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Invasion Not Immigration

Jul 29, 2014|

At a county meeting in Texas, one of the citizen's attending said Barbara Harliss said, “What we see is not immigration, but an invasion, a deliberate invasion.” Do you agree?

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-- quietly dumped hundreds of illegal aliens in Tennessee. This what bill has -- said. It is unacceptable that we became aware via a posting on the HHS web site. That 760. -- accompanied sure older and have been released by the Office of Refugee Resettlement to sponsors and Tennessee without my administration's knowledge. The governor -- strongly worded letter to President Obama. I still have not been contacted and have no information about these individuals -- their sponsors of -- what was posted on the nature you just website. Is that typical. An influence of unaccompanied immigrant children to the stay with low information being available to the public sort of state leaders creates confusion could be very problematic. I believe in. Well. Yeah. The and -- Republican state house candidate commended. I believe been mired in legal immigration we all everyone believes in legal immigration. I support governor house in response from the president's decision which is an outrage it's unfortunate the president's actions of extreme Tennessee's resources. But what more fortunate this hardship whose actions are imposing on these children. And the fact that the president is ignoring the law yet we have an abandoned any. Their talents abandon them. The parents abandon them on to the under the guise. That -- once they get quote unquote settled in here on welfare they'll be able to bring up parents and bring them in commonwealth. Load your next with how we cargo ahead low. They are radical lawyer shows started WGA and indicating that -- -- like course. What are -- station ten years prison. Ten years what about how about those but did you read about the scout troop from Iowa the was trying to come and don't they just got lost the border and and in the of this was last late last week I didn't get around to reading the story on Friday. India Border Patrol pulled weapons on them. What happens on voice out. I saw that I saw that -- but I didn't really I didn't read you are. If you bank and ups and our world. I know and and and how about the fact that this this green this marina stolen Mexico. -- -- Our our I'm a marine I a side that really annoyed they're like -- this. -- shoot it cannot do anything but he can stick your nose in Israel's business with a lot. Totally upside. The only DeWitt the cut for much Charles Krauthammer did this last night on this last month on separate their show on fox. The yeah the carry one yeah hold on -- to. Look most of us as a result of American disengagement. And withdrawal when you see what happens when America engages. You want to -- that we shouldn't have them more disengagement. Look at the wreckage at Carrey is done. In intervening. In the Israeli Gaza fighting. He decides he has to go the Israelis did not invite and -- egyptians did not want him and he says he advanced at peace plan. That was sort of building on the Egyptian once they didn't at all it undermined I think it was a left wing Israeli paper that said. Kerry had dug a tunnel under the Egyptian peace -- Egypt wanted to the ceasefire in place which means no reward for Hamas starting this war. By attacking civilians which is a war crime and that was proposed. For the ground incursion that casualties would have been infinitely blow Israel accept it from us at mail Kerry goes over and then he negotiates in Paris who wins Qatar and Turkey. And returns essentially as the lawyer for Hamas hands Israel proposition that is so outrageous that the cabinet. Votes in nineteen nothing against it Israeli candidates have never voted nineteen nothing on whether the sun rises in the east. It was unbelievable and would have given Hamas all of its demands. I know the guy complete and then he's walking around you know you heard last week we've got to get over there like -- like he's got some kind of power I mean he's presided over the the gutting of American power and influence. And now he's acting like it's the 1980s and he's working for Ronald Reagan and he's -- is name is George show last month John Carroll. -- it's also it's last week. And I'll I got an article in my backpack I have a ready yet at some small stretch. That's all we they gave a -- 35 million dollars I I don't know what the sources though I I. Take it to another there's another great story today a little bit this and you know what see him on spotter Michelle Mon. Is running for the center down in Georgia and then in the she's running behind but she she's like one of the day that's one of the things that the Democrats think they have a chance any way to pick up a seat. Former Republican retiring sexy -- Saxby Chambliss. Well and the only thing she has our resume that she's ever really done issue and the share any. And now it turns out that gets into one of the recipients of perched her cherry charitable foundations. And money giveaways work. Hamas and she was giving money to Hamas. If that's what you think that's a good that's yeah let's tell us now let's get some some -- eight. -- are. -- thanks Lou yeah. This is. This this is you Leon Johnson got this that this is from this is from national -- This was an early memo prepared by Michelle Obama and senate campaign in Georgia stupidly posted on line briefly last