got the taste good I prefer Hawaii is well to the virgin Nile it's so -- anyone to join him. 73731. On the great WRKO. I've got I'm telling you my friends. It gets even wacky here and weirder you who are not -- believe the next story. I trust me on this you're not gonna believe it 61726. X 6868. The 3886. Okay. OK okay. Move back. Now 739 by the way here on the great WRKO. Don't to assign blame everything. Say what you want about it barely. He knows how to treat his supporters well. Welfare and all you want. Fourth stamps went galore -- One a cell phone no problem. -- housing -- no problem. He guards Caminiti. Let them come middle class producers pay forward for you'll break. My mouth then you're any legal limit her. For Virgin Islands and we'll would you like Hawaii. And Alaska. A Florida maybe the keys just kick back a little bit smarter way to build my friend. The last backs. -- the -- gringo pay for everything. 740 here on the great WRK oh well you've got to give the -- leader credit. He knows how to treat his supporters and potential voters nothing but the best for them. On our dying but sell. Did he's like she's not stingy what I would -- say what you want about so I got to ask you this question okay -- and I are talking about this. If you're Guatemalan. If you're Honduran a Salvadorian. Near an illegal immigrant Hillary by the way you can always renounce your citizenship if I can always become illegal. But to me -- almost advise people flip from being legal or illegal trust -- get treated better. Where would you like to be flown where we're -- like to be sheltered and located where would you like to go. There's Virgin Islands now. Massachusetts'. Cape Cod that's a hot destination very hot right now. Apparently now a lot of them I think they like the glaciers. I I think Alaska it's kind of cooled a bit and watch a bit of Sarah Palin on TV and it all behind paying. Whatever dear maybe they've never had -- do they like the glaciers. Many of them I swear you were now being sent to Hawaii. I would personally do amount if I were them I would do -- but there's Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. -- Key Biscayne Florida. -- kitty hawk North Carolina. California it's a very San Diego is very nice. Malibu and very nice Barry nice I can't argue -- you wanna I wanna Malibu. So my question do you 617666868. If you were an illegal I had an illegal alien. Where would you wanna be flown where would you wanna be located in what would be your preferred destination of choice. 6172666868. Is the number my boat is now we are -- how we man. Britney you Maui -- Virgin Islands. -- smile like smiling you like mountain would you do Maui you're challenging -- he would do -- okay. So it's up to you my friends I wanna hear from you 6172666868. Is the number. OK now before I get your phone calls. This dead stick its its its kind. Hot -- to the blaze they got the video. So this is not a spoof -- stories -- true story. There is a truck driver. And he stopped. And he Border Patrol. Checkpoint. Right there he's Cunningham ran through. Of course she says Maine are -- she's a main Angela may draw about. That's too cold it's too cold so called -- Disney like Disney. Just sex and a -- that I feel like Disney sniffing would be like I hear you did I just. Yadda but I mean forever. You -- -- that's a week that's two weeks. Now -- -- that he's a you know now he claims to be a hunter now honestly now he's like mr. Going after a -- watch made for. So now he's in the -- camps every weekend so he's wilderness man now. He'll probably he probably would in northern Maine try bumping into somebody I think it's -- watch. Honestly find some hillbilly and a tablet summer wore -- south squad tool and then we start running but anyway let that go so cooks he says -- Look to me honestly I've been to Maui it was the best vacation I've ever had in my life it was a core honestly honestly was incredible parents. We were looking at a dormant volcano I'm on -- beach. White eyes and catch. With either same thing I think so I think purport to same place -- well hopefully seriously where did you say. -- -- -- Nice resort my wife caught it a really good deal. I think it was 2000 and I can't really get coffee -- that's right up my -- -- loves the coffee. -- -- -- -- -- -- As she did the same thing she's like addicted to the coffee she loves their coffee but anyway. The white sand beach the crystal blue water arms and the water's not rough very nice on. The dormant volcano the incredible lush green. It's just well a lot honestly it's it's it's it's paradise. Now and I'm afraid of heights I don't do helicopter writes with my luck -- -- and the guy that crashes I know that I'm always the -- I. I was so scared of that helicopter route -- took. So I'm look I'm I'm -- -- man. Where where you where we jewel like to be located -- kitty hawk North Carolina I'm seeing Myrtle Beach, South Carolina many people are now saying. Yak key US that's a big one Lotta people like Key West. Disney. -- Virgin Islands and I would -- Virgin Islands is very nice. You can do a hell of a lot worse then Virgin Islands that's just me. But the Alaska some people my dad loves Alaska. Okay now to 06172666868. All right -- this this is not a spoof this is a true story it's driving the lives in -- this one. Is driving him -- I mean literally local. So there is a truck driver. Then again he's got one of those cameras on armor some their records. So he's he's coming in from a magical. And he stopped at the US Border Patrol checkpoint. I didn't know they still did but anyway. And so. And by the way that I'm not gonna give it away I don't wanna get -- it is not gonna believe this. Liberals were saying this cannot be true. And so the Border Patrol agent's wife who sought this because it's going viral this whole videos went viral on YouTube. She then emailed the blaze and said that in fact this is obviously true. It's a checkpoint. In Sierra Blanca Texas. And she also says that her husband was filmed without his mulch. So it's literally spontaneous. They're not playing to the camera so. Truck driver pulls up and a Border Patrol checkpoint. Coming in from medical. Listen to what happens -- Brittany. I have my unit. Affordable. Not anymore. -- Ideas but -- inside of -- is depressing though got nor did he yell offering Google and saying -- go crazy. Blade again Britain plated -- this