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Sympathetic to Hamas? 7/30/14

Jul 30, 2014|

Nancy Pelosi said Hamas is a “humanitarian organization.” What do you make what she said about Hamas?

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But so far more than 700 Palestinians have died and more than 33 -- most of them civilians. Do you think that it is relevant. Somehow. Respond and a disproportionate weight. Greats such -- tragic situation. And I think Hamas. Intended to provoke Israel. Because that's why they started the rocket fire again as I say when I negotiate cease -- held until just this month and then Hamas which had its back against the wall decided to once again. Fire rockets into Israel. Israel made it clear that wasn't acceptable Hamas kept doing it Israel said we have to stop the rockets and and they discovered all these tunnels. So obviously Israel's right to self defense but. I and everybody who is seeing these terrible pictures. On our TV hope there can be a cease fire and try to end the killing and tried to prevent. The unbelievable. Heartbreak that we be happy with the appropriate response to think well I think what the problem is and this is something I'm not a military planner but. Hamas puts its missiles its rockets in civilian areas part of it is that -- is pretty small and it's very densely populated I think they put their command and control of Hamas military leader in a civilian areas. Israel I know has sent warnings in and trying to get people to move. But in any kind of conflict there are going to be civilian casualties and we need to try to get to a ceasefire as soon as possible. -- disapproval. This is incredible. No no. It's because guys you say it's urban it's congested. It's pretty small. That's why Hamas is putting to air missiles and rockets and civilian areas it's because the ship but it does is pretty small -- densely populated. It's a densely populated area small bench -- populated. Are you freaking kidding me. Got excuses -- justifies putting rockets and missiles and hospitals and schools. How about check this out madame Hillary. Honestly -- I don't know if it's the ball pox I don't know if it's because she fell on her head commercials -- does the fire for being Ghazi. Maybe she has brain damage I don't know what I honestly I don't know. How about. You don't have rockets. How about you don't have missiles. How about you stop launching missiles and rocketing and bombing the people of Israel as you've been doing for the last. God knows how many years indiscriminately targeting and killing and shooting civilians. You know all start building up an economy. Build up a democracy. Build up a civilized Palestinian society. To service the -- for an independent Palestinian state which the Israelis have said repeatedly they're more than happy to cut a deal on. So how about instead of saying you know what. Let's put you know decent textbooks and squalls that don't demonize Christians and Joseph Louis. The maybe let's actually -- put doctors and nurses and medicine and hospitals. Instead of rockets and missiles. Now I'm just I'm just thinking out loud here Hillary. Look how their first instinct is to demonize Israel. Look how their first instinct is to quit the -- and rationalize and excuse Hamas. -- jihadist. Terrorist organization. Bent on Jihad. Burn reliably anti Semitic. Her violently anti American. This is incredible. The Democratic Party. Liberals this is why I never understood why Jewish Americans vote for the Democrats and vote for Liberal Democrats you're cutting your own throats. You're voting for people or aiding and abetting the enemy of the Jewish people. Now. Shaft -- shaft come mine now Hamas is a peaceful humanitarian organization. In my amount. This is you're -- said that getting carried away each have come on. Hamas they're just defending themselves against zionist aggression. Against the Israeli occupation for the Israelis aren't even -- in Gaza anymore it's Elmo it's it's is is Israel's fault. The Israelis are pressing OK. I want all of you don't take my word for it this. He's the official charter and constitution. Of Hamas. This is the law of the land in Gaza which they control and run for nearly the last ten years. Look up article seven. Of their charter. This is an -- and a sense they soul love dished it keeps citing this charter and this article it's almost like their First Amendment for them. This is their crown jewel that says that the -- of cold -- so proud. Many re -- a little bit of it starts off by saying I'll listen carefully because you get the sense of what this organization it's. By virtue of the distribution of Muslims. Who pursue the cause of the Hamas. All over the globe and strive for its victory further reinforcement that its positions and for the encouragement of