went there. In the it says here let's hear. Morton. But this is. I guess -- -- -- on Gaza ends up being -- little -- pro pro Moscow or another check and see what happens what's the motive for this where -- the stuff about Hamas. And we got some stuff well okay. The nonprofit that none leads now gave grant money to an Islamic charity that's been about banned by Israel because of allegedly funny funnels money to Hamas. Her own campaign memo which she posted I mean you'd think you'd think Republicans are stupid when it comes to new technology this is a Democrat campaign that this. Her own campaign which was posted online warns her to be prepared to prepare herself for being accused of giving money to terrorists. OK. OK so you don't do you give money to terrorists -- -- -- -- -- money that they're workers alike issue you did but it was Imus today. 18774694322. Oh here's one on gun owners here's some of this and what she she was planning to target gun owners. This group is likely to be rolled out in November September or November or October this is -- to -- and dollars for Michelle -- Members of this group must have gone hunting licenses depending on the size of the group of their names display become the news -- or advertising program report just before hunting season began its. Well that's great she's gonna she's gonna she's going to -- Hauled them off the with a bitter cling yours. Elements that soon. So John -- Don't get me out there really isn't there. That'll go over even better in Georgia and won over Ohio. Where I'll let alone. A -- newseum yesterday. After a punishment work forms that are more than just walk the streets of now Stan -- that is news -- there was a big sign. Got -- welcome here. Haven't seen that science is the last the most that the king Arthurs one -- Chelsea. And that's closing down. Matt you're next with how we card or had mapped. Speaking out silence in the Hamptons when we go to. Our QB there's one we have illegal aliens and amp. Real -- but there were yeah but I think there are mainly working in as domestic help they're not that they're not getting I don't think their run. Bit they're getting special treatment being culture integrity and I -- Average about trying to do what I stopped at the -- there was doctored or is he. Two -- outside the 7-Eleven everyday and I want to trade and community property. And put them into. How can you image and -- halt. They wanted to let them stay there. Now. That's hard to imagine. Thanks we lost -- one when I read the story we come back about this -- suggestion to put them all on Hampton to meet again. We've all we will we've -- been coming up with these great solution to get John Kerry the -- -- the implement secretary of state. He's got he's got that whole island -- on them all wrong. And than than we've got the sweetly the that the governor's 77. Rolling bucolic acres of Berkshire County there's so many places they can go. 18774694322. Car. 469. -- -- 18774694322. Is by study use. About are -- -- the next Sanctuary City. He's talking about the start topic argument letter I just read you from governor bill how -- from Tennessee. But you know what the hell's going on here. I'm sure that the moon bats last year. Why did you talk about -- ask its -- the owner of the Cleveland Browns just -- -- pay ninety million fine. While adjusted. -- they -- price fixing they have given me at all that money has warms their father all the money. Running at -- at truck stops and media in this in the Sunbelt states and a they were somehow over charging I don't -- I don't understand what was it was a civil penalty I think ninety million box which was kind of a drop in the bucket for -- house -- But anyway. That that doesn't mean that you know you don't get doubled easily illegal aliens. For president was constantly complaining that he is learning about a meant by watching the news whenever -- don't think he would have had enough courtesy not to do the same other executive's office. Not to mention it is highly irresponsible to just drop 700 plus illegal aliens off without giving any warning to prepare. Especially considering most schools in Tennessee start classes within the next two or three weeks. This is a great opportunity for those compassionate Democrat donors to open up their -- the states and welcome these children and and Al -- should be one of the first set the example. Instead of donating millions to campaign coffers promised the public the private the private funding of the education feeding. Health care and housing of these. -- -- -- -- As it would provide Democrats a much better PR job and it tingle up any mainstream news anchors weigh in fact I proposed making the -- since the next. Sanctuary City I I agree. I agree. 