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Diablo Patrick compares illegals to The Holocaust. 7/17/14

Jul 17, 2014|

Kuhner says Diablo Patrick is loco!

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He is pimping out. The bodies of the people who died in ocean -- and involved. To try to score cheap political points to justify the invasion of -- state. For him to dump illegal immigrants but the people of this state do not want. It's nothing sacred to you. Do you have no decency. Governor. -- desecrating the memory of ghost dad died at Treblinka. And I've broken vault and that ocean its. To shoot -- cheap political purposes because now you wanna lick the boots of did. Your leader Mimi. You wanna be like -- dear leader Mimi rule. Because you wanna use this to further your political career meaning me. You wanna become president one day -- me. And walk in the footsteps of the great L -- the dear leader may Mimi. So now you have to start throwing out the Holocaust analogies and my friends what is even more insulting. He's insulting all of you. He's insulting us. He's insulting the people of the United States and especially the people of Massachusetts. Who don't want -- illegal immigrants. He's saying essentially wink -- the assumption the implicit assumption is -- the Nazis. You'll want to send them back to their -- pure like the Nazis. We're not cease. The miracle -- is saying not seek. Because she says -- a breaking point. I've got classes that are overflowing we've got tuberculosis. We've got forty year old sitting in the ninth grade besides fourteen year old kids. People in Chelsea are saying they're seeing diseases now they haven't seen in years. They've got at least 300 Guatemalan Honduran el Salvadoran children they're their schools are going bankrupt. To our hospitals are going bankrupt. They're seeing gang bangers on the streets they didn't see before MS thirteen is infiltrating their neighborhoods. And suddenly now because you care about your own children about your own schools about -- hospitals about the safety of your own communities. Now that's not seeing some meaning me. Do you demagogue. You phony you fraud you. All tell you what if it's nazism to -- at the wanna send to not want these kids here okay I'll tell you what many -- If you're it is bad. And humanitarian. If you're it is big Gandhi as you claimed to be Huckabee not adopting those kids. How come you don't take 345. And put him in your house. How communal how communal house then make Europe a nine million dollar renovate an office you phony fraud you. What did you take them to your house and melting -- fraud. Instead you dare insult the people of this state. Calling -- not seems. Because we don't want people with -- got all kinds of diseases coming into our community. People who are many more criminals here let me give you that just want a face just the face of what people are facing in this country -- here. Here these. We're not -- now for opposing this -- to show you the insanity of liberalism doesn't. This is a story. Not from national review. This is not a story from falch and you lose the so called right wing media. This is from the associated. Press and it has been verified by numerous other media outlets. Read all Al better Almonte they -- a month Perez saw mount busts. What's from Honduras. He's one of these alleged unaccompanied minors I'm looking at this guy this guy's got to be when he's 43 years of H more pretty -- pretty old to be a minor but let that go. So -- part of these so called miners that are now crossing the borders 43 year old man. He came across. The border in McAllen Texas on June 26 2014. Got -- he was processed. He is an illegal immigrant from Honduras. He was captured. Processed. And then he was released. Last weekend. This suppose it unaccompanied minor. What is in New Orleans. Where he'd Borchardt. -- Do you suppose it 24 year old a woman identified as a 224 year old woman Heidi Monroe. Who had three children a two year old a five year old and an eight year old. He allegedly murdered her by bludgeoning her to death in her apartment in New Orleans. They released a man who was a murderer who ended up murdering an American citizen. I'm just giving you a little taste. That's what we need in Massachusetts. More people like him coming in. My friends. He is spitting. On the people of Massachusetts. It's our taxes that are gonna have to sustain us. It's our communities that are gonna bear the brunt. It's our children who are gonna be exposed to this. It's our schools that are gonna be overflowing and overcrowded. It's our hospitals and health care clinics that could go bankrupt. It's our social services that are going to be strained to the breaking point it's our streets are gonna have these criminals running around and not meaning me hours. And -- -- holds us in such contempt. They he's even willing now to -- -- the Holocaust. And imply that were Nazis. I am now urging. Every member of the Jewish community in Massachusetts and in the country. To condemn these vital comments by the governor. And to demanded he retract them. This is an insult. To every age who dad died in -- it's broken vault. Or in the Holocaust. 