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Max Robins Monday August 4th 2014-Halt and Catch Fire and Sharknado 2

Aug 4, 2014|

Max RobinsTV Guru and blogger for Forbes.com will be with us to answer all of those nagging questions about your favorite show on the boob tube...today he answered questions about Sharknado 2 and Halt and Catch Fire.

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It's that time in the leaked ex Max robins are very own Max robins from Forbes dot com. Columnist and media expert joins us how are you Max. Our wonderful care and it's so nice figures are told that oh boy and it's also nice to talk to somebody who's watching you could be in. This century. As chairman mr. I have to say Harry has released me thinks instead be jealous but but we need to talk shark -- masks. Did you bought shark NATO I -- my husband I watched oddly enough shark NATO one and -- I I have to admit fault -- -- -- your arbitrarily and I've got a recorded but I haven't seen short NATO neither one nor do I -- true it's just a total. Well the thing is you know EC shark NATO and you're like a -- there's no moving in the face of Gaza that can be worse than shark -- It has to be and I and I used to reserve that spot for attack of the killer tomatoes. That was the worse and that he had ever seen until shark made out. And I thought you know I had to -- that money did it take to get nine -- to leave Las Vegas and and Styron sharply in ninth. And could help but let's cast -- Ziering in shark -- I mean who -- who knew he was still you know doing acting. But it was and and it's and terror read about people so it was fascinating and many think. Nothing could be worse in shark -- shark NATO is the need year. Of bad -- five and yet they cannot Wear shark NATO to and we had to watch it because like not can be worsened shark NATO how it is viewers and god lover and it was. It was the most galling thing I've ever seen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And legitimate people but not -- legitimate actors but there right -- there was an -- are innocent Judd Hirsch Emmy award winning Judd Hirsch is in this movie. All my gut and then there was Jared from the subway manager for the subway ads. That guy in the subway Indy deck is a cop in shark you know -- I need and downtown Julie -- Kelly Osborne is a stewardess tickets or had -- -- I'm gonna -- spoiler alert but it happens in the first few minutes the movie. At and shark comes into an airplane that's flying into new York and basically bites Kelly Osborne -- off. Then Billy Ray Cyrus is a doctor. I mean in Bismarck is a pizza shop guy it's just it's full pay off. And I mean it's so funny to see you know Al -- the weatherman -- with Matt Lauer who has lot more credibility than actually Al Roker does. And you know they're they're in the weather forecast it's you know it's raining -- sharks are coming down at two inches per hour. Almost. I. It's -- wonderful right away. So amazing and I mean thank god for computer imaging. Because it allows you to to go there to go to shark NATO to. And you know that statue of liberty you know starts attacking people essentially has -- blown apart by the shark NATO's. It is it is it is wonderful -- and I don't know how much it cost. Obviously Sharon later to cost a lot more than shark -- line because it becoming hit by that point. On for size five but I hope that made them a lot of money 'cause I hope there's going to be a shark you know three. Well. I have not laughed so hard. And I can't remember when I laughed so hard as a matter of fact. It well you know -- tropic thunder was the last movie that may relax laughs -- and that's that's a legitimate movie with you know that got Academy Award nominations I believe. Ominous -- -- who is brilliant who is brilliant and tropic thunder and that's the last time I doubled up with laughter the way it was shark -- to I have to say. Well I can't wait Erica Pratt already just you know problem with my -- up with jacket we were traveling -- -- -- -- -- total over the weekend it. In Kingston Ontario ultimately country there just dropped out I thought expecting New York earlier in the paper work pay particular type. A little traffic did you Max. Well I don't know how it would create we we got a little slowed. Now believe it or not their place -- -- -- are more at the jets have their training camp upstate New York we stopped there and there's this great. You won't believe this but you know outside a Syracuse, New York. Here in New York or Cornell University that there's a great exe file check out -- -- Fish fry and it's it's like you know Boston's standards I was or -- -- got. Oh how wonderful I'm so glad for you dot -- And it never I realized boy I better get off the Rotella don't want I don't wanna misty about it on The -- would do. And aura or someplace in Pennsylvania where about fifty well. And we got out -- accepted -- ties clips. All the radar screen. All perfect place to stop. Well you know I've been -- -- Leno or how areas today and tomorrow which is why he's not here yet to go to Dallas for -- daughter. For orientation and SMU any Wile EE EE figured you know that's a loss for two days he's out of pocket he can't write into. So he's he's decided to give himself retreats -- had to go to Texas he's in search of the best chicken fried steak he can fine. Wow -- it could go on the barbecue -- to a. -- -- actually he's he's pretty picky when it comes to barbecue and he likes Carolina Barbeque my -- he wants certain fried steak worse than anything I've seen in a long time. I'll. Get. I say to -- we have a few text messages and some cost free here at C. Seven anyone wants to know how hop to catch fires -- I'm a halt intense fire and I have been watching that -- I didn't the first episode was a little slow but it picked up after that I like it has -- doing. It's going pretty well I don't know the official -- -- yet but my guess is it will get picked up I agree with India with a little weight two. To the show and basically. I've -- -- all caught up -- are -- actually do it last night but. I think it's -- good. Really good -- it's got legs and Antarctica and equipment that we for a couple. It does remind me why the seventies recites a the a black hole for fashion. It -- It's really an attractive from that perspective I have to say but the -- so -- the story lines and it's really fascinating to see and I don't know who. And who their status to be. And that particular who then you know I apple has just made an appearance as an analyst disposed to be dollar readers post two cruisers poster percent but. It's fascinating to CD -- Tell me yell at -- in