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Standing Ground In Murietta

Jul 7, 2014|

For a third time demonstrators stood in the road and buses carrying illegal aliens were rerouted from Murietta California to the San Ysidro Border Patrol station. Howie asked are the folks in Murietta doing you proud.

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These illegal aliens to I don't want to remember this. A lack Obama said illegal aliens are not a danger. Course here we have. Milton Mateo Garcia 28 was caught one year ago entering the US illegally across the Mexican border. It was reported back to his native Honduras. But senior Garcia -- re entered the United States illegally he settled with relatives in Philadelphia were mayor Michael -- Mayor Michael Knox. Had signed an executive order in April declaring at a sank. Sure where -- city for illegal aliens. Since then this it's the city's official. Policy to defy federal authorities seeking to deport illegal immigrants'. Unless such a person has been convicted. Of a violent felony. So he's in a sanctuary mr. Milton detailed Garcia 28. Last month the approach to 26 year old Philadelphia Doctor Who was walking -- home in the -- -- -- ridden house -- neighborhood. After a night out with friends she is accused of forcing the woman into her apartment and -- her repeatedly. Police said this a nonviolent illegal alien according to Barack Obama benched all the victims cellphone on Broadway on his bicycle. Now always in charges of now -- in -- in prison facing charges of rape kidnapping and robbery ice. Has launched a detain or against them requesting the local police notified. Federal immigration authorities before -- be released. But Philadelphia police refused to honor that request to washing your Garcia is convicted of violent felony and a judicial warrant is issued. All isn't that night so if you're illegal -- you couldn't. With impunity in Philadelphia apparently. He's only reaping the the 26 year old doctors in Britain house -- -- Americans can't -- market -- -- I guess that's the only way you put it. Oh god. What does let's see. The head of the new sanctuary movement of Philadelphia celebrated the mayor's move not to allow illegal alien criminals to be removed from the streets this is a huge victory for immigrants and their allies. The group new sanctuary moment of Philadelphia said in a statement. Philadelphia now has one of the most progressive. Policies in the country. He was doing for work. And company I'm kinda guess -- working. Consider -- -- radio host dom Giordano. Said that if this alleged rape -- was convicted this woman would never been raped he would not have been here illegally in a few would have not been here in the would not have been here illegally for borders were not so porous. If restaurants would not look the other way and hire people here -- Agassi did the job. And mayor nutter would not correct that -- -- -- sign welcoming violent criminal illegals with his announcement that he would not in federal. Authorities in enforcing our immigration laws how does your daughter feel about -- for us secrecy war against -- call us. 18774694322. Really seeking a new day -- -- that you. The text once the ball -- both. Well I'm back from vacation this is how we -- you wanna -- the number 187746. Mine for 3221877469. 4322. Idea it's almost -- we -- working on various projects from. Well along -- -- -- -- stuff done and a deputies say compact here for. For the for the time being and be out for a day or so here and there throughout the rest of the summer and -- go places and one -- do was take my daughter -- -- -- on the beat that he. -- yes -- new Southern Methodist University. And a hobby but I'll be around most -- the time so anyway if you wanna join us here to be on the show with 1877. 4694322. If -- like to listen to show in the -- you can always do so or web -- how we cart dot com that we cart dot com click on the live audio streaming. You've got an app on your us if you've got a Smartphone should say. Please put an apple on it and you won't have to worry about the any problems with an economist signals as the as the days shorter. You couldn't you can listen. I shudder. To think what I just scraped off the microphone here. Would go away which I need. And here in the Marconi museum you know -- the could be that could be Spanish. Flu bugs. Still working here. From the from the 1990 ice and chopping illegals often studio new line they're not you sure about that. Swine Flu was the latest one. Like two years ago through the list of diseases that they -- across the border you know starting with leprosy that theory it would bring cost -- Dan gave fever. And today we have Swine Flu. What it would -- would Barack Obama you say about the Mitt Romney's foreign policy. The eighty's called and they want their foreign policy back -- what a Barack beat the seven piece called when they want their disease back Swine Flu. But the experience BC's she's extremely pleased things are going swimming here these illegal aliens coming. And documented Democrats going onto welfare. -- Going crime waves beginning now it's just that the -- all vote democratic just eat everything is just working. Wonderfully. 