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is it time to Censurre President Obama?

Aug 4, 2014|

Is Barack Obama plotting a coup? That seems like an awfully strong word, but it is the term that distinguished law professor Glenn Reynolds, no hysteric, uses to describe the Obama administration’s oft-reported plan to issue executive amnesty to five or six million illegal immigrants in violation of federal law. Will Obama be censured?

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Now we also do poll question which today is going to require a great deal of -- And I wanted to. Give you little background before we keep you treat it to -- do three choices today Chris her -- -- Three three so we we've figured out finally it's taken us. And five years to figure out how to add a third choice to the poll question and tell Harry. -- I want to surprise him on. On Monday I mean on Wednesday when he comes back. About the fact that we can now add more than one choice on her pulse on today's. Powerline blog. John -- -- asked a fascinating question. Which I intern wanna ask you and the questions he asked is he is President Obama attempting a coup. It a coup to offer amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. In contravention. Of federal law. Specifically. Offering this amnesty amnesty would. Nullify section to seven for a the immigration and naturalization act by legalizing. And issuing work permits for literally. Millions. Of illegal aliens. Now this action essentially repeals federal law by decree. It is the use of on constitutional authority. And it is a deliberate flouting of federal law it's also is that the president is saying stop me if you dare. Is this a coup what do you think it's a -- coup. The president has already demonstrated that he holds no regard for the separation of powers. And the limits placed on his office by the constitution of the United States. He unilaterally. Change the effective date of obamacare from 313 to Tony fourteen a date that's been established. I'm much debate in congress when he did it to a fact. You know election. Outcomes may be easier to campaign. On Obama care first party. Do you doubts that he will attempt that seem to be some of authority. To the facts. Immigration. And to bring in -- of new voters first party. I think I really think -- anchor is right I think the president is deliberately expanding his power by ignoring. -- -- by by ignoring us or essentially running roughshod over congress. And the RD enacted laws. Of this country. He he explains his actions by claiming he's only trying to be proactive. With the do nothing you know in the -- congress. What he's not recognizing aren't what he's pretending to recognize is that congress is not refusing to act because it can't. It's refusing to act because the American people do not agree with the actions that he. Wants to take. Now. I think -- It's a very strong word but I think it's very tapped in the destruction and the description. Of what. The president is trying to do -- what do we do practice what do we do about a rogue president. Let's -- I have a text your 71 hell yes and it's high timer military. Does it cuckoo cuckoo let's take this terrorist up by -- now you know I'm I'm not saying that debt we have. A military response to President Obama saying we have to do something we need to figure out what it is. I mean speaker Boehner is the first the first approach is losses speaker Boehner solution to -- to file a lawsuit against President Obama charging. That he has failed to faithfully carry out the health care. And actually seeing. Gap Boehner said in 2013. The president changed the South Carolina without a vote of congress. Effectively creating his own law by literally waving the employer mandate and the penalties for failing to comply with that. No president should have the power to make laws on his or her own. I agree that -- with speaker Boehner I'm not a big fan speaker Boehner but that's that's correct he did an and he we need to do something about it while. Speaker Boehner has decided to file -- lawsuit is does the fact. Probably nine it's gonna take years for any lawsuit to come to fruition congress can rescind obamacare faster than a lawsuit can -- and I think. What the lawsuit does. Is act as a pressure now. -- leadoff support for the second option that I wanted to talk to you about the second option. Is impeachment. Otherwise known as the nuclear option. Now there's been a lot of talk about impeachment lately in curiously. Enough. Most of it has come from the Democratic Party. Speaker Boehner has stated absolutely that. He has actually no intention of impeaching President Obama Boehner came right out and claim that impeachment. -- the but you revenue raising scheme. In fact last week the democratic campaign organization sent over 21 fund raising email blasts. -- asking for money in the face of a potential impeachment of President Obama. Guess what. You worked. So far they've raised over seven million dollars