his Jihad. The movement is a universal one of -- basically saying we are now all committed to Jihad. Basically to terror against our enemies to war against our enemies. And arm movement in unity with all Muslims is a universal one. You read a bit more down it says Hamas is one of the links. In the chain of Jihad and the confrontation. With the zionist invasion. So they're part of a larger energy are against the Jews and against the State of Israel. Now. Here is the last part of the charter and this defines Hamas to its core. It's essence and it's goal quote this is the humanitarian. Organization that Pelosi talks about. This is the same group that Hillary says about the choice to congested area -- well the rockets and missiles have to be put in civilian areas. -- The Hamas has been looking forward to implement -- allows promise. Whatever time it might take meaning -- world Muslim empire. Our profit. Prayer and peace be upon him means a lot of forgive me -- Prophet Mohammed. The profit prayer and peace be upon him set while. That time mom dot com until Muslims will fight the Jews and kill them. Until the Jews hide behind -- rock centuries. Which will cry -- Muslim. There is a Jew hiding behind me come on and kill him. This is their charter. This is their official governing document. This is their bedrock. Article seven. Kill the Jews. Kill all the Jews. For a lot to establish paradise. On earth. Every Jew must be wiped off the face of the earth. And believe me they're not big friends -- Christians either were next. And Netanyahu doesn't have a right. To smash them. And dismantle them. And disarm them. And instead of condemning Hamas. Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton are Schilling and excusing and rationalizing. And lying on behalf of Hamas. My friends. Modern day liberalism. The Democratic Party. Has now formed an unholy alliance with the radical Islam. And to all the Jews out there -- be careful. Because you now have anti semites -- running the Democratic Party H 53 on the great WRK -- more with your calls next. How does this little you can only be my -- and -- -- -- seven. M 680. WRKO. For the Palestinians what they need. And we have to confer with the qatari. Who have told me over and over again hamas' humanitarian. -- organization. Massive blows. Now Hamas and focused and guitarist -- Hamas is now -- humanitarian organization. What I tell you my friends the anti Semitic moon bats. Toronto Pelosi Hillary Clinton did dear leader they are now in full control of the Democratic Party. Reno firm Israel thanks for holding and welcome. I don't -- black and blue million tend to call. You're playing these particular. We'll let you -- -- -- dilute it. I couldn't. Even attempted kidnapping moment delete. Well I mean as I mean is this I mean a court -- is how how humanitarian his Hamas arena I. And tell you. -- don't appear they had killed over and didn't think children who they used to pretend to -- and fifty million top ten have. Moved into molten -- continued Israeli army. -- afraid of being killed. I'm glad you've really fast moving into the rockets in our -- united nation. I am schooled somewhere. And they -- -- any type syndrome and nobody wants to give them back if I you know he. You gotta laugh if you think that god didn't didn't charged. I mean there are tuning musical people here. Kept -- understand a week at a small country Israel is a small country and menu so that he can rockets are eluding. You know the area of the government can only sense and as it can only shoot down a few of the Iraq. But computer and the numbers that I guess I -- because sent me a picture idea didn't date. I'd love one that sounds yeah in the arena -- -- -- Did fill in an area between. The C and a bunch of apartment buildings. Open area. Yeah it's I don't know if you didn't I didn't. Did the comedian and now I'm back I can continue until he does that iTunes. I didn't know do I don't. And you -- cannot meet -- -- the -- -- I'd add that my parents who are now trying to get into Israel. -- captain and -- and we're gonna have to call them undocumented. Immigrants. Green I gotta -- I'm up against it stay says -- hang in there 6172666868. 9 o'clock on the great WRKO. Let's stick it to Angela in the news -- -- of the top and bottom to. WRKO. And -- 93 point seven HD true. Power for the coroner report. 