18774694322. Signaled it is it's just once I was mayor nutter having signed this nut ball proclamation in the city of Philadelphia is huge part of the war on women. That's a damn good question. If this there's a war that this woman this woman was brutally raped by an illegal alien who was welcomed. For the city of Philadelphia. The city -- was the city of brotherly love -- the city of forcible rape. But I guess it is the city of forcible rape now with their run a sanctuary policy for these violent criminals. From the Third World hell holes. -- -- If you would if you would like to take if you if you like to war listen to the show on your -- just gonna get it to me and I heart radio W war KO. Are all kinds of apps available and I would recommend that it's such an easy way to listen to what the show. And again you don't have to ever ever worry about the signal again when it was -- And and also what also how we cart dot com you can take partnered daily Internet poll question. -- Internet poll question has brought you by how we partial week goes she what do ma am up to we will soon have or paperback edition of rat man out. Probably in six weeks or so. And I went and finished off that's this this week and will have an update with about when he new pictures we've -- chapter in the sentencing that. Book will be out in paperback. Very soon. And the the the -- or that poll question. Is brought to you by how we -- show that we said we come up with a Nigeria city for a question okay what does the poll question what are the results thus far. Under the Obama administration has the United States lost its standing as a superpower. I would say Somalia. And I'm just hit the -- 99%. Hands. You know what was it Nixon said if we if we lost the war in Vietnam we would be seen as a pitiful helpless and I think that was his phrase. I mean now we're not even a giant. I mean we're just that were flop house were -- Third World flop house. You know. The country's going in in such a downward spiral who knows if -- if he can come out of what a mess what mask we ran. Hope all you people are happy that voted for Barack Obama. You know -- we're taking a lot of work to figure out what kind of guy this was -- probably would've probably -- thinking at least ten minutes of Reading problem to figure it out back in 2008 what a booby he has. Ten minutes I know that's a long time storm time away from Keeping Up with the Kardashians. We're the real housewives of fill and fill in the blank. All right one more thing here before you back to the immigration stuff -- I wanted to just what we'll talk more about this little bit later. Via trial. Today started in federal court of one of the jokers. Co conspirators here one of the guys who was. Who was -- tried to destroy the evidence against him this guy's name is as a mapped. You mind if I column Hazmat. And column has. Has mad house policy Jaco. Has -- Hazmat policy are -- twenty. And he's being brought to trial on charges of obstruction. Basically. Oh and try not to let this destroy your faith in the success of the immigration reform act of 1965. But. Like the rapists in Philadelphia has map is an illegal alien. Yes he is. One month before the joke or allegedly helped his Big Brother speed bump that he was the serial killer 77 people killed at the age of 25 that's what it will probably stay at home dad. Helped his Big Brother the stay at home that is the globe described them donate. Detonate two bombs at the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon the UMass Dartmouth student told his two roommates. He wanted to die a martyr quote as you die with a smile on your face and go straight that happened. Prosecutors said this was the opening of his trial. The exchange was revealed for the first time today by federal prosecutors as one of those roommates has Matt -- and off harshly on off. Became the first suspect the go on trial. In a 45 minute the statement before US district court judge Douglas will block of a jury of eighteen minutes twelve plus. Six. Alternate jurors just in case somebody get sicker or something happens. Assistant US attorney beat Stephanie excitement said SARS so -- have also volunteered. There has -- And be his co conspirator extra money been that the -- during that same dinner out that he knew how to make a bomb. They has met his -- disk is accused of conspiring to obstruct justice by removing a laptop backpack. Fireworks a jar of gasoline and other items from so are any others normally when costing some of the goods and it would dumpster. The world later recovered from a New Bedford wind field. Has met new full eight hours before