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Ebola Roulette

Aug 1, 2014|

Two American medical missionaries who have been infected with the deadly Ebola virus while in Liberia are being brought back to the United States for treatment at special medical isolation units in Atlanta Georgia. As wonderful as these two people may be Howie wondered should they be brought into the United States possibly endangering the country with an epidemic.

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Mentioned that last night little bit later in the show they're they are now flying back bowl. Patients Americans these are not illegal aliens that usually that be falling back illegal aliens and maybe it well still. Right another point back Americans from Africa who contracted this this this and 90% fatal disease. And they are big I mean these are these are good people that are that have contracted this these are missionaries. Physicians that are over there doing awards work. However this is -- this is a V. Very -- virulent disease. It's very dangerous and it's it's it's really a very contagious disease. And and Donald Trump has already tweeted out. He's taken timeout from -- negotiations to by the Buffalo Bills to weed out what the hell we bring back anybody that Wednesday -- the ball. Back to the United States so -- what's the poll question and what are the hours. Should the American -- patients be brought back to the US. -- 86% think this is a bad idea it's not we're gonna leave them on some kind of African plane by themselves -- no medical care you can send a world class lab over it and -- pretty sure their party over there. I mean the world the World Health Organization and the CDC have groups that are like. Guerrilla doctors they go into these areas with a high tech stuff and ideally situations why can't they do that they're an actor or me if I were in a -- patient. I would not wanna be brought back to the United States it has -- your threat to everybody. The Baxter raves about babes fried chicken -- there. But -- people. I don't want fried chicken I'm looking for a chicken fried steak. It -- -- and don't be don't be misled by the name chicken. It's chicken fried sorts fried chicken spy. But it's a state. That's Republican war I'm sure -- fried chicken is good but I am not in the mood for Fries for babes fried -- I'm in the mood for enormous cafe chicken fried steak. That's I would point out there. Wait a second the new said the chances of an Arab able victim flying to the US was extremely small now we imported on our own WTO. Yes W yes such 603 we're there again we. This -- -- one of the you know I know you know with the Obama -- issue -- during this regime it's possible to believe that we would start -- started yeah. A program to just bring in hundreds of them and just bump them into the streets I mean that would be its that would be something that might occur to these people. Maybe I shouldn't even bring it up. But in this case they are actually bringing back which welcome American citizens. To treat. Pretty amazing isn't when you think about it they're bringing back Americans to help their tree the the Obama administration is trying to help Americans. Believe it or not. You were broken clock is right twice -- day. 18774694322. As long as they got draft beer those massive chalice like Texas beard glasses that's all I care about wanna go to DFW. We get those from you get those everywhere oh pretty much. -- farm and gray Maine that they have chicken fried steak I know colts farm in grade nine. Chicken fried steak with creamy white gravy established Ol is and that is that. When he would like to take her down for them their instead -- me. August. Alright 18774694322. That's the toll free number about how we car show we were talking about mother stop but frank wants to talk about this break go ahead frank. Leo good. -- -- pleasures. Wanted to give model and the -- -- Mexico. I'd prefer Mexico. For various. Well you know what would you wanna punish the Mexicans -- about are these are our own citizens frank again these these are good -- are nice people. Our Ali yeah. I don't -- -- you know that Mexicans not one little iota of Mexicans are a lot of very good job creation may. What how well I wanted to build our anymore animus for. I want you know everybody is humanitarian. And everything else we're either fact that. It's normal ought to work -- all -- and at the end of the day at a realizes the Arctic winds. -- ordered that they're world how all yes. -- -- why they go there where they are right all went that would not all knowledge our opportunity in front admitted being. That's bad things happened who unsanitary. Places. I want I would be more and arrests and and how it's being more interested in finding out how much. Local aid we give them aren't there aren't a yearly basis and I'd be very generous and find out why we don't have an -- general way