it's this is America my friends this so we've been reduced. -- somebody uniform to. -- -- -- And they -- The better. Not anymore. It. How are you doing US Border Patrol how many people are Borg at the Border Patrol agent the driver nudges me. The agent are US citizens the driver yet but doesn't really matter. The Border Patrol agent mud anymore unfortunately. Thank you. Does go on -- to go up throat but for papers well into the your decision is a much adieu for it does -- want to root for God's sakes -- -- that's why open. It is incredible. -- into the ground. Well. Now. Why it's funny don't get me a minute but it's -- What's gonna happen is this. Okay. This. Is why law enforcement officials. In Massachusetts. And an almost every community and pound across the country. Are up in I mean up in arms raising hell about illegal immigration. It's why for example you have sheriff's auction. Clarkson from -- Bristol county out of his mind apoplectic. It's why you have britney's dad. OK who's also a police officer -- -- mentioning names. He's out of his mind why because every call will help you we see the crime of illegal immigration. You wanna see the future it's ducks. Because you think this is you think this is the end of it it's the tip of the iceberg. You're gonna see mule after mule after mule. Where they're gonna be taking in these Guatemalan and Hondurans and salvadorans. Fill up their stomachs with black tar heroin and our bags of cocaine or whatever. And if they can deliver what PX watch because that's what they do I'm sorry to be gross but that's the ship amendment. If it doesn't come out one way they take him my -- slice it and and I emptied the contents of the stomach and all that out the other way. We're gonna have dead illegal immigrants like that 44 year old Guatemalan. In cardboard boxes not just -- docs per. You're good you're gonna see him and -- you're gonna see him in Salem you're gonna see him in Wellesley. You're gonna see you name it. You're gonna see him in Brookline you're gonna -- mutant. You're gonna see him in ball right in the heart of Boston you're gonna see him in district after district town after town CD after -- Shots of the future. Because that's already life in Mexico. And when you have a watch it opened border. Criminals. People court evil. People who wanna do us harm. Take advantage. And so now you have these -- Border Patrol guys I don't want it really. It doesn't matter citizen not a citizen. Everybody's allowed the -- now. 6172666868. Coleman had one why you let Coleman had a -- our fear that they didn't. What are we -- I wanna be focused sweep you off. And six was seven -- -- 6868. All of your call anyone who demands and who. 756. Here on the break WRKO. If you -- an illegal immigrant sorry -- undocumented. Worker. Where would you wanna be relocated. Vinny you're up next thanks for holding go and then. Good morning Jeff I would love to go to the wall arms. Because they have fantastic music -- it out restaurants. -- big -- moan don't -- on the top of the Mississippi River open twenty pull out what the day you can go down to Pat O'Brien and drink hurricanes. And football season is going to be starting he can take a game and of the New York of people -- saints. And then it can go telling out of Lake Pontchartrain. Restaurants music. Aboard the luxury of telling what more did you as a form. Now -- are are they like here in terms of the BT's they hand them out like candy. And down and down and one. No grade don't not. Necessarily. See you got to think about that well well that's true that the police down there. -- can be a little bit more forceful and trying to find. Let that go. -- -- -- -- -- -- that's why I believe dictate. And Chicopee and Massachusetts. Is always going to be any legal immigrant hot zone. It's not as nice as Hawaii it's not as nice as Florida it's not as -- as Virgin Islands. But maybe it can't beat the benefits. -- are up next thanks for holding go ahead Bruce. -- you all you day I'm good how are you Bruce I'm just truly blessed with all us old crap. They would let that go I would let it go to. Lou river gorge west side guard Virginia. Now -- Brusett apparently they're taking -- they're taking your advice a lot of them are going to Virginia. Well well -- to get back to this guy and that's very. It's important to hold little meeting total of the phrases. Alien abduction. But the -- out of state killing police -- back up on the second hole. -- -- Steve Europe Max thanks for holding go ahead Steve. I think you have to make the -- the amnesty itself that this where and that's very -- and I need another large. I and they all the time this and so all the plays the Blackberry it's gonna happen and that's -- we can happen one week away. Don't spend as little as you looked a little small towns in the country. -- The league. East. I had my girlfriend we just got no time we go over the play bridge it's beautiful down there that actually must be so -- And not simply a news flash all over the country like it says this is the tip the iceberg. Steve I'm telling you this because this is common in Mexico and Latin America we're gonna start finding headless bodies. I -- that's hot that's when they pay your days in the drug cartels take over. And that's what happens when your country's invaded. The drug cartels and material he's the human smugglers and drug smugglers they take over. Forget emptied the contents of your stomach you're -- gonna strike -- dead bodies headless that box dots dots the future my France. But not all it's for the lives. Wait how they change their own. When a few more pop up induction very Orrin Wellesley or in Brookline or in Weston or in mutant. Who -- oh god forbid in Cambridge blue cool right in front of shoestring bull's house -- couple -- headless bodies suddenly. You won't hero word about saw learn its. And divert. City of compassion. Suddenly all of them are gonna say no mosques send them home. Deborah Europe next thanks for holding go ahead Deborah. I guess a problem from happening object. I'd like to go to 16100 Pennsylvania advocates say thank you. I may be an illegal immigrant but I'm it. -- I love it Debra honestly Touche. There at 8 o'clock here on the great WRKO. -- -- Here's how is it now finally reached into the general population. There are fears in New York City I've got that story and so much more. -- don't touch that.