6172666868. Is the number. My friends should we allow these illegal immigrants to now be dumped in the state of Massachusetts. Meaning me says yes I say no where do you stand 6172666868. And are we Nazis for saying no all of your calls next action -- flame thrower hill racer. You remember would have. Okay ship full of Jewish children. Try to become its in 1939 in the United States anyway. Many of them went to big dance and I see -- mean you not -- that conservation. I think we are either party people the next American. Point seven err on the great WRKO. He's also -- agreements. The saint Louis the ship he's referring to yes it had some Jewish children. But it also had men -- how to women in that adults I mean does he doesn't always talking about. It's time for a rally my friends. Next Saturday corner report corner country's gonna be holding a major rally. Deet tails the -- the time except Iraq but it will be at the steps of the state house. Please I need all of you and your family members and friends to show up it's time we put this governor in his place. Elizabeth Europe next thanks for holding welcome. -- I am not. Surprised that people are outraged in the fact that we can handle our own that you cannot let -- It -- -- -- to -- -- let's act like they're dying. And then not get it. You know -- fact that we're gonna do -- -- do -- -- to this day and in our. I might have thought it that it about it you and it shall there and put them in some of the opera on count. And -- Out stocks are you know route route -- treat people exactly you know but they think and that -- you're pretty well I. No way you or hurt shout it to the people. Crazy -- not in there aren't. You know that. Until Elizabeth I could have said it better myself. 6172666868. And that's what he's counting on. People's apathy. He thinks all other complacent or apathetic the people of Massachusetts will take it will take it on the chin. -- next Saturday we're gonna show him that people have had enough. -- on Europe the peasants are revolting. Dona Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Well I had a question that your. How many people who are in no matter how much sheltered our air how many area in the welfare they started that. -- adopted. He'd want to bring in more cheap well. What would he need all. Can tell you know people in congress shelters. Are. Waiting to be adopted. We should not let anyone and. I'm with you done. This makes no sense. Politically. Economically. Culturally. Socially. On any level this makes absolutely no sense except he's doing very dear leader a big favor. On our backs. 61706. X 6868730. On the great WRK oh -- your calls next. 737. Here on the great WRK you know Jeff Horner Boston bulldozer. Meaning meet the Governor Deval Patrick. Has now admitted to the press that the dear leader Obama. Being told no by Marilyn Knoll by Connecticut Knoll by Iowa know by California by state after state. He's now turned to his good friend and by the Governor Deval Patrick many -- To help. They can make significant number of the illegal unaccompanied minors. And have been sheltered here in Massachusetts. The governor said he's gonna take many of them then the question is how much and where are they going to be sheltered. So essentially you wants to turn Massachusetts. And the Max to choose its. And he's saying that to oppose this. Is a similar to turning back that the Saint Louis. That ship full of Jews back to Nazi Germany where they were perished and killed many of them in the Holocaust so basically we're not six. You oppose this you're not. 61726. X 6868. I wanna read one text. Because I think it's it really captures a lot let's -- the heart of this issue. And one of the concerns a big concern that many people. 978. Giraffe I have MS. It's an incurable disease. Which compromises your immune system. If I die from one of these diseases coming in will the governor go on trial for premeditated murder. 978. No but he should. Because he's placing all of us and our kids and communities in jeopardy. Before I take some more calls. -- what is happening now. Is eerily reminiscent of the fault of wrong. This is almost exactly how -- -- And so meaning you need the uneducated ignoring mr. -- The historically illiterate in Arenas that he is once that compared this opposition to somehow the Nazis. Well okay you wanna compare us to the Nazi's. I'm comparing what you're doing directly to the fall of Rome. Now what should listen to this because this is straight from that -- they say yeah. Their ancient history in depth where they talk about the fall of Rome let me reap huge just to -- points. They go one about how Rome began to fall. And they cite this really began in the fourth century word the acceleration the fall -- decline in disintegration. Really began to accelerate. And this is what the BBC said I'm quoting to you now directly and this is really standard history this is almost. Which you see in most history textbooks on the fall of Rome quote. Stage one listen very closely. Consisted of immigration. Onto -- soil. Followed by a second stage of aggressive expansion of the territory. Under the illegal migrants is control. So stage one consisted of massive illegal immigration. There are basically the germanic tribes the Romans refer to them in quotes as barbarians. Because there were non -- So the German tribes came across the Roman front pierce illegally. And they began to shuttle all crossed the Roman empire. And so they took hold in the Roman soil on -- on the on Roman land. And then they followed this by a second stage of aggressive expansion they grew and grew on the territory under the migrants control. So now you have this huge illegal immigrant then germanic population. On Roman soil. The central -- in state now reading directly from the BBC. Collapsed. Because the illegal migrants forcibly stripped it of the -- banks. You see they had to start giving it more and more benefits. To take care of these settlements and these germanic settlements to pacify them. And so that was less money for police. Less money for roads less money for the Roman army and the Roman military. And before union whipped. Rome itself collapsed. Those. Who do not know history are doomed to repeat it. We are repeating the fall of Rome almost two with. And this buffoon in the governor's office this clown meaning me. Thinks he can lecture us about the Nazis. 