Sony that was publicly identified as one of the suspected bombers that he was involved. Sure the words of this illegal alien had called 911 and told them most likely in my -- police officer. Charlotte collier would still be alive. His his lawyer Nicholas world church. Said. So I'll tell you right now he would do it didn't do what he's already confessed my it's my understanding. Far from trying to cover his he hit his jihadist -- Peltz tracks. Wooldridge said. Hazmat was appalled by what his ex friend had done he wanted nothing to do with the guy a really really. He's listening to the proceedings with the aid of a Russian interpreter. He was originally arrested for being an illegal annually. Isn't that nice. Isn't that they come to the country. As refugees just like everybody south of the border. And I think calling political asylum which puts more on the welfare gravy train from day one -- never ever get a job. Us in for adults as some of lawless Serb gringos as other album costs we support them. And and then when they get around to what they commit crimes against. Match. It's good to -- you -- changed in the week -- been gone. 1877. But remember Obama administration says illegals from Central America are not dangerous. Not dangerous. What -- from this Cairo lot Labrador boy I bet I bet he's getting so much hate calls. In Spanish today at his office where a war Labrador this guy. I don't know what what that sounds like a Spanish name to -- to disguise a very conservative Republican from -- Idaho. And -- he was on he was on one of the one of the league the talking head shows yesterday and this is what role at the site. These are their own estimates and end it now they come on national TV and they say that they're doing everything they can't to stem the flow. But that they're number one priority is actually to make sure that these that we do right by these children that think that's administration needs to do it immediately the port. These families these children. Boy sounds -- I know it sounds difficult but they're creating a crisis at this time that is actually gonna. Harm these children. These children as as Europe were all reporting says these aren't gonna come through the border. They're gonna come from Central America many of them are being raped many of them are being harmed. This is an outrageous I think that is happening to these children. And we need to actually take a strong stance against what's happening and I -- these illegal cartel fighting. You do you remember when Jimmy Carter went in the Mariel. Both both left of Cuban Cuban criminals or 60000. Human to Florida. I was one of the main reasons. Carter lost the election in 1980 because that is because Castro went to -- prisons. Beat these countries are empting their orphanages in their raw I hate to be so want but there are. That they are appointments I want I want and -- what did -- -- there emptying their pour -- let me put it that way. And they they're just getting rid of their underclass -- -- would that be wanted to be wonderful every nation could get rid of it under us just import them to somewhere else. So that you just have a nice a stable group of taxpayers in the middle class families but we don't have that option where we are the recipient of all this. Underclass dumping that is going on here and it's just it's going to did it its only. Purpose. Is to destabilize. The United States of America I mean there's not the QB to question about that at this point is there will be does anyone really deny that. To illegal alien immigrant children are now cook confirmed to have Swine Flu in tax us. 120. Who came into contact with the children have been placed in isolation. Isolation. When does it. One and 877469432218774694322. We -- -- getting here any of the you know that Jeff saves offices or the Sergey Brin -- buddy who was gonna you know start the next goal -- next Amazon. We're gonna get they were giving the people in here now we're gonna start the next MS thirteen. 1877469432218774694. Story. 22. There's only one there's only there's only 11 person can get across the border and that's on American marine. 18774694322. Payroll this is the -- rusher giving -- that the jury is giving ought to be priority is getting audited before now. Let's see 857 Obama is clearly a man of his work in the case of fundamentally changing America he said he was gonna do with the the boobs they voted him in twice. Exactly. Dennis you're next with how we cargo ahead Dennis. So Ali Abu will be honest yet -- if you haven't noticed that the -- -- Perez you've gone through all the travails of the travel in the expense of the coyotes. Some radio talk show host the United States. How do you should volunteer to go home how can is going to volunteer to go counteract. We mean I'm more I'm not I'd I this is my home. Yeah we -- ready this -- reported. If they don't have these people are gonna stop people. No they've got to be