to do do these emails and the Specter. Of impeachment. And besides helping them raise money. Talk of impeachment also gives Democrats something else to run on besides Obama care. -- -- -- Debacle the Taliban prisoner exchange and of course immigration. Talk impeachment is a distraction. From the incompetence. And the failure which Republicans. And independents need front and center in November that's what. They need that to be. To be on the mark key they need -- to campaign against. So and everybody remembers how to rack full the past you know sent 67 and at time you know. You'll be six years have done. The incumbent Democrat party needs to defend this administration. The record and not the distraction of impeachment which can't succeed. At this point in time impeachment requires a super majority to succeed it requires an overwhelming majority of Americans to support it. In order to put enough pressure on the senate and the house to get the necessary votes. A CNN poll scene know about places recently showed that while 45%. Of Americans believe the president has abused his power. Only 33%. Are in favor of impeachment. What would happen if we try to impeach President Obama. But look what happened when we in and impeached or tried to impeach president and he was impeached by the house he was acquitted in the senate. Democrats gained five seats in those mid term -- term elections. Newt Gingrich had to had to give up his post and he left congress. Not that is why speaker Boehner and the congressional Republicans are not pushing impeachment and senior Democrats like Nancy Pelosi are. They can fund -- and operas on the -- distraction in the mid term elections and the possibility of an election. That will enable them to get more seats and more power. It's a track. You give the Democrats in congress more power you give President Obama more power to you really wanna give Preston upon them more and more. Now there's another insidious reason why it's not a good idea to pursue impeachment I think at this time it's it's. It's as if pull a lot of this is if we need to policy wanting -- isn't good enough reason on a sound. If we used in nuclear impeachment option before at the country's ready for it and before. It's a slam dunk. Then we've wasted our best weapon which allows the president to runner. To run amok with no way to rein him in if we try to impeach him and fail the president. -- -- Thumbing his nose on us. And congress with impunity he can be like Godzilla. And those Japanese monster -- movies who absorbs the radiation that's supposed to kill him and only get stronger. That's what's gonna happen if we try to impeach him that's why the Democrats want impeachment. It would be suicide for the Republican Party and I believe suicide for our republic. As well now I don't know if you agree with me or not. -- the kind of depressing situation there is a third option and the third option. Is censure its middle ground John fund today suggested. In the national review a joint resolution. That would censure the president now. A joint resolution was actually introduced back in 1998. To censure President Clinton but they didn't go through that he didn't pass anyway instead. We had the impeachment -- is -- on the -- -- to pop out now I censure is a warning shot across about the American people have had enough. And that you're heading toward the kind of holes that led to make you an ineffectual governor. I mean governor has and some you governs not you know governors and about Patrick true that a century has no legal effect. It's like condemnation. From both parties but it might be enough to make the president hesitate in his -- for ignoring the rule of law. So that's my pull questions for -- what should we do actually Chris went and she read it. How should congress deal with President Obama over reaching with his -- uses of executive orders. Lawsuits impeachment. Or censure. While I vote for censure him and I'm not sure I don't think I have the popular approach at the moment. 36% right now -- impeachment -- 34%. Agree with you when censure and only 29% -- lawsuit. Now lawsuit I think is particularly. Toothless but I understand why they did it I mean they did it. Just to try to so that they were doing something to try to get people off the impeachment bandwagon. But you know. We'll see what he does 603 says he thumbs his nose at us in congress now he does EG how much worse it would be. If we tried to impeach him and failed and there was no threat hanging over his time. -- -- at some of the callers had to say Russ walker and -- a car show. Well -- I have to say you've convinced me sensor. -- -- -- -- That is that was passed me. It's fast you -- the number one thing that I -- If I want more ignorant people in this country to wake up to the reality. -- Obama -- In unfortunately. Even though I'm in favor of impeachment that doesn't sound like that's gonna do that -- It didn't with Bill Clinton. You know. Sensor could. Because of the fact that it will keep