6172666868. You can also Texas at six days six days. My friends and getting a lot of great feedback still on the rallies. If you wanna read an absolutely. Phenomenal piece. On the real meaning and importance of the rally. Go to wrko.com. Click on the corner report. There is an absolutely brilliant piece full disclosure it's by my wife doctor grace -- -- But honestly I'm not saying it because she's my wife although she is brilliant. It says she writes a column for world Tribune it's up on wrko.com. Go to -- I urge all of you who read it send it around to your friends. She hits it I mean the nail right on the head. -- also there's an interview with -- up there one on one exclusive. Really who the man behind the Mike if you wanna know about me a little bit more personally. My background. What motivates you mean why I'm doing what I do today you'll want to check out that interview up on wrko.com. As well. Okay. So we now have leading members of the Democratic Party. Simplify using with Hamas. Clearly now very -- and police anti Israel. Now anti Semitic there's no question about it. As much of the left the academic left his anti semantic. The progressive leftist anti semantic. The European left is anti Israel and anti Semitic. It was only a question of time. Before that disease and cancer and anti semitism. Would infect the Democratic Party and the leadership of the Democratic Party. So we have Jacques Francois AKA -- Basically acting as hamas' spokesman. Trying to impose a cease fire on Israel. And basically argue for all of the main points that Hamas wants. The lifting of the blockade. And essentially an end to Israel's offensive. He's acting basically now as they're negotiating. We have Nancy the Toronto apple -- and all the government of Qatar the -- east. They say Hamas is a humanitarian organization. Maybe we should have the Qatar is using their influence. That's like saying the SS was a humanitarian organization but let that go. You now have Hillary Clinton. Saying don't blame Hamas. -- reporting missiles and rockets in schools and hospitals and mosques. It's a densely populated area. It's an urban densely populated it's so congested. They have no choice. How about -- missiles and no rockets to begin with but again let that go. But this now comes straight from the top. As you know leaving aside his policies. We have a president. Whose father was a Muslim. That's a fact. According to Muslim tradition if your father is a Muslim EU by extension are automatically a Muslim. His stepfather as he points out in his autobiography. Was also a devout Muslim. He was raised and went to Muslim religious school a madrassa he admits that it's. He mastered the -- wrong he admits that -- He openly praise when he was young in Arabic he admits this. He told the New York Times. In an interview. Nicholas Christophe. Who got the most beautiful sound he has ever hurt. Is the call of the -- son. The Muslim call to prayer even call to prayer. Well now President Obama. Did dear leader. -- but Barack. Bush saying that Obama. Saying. Now is trying to deliberately distort and manipulate. And rewrite American history. To now present to America. Has not just a product of a Judeo Christian heritage and civilization. But they Judeo Christian. Muslim. Civilization. I kid you not. Here is this statement as you know the Muslims celebrate Ramadan which is among the -- thank. And so when they end the completion of Ramadan. It's called the Eid Al for a year the -- eight. Seoul on the I need. Where Muslims then gather and basically feast they gorge. Because they've done thirty days they don't drink they don't eat -- fast badgering the daylight hours. So to mark the completion of Ramadan here is what Obama wrote this is his official statement. Now I askew. If not. If the supreme leader of Iran could not have written us. If the supreme leader of Hamas could not have written us. If the venue cal leaf of the nicest terrorist state in Iraq could not have written us OK check out their stamina -- deal. The full statement. -- as a Muslims throughout the United States and around the world to see you got to plug the Muslims around the world that's very important for the dear leader. Celebrate I need I'll -- -- Michelle and I extend our warmest wishes to them and their fan votes. This last month has been a time of fasting reflection. Spiritual renewal and service to the less fortunate. While I need to marks the completion of Ramadan. It also celebrates the common values that unite us. In our humanity. And reinforce is the obligation that people of all faiths have to each other. Especially those impacted by poverty conflict and disease here is the ticker. Now here is the controversial part the explosive part. He continues second graph quote. And the United States. I need also reminds us all of them many achievements and contributions of Muslim Americans. To building the very fabric of our nation. And strengthening the core of our democracy. That is why we stand with people of all faiths here at home and around the world. To protect and advance their rights to prosper and we welcome their commitment to giving back to their communities. On behalf of the administration. We wish Muslims in the United States and all around the world. They blessed and