deported they like all of the reports that we have to deport them. This we -- the country does not have to commit national suicide this is national suicide it's going on here. Absolutely no good jobs but you -- you have to understand the motivation. They should just get a forty. Right off me I don't I don't think I have. I have enough Americans in this country I'm giving a free -- to I don't wanna give a free ride to everybody in the Third World. And there's going to be ignorant somebody's not doing an object to somebody to -- and Obama. It up right -- that. Abstention beating them at sunset and you have to acceptable as that the department and the economy -- solved. Big I -- being an. All. And how by deporting them how. Jailing some of the people who were hiring that -- in favor of that at this point got its -- whoever hires them ever again I know that won't get -- about a handful of them because most of them don't work we've got. Another thing we've got to do is repeal. This anchor babies statute it supposedly in the fourteenth amendment with the mark Alabama I don't I'm not sure that I know they didn't mean. The fourteenth amendment to be used to WebMD. A group of grifters and bad disease ridden criminals from the Third World -- guarantee a map thanks for the call them us. 18774694322. Did the problems lighten up which when should -- take. Steve you're next with how we cardinal had Steve. The call screener broke while I was gone too. Steve's gone. Wayne your next with how we cargo ahead Wayne I'm just going down the list weighing. -- -- -- It's gonna pay eleven show stick I have the answer to our border problem and it's really simple. You know the politicians both Democrat Republican and he certainly not the president -- gonna do a damn thing about this. So I'm I'm I'm gonna -- discharged veteran and I'm thinking about just put the web site up. It's at least get a 112 and honorably discharged veterans who lets all meet for a little. Yeah wait and Blaine I am waiting you know big you do you know that in the area at a California -- Whitman won on the air right they're trying to stop them from common and they're gonna put up a riot police these are American citizens asking people asking the government to win for stuff. Its own laws in the got to turn the riot police on American citizens. Asking the government to enforce its own wants the government is acting in behalf of illegal alien criminals still willing to turn. Turn forced on American citizens demanding that lobby. -- order be restored to the border. You know it's absolutely amazing how -- idea and I just can't imagine 400000. Of us veterans showed up on armed. Just -- have a little meeting -- themselves border. I can imagine returner -- so much -- popping surprise well. What -- -- what do they do last the last fault when they had the government shut down we you know when they don't need to have the government shut down. What what do they do to those poor World War II veterans who were in wheelchairs. So believable we watch our country -- point now when I retire. I'm thinking about moving to Alaska. As we get the hell away from this question. Well I I don't know you know Alaska and don't reach Alaska eventually. Thanks for the call -- 1877469432218774694322. A really big wall that works well for win. Broke the Berlin Wall was trying to keep people inside -- -- Germany this is trying to keep people. Outside of the United States. The Berlin Wall. Was for people who was it was to keep people who want it to be forty. This wall. Would be for people to keep people who want to live Rory. John you're next with how we cardinal ahead John. Ali it's amazing over the weekend I heard on on some radio cast. -- what the ultra bad agent said that it was a tour -- land and a that that eighty year old man and Arizona that that is cows are all property. They they've made an announcement that they were done quick tip jet that they don't. Yeah. Out sorry about what state. But Joseph or sources got thrown at this eighty year old white guy from United States. Petroleum walk away and whether he belonged there or not that's a different story but it extras and basically get -- urged all of the order. And said they'll put quiet police don't we get arrest. Or are they -- and try to protect their purity. Right. You're trying to protect it there -- Asking the government to wind force its old laws. And the government is responding by using force on behalf of criminals. In its original and how they want to billion dollars and I don't understand what -- We get people at the border -- a low power. Pierce's -- which -- not bought scroll. Will talk billion dollars short of all a process we process they throw them out there -- -- process. I know I I know I think there's this isn't saying I don't I don't think this has a precedent in human history at the eighty. A sovereign government inviting. Foreigners. Into the country to destabilize. The