all this stuff on the front page. I I think that's a good point to -- and we'll keep to stop on the front page one. And it's usually mom you know it's bipartisan move and being censured by the Republicans would have no effect whatsoever but to to pass a censure. Thought you'd have to basically have both parties involved and I think more part them more Democrats to be happy to get behind something. That's. Not going to create history by removing from office in on the first black president I think that's a real concern for the Democratic Party. So I think essentially as censure and gives them the filling their doing something that warns Obama that he's gone too far. And you know it buys is time lets get out of here we got to get tumor years ago after the selection must just. See if we can get out here that tanning anymore damage that's what I think but I mean. I apparently you agree with me grass at this point in time. Well I'm so happy thank you for -- and I appreciate that don't know welcome to the Harry car show what do you think we should do that President Obama. Well I think the take my call no but this -- because he'll say the rate. But why not. I thought possibly that Harry read it closely him. -- does not make it censure I mean essentially doesn't have any of legal force now. But the -- that make it completely as censure when you do it to a member of a senate. Or congress has a different a fact when you censure a member of I believe it's the -- at what they do is you can you -- to your office you're not you don't -- kicked kicked out of office but you lose any committee. Appointments you have so if you sit on the committee leisure committee so it takes away a lot of responsibility it's it's a punishment from that perspective. You can't do that to the president has been sent on any committees so that's why it -- but kind of Warren the president. Whenever I have a present as Airbus anybody else. If he's right everybody wrong. Isn't that amazing. Isn't enemies -- I've never seen that neither Donna somebody who's risen so far while he did it so fast too he went from nowhere to. -- US senators to need to clean and serve a full term. To being in the White House it was lightning fast and I I think when things -- guarantee you that fast you have attend C. To believe your own press releases. What do you think. One is among those pretenses move. Your -- And you know what we don't like. What would never get away -- what. Obama has you know aren't good but you wouldn't do it he treated the people with. He did -- that's a huge difference I was never a really big George Bush fan to be quite honest with you I mean I didn't hate him but I wasn't that big a fan. But in hindsight. He is seeing how we are treated now by President Obama. I I am liking George Bush and I mean George W. Bush not George H bush more and more. Every day I think -- you know -- he. He may not have and the most articulate president we've ever had that doesn't mean he wasn't extremely Smart and it doesn't mean. He didn't care about the people and doesn't mean he had his finger. On in the pulse of Americans and what they were looking for what they want it. And all of those things seem to be missing from President Obama who is extremely articulate and intelligent but apparently. Doesn't give a rats ass what we thank you for the cop on -- to help text from officer mark he thinks censure is nothing more than double secret probation. While that's you know like you said it does not have the force -- what it does do. -- signal the president that. We attacked. We're a little angry. And that essentially. He may have gone too far in the next step would be impeachment. So I think that's one of you know and that's one of the positive aspects behind censure. There is the next step like I said if mean if Reid pulled the plug in and are pressed the button and do. Impeachment and it doesn't work like it didn't work with President Clinton. How bad -- will we be then. We're gonna take a break I will be back in a few minutes this is sandy sitting in for -- and this is the Howie Carr shot. I have seen. It's called you Mr. President. He 187746943221877. Howie -- Text number 66 AD sampling 6177793469. Insisting he. Sitting in for how he's down in Dallas looking for chicken France Spain. So. -- by administration. Excuse me has established a pattern -- of mismanagement incompetence no accountability and wasting taxpayers' money to just -- You know a few of his most prominent persons on the front page. There was a government on it out last week that's. Discuss the obamacare roll out to pop call. Where everybody except for Obama apparently knew on October 1 that happened nine -- website. Collapsed or never again that -- billion dollars have been wasted on obamacare. And then don't forget the accountability review board that investigated the -- guys you scandal -- out by the way are talking to Hillary Clinton. And found systemic failures of management planning and an oversight -- was held