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Max Robins Monday July 14, 2014 - The Emmys And The Leftovers

Jul 14, 2014|

Max Robins TV Guru and blogger for Forbes.com was with us to answer all of those nagging questions about the boob tube...today's discussion involved The Emmys and The Leftovers.

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Warm 877469432218774694322. I guarantee we'll get to some calls this segment. We're joined by Max Robbins he's a veteran journalist covering the TV industry for many years and that he's here to answer any of your questions. About TV you can read his stuff in that Forbes dot com what are you got to go one on Forbes dot com these days Max. Well aren't you aren't getting poked it yet but I did get beat you are able and how we want where we -- picture extra EM now. -- yes like you know. I'm what I don't understand the Emmys. Well -- Then I'll -- and somehow incorporate suggestions into the peace. But the other thing is is that bit what I really watching. I'm gonna suggest that it would you have these I don't get out yet how the same actor for playing the same rule should we -- every year after it after every. And her show -- your record your to your gardening that would be like you every year to. You know did you admitted to Rolling Stones into the rock and roll -- straight year I'll put it. And hit so what I would propose and doesn't say is that. Instead of deputy once you win -- -- win for best actor in a particular theories are actors you retire. Your tired -- required and I think that would open up a lot more at some more excitement and what. A short attention a lot of -- the most weeks. Boy gets -- really quick question I'm not sure I mean you know -- after. She should we want. Boy I. I gotta think -- both. Where we west wing and so I don't erupt there and I and I got what they do to write -- Kelsey Quayle won a bunch years for Frazier. You know what I'm gonna check that's a very good question. Listen I didn't realize -- -- -- it was gone from fox and now she signed for a CNN I mean this the thing if someone doesn't have a regular slot you don't really miss a moment ago we didn't even even people you know were good looking. Or was someone I would tend to remember you know -- You're not only our -- in the heart grow under it just made me forget to. They said she'd been gone for fox it's mark from fox it's march and I said march I didn't even know she was -- Mean yeah. I didn't know -- only do what's gone from fox you know wood and she she can I went to the same college and she was great look at the she vanished and she was replaced by another -- And that I just I just fell in love with little it was blond I guess that I was. I. Yeah I'm just -- typical TV viewer Max typical male TV view word. And. 18774694322. But I but it did take some calls Max I just because I haven't taken many calls today would been tied up with Alyeska so it's okay Greg your next with Howie -- and Max -- go ahead Greg. Good afternoon -- Now I think -- our -- -- a string of our best supporting actress for night court back in the eighties early nineties. He. Also on -- you'd want to push and ask your warm orange I'm not want to punch and Michael JR one approach. Also pure -- -- France which you know I'm I'm Eagles lose. I'm Alan Alda one -- to their -- on the top and actors that people aren't yours and I'll. Yet -- into the conscience sadness -- -- houseful. The day after -- learned that Nickelodeon cable track him I think BQ. I don't know and yeah yeah well you know the. You Macs are just coming around -- see that you know. For instance it is Hollywood doesn't have this problem like. You don't for a Boston black key Chester Morris never want it repeatedly the best actor or Austin. We show -- right. Thanks for the call Greg won 877469322. It's jog your next with how we car and Max Roberts go ahead John. But -- what you -- -- channel called bull jumped. Into. It or are iconic rock art after it was set up the obstacle course. And figure out what -- -- Yeah it would definitely be easier than survivors screws everybody survives right. Thanks for the call -- 18774694322. Let's see. Sounds like Max wants to turn the -- and the liberal playbook everybody's got to win a prize. But I don't Illinois got a prize. Saying that at all I'm just say that I'm not like you know a lot and polluted it is you know what newspaper apple -- It bit somebody like cause you know Michael chase stocks -- or. And these actors are great actors I'm just saying let's open to talk more about it everybody gets an award. I'm saying it let's let otters show you could use -- match. So what's -- I don't hear somebody I don't I -- every I don't know dispersant issue at their bugs. Sure sure is -- -- what is so what's -- Jesus got 26 Emmys as a possible. Yeah that is sure -- issue. Who are you know has been at the documentary unit at age you know. For many many years of what 25 years and and HBO or as just -- a lot of holes. There's a lot of competition anymore either machine I think our doctors are questions what is. Yeah. How the ratings for the Miley Cyrus special. -- We now know that working didn't get a didn't get a big audience. I can't I can imagine. You're next with how we card Max Roberts -- have -- -- how I think you very first -- prime former prisoner box. Yes -- the old Charles street jail. Yes yeah yes so I'm hoping to hit one and Daniel are later ones pulled from Max. I never hear you talk about that showed those who kill with Croatia they -- I think it'd -- Much cap to shall have ever seen. -- don't watch out at a check it out I mean it is clear explanation not so much as well as. I argenbright you don't especially -- yeah there -- on the subject. Regionals business. It is our idea and I don't really do to turn that boosters deter me it's. Yes. Have you seen the leftovers. I did not -- well so would suggest you see. As orders are. The four. Q. Were you told me about that two losers yeah. What is -- -- turn coming. I think it'll be out here he would probably in -- per -- or is is Bob's burgers coming. -- -- -- You're next with how we card Max Roberts -- -- Am Mac. And I huge