country I mean one of inviting people to take what you've always been a country that we're in the -- -- an animal welfare state and in the old days everybody had to earn their whole live thing. It should finish. The country. We're supposed to be taking care of by the people actually live tear relatives. -- you all these people would supposedly well relative -- Monday on the dole -- where a lot. Now of course it's ridiculous. It's ridiculous. And -- are going to be listed as refugees which again as I repeat. You eat you really what -- -- the read up on the welfare statutes because these people know the world's first dual view what is a as somebody who is who was a -- biting. But money peso stoop to keep this this giant multi trillion dollars ski I'm going to. You need you owe it to yourself understand how it works and how these people gaming the system. It's ridiculous response given a big rally at the -- that it's Monday. It's Monday it will last time the taxpayers at a rally at the state house on Monday. It's funny though how the the illegals and the welfare recipients can always find -- week. Data of the Havoc on. 1877469432218774694322. Why -- congress or afraid to impeach Obama they were afraid with Clinton does -- Obama's given how much they can't. They can't get the votes I mean that was the whole thing they -- they you know. I'm not I'm not sad that they went after Clinton he was he was a felony committed high crimes and misdemeanors but they didn't have the votes in the senate so I mean what's the point. You know I mean the of the DOJ even when it's -- under Eric Holder has this has this policy if they don't think they can get a conviction they don't bring an indictment. And and I really don't think that's that's bad -- policy you know. Don't don't waste people's time and money on mom on on some and some opinion like and again it. 1877. That the Romans invited the costs in NC a -- that worked out yeah. That didn't work out too well -- was a battle was called Adrian -- and 378 and that was the end of the Roman empire in the east for a long long time. In the if they finally it took -- lead the league to -- offs took over Italy large parts of Italy for about 200 years. 1877. Did you see the article in the Washington free -- illegal is now racial slower this is exhibit a read that we come back. 187746943221. Point car. Can. It's. It's. 877469432218774694. Street. 22 that's the toll free number of the -- car show. How we do you think if the GOP when the senate again and gained more in the US house we will have the votes to impeach Obama. I don't I don't think so old I I don't I think it's probably the near impossible. You -- -- again remember this is like a simple majority vote like in the house my host. Two to impeach. The poor president that's like an indictment of agreed to -- grand jury. That major formally charging him like crimes and misdemeanors shall we a majority of simple majority. Where -- the senate. You don't need to unanimous vote like in a criminal trial but you do need to hurts I mean Jimmy 67 right now there's what. What fifty. The 5253. Democrats plus she got the two Angus king and a Bernie Sanders who -- are really Democrats -- you have 55 Democrats. So you would have to so we have 33. 34 -- -- thirty forced senate seats up -- The Republicans would have to keep every seat and take two words of the senate seats to get 67. And -- still be dealing with people because Susan Collins and Mark Kirk for my Illinois. You know I I just don't see it I mean even if they sweep the US even if they squeaked when he fourteenth. I don't think they're gonna have enough votes to convict Obama and get rid of him and and that's even if you don't look almost -- behind. Joseph Biden. Complete moron. And me -- it. Who does he called them Americans he called us because illegal alien to Americans okay. Here it is you should -- checked us about the Washington free bacon. CNN's Sally -- says using the term illegal to describe anyone who enters or stays in America illegally is Paramount to employing a racial slurs such as the and word the F word. As disparaging term for homosexual man. This by Larry O'Connor Washington for -- -- you can achieve this one coming a mile wide. It's actually been cut yup they I mean the the Associated Press -- had disputes about this for a long time and have been journalism associate. We shouldn't use the word illegal we should call them undocumented workers. -- they are. Are illegal. But we don't want column illegal would rather call them. Undocumented. Which they're not undocumented means that that's like people lost their documentation they are in hot document that they they never had documents and and they don't war. Some of them most of them don't work but would rather call them something they aren't workers rather -- call them what they are witches illegals. You could see this one coming a mile away is the border crisis grows and