accountable. Let's not forget the veterans administration where you know the number of veterans died for lack of timely medical care and workers. Forged paperwork and counts to show that they were doing their jobs when they weren't. Andy acts. President Obama blames Republicans. For the government paralysis. I'm so tired of hearing an excuse. Let's not forget that he's overstepped his law his his ability to. I'm sorry I misspoke committees overstepped his. -- parameters as president by changing the obamacare along without its consent of congress and it looks like he's gonna do the same thing in regard to immigration. And offer wholesale amnesty to millions. And I mean that literally millions. Of illegal aliens. All of this points to a president that is out of control and what are we gonna do about it we have limited options. Currently speaker Boehner thinks that a lawsuit is about to best option I disagree I don't think that that does anything that alleviate a little bit of pressure from the second option. Impeachment which I think helps the Democrats more than it helps the Republicans and the independence. Our last choice to censure which. Doesn't legally do anything to them let them know that everybody's seen -- sting and it's pretty ticked off and back. Which of those options do you think we should go with -- And I think Republicans will win the budget came out. And the revolution was -- the -- from the Obama care. -- What government stopped in me. To recruit and his people have -- kicked out from under him but I McCain and I think a lot from it's going to be decided. That the Supreme Court negative for the latest century. President Clinton. Passed me meaningless words play but it. Adopt a budget that controlled network conceptual type of Spoelstra do. It is but the house has posted to your right time the only problem is this house. As having a great deal of trouble getting together and agreeing on anything -- completely bifurcated here. Between the Democrats and the Republicans and both the senate and the house and he doesn't seem to be much bipartisan. -- A bipartisan compassion going on and people getting together and deciding what's best for the country. I think a number of people have tried. And have an -- and easily when they Chinese feel Obama just mocks them. He keeps document how the Republicans that problem and I've seen no no olive branch telling from the White House or from. The Democrat delegation have you. Well and but I kicked Milosevic should go forward to get the issue. -- in front of the public before the election. I think it's gonna go forward no matter what we think I mean he picked by filed it it's going forward the only thing is that it's gonna take some time I'm not sure it's gonna move as fast as it as it could. And I'm not and it only deals with one very narrow specific thing and that's obamacare and the president's changing of the law. Without permission I'm doing unilaterally that's the only thing that's the only scope of that a censure. Would be wider base -- could be based on all of the above things I talked about coming back you know then. The -- of his administration and any overreaching that he's done such as obamacare but more importantly what's staring us in the face right now. And that is the horrific thought of wholesale amnesty for means of illegal aliens. It's what can go to court now for an injunction to prevent them from doing it. Because it's blatantly unconstitutional. You know I don't know the answer to that question I don't know whether the Supreme Court can. Can enjoin the president may be somebody else out there would have more knowledge in an area than I do on a nominal Crennel. Oprah -- the next break tax thank you for the call. And thank you for the five I mean I don't know what the answer is I I tend to think. Not I think it's -- and I don't know why I say that I mean I tend to think that with the separation of powers it's up to disease -- The legislative branch to do something I don't think the judiciary can but I could be really wrong -- that there must be a constitutional lawyer out there. Who would know the answers to a that the Supreme Court can enjoin the president from doing and from doing something John Walker of -- our car show. Sorry I aren't hey. Frankly -- definitely do not think impeachment is anything and -- -- -- and arm. And under the route to a folder if you yeah. I don't -- I probably an industry hurt or worse you know what what is needed is just speaker outs. Who would actually do mr. who has a -- now. You know the House of Representatives controls the first or he has the power the person is steadfastly refused to use. And edited -- he -- term speaker of the notable lack of leadership at least policy. Departure iron -- are. She's got whatever that I. I I the woman makes my skin crawl but I have to say she's got -- she gets out there. And she fights for what she wants I don't agree -- election once and I think she's got terminal to the country but I think you're right