joyous celebration. I did about a. This is suppress our deputy substance. This is a president are you noticed. He will not say Merry Christmas. He will not wish Christians in America and around the world in Merry Christmas he was happy holidays. He does not go out of his way to help the two. Appraise the Jews for passover many of their other sacred homeless. But he goes out of his way. To celebrate the end of Ramadan that's point number one. Point number two and much more importantly. What you are now seeing is what we show what was. Prophecy in 1984. Look at how this liberal radical leftist. Regime. Is now trying to completely. Rewrite and distort American history. With all due respect to American Muslims. This is not a slur it's not libel it's not slander it's a fact. How many if you were on the mayflower. Madam. How many of you were fair jury the American revolution. Practically non. How many of you have been there through many of our seminal events in our history none. Muslim immigration to this country has been fairly recent. And even if you take the highest numbers which is five to six million I don't believe those numbers but let that go. That's a very small minority. There is no way in hell. That -- consent. That they were quote many achievements and contributions of Muslim Americans. To building the very fabric of our nation and strengthening the core of our democracy. That's like saying -- -- curse. Or some other small religious sect help to build the very fabric of our nation and strengthening the core of our democracy he won't even say that about the mormons. The mormons found that an entire stake you'll tall. And -- one of the most successful prosperous religious groups in the country he won't say that about the mormons. But he says that about Islam. How many Muslims -- directed declaration of independence. How many Muslims helped write the constitution. How many Muslims fought in the American civil war. How many Muslims fought in the first world war the Second World War the Korean War the Vietnam War I could go on and on and hell. In the Afghanistan Iraq quarks. What are you talking to me about. The -- bull Burke at all. Yes not I'm sorry lawyer right ball a Britney -- you got me released earlier in my -- George Jeff bowl Bert doll yes. -- save bald bird doll does help really strengthen the core of our democracy no question about it. The building had at the very fabric of our nation you see he's taught us how to be a good trader. We -- this is how you dessert. And this is how you then get all the benefits and a 300000 dollar pay check. And I'm nice cushy job in some military base in San Antonio Texas. This is how it's done. Knowledge stroke he's written a book on how to be a good trader. -- -- Are you kidding me. This is the same man you can look it up. Several years ago openly said in an interview. That America east quote one of the largest Muslim nations in the world. -- Indonesia. These. Turkey needs. You wrong in these. There are barely several five million -- the highest number. And you're telling me now that's not suddenly one of the largest Muslim nations in the world what he's trying to do it so lobbyists. This is the islamists isolation of America. You have to Nancy Pelosi sympathize with Hamas. You have Hillary Clinton sympathizer with Hamas. You have the gradual dehumanization. Of Israel and the Jewish state. And now you have the president of the United States. Claiming that were a product of not too afraid spite of three fifths. So we're not now just eight Judeo Christian nation. But now according to him. We're also a fundamentally a Muslim nation. Buddhists. Confucian since. People who who practice their -- in the Asian community have contributed a hell of a lot more -- American Muslims tough. There's no getting around that fact. How many great universities have American Muslims counted. How many great enterprises and businesses cover American Muslims found it. How many great hospitals have American Muslims found it. What's great political achievements cultural achievements. In terms of literature. Music. The arts. Symphony. I could go on and on how Muslim Americans contributed to the United States. This is sheer. Propaganda. And Maurice. This man is deliberately lying distorting and manipulating the truth and my friends here the consequences. Okay. It's not just the official revision of our history check out this story. Juror rain -- Ramadan. Because now we're basically a Muslim nation -- Jewish Christian Watson technically whatever happened to us by the way what ever happened to separation of church and state. This is straight from the president. Notice. Notice. When it comes to the illegal immigrants suddenly everybody citing scripture sudden there's many you know. Stranger in Egypt a group of scriptures says that