up. Watch and where every single -- is being spent. Instead it that a ruling collapsed in there -- that I'm not. Quite what occurred Bob what is not so. I know we we've -- we've. We've squandered billions in in Africa over the years and it's just it's just ridiculous and it's all of -- up and Swiss bank accounts and you know they've they have nice a homes the the African dictators of the deposed African dictators in the in Europe and in the in southern Florida that everywhere else I agree with frank. On that thanks for the call I don't want to brought into the country I think it's I think it's crazy to bring them back to the country and again -- and again I. It's if these people doctors are missionaries. IE you know they're not just that matches -- greater -- not -- -- over there would be community. Community not harass us or I don't care about being porous and talking about the rock -- their stir up trouble. Like like like Barack Obama would do win and Chicago was NC community organizer. But not the air act. They they just they just happen to get sick and it's it's too bad but I can't say that I don't -- so why extant to bring them back I mean this is this is serious business these. Beast like the diseases and it's it's I mean we shouldn't be we should be releasing these these illegal aliens. -- now there -- -- weeks have been exposed all kinds of visa. These -- the world that diseases that there have been wiped out now you know that you -- another problem is now in in the this according to Drudge is a story on and Drudge about this. The a lot of the illegal aliens coming over the more than -- familiar with. -- So there you are just doing their business wherever so it is if it was an -- as if the conditions weren't unsanitary but the guys -- gonna be really great today contributors to our society the then not familiar -- -- plot. How -- they -- how were they going to. Succeed. In in in this kind of society they just could drag this kind of society back to the stone age that they came at all. Joseph your next with how we cargo -- -- They already I just a quick question -- -- -- -- -- -- with a book as Ebola Zaire and it has talked about another nation taking over our country. Could this be something like that. I don't I don't know that I'm not familiar with that -- mean what what do you mean how would it be used to take over the country I don't understand. I'm mistaken it's kind of funny that they bring you into our country they shouldn't be. The incorrect -- four years ago it was clear you're clear and present danger of one of those. They do the same thing. All of a sudden it was rampant through the whole United States in the books era. But what's to stop now and I'm not a spirit. You know what Joseph that's the question I I don't think there is anything to stop it now. Why would you would you wanna do this to me. You know again even -- even if you have the best intentions in the world I mean. There there's some things that the -- you can't dole because you're you're committing suicide if you got it right. That's pretty door into the country that app and you're right people -- that you you don't. -- -- -- Exactly give we give thanks so called Joseph. Can you play the cut what what is that if it's with but Tucker Carlson if he's -- who was arguing with -- power ports. Kirsten Powers -- and she wants to bring in every author of Third World disease ridden Third World by not known anything about the indoor plumbing. You know unskilled once they hit Americans over the head illegal alien in the country. And Tucker Carlson. Is speaking for a rough with a rational Americans were still left. Essentially already started this is how -- Yeah look you know do you include in his -- meeting. In -- final exam when there's a war for twenty years I. I think probably has a moral right to community apart he opinion we are refuge and his people the world looked after the Chinese city that's not really knew -- -- Yeah it'll did illegally any at all and it raised is why it is a long radically different and immigration and asylum or not just seems so I have a moral obligation. Who share my earnings. And my country -- -- never met because they are a Christian I am absolutely have you read the Bible it's not a theocracy here including yeah. Countries are not important since. You have an obligation we did you know there noted that yeah. -- -- was saying in the US government hasn't responsible now yeah. The W yeah yeah. You give charity money that's amazing nation law when I kind of not straight but here's another problem at a college. So I think every person looks a lot for asylum this I make this not our country is -- I don't. I think it. Yeah. -- where you've never heard of this America as a refuge at people were persecuted like I said. Yeah this the bottom line is yeah precisely. -- -- it seems every. Week sixteen's so yeah my problem reconsider our -- -- -- world. Yeah. -- he's