politicians pundits and media personalities debate and discussed the problem. Leave it to liberal commentators to focus their arguments on the appropriate politically correct euphemism used to identify the criminals. She attacked governor -- page here's more reasonable for all the page mrs. -- brought to mind shall we call. Maine governor Paul page -- Republicans -- I urge all commanders to tell your city councilors and selectmen that help handing out your money to illegals a man. Instead of attacking the actual merits of their cause the actual issue of the border crisis danced the liberals instead attack you for the perfectly legitimate word you used when making your point about the issue. And why not. The issues and merits don't play for the left anymore so much easier to call their opponent to racist or intolerant haters that I have to try to convince Americans that everyone and anyone should be welcomed his new citizens of the illegally cross our nation's borders. If even half the effort to put the put forth to enforce the words being used to describe the criminals breaking our immigration and border laws. Focused on actually in forcing those existing laws in deporting once and for all the criminals would have broken them. One has to wonder how secure our border Wednesday. A more secure than it is today that's for sure Barbara you're next with how we cargo ahead Barbara. Okay howry and he did a brilliant job last week at it like it is now how wonderful -- in straight up about the -- -- -- The church sect. And I think that in the first behind an art history it's should be done. Our president has participated encouraged and not. -- -- human trafficking. That they message of overwhelming or -- -- and though he made it stands to reason because Barack Obama's. The ballots hit ultimately -- And participated in human trafficking and he's doing it again and and I I don't know how are you can characterize it it's overwhelming at the border it was. I think he just once created the -- -- monstrous we large underclass. Of people that are going to over at home the the native born citizens. He also wants overwhelmed. -- picked -- it will it would attract do that. On the table with the tanks and take over. Now who will whom. No no we don't want the tanks Barbara we don't want to tie. We we still got a cup which got -- elections here actually Sweden when put to -- when this in the elections thanks for the call. 187746943221877. -- the guy from the beacon think that if a person breaks into his house to tell the cops but the take them and because they don't want to use the word racist word legal. You know what. But -- someone doesn't belong there's. You know starts stars starts living in your house and personable after the break and the obstacle burglary right. If that's the only thing like goods that are not entitled to that that would be. -- If they try to live in your house where they don't belong that's called school. Tell me these people aren't doing all of the above. Then there was a reason why when you only and that -- at at Ellis Island. A hundred years ago -- last hundred years ago. You -- quarantine they want to see you have the infectious diseases now apparently we're just letting some people go through people with TB. I wonder what are what are the people what the beautiful people don't think -- thought if they end up with a strain of TB. That's drug resistance that comes from Central America are they still going to be and so was so so. So lobbied -- towards the illegal aliens that they know can never get inside their gated communities Al your next what how we cargo ahead now. And we welcome back from vacation thanks aren't you glad you're back since I look at this ticket says. I have two little option but I think we should -- -- illegal. Either offer them further post. Check it all the way up to Canada. She only needs to turn this. What are the Canadians don't deserve this well. This is our -- -- I'm I'm not a big I'm not the greatest thing in a candidate in the world but they didn't do anything to deserve this that they. Of course of course you like the same argument how we have to what do you think to deserve I I personally don't think I did anything to deserve this did you. Absolutely. The other option is they don't wanna -- to amateurs who monitors the cruise ships and then -- well. See how they can't situation. Yeah well we all know Venezuela's. Awash in oil yet they have rolling blackouts they they have more money than not god but they they in the you have to stand in line for for toilet paper. But how well socialism works. And that's what that that's that's what these people fleeing for home and you know I don't know I feel bad for but again they eat you can't let them destroy your country. Because you feel bad for the that doesn't mean you commit suicide. 1877469432233. -- as quarantining is now races to. Earlier this. Apparently evidence on how we car.