6172666868. Next Saturday. Corner country is holding a major rally no to illegal immigrants being dumped in our state. Please I need all of -- show up we'll give you more details it's going to be at the steps of the state house. Well time and everything else and the next coming days but please get ready market on your calendar. Saturday July 26. The people of Massachusetts. Take their stand. -- Europe next thanks for holding welcome. Gentry got on the lonely on the middle age white male who Jewish. -- an impassioned cheers it's such a conservative. And I heard what many resettle us straight and how much sick to my stomach -- and Serbs are either. -- -- triple. Yeah I shouldn't. In the Jewish. True bid to just. -- around. We're centuries we've then weaved and church not down. Decimated. Genocide. And you're the only group of people that village and -- looking for a handout all the low Hastert say much. The opportunity to do well for ourselves and it's a little patch land leading Colorado Avalanche in Israel. And most people -- your buddies. In the -- -- True true question will play and tried to. Kill everybody into Latin illegal alien skin and the -- until the -- are coming here for handouts they're coming here Jewish -- genocide. And do make a better life for themselves. Illegal immigrants are not doing that that come in here so that junction just -- everything for free and cherry got stuck out. -- got to ask you this. I mean. As a -- do you not feel insults almost desecrate the memory. Of those that died in ocean routes and Treblinka -- involved in those gas summons. To compare us the people of this state in the country. Who don't want this invasion of criminals and gang bangers and sick diseased children. Trump realizes she -- -- suffering. That a generation. Of people went through. I'm just -- is basically trying to be wiped off the Jayson -- here and that's always always but yet. I wish you all the time these people who are very you know there holocaust. Took nine years -- -- and then there are. Supporting Palestine in and it's just play you know what I. He he you're you're resort and apply it to the -- to help children she -- fancy. And died. You know but all the other -- don't worry about it and I don't know I think it would -- quote on quote great -- Democrat. Who turn to Saint Louis sore right. Thank you thank you for that call -- six point 726 X 6868. Where's the anti defamation league. Where is the ideal. Where world these leading Jewish organizations condemning meaning me. Cheney says absolutely outrageous and inexcusable and nothing there silent. It's like a Liberal Democrats can defame the memory of victims of the Holocaust all day long and the other question I have for many meet up when -- -- Where's the genocide in Honduras. I'm sorry am I missing something are they trying to wipe every Honduran off the face of the earth held real Salvadoran every Guatemala and what are you talking to me about. Even compare it to Nazi Germany shows me how disconnected from reality this man is Jan Europe next thanks for holding welcome. I love your oh thank you -- I -- and don't distract as a citizen are not it's it's that the opt -- quite a lot out there a lack. I think it looked at setting term knee hit that they're gonna go into this or -- there are already struggling. Here and that they. And that's not fair. And -- are tired are happy that supplement. Other people back there and and I Eric Eric your current parity and we work over a hundred hours a week. Combined and clearly troubling to me that. People who work hired in the past people have to continued output Chinese other people's mistakes. And try to people back that they didn't really worry about this -- that don't exceed that they're going to you know. -- agenda they're gonna bring in diseases. We know that some of them are criminals. Gang bangers. Some of them were in fact 3540 years of age we had the Maryland on. And she said there's more than a couple. Where you have a forty year old man by the way don't order criminal backgrounds -- no documentation. So they could be like this guy cited the last story this this this guy who came in through Texas is 43 year old Honduran he could -- -- It could be your rapists. And you're gonna allow this. By the thousands -- Massachusetts. This isn't same. I know self respecting state no self respecting governor who gave a bison Dele. I shred of kick -- compassion or care for his own citizens would allow this. Don't and I have to say something else is -- look I work a hundred hours a week. Many people who -- listen to the show they mean their family they work a hundred hours a week. But in the end