he's so he's got cardinal O'Malley he's got Protestant ministers he's got a rabbis got a new mom suddenly now there's no more separation of church and state. When it comes to Islam. I did move product. Suddenly it's a great Muslim religious holiday I welcome you are commemorated. I celebrate -- suddenly then there's no separation of church and state I've noticed that. But again let that -- Here's a story -- Fox News hat tip. Of them for having the courage. According now to the defense the Department of Defense medical and graduate school in Bethesda Maryland. There is now directives are being sent out at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. Again this is the Pentagon's graduate school medical graduate school in Bethesda Maryland. The brigade commander sent an email. To all military personnel at the facility last month just that the beginning of Ramadan. Telling everyone at the facility. Atheist agnostic. Secular George Christian. -- Confucian whatever whatever whatever your religious background. Do not eat or drink in front of Muslims and learn more about their religion. Quotes. This is a period of great personal restraint and commitment. In addition to renewed focus on worship unquote. Brigade commander colonel Kevin got us wrote quote. I'd like to encourage you to learn just a little more about this religion but more importantly I am asking you to be considerate. And do not consume food or drink in front of our Muslim colleagues is a simple yet respectful action unquote. He then provided a link to a web site about Islam and specifically. Ramadan. -- Marines were up in arms. They said they never tell us to be considerate during passover. And trying to ride the ducks are urging non Jewish colleagues to refrain from eating let's say leavened products. How about not eating -- jury went. Personal email being sent out to non Christian colleagues saying hey look for example I don't eat meat during -- -- as a Catholic. I'll by the second week I'm like I'm imagining a -- all I see your sticks. You want talk about temptation. I see somebody -- a burger how -- my mouth is already salivating I don't see them sending emails. According to this marine. Telling non Christian colleagues to refrain from -- me injuring land. Now. We're being told in our own military. Don't eat or drink in front of your Muslim call -- learn about their religion and learn about -- adorned. Our dear leader I don't know how to tell you this this is not Saudi Arabia. This is not Kenya. This is not Iran. This is not Gaza. Now if you love it so much leave. -- barely -- released Wednesday. -- -- -- The end of Ramadan. Where he now says that there. Muslim Americans have -- contributed. The very fabric of our nation they strengthen the core of our democracy. Is this the beginning of the Islamic citation of America and and Bethesda Maryland. -- Department of Defense medical graduates. -- was now told in an email by -- brigade commander. That they should refrain from eating or drinking in front of Muslims during the month of Ramadan. Sure our troops now be told to refrain. From eating drinking or offending Muslims during Ramadan. 61726. X 6868. Is the number. This is from 978 Jeff. I work at a major financial institution and they have printed up company letterhead. Posters and every break room about being sensitive and not eating in front of Muslims -- Ramadan it's incredible. It's just think. I just look at how they will not assimilate. We have to assimilate to the end. This is from 339 Jeff Muslims certainly contributed to the redevelopment of the twin tower complex and -- this this is from 978. Jeff they really gave us some achievements after 9/11 the Patriot Act TSA NSA. The police state that we have today. -- comrade John you're up next dikes -- -- welcome. Guess what it's like not contribute -- just watch the video this morning from London. State bodies into the title what that allows without -- written -- -- people and all arms. Walk on the traffic job and up and now white get a bit getting so sick a -- more aware that -- even their stock of course that border control illegal vote. This is what happens when they don't assimilate -- -- pay -- -- -- got it all. Gets some prudent plan. Thank you for that call comrade allow. Let's look look look look -- and Ted. And Ted -- heard Dennis -- are up next thanks for holding. I even model that. I did more but act which means. It's the -- -- -- over parents and sound patients. -- thank you I look at and be. The Barack Obama on trigger counter December 28 -- that Merry Christmas. On that year. The Obama a Muslim that is that really takes you out you know. Are especially considering how many abortion clinics aren't Saudi Arabia how big that people are about. Yes same sex marriage -- do you think you are to be -- -- -- from Jeremiah Wright. Well right my understanding is he was a black -- was a liberation theology just. So he in many ways was but he's a cultural Marxist. For the dear leader I think it's obvious it was his father it was his stepfather. It was just four years in Indonesia. It was his cultural upbringing. Now whether he's. Practicing Muslim or not I don't know. But he's definitely a cultural Muslim no doubt about it. And no man has bent over more to appease the Muslim world then Barack Hussein. Obama. 