603 has -- always been this stupid. Yes he had us she just it shows that most of the time he's been an idea he's been in an institution. That would be the US senate. He's -- he was institutionalized. At a fairly young age by age forty. And now he's now he's been now he's left the institution and he's on his own and you know what's. ZE never should've left assisted living. We knew we was in trouble last year when he he was. Caught on the yeah. -- going on to the Isabel is his new was seven million dollar yup and you don't wanna pay excise tax or sales tax to Massachusetts on. So yet doctorate in Iowa. And he was it that was in the revolution was going on in Egypt. And he decided to take off it's not to Egypt but -- say they often talk it. Where is. Second wife's first husband trust fund owns. Owns a rebel march mansion Albert happen. -- points it's. And you you know the thing is I mean he never he never -- the senate this never in session on the fourth of July. So what if I had a revolution Egypt didn't know before the July. He's he is senator John Forbes like shot -- he doesn't work and the work in -- -- him. He was on the boat you know why have these ankle. He's going over most think in Cairo just because there's revolution when he could be when he could be you know. Running around -- down pound you know yeah Canada with twenty year old -- wedge drinking drinking out of read cops. With their nice penis straws. Member that was caught drinking have a -- with the teenagers with -- but we're drinking the penis. -- 18774694322. Jerry your next with -- cargo ahead GA. -- great show as always thank you. And I just wanted to. I don't know if you read what Juan Manuel says. Excepting me. Children in Chicago recently it was -- thousand. Yeah he's -- and and his explanation was we can't turn our back. On the children didn't you know they're they're they're escaping violence. I would just sort of wondering what about the children how how well the violence there. There was eleven year old -- I mean it shouldn't be chuckling about Europe shall we were I mean it was eleven year old girl was killed at a birthday party last week -- just by a stray bullet. It's it's it's pretty calling that that that. That they can sort of say anything to know what it calls from it's. Yeah -- they they know they don't call -- because I. Again I mean they they know they have the press in their back pocket that's a whole thing isn't it. Absolutely and and hopefully I mean are you are there fewer Republicans that are there shouting chat sessions. And entry Garrity in those guys -- that you they just cubic congress although -- order trouble. Well but I -- most assuredly I mean you know it doesn't matter how many seats the Republicans win in November. If this guy just keeps operating unilaterally. You know with you know totally without the rule of law your -- said today. Yeah if somebody said today if -- if the United States wasn't beset on so many -- you know the the economy. You know -- in horrible condition the the international -- seemed so so bleak. You know every everything -- mean this would be a major this will be a major constitutional crisis with a guy president deciding to operate. Outside the -- It's amazing. Isn't it. He's a constitutional. Lawyer it. Right yeah he you know he Nixon never dreamed of doing anything like this. I don't know if you've seen any of these if you if you read any of these excerpts from the Nixon the Nixon book that has just come out that somebody is -- gone through all the transcripts. Above the recordings in the Oval Office. -- Nixon never considered -- -- anything like this Nixon was just kind of a guy who was just an observer compared to this guy he was -- Nixon was an observer could say. Oh why don't like camera wire the Kennedys behaving that way but it never heard him to do when he missed the sort of -- because you -- I never -- that you know. I think extreme I think it's pretty telling that the White House. The people inside or that you bring up impeachment they're not the first once. -- because they what they want it you know it's like you know it's like Cabrera Cabrera but you know don't throw me in the briar patch. So they can run around and he cannot. You know he could be the victim and play the race card over and over again you know they'd be eaten heavily sold without it and -- him he could do what again they they're after me Colombo. Mean that's what it would be thanks for the call object. 18774694322. Marty Walsh is welcome him with open arms too he says it's our duty you know. I know he says that that's the mayor of Boston easily DC in the same thing Linda you're next with how we -- -- Atlanta. How I am so glad to get through because I'm so frustrated like everybody all day long today on WH YNN. That. Some of well about Patrick is that a good back story saying that keep getting three to one. Called saying in response is in favor of the. Illegal that's all. That is a total load of crap. Even the Boston Globe poll we talked about a last week they they tried they slip that the wording so. You were more likely that to say yes I'll I'll welcome these people by putting it by making it putting a bunch allies in the statement amidst all came out 5050. And that's how they're doing it daily -- I'm over the weekend do you know -- had gotten up there -- and the fact you have to do in the thousands more. And he the first story from the club said there's a couple of hundred people here. Think that this is going on in the people need to call that. The Bob Patrick -- I haven't got all my people calling to say that did what he put -- a lot -- what he's putting out there at all. I don't know why every day and Linda. Everybody get more and more like Obama a catastrophe and a new life. Every day. Yeah I know what you see keeps you personally give it first there are many of them there than there admitted that they're in the -- custody that they're gonna be all they're only going to be a fuel -- them their only going to be four months. Well actually it's gonna be three years. Well you know met when -- gonna have to pay for well actually will have to pay a little bit of form. -- -- -- -- -- increase the State's illegal alien population. You know such and such you know great. I don't want one more I want a ball I'll hold you would he now -- -- --