I have to blame us and myself included. We're the peasants. And they keep peaking and peaking and peaking and picking. Until we say enough is enough until we grabber pitchforks. And saying -- must know more. They're gonna keep taking from us. So it's time that we taught this criminal bank this ruling class this ruling elite. These over lords were not their serfs were not their servants. You can't just do whatever you want to what's in our communities. You wanna dog badly mini me. You take command. Otherwise not a one. AME go. 6172666868. Is the number. -- -- -- -- None I'll come -- de amigo. -- he gets that he understands that when I talk to her English doesn't get it but when I go come Brian de amigo what's EC EC. -- -- on an analysts say the company now's the presents are rising up bill Europe next thanks fro. Thanks for holding welcome. -- -- -- Do we lose bill. Hello bill. Yeah I yep yep. You know this is a very inhumane thing you're doing very inhumane thing you're doing. And anybody that listened to this station that is -- Roman Catholic by the way you would that I communicating -- month ago -- What are you have to assume anything and only the gap. -- probably all know what to tell you what I can't do. You can listen we do you think you are you can actually we got where -- -- -- -- come about what I'm about I'm gonna come out that that church that. No longer invite it. I'm no longer invited to the moment -- -- -- and -- put -- -- pat what do you credit and the cabinet but you can't receive W him -- the flat. You can be -- it all right if you wanna be acting you can go to dean why why I like a whole lot what we want to call communion don't. I myself OK I myself can't believe what -- yet yet the people that -- that they would get it to what people that would kinda -- It -- well it turned away from the get I think that that's and I get a look at exterminate them and end all of the ball would have practiced that. The moment and I look at who migrated to arm themselves bike at a comparable will do all. I have no idea which had. I have no idea that we we can't take this one by one bad -- come belt belt now and you'll need some like senior legal and I went up. I don't come I came here legally I can come here illegally. I come here to -- low low -- -- Did I come here legally or illegally -- -- copyright why did you can't get the greatest -- history of the world but I respected. This country's laws I didn't come in here illegally you get a genius. You want to spend that aren't so I'm a non criminal record when I'm not a gang turned down. And I'm not a gang banger and I don't have ties to MS thirteen and I didn't bring in tuberculosis. And I didn't bring in measles and I didn't bring in SKB's you get the difference number one number -- look I'm sorry. The Roman empire how -- boundaries they were invaded by massive germanic tribes. Every see every historian has commented on not so for you to dispute -- frankly you're insane okay now as for me being ex communicated. I don't know what your talking about. I have every right how they position on the legal immigration. So for you to stand there and tell me I don't have a right to have an opinion what do you -- -- I'm gonna tell me whenever you're gonna tell me -- -- you're gonna tell me that Hitler wasn't passing anti Semitic laws in Germany. You're gonna tell me that he wasn't talking about the final solution. I don't get when you look at exterminate the people that I was getting ready to exterminate them both he would not at and David Bartlett told anybody yet. Now people don't get about this election is a humanitarian I don't. I thought that -- yeah so what Hitler was a humanitarian. Yes pretty. Unbelievable -- if you want to compete -- a lot about what's gone on and sorry I -- and other places down there yet -- depth and -- remedy. In Honduras and Guatemala and El Salvador -- tell him hello hello hello while while you're telling me that Guatemala -- -- an hour. Honduras Guatemala and Central America you're telling me that they have not -- states. That are planning to liquidate millions of their own people is not what your telling me. At that meeting at that little complicate -- -- Abbott will include the big -- And nobody -- and who haven't put people in the and that kind of. I don't -- you said to me that the that the the situation in Honduras Guatemala and El Salvador is worse than it was under Nazi Germany. I can't go to our good friend yeah right the -- and -- I think. Well let me read the names of the network if we don't give me names. Give me the names of the fascist dictators. In the Central American republics that want to massacre millions of their own people who are -- what system to -- -- I don't. How -- -- shall I ask you act. You're not you're not listening you're just rampant under relentless attacks that are bad guy -- okay fine adios to listen to the show why I don't know what else the W. What does this say about you. If you listen to a guy that you think is a low -- So now that now the line is from the -- check this out my friends look at now lying is. Data Honduras Guatemala and El Salvador are not only not -- states. It's even worse there than under Hitler. Think about that for a second 61726. X 6868. Is the number seven so -- bill you took command. The new one should predicament portal to the border and grabbed three or 45 kids 754 on the great WRK no more to your calls next.