already -- -- don't want this any obligation to Paris. Other countries of course. Country -- -- the people who have been fleeing persecution in art in history they had a lot of they have a moral not a person. But they don't have any moral rights to American tax dollars and physical -- in the united isn't the Donald now and I and and happy I was I don't think it Jewish people who are fleeing pogroms should have been allowed -- -- and that's just. -- idea just how. -- got married and central -- deliberately and war. That's persecution. He's talking now that I have a hard trying to say you can't just say OK now it's it's all about OK if you're a Christian and you're good -- and then you let everybody coming out -- -- -- the -- sterling hit -- -- playing -- -- that yet they were in Arizona it's good to see it as a way to see this guy he legally. That's -- That the the the key there's you know again the the you know you talk about abortion. You talk about. Gay marriage. They state flip out the liberal swap out. This is not a theocracy you know you have no right to impose your views. Then when it comes vote to illegal aliens coming into the country destabilizing the country wrecking the country turning the country into a Third World hell hole like -- like the ones they are fleeing. Then we have -- Christians do a Christian duty -- to commit suicide as a nation. It's great isn't it I mean they they it's the this is why this is what Nancy Pelosi was is been talking about you know we have this Christian duty to commit suicide as a nation. You know he or excuse me your baby your neighborhood has a right to the has a duty to commit sort she she will still have -- security guard she's she's. She's insulated by a 1020300. Million dollars or family -- but. You'll be you'll fuel our duty bound as a as a good American and a good Christian. To take in all these people and to give them all your money and to make surely relaxing but if I hear so. Do you -- have a here -- at their new wide at their new suites. You've heard the embassy suites hotel we now have the illegal suites hotel and down in the texts they're gonna -- at six. New. Clothing it's everybody's gonna get six new clothing outlets. 18774694322. What -- your next what Howie -- go -- Luis. Yes -- I always wanted to make a couple of points about people or situations. I do not believe that they're being returned for humanitarian reasons because. It's been said that once you've contracted. Ebola spiritual treatment Ollie can do for elite keep you hydrated. And that's Salt Lake until they certainly are doing -- where they are now spirit no benefit to these people returning them here. So that we need to believe that there's a political. -- and foreign and also I'm a more sinister reason and. You're you're really going down the conspiracy wrote here always. -- perhaps I am but that's. Really quite see. You -- I wanna start and a pandemic in the United States. At this point Ali nothing would surprise. Nothing would surprise me there well weeks but I'm just asking you if you really wanna if you really wanna say that I mean I I don't. Even even this crew. It it would appear this would be beyond that. -- -- what -- it let me put it this when Louise what's in it for them. Well -- I think your goal is to. Bring complete socialism and this country and in order to really gain control. In a country this large. Art has figured cult you know they got to eliminate a lot of. -- there's there's certainly not culling the -- now they're rather they're flooding via. Bit they're flooding the the -- with a with a lot of what do you call blames basically. They're bringing and the people that they want you wanna get rid our -- We're working wanna get -- -- -- working people. Well I'm also. -- 65 year old retiree. And I'm -- -- not not a big burden to them as time goes off site and how they like to try to get rid of people like me or not. -- But let's not -- -- to -- -- how were for the people are bringing in not going to be a burden on the mean that you -- any of these people are looking for work area. Well it in a way they are going to be opening. They only got to keep Democrats and that's the only gradually economy. They've got to suppress and collapsed economy because they're going to be. Aren't getting benefit. The -- dark -- There there are that there's new there's a new step up today wanna get -- at some point. Eleven million few more Americans are working today than that workers that -- when Obama became president. Eleven. Million. You work Americans working thanks for the call police. 