she's powerful and she knows how to use it. Editor -- source. And it's unfortunately going to be a long term solution. It's. And will be all of the people well I don't need to get back they're just. Or actually do something. Maybe -- out -- someone like. No I I don't security I think John Boehner is a very pleasant man he's very -- you're -- for a cocktail party would be lovely to talk to him he's a very. Thoughtful kind person but that's not necessarily what we are looking for and -- speaker I think -- speaker has to have. Big ones to put it bluntly and I mean the great speakers did days days. They would run roughshod over people that's true that they knew how to control. Congress and they knew how to move put the fear of god into the other branches as well don't mess with congress because congress is as you said is where the money has. And I that's all hacking with John Boehner I think you have your finger on there but the problem is we have John Boehner. And that's not gonna go away anytime soon. So we have -- we have to basically play the cards that were -- we have John Boehner and John Boehner response was to file -- lawsuit well. Okay I don't think that's that's particularly effective I think he's absolutely right in. The fact that we don't want an impeachment an impeachment is nothing but playing into the hands of the Democratic Party so what are we laughed when it's time. Not march unfortunately. Unless they finally get some some some big ones and start. Are cutting off -- farms. You know somebody can't do these things. Well that's essentially what's happened at the moment when it comes to the immigration issue. Wind. When congress failed to act last week and fines and legislate for the extra money that President Obama on it. Bomb and that was essentially cutting up the purse strings for his Graham plans so his response was to turn around and -- -- -- -- people I'm -- just to my own ping an executives on an executive order. Declaring amnesty whether I have what do you think Andy -- you -- essentially is when he cents a the purse strings can be effective but they're not always effective thanks for the call time. As where are about to find out Allen looked at how a car show. -- and how are you today. Until all beautiful day down here and say oh yeah it's a beautiful day appear -- end -- that's. I'm there is another option and he OK and I hope you can be just an opportunity sure. To explain my option -- the president can be tried for treason. And the reason why I say this. Is. When you tried the president for treason which is obvious she's destroying America. You take race totally out of the equation. Now it's about country. It's about patriotism. Is about someone who was trying to destroy. America. And by trying him for treason you know we try him for treason. You also put the whole progressive movement. On trial. And explain. The George Soros of the world the media matters of the world. The fast and furious. To overthrow the Second Amendment the NSA spying on AP. Control frozen from fox to overthrow the First Amendment. I tried for treason. You really show. -- the whole progressive movement. That they don't want a single desire. And that is to destroy. America. And that is that all options. And it's an option. Like I said prior that takes great totally out of the equation. Well OK Alan and I I I lets you. So your piece but here's the thing is nothing takes race out of the equation and this president. On it doesn't matter what -- doing race will always be part of it because he wants it to always be part of it. So he can say simply united -- for treason because I'm black and that's probably what he would do. Here's a thing all those reasons that I gave in the beginning about why impeachment was about -- -- now. All applied the same thing they all applies to trying him for treason -- -- only now you wanna do something has a higher standard. I think -- impeachment impeachment standard. Is that you know he's basically. He's he's done the things that are just -- could be. Illegal just a little thing that could be illegal like in this case. -- cased in the ninety's we tried President Clinton for lying to a federal jury about whether he had our grand jury about whether you had sex with a woman. Which is coming to do the office by the way. And but it was still illegal. And that's why he was impeached on this case treason has a much higher standard you have to show that he's knowingly trying to destroy the country. Now you may and think it is trying to destroy the country but he has to knowingly have done and I don't think. That he would agree that that's what he's doing he thinks he's doing something. Grand -- leaving a legacy that. Transforming America into something new and different that's what he wants to be -- transform and a president like Reagan rise. Like FDR -- and and that's why he's trying to do these grand scope. Things like bringing in five million illegal aliens. But for the same reason that you don't wanna do the