931 on the great WRKO. Do you agree with did cheerleader. Is Islam one of the three founding fates of America. And short our troops now stop drinking and eating jury Ramadan in front of their Muslim colleagues. I say no way you say Boston. All of your calls now. I. OK okay. This. This is you don't. And he. Hello hello I read more about it. Happy and Ramadan for everybody from the dear leader. 6170666868. Is the number. -- I gotta tell you the moon bats do they love to protect the islamists and they'd love to protected their leader. Parried a previous caller -- before I believe it was dead. 401. Law you drop me before I even got going while it was still worth every minute of waiting on hold to hear you that flustered right. Then I'll tell you what or whatever for a want -- got the guts to call back to show. You explain to me why this man regularly denigrates Christians -- Israel in the Barack. And yet has the nerve to send out a statement the same guy by the way that says we should be. And I've never violating set a separation of church and state. But he stands there and has the guts. To tell us that American Muslims contributed fundamentally to the fabric of our nation and to building our democracy. -- Give me if you've got the guts little -- give me a call 6172666868. Is the number. Dennis are up next thanks for holding welcome. So just. This is disadvantaged children in front of friends and so yeah. I didn't want amigo. Zones right. -- I just wanna say thank you thank you for the O'Reilly. And no different -- You know make up for him. -- -- come from another country. You know -- DC is so amazing what you're doing. You know we need to stand up and particularly people here especially to people that -- in this country that been here already. They don't realize how much all of these immigration is gonna affect them. And it cannot change overnight. -- hit at least not you know just immigration these guys doing these -- destroy the concert because that's all he does. The guy. And this story and you know -- in my opinion and that's another. DP cannot overwhelming came from him. To destroy the country stands well when he does stand up for. Dennis you're not happy I am that you called let me let me -- I mean really properly introduce you to the audience. I meant -- and his wonderful wife. They -- I think there Rafael Cruz event in Foxboro correct -- yeah tennis is illegal immigrant from Venezuela. He married an American woman he has I believe with two children right Dennis. -- -- there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You. Yeah I did -- he's they're the ones that shot with those British singer either -- a -- with us. And Aniston are here illegally you came here as a student worked hard saved a bit of money went to the bank got a business loan. Then as she started up your own business you now hired a couple people they now work for you you're you're having an American -- indoor. For me some help and you know creating jobs. Creating jobs -- please tell everybody. What why what what Hugo Chavez did to Venezuela the late socialist dictator. And how did you fear Obama is doing the exact same thing to the United States. Hello. Do away -- that these countries. Is. Everything that is happening and been a -- but it's gonna happen here if we don't stop now where they may be CP twenty years from Venice Florida. -- I love. You know first they get you dependent on the government they schedule. You know so that you know that you do things stand note you know under hospital -- -- Connor and they. So that you get quote. And then you know that you have you know welfare and if so that's what you did you know you -- and you get different you know. Did you did you live from the government and -- and out there they have you know these men are gonna be reached people leave. Then you know they have control on this. Population. And then when they had controlled and based do whatever they want effect controlled and you are -- -- healthcare that they're confronting terror. As you know right now I've been sort of a controlling your food. Which is one of the most important thing you know -- if you go to the supermarket. They ask you for your right. You have to give and get right beat them that you're a small portion of food and then you know enough for making a few days. You