18774694322. -- your next with how we cargo cattle are. I I'd -- L Ellis Island happened and I -- at an average American and I would love them. The congress and give them history left like -- and understand. -- thinking well my and it's university of cancer. You didn't -- pastor rod. You acted -- you're fourteen. Including at -- -- a security cart. A letter from saying he didn't have enough money supporting your. Country. That's and that export and and. It's this it's the same you know what are if you're if you are you walk abiding citizen of a foreign country it's the same way here. You know -- this I'm I'm gonna tell your story about the in the illegal alien. Killing. Mexican killing a Chinese exchange student at USC. And -- have. Happened a few days ago and the parents the grieving parents of a kid. There was murdered by an illegal aliens they were held up in China for days because of visa issues they couldn't come to the United States. Legally -- their dead kid who was murdered by an illegal. And yet the only goal in the old Leo was live here free as a bird I'm sure it was on welfare and and by giving hitting illegal aliens and Americans over there to support himself. Because we don't want we just I'm humanitarian. In my heart but when I'm in an airport. I'm on the plane I'd put my oxygen on my nap comic -- earth and then out. I went what to large I hope neither buster ever in that position but I wouldn't blame -- if you debt thanks. Let's take a break 1877469432. To a about week. 1877469432218774694322. Immigrants to be housed in suites. Near San Antonia. The currency center will house of women and children who winner of the country illegally through the valley. -- program. Immigrant will be at the facility for an average of 23 days. Are right. The -- say the rooms will be referred to is suites. The switch or furnished with on the facts play tables for children flat screen TV sets and landline telephones. The sinner has a soccer field covered with artificial turf. Basketball courts ping pong tables in the weight room. Officials also have plans to install playground. Noble. Yes. There's a dentist on site. Children will this receive physical within 24 hours of arriving the charter school from nearby San Antonio will provide schooling and access to a library for the immigrant children. There is a room where the immigrants will get the pick new clothes each illegal alien will be able to choose six sets of clothes. Including shoes and socks. The feds estimate it will cost approximately 74000. Dollars a day. That house 532. Aliens at the center that's an average of 140 dollars a day per person. That's the piece. That's now this is a real couple bad. Yes and I like the hair salon that's my favorite part of the hair style that. Here's. Posts here what -- well. They've been there will be Khartoum wall murals stuffed animals. Snacks. In here so at a south Texas. Facility. Know these will not be a terrorist acts that yet. Have to put money into vending machine because these will be free snacks because. Like. People who work for a living American citizens these are illegal aliens. These are no royalty. We we owe it to them because we are Christians. I thought I. I have the obamas say we weren't a Christian country anymore I know we did he did he said -- whatever else we want we -- to Christian country more. Now it turns out we are Christian country because. This is why we have to take care of all the illegal aliens in the world would wanna come here. And kill us. Julliard next with how we cargo ahead Joseph. Probably political what do he didn't -- to regret -- -- I guess you could support -- I just can't believe the Dem but I cannot hide morals period compassionate grounds. When they had no one's denying medical and the needy children and background -- the background checks -- -- almost in the end. What what about these kids and you know how -- that different I mean I would get away with. I know what's best this Tuesday there's a congressman and in Michigan he's running for a -- eleven senate seat that Lisa retiring from. This is what he said in a short that they got a video clip of him last year. Immigration reform is not about enforcement. It's about finding a way to fix the problems in our immigration system what if we don't have any enforcement Joseph how the hell are we ever gonna fix -- thing. It's not that I'm related to put -- -- that the into the unbelievable. What's happening there. -- I mean that you are you gotta do -- read the paper and you can you figure out you don't even need to see the video I mean it's. You know it's an invasion we have BM Coulter thing the -- a vehicle -- cut. She was on Hannity last night I wish it was I wish it was coming with us but she's off for the summer. I listen to this listen to this jail. -- sincere real of that the Ukraine I mean this is all Borger he -- -- You keep sending an I mean I agree I wish we could have Netanyahu was our president. But you know how when America reacts if if these missiles were being shot into our country well I'll tell you how America would react to what's happening in Israel right now. A hundred -- have been found on our border. To smuggle in I'd better when there is to go honest I was inside invading their