Texas. And so that's -- I was thinking maybe it was found but you know I don't know -- wants a -- tyrant is doing. Byron is doing pretty well to another show I came too late the -- caught up what. And that's a real guilty pleasure -- very over the top but could actually marching. I had not seen tyrant -- now you may experience. Well I think he'll figure I got to do. Five away -- snow are stars shows available on Hulu or Netflix. So our shows are Iran wants authority B careful let Nowak. I noticed that the boxes available on that's very good shots real targets Big Apple. Kelsey Grammer is never -- forward. Like I like Kelsey German and it's aside from the fact he seems to be a dogged -- cheated on his wife multiple times the stuff I like him as an actor he seems to be decent decent actor I want -- But this has been a dramatic all very good show -- -- 18774694322. That's 1877 Harry car if you wanna speak with Max. I Jim welcome to the -- car show. I think Indian air about our viewers are retrograde states aren't optional forgery Reno and the number yes it is territorial. Should should not and channel for a birdie eight we anymore and should be -- channel four -- earlier on 38. I don't even know wayward heiress appears a matter of fact I mean I'll like -- -- ways to -- cooking show but. I don't really like auctions so I'm not really. I'm what you say and in I'm not -- that they -- -- a ritual real -- route would have of those shows that are syndicated they're not they're not. They can come sometimes switch from from space station. The C six a three from officer mark new show for the monkey business channel. Law and order chicken fried steak unit. I like that like hit it out there OK let's think about considered picked up per. -- -- -- I've heard I was reading some things other Virginia that the loss producer behind -- that the producer behind lost the series. Is going to be filming in new series in Virginia and it's based on the civil war did you heard anything about. Now -- you know I'll check that out. Were you surprised it's it's RT alumni from fox bought all over the place working at a lot of different show. Including this shortage -- which I haven't checked -- -- Oh Carla play to detonate it got to help me out it's about like. All the sudden it's about the flight. You know the world also -- percent of the population. Is here. -- know -- the last ship orient. Or don't know. All all one of only talking about when it just like the woman that they did their promo he did that start because I wanted to see that our. The problem I have the woman in the car and her baby in the taxis trying it -- she turns on the baby's gone. -- left -- Chris remember the left -- Over safety Chris has not started already. Oh yeah that's not that's probably already about -- -- about the. -- why I need to do some serious catching up thank is that that looked very intriguing to me. It doesn't in -- I think one of the creators of lost his. I think helped recruit somebody involved with that. Two I sevens and how is hell on wheels doing. Just okay. Just okay sounds on the bubble of the show and a bottle of brandy welcome to the Harry car show you're on with sandy and masks. Max. A soft money short and I'm -- well our series. It's -- satisfaction. -- -- -- I don't know to a network. I believe it's AMD. Half the real -- reality work. What's the premise. That we about. I like having -- out of there with pretty edgy it. Does a home and vote on the -- this Olympics -- clients from -- it's. Oh yeah I can't see that this sort of at my what the heck is that what the -- yeah. Now right now. So blatant -- did little research on it sounds like green because he's not that familiar with the show. 8508. Will 24 come back next season. We don't have a definite idea but I wouldn't be surprised given that the ratings are so strong that they can get you know that both these creators and and mr. Jack Bauer himself to -- that Kiefer Sutherland and keep out of rehab I think they could very well. 617 says please ask Max health found vs Letterman is doing. -- kick rhetoric but I loved and he found I think he's the funniest guys ever. As you know what's really unique collection ago I started. If you look at them out brawl -- I mean I might fifteen year old daughter and her friends loved watching -- trail. Well what can he do he complained multiple uncertainty can seem leaking into the great comedian he can write and Munich I can just do everything. -- he's a terrific talent is a terrific talent it just gets stronger and stronger and you know he started doing the -- show. He was really hard in because he really built up a strong. Social media following and -- people can follow Richard next up. There anyway shameless plug. But that's JAMA XOK -- Most of that struck a soft or lack of help of a -- -- But it -- -- he's got a huge following here we got acute and -- I mean the guy's great. Dan Walker of the -- car she'd have to be fasting and I'm sorry but even get your question and. Access my favorite. Version of how we are listen every week. Thank you very. Terry Brooks elves don't don't -- that being made into a TV period and DB got any -- I don't. No Intel. Are just would stay true. Six point seven -- no mystery of oak island. Or I don't know I don't know about that either I don't know attendance. I think it's -- which I don't think -- about what happened to our so. Called I don't. -- -- -- -- Fall release from shout factory WK European Cincinnati complete series uncut original music thanks. What you know if you look it up on Amazon I think -- can find that it's uncut original music. Sure as an out of -- by an important. -- to a seven wants no idea hits like Sons of Anarchy in the Walking Dead only -- fourteen or sixteen episodes per season and not more. Because -- out. Well -- -- expensive to do and and I think sometimes it's. You know it's it's hard to turn out all the air quality job and I think part of the reason that they're that good is because they're not -- and much of the model is really changing television bet from the days when her membership or can network -- Somewhere between twenty to thirty original young target to a targeted. Not since being writers' strike. I think Canada and -- The model on the cable networks is different they're going article for equality and you're really into repeat viewing so. That's quite early in the -- rituals. Well we are out of time thank you so much for pulling over in talking to us Max and I have -- -- enjoy your ice cream and have a nice -- that your son. All right we'll do pretty -- straight -- and we'll talk teen next Monday. Look forward to thanks Max this is the -- carnation.