go home you're not -- little I could get some more update this year ought not so walk away you already enough. Thought you had to go home I'm starving your family first carbon you can find anything that supermarket supermarkets are anti. Soul -- the Russians. Then you know it's sad and you know I've and they do whatever it you know they want with days. So how do we get people. And and you know people don't realize that that could happen here if we don't you know do something. I was doing now and you know people don't realize these -- urgency of the situation you know I think. American says to destructive. That we get caught watching TV bring their kids to soccer and go on this and they've done. Could open -- session. And you know all we need to -- you know more and more active that's why I -- my whole family to your body. So that you know all I have my kids -- you know what difference does that not something might happen to them but. -- -- need to stand up there and they need to read it defined front -- you know helped stall stall stall you know what's gonna happen to me. I don't want to make sure of what's called -- Sinai so. You know we need to do something we -- truth -- -- Dennis Allen put you on the spot -- your very eloquent then and you're really you're the embodiment of the American dream you're like me you're like a legal immigrant that came here did everything the right way. And you're enjoying the beautiful fruits and opportunities of America. Do you believe from what you've seen over the last six years somebody who fled socialist tyranny in Venezuela. Do you believe that Barack Obama is America's if you go Chavis. He I think he it is yeah is the source of that for sure but he has. A bigger plan in my opinion. A few minutes ago you were talking apology and -- mosque on Monday. And turning you know I think it's more. I think he's trying to turn everything into a Muslim nation and you know and -- and the only way to do that America is to put America on their knees. To make -- weak and that's what he's been trying to you know and then when he makes this country week she can do whatever he -- -- that. And you know I think that didn't -- my honest opinion that's. The main goal because. I try to understand this guy and I think the debate -- you don't -- what it is one scandal after another open overwhelmed all along your -- all the while. And you know we we you know we don't come out of one. Just shot that night you know the IRS helping -- in the -- he does something else -- -- the immigration and he. -- supposed to denounce -- and knowing what to get impeached -- cycle of destruction there's so many things that. Overwhelmed us that we can. You know we we've got to face like electric poured out police -- trying to plug the holes we -- fingers and you can't. This you know it's just too much is these. It also I think he's doing it. I he has planned and I it is sort of for a reason you know I just dissecting what it is thought that particular patent you know but. I think for sure I know that everything is -- -- to destroy the country to make this country weaker. Dennis thanks so much for that call. Do me a favor -- juvenile your two beautiful little kids form. Archaic to think differently and to me you know Europe hatred you have to be born in this country to be a patriot. All you have to do is just not these concert and this countryside or home. We need to protect them. Goblins you Dennis -- you my friend Jeremy go. 6172666868. Is the number. Beth Europe next thanks for holding her on WORK no go ahead bath. What that you've got another part listeners I think I in the country because. A lot of good -- of what I was going to say -- -- could contribute to the destruction of the World Trade Center. The downing of flight 93. A huge amount of destruction in doubt that the Pentagon. -- and the allied themselves with Germany in World War I and World War II. And contracted brand not the Palestine it is thought helped Hitler or in the final solution. And I I have something -- witnessed the thing about. There are only twelve point three million Jews in the world there are more than a billion Muslims but think about one point four billion Eric two point something billion Christians. There were no Christians in the world how long would be just survive if there were no Christian how long would -- be -- -- -- provide. You know. Did this our state -- under the country it's part of our culture and it's really important if we don't hang on -- that stick up or we're in huge trouble. Yes well that is incredible. Man did you nailed that baby let me tell you this right now if there were no Christians in the world. The Muslims would mass occur every Jew every atheists every agnostic. Every secularist. Do you absolutely. Nailed -- Christians will wake up before it's.