murdering their -- thing on the day had a busy -- set -- about a year ago that he. The surge of homicide in Chicago is -- Mexican drug cartel what do you we are being invaded. And I just wish people would talk about our order in the way at least people like you when I talk about. The way we talk about Israel's border we need to Netanyahu he can you imagine -- All these I mean. Yes sometimes Palestinian kids get killed that's because they are. -- Very good. And they're not associated with the terrorist organization that is harming Israel enough tonight Otto. Can't let the religious leaders say we think about Palestinian children can't look at UN says many assessed. We -- contrary we have board first and Netanyahu -- forces them. It exactly we don't we don't need to Netanyahu and by the way Netanyahu was up favorability rating is up -- last I saw was 83%. Which is about double. What Obama's favorability rating is in this country. Thanks for the call Joseph -- you're next with Howie -- go -- -- -- -- I didn't call. You know we are Christian nation and we are one of the most generous nations in the history of the world. We have people get billions of dollars to like millions of hot rice and flour wheat and all together and support countries. In all we really need to take in turn it right now. On people are. Like the interview where there are Kirsten Powers. We need to ask -- How come she gets the play god. Because she will -- an -- particularly. -- weights that are. -- -- -- to an end and deprivation. What is -- in children. In the second straight to the one -- order so why don't we just simply turn around that aren't apps for it seemed willing to. They get all the -- deal over it works army. Well just forget the one billion how can -- -- -- -- that's just ask -- this -- how many have you taken it. How many have you. -- -- -- and whatever our name is how many have you taken -- -- been asking all these. How many is -- taken in how many of Deval Patrick taken at least these people with large. Land holdings. Now. One of the great things so I mean if you want a nice. Second job I saw yesterday on the news that the government willing to pay up to 7200. -- -- -- markets for every one of these. Children that you didn't take it take you can't you can make a quarter million yeah. -- -- I think that was them I think if you took and six that you can get 72 -- -- -- that was the -- you can get but still it's not a bad deal you know just just babysit kids in making 85000. Not a bad at all okay thanks for the call on among our car. Get a lot of us. Messages. Chicken fried steak places and now someone chooses one just outside of town. Just outside its renewed SMU the -- heard from somebody else's said that enormous cafe Israeli. Top -- plastic homemade pie -- also gotten meatloaf. I know my kids are gonna are gonna go crazy like take them there but you know what. I'm picked -- not so good the other my youngest dollars -- to education to check out the place. You know. -- to reflect the hang out in the you know when Alison. You know listen to the same pitchers later a year ago by a great SMU is on the at least a couple good meals because this trip. John you're next with how we cargo ahead John. -- I okay we you know I hate to say it I voted twice for Mitt Romney and some people get would be deserve. He should have that in addition to vote for Michael went by the civil while favorable for some guys you know people get what they deserve. You know I agree with that John it's just that you know people you would use mean that collectively people get what they deserve but I feel like. I. And you did so why why should why are we paying the price it doesn't I know we're paying the price and I know that's the way it works but it doesn't seem fair does it. No you're right you know that -- public school what color shows. Future. Kind that. I know who wish who always she'd be -- her religion on audio on now on -- you know -- Tucker Carlson you know. Again let her let her pony up by around. It is I would pick Ted -- And Mitt Romney against the run. I'd love to go through different. You know what I love Jeff Sessions through -- you know people send Jeff Sessions had more to do with scuttling that bill limit Ted Cruz did he took the the he took the hugest. Set the entire Alabama delegation down and said look at this is insane and you do you don't wanna beat the oneness. In that he he has much as much to do with is as crews of mob war. But those guys are those guys are really top notch I mean it's it's just the DM shame that -- McDaniel was Monica and join him and for mom Mississippi. Because the the K street. White shoe. Haley Barbour out wanted 121. Have Thad Cochran and there he's a key last six years anyway they can put in Haley barbour's nephew was that senator Scott. Place just -- It's actually -- would go up more stuff to read about about these illegal aliens killing America.