copper and here it is and that he had out of there. I don't know I don't know you could win but I could use you. I it is -- newspapers I I don't usually go. You know prior periods in the don't know struggles or why operation. Cookie cookie you know he's available to stock now because he's in Boston right now. It couldn't tell you and your blog that started this state job I can actually. Yeah he's he's played Billy Bulger. -- was pretty good my friend Anthony a more they took him around the garden museum -- he's gonna play some role in the some some show about the -- robbery the -- and he says he is one of the nicest guy she's ever Matt riddle of lovely kind gracious man. I told I cookie I told he -- that he should tell what tell tell your hero they -- to want. But to what he would every speaks it is as Billy Bulger he should remember that he should be his accident should be a cross between. Vincent Price and bell what ghostly. -- So it's so typical of a South Boston Irish you know I mean that's that's just that's what everybody talks over the air. I think I think that you know -- -- concerned about that -- probably some -- Are. -- Chris and what ones were pretty good and the other person. You are orchard. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- leaving early. The other solution to your. To your problem their maxis to go the true detective -- just have -- no actors in the show every year right. Yeah how I think it. So it was more site yeah it's been popular. Or -- We didn't see your world war reality you know places -- created this great writers. They switch yet as our story -- Along the number of successful losers are now we are no -- important story. True detective so I think -- words. Cookie take the day often covered the Boston its stock him. You know or how it was. Thanks for your next with how we car and Max Roberts go ahead mark. -- -- -- -- -- requested and you just mentioned you have in the last sobered up around but do people I talked to a to a communal watch it but the the show is fantastic out with a one note early. Republic. I think -- -- out of the church that you aren't there it is definitely -- Six was calling for all of it. And pick up on. All right all right all right are you got better that a little better my apologies. I'm sorry guys you know you wouldn't call it or outlined today. He's getting cocky. And I know I know. -- -- they have public winding reclining -- now when the bar rooms in -- to block blood you know you're just lie back there and drinking drinking something -- Cooled malt beverage and. Oh who were true Al. A. How was ready for doing -- ratings wise would be back for another season. It will -- is doing extremely well and I prepared like a brilliant actor Kiefer Sutherland so we're going to others. Well. You walk off but I think it's doing so well I don't see anybody actually. Kick it down his store robbers so I wouldn't be surprised if you get picked up this. But I apple. Pretty good idea at the end of never. Let's see how did the bridge -- -- -- Britain to a pretty good I think I really. Blisters from this segment no I think got to look at have to show. It's it's it's doing okay and -- -- really well it can't block these kind of real quality drama how to reduce future -- -- -- Well and but they call plus seventy outrageous government -- people watch it. What should US stroke within a week -- their record and watch the lakers are restored. It's it's hard to imagine real ratings mean and mean much at all and he is now anyway the -- I mean especially among the sort of the upper income groups of people have access to DVRs. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Why it's OPR people advertisers. -- type and lock when it's -- Germany and Argentina and final little World Cup. You know that has more value. Figure out who rightly or series television comedies and dramas. Even with a lot of reality show where there's not some kind of -- repeal. You know some people basically if they can afford it they're recording -- -- signal so I. Right exactly Jackie are next with how we card Max -- go ahead Jackie. I Orleans snacks. I'm -- want to ask you about Fargo. -- yeah I hit it real well got a lot of Emmy nominations and will be back. But it will have to ensure agent in the cast. What do you plan on changing the -- Yeah. -- -- improbable throws we don't know who britcaster I don't know we've not going to be back. Well whether a bit well obviously you won't be that the. Thanks for the call Jackie the last ship on TNT best show on TV. This story OK to have a lot of promotions aren't a lot of money spent. On the -- do we know hey it's not I don't think it's quite a blockbuster yet -- -- it would -- Is so cool would included them plus seven ratings. I don't believe it is but I but I pick who you are separated out and a worse problem. Advertisers are -- when their advertising and who are united treated in -- and at peace partner who. Officer mark wants to know was the rumor true that the monkey business channel is planning a vikings spinoff called drew woods. Yeah. The -- -- weren't nearly as exciting is Leo vikings you know they didn't have. They sail around those long boats and you know go on. Pillaging -- rampages. Round. Howard but remember what effect because we're. It's about the Seattle. That's more -- right that's right did call this the draw woods did work puts socially -- -- the inequities. So they did have a certain modern -- to -- -- -- -- -- good. Our James your next with Max province and how we cargo ahead James. -- guys I and so what you call our party so. I'm trying to find the leaking are logged and all of the liquid. Again I didn't. I'm not anywhere else looked the -- -- -- But we wouldn't recommend it but there are certain culture sort out there were many people are. I would keep trying to and I too little -- I think -- probably shore up what will show up but yeah. It pretty mutual friend shortlist candidates not be able not to be available for urchins who aren't there. OK Max thanks for being with us we appreciate it you can look at what you you can reclining your chair back now. Our doctors -- public about our car.