impeachment you don't wanna galvanize. The Democratic Party behind the treason case. That that changes the whole mid term election again now now everybody is gonna say what side you want you -- for rescinding our time for treason just like you would be for impeachment. And you gonna have to make every Republican running for office explain which sought an actor on NY. And it completely distracts from the actual. Miss doings missed judgments miscues. That. The president has done. And so that's why I think it's an a pop -- and no offense you seem like a reasonable spot out nice guy Alan. But that's an appalling idea that you're you're handing the Democrats the election the same way you would be if you tried to impeach the president. Yeah you can't tell it's it's giving Nancy Pelosi what she wants. So that's why I think as well thought out as your argument is it's it would be an appalling idea thank you for the column I appreciated. Bill up and the -- car show. Both they don't vote senate job thank you sir and you know adapt. I -- Well -- -- that's you know. Sure there I think also I'm an old U percent share of all of this and it doesn't to a flying. I mean this guy is so -- Andre and -- He is more and Erica I believe he is an American hater I think he knows strike in the country. But you have a point that trying to portray that would be just him in the election tool just to the Democrats. Dana is useless. I'm -- -- for the future -- and -- so that put the sixteen election I don't want Hillary America and it sure he's just -- -- Obama. You know what I mean it when I was talking to. Finished disuse a few weeks ago when he was on and you know I don't know if you -- -- moving America turn on but one of the point that he brings down in his found is that Saul in ski too. Is this essentially a socialist who wants to transform America and does it through -- community organizations. Such as the ones that Obama was part of and a Lynn ski. Met Hillary Clinton and she became. T I guess that the word would be corrected disciple of -- she believes in -- skis works. Well I don't know up Obama government of Hinske but he's also a Lansky and follows news. Teachings as well so I think if Hillary were elected. You would be seen. The exact same policies as you weren't under Obama. And to mr. Sousa said he thought that Hillary was actually closer to Obama's politics and she was to her husband bill's. And that bill is conservative compared to vote for Obama hands. Hillary Clinton now I I like Hillary Clinton on a personal level I mean I think she's a strong woman and sheets. Dollar a lot of crap and -- on it with grace and and but I have issues with her under how she handled bank on scene can take responsibility united. I I have no truck with people who don't take responsibility. One of the things I always liked about. Governor -- in Massachusetts. Present when he screwed up he came on set I screwed up I made a mistake and this is how I'm gonna fix and I'm gonna move forward. Those people. Are the ones that I would vote for because. You know their thoughtful and you know they're going to recognize the mistake and not try to hide it. And to me that's the biggest and you can do. If you're in a corner office or in the White House and -- it drives me crazy about Obama. Is that he doesn't take responsibility for anything and I see Hillary doing the same thing aren't that saw her during the same thing in the bank -- Fiasco sound. All right this is sandy I'm sitting in for Howie I'm going to be back on the other side of the brain and just how expression. 187746943221877. How my card used to seeing -- sitting in for how we use not and taxes with his daughter. Looking for chicken fried steak and attending orientation SMU in fact I have not. And tax from six three this says it's chicken fried steaks sales of Con-way up in Texas this morning I wouldn't be surprised. Let's see Fox News such a toll really treason charge is a traitor and is destroying the constitution. 71 says disguised detached from reality you think you can put a -- up on charges of treason -- the Department of Justice won't even investigate. The IR asks. I agree with that totally absolutely we can't. We can't get content and I'd tell hold a full -- -- the hearing whether it's windy. Secretary of state shows up -- how do you think you can do putting Obama on. Trial for treason and I received a few tax. Consider alarm -- mean a story to that shows that the Supreme Court cannot continuing the president south. It is up to the legislature to get control of the president and so far the legislature's decided to. The congress and has decided to do it by lawsuits. By. Speaker Boehner that's his idea of getting control the president I don't agree with impeachment but I think censures the way to go and that's what what our discussion is about this afternoon. And what we'll discuss on the other side of the